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Saturday, March 23, 2019

What "Virgo Triad" Means:

By Anna Von Reitz

The nom de guerre adopted by the Federale Disinfo Agent calling herself "Virgo Triad" literally means "Taxing Pitchfork".

If you buy her crappola, that's exactly where you will end up, too ---- on the end of their "taxing pitchfork"!

A friend just dug that one out and it shows how these people choose their fake names with malice aforethought---- always thinking that they are too smart and "witty" for their insider jokes to be detected.

Well, from Karen and I ----- hahahahahahah!


  1. C. Johnson can you better help me understand the flow you have spoken of? If you are agreeable I can send you my private contact. Tu!!!

    1. C.Johnson would you consider including me in the PRIVATE email group? I would like greater understanding as well! One can not learn too much!
      I would be happy to agree to your conditional acceptance agreement. Thanks!

  2. After trying to file the UCC financial statement literally five times and every time it was returned to me, I received a message from spirit that I do not need it. What I found out later was, that at one point centuries ago the UCC was considered the law of the sovereign but it too has been infiltrated by the Roman Catholic Cult. It is my believe that a person frees him/herself from governmental control by correcting the political status but then by filing a UCC 1 puts him/herself right back under the control – this time the control of the church. It has to do with the separation of state and church. You can clearly see that both factions fight over the control of the people. I believe that it is the biggest deception ever.
    The UCC only discharges debt, it does not credit offset the accounts. By accounts I mean your birth certificate trust account and all accounts like mortgage, car loan, medical expenses and so on. With the UCC you only postpone the debt into the future, eventually it will catch up again and you have to pay.
    I think this is what happened to Winston Shrout. He corrected his political status but he also filed a UCC 1. That is what got him in trouble. He was dealing with tax troubles earlier in his life, then they left him alone for a while and now he got sentenced to 10 years for tax evasion. This is just what I have learned and experienced about the UCC1 so far,more research is definitely needed.

  3. I keep seeing UCC 1 and indication it is some law. UCC 1 is copyrighted and has form but not substance. Laws are not copyrighted. UCC 1 is bylaw or statute of the UNITED STATES, a municipal corporation, and not Law of these united States of America.