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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Recipe for Disaster:

By Anna Von Reitz

Wash four big cucumbers.  Chop into big pieces.  Puree in the blender until the desired consistency.  Use this cucumber puree to substitute for tomato sauce in all your favorite recipes:  cucumber pizza, cucumber spaghetti sauce, and cucumber chili mac.... 

Yuck, right?  

Nobody in their right mind would substitute cucumber puree for tomato sauce.  

But there are plenty of people who think they can substitute US Citizens for Americans. 

Things don't work that way, and for the same reasons demonstrated above. 

Even though the processes --- pureeing in one case and assembling a State (or State of State) in the other --- are virtually identical, the results are profoundly different.  

When you start out with US Citizens you get a commercial corporation franchise.  When you start out with Americans you get a "live" unincorporated State of the Union. 

It's not that cucumbers are good and tomatoes are bad. Or vice versa.   

In a salad, they even work nicely together.  

But there are applications and assembling your States of the Union is one of them, where the two can't substitute for each other.  

It's as simple as that.

These yahoos who are pushing the idea that US Citizens can form States of the Union are: (1) deliberately misleading you into making a cucumber pizza, or (2) so ignorant they can't foresee the results of their own actions. 

So do you want to waste your time, your material, and quite possibly go to jail (because US Citizens have no "right to assemble") or do you want to take action that will get you where you want to go?  

These same folks are running around using fake names like "Virgo Triad" and "SunTzu" and "Merlin" because they are scared.  

Does it make sense to you that you should be afraid of your own employees?  

If not, its high time that you put all that behind you and joined with other like-minded Americans to put an end to the injustices and "upside down" governance of this country.  

It's either that, or, cucumber pizza, anyone?


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  1. I just eat regular cucumbers ground up in my blender as I enjoy all the enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and thousands of other things in raw vegetables. No-one I know eats like me. I am getting healthy and feeling great so I don't listen to em. I try to get the unincorporated veggies as the store ones after being taxed and ragged out by the Kings families cash and robbery systems, energy draining system just don't seem as perky as those right- out- of- the- garden fresh ones. Jefferson may have been right that if the farms turned in to cities the new nation would suffer, even fail. People need to re-generate, freshen up, make friends with the Earth and simple things, cities fester filth and require mountains of cash and trucked in food, soon people forget they are even on a beautiful planet. If left to people towns would flourish but bankers and profiteers rule leaving ugly broken down or even bombed down junk so more cash can be generated rather than build things to last thousands of years.

    1. Thank You AirCarvings! Do you have any links to your reference here re: Jefferson? I would like to blog that with links for my readers.

  2. The answer is in Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" not make US or United States Great Again. I find it difficult to get commenters to understand that because they all believe U S Citizen is the same as American National. That is due to indoctrination and that is the challenge that must be made.

  3. Again with VIRGO TRIAD, this "person" is nothing more than cyops, she, it whatever has never produced any credentials, nothing to show any authority to back up what she says and has been putting out drivel for some time now, she rails against anything truthful. I have read the comments on her vids and see nothing but a brain dead zombie following. A dead fish can FLOAT down stream. She attracts people that are followers, not researchers, not studiers, people that need to be led by the hand.
    I have had to resist posting any comments but you can't reason with dependants. Let the pied piper pipe her followers off the cliff, it's a shame but cognitive dissonance is a powerful mind set to break.The disinformation cyops that has flooded all corners of the net now is astounding, it's in every corner of all social media platforms and youtube especially is deleting any channel that shows a differing opinion from the propaganda machine almost as fast as they pop up.Seems to me there in panic mode, if all this info that is coming out has no validity then why all the attacks.

    Luke 8:17
    17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

    As Morpheus said.."Look around what do you see, teachers, plumbers,accountants, bankers, the very minds of the people we want to free, but most are so inured, so dependent on the system they will do anything to protect it".