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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Anatomy of a Birth Certificate - What It Means

By Anna Von Reitz

Take a look at the Birth Certificate issued in your NAME.  

What's the first thing you notice?  

It's on funny paper: hard surfaced, durable, heavy paper called "bond paper".  This is your first clue that your estate has been seized upon and that bonds--- that is, promissory notes---  have been issued against your name. 

The next thing that will probably catch your eye is that there are all sorts of seals and blazons and watermarks on this piece of paper.  It carries all sorts of emblems from a "State of State" organization, depending on where and when you were born.  

We know from our study of the history that these organizations are all foreign with respect to us, as our own American State of State organizations have been moth-balled since the Civil War. 

Look at the BC issued in your name.  It will show either a Territorial State of State with its name written in Upper and Lower Case like this: State of Washington, or a Municipal STATE OF STATE written in All Capitals like this: STATE OF IOWA.  

All these seals and watermarks and other gee-gaws serve to identify the "Issuer" of the Birth Certificate, which is the foreign State of State Organization, not you.  They are identifying your NAME as property belonging to them, which they are issuing bonds against.  

The next thing you will most likely notice is that your name is spelled out in All Capital Letters, and that, most likely, other words appear in All Capital Letters.  

According to the Bar Association Manual and the Government Printing Office and Federal Bureau of Engraving and Black's Law Dictionary and the Chicago Manuel of Style, the only things that can be named using All Capital Letters are: (1) Corporations or (2) Dead men's estates.  

The All Capitals names are a form of Latin called "Dog Latin".  

So, look at your name as it appears in All Capitals on that Birth Certificate.  

Are they issuing bonds against a Dead Man's Estate?  Or against a corporation? 

If your name appears like this: JOHN ALLEN DOE, the bonds have been issued against your ESTATE on the presumption that you donated it to the State of State or STATE OF STATE Organization.  

If your name appears like this: JOHN A. DOE, the bonds have been issued against a PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY franchise on the presumption that you donated that to the State of State or STATE OF STATE Organization. 

In either case, obviously, so far as you know you didn't donate anything to any of these yahoos and you are not aware of having given them permission to bond your estate or any public transmitting utility, either.  It all sounds bizzare, doesn't it?   

But there is the evidence in your hand.  

Now, who is the Birth Certificate Bond signed by?  The Registrar.  The Registrar is an Officer of the Probate Court.  The appearance of their signature on "your" Birth Certificate is absolute proof that your property --- whether your ESTATE or your PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY --- has been probated and seized upon as property belonging to the State of State or STATE OF STATE that issued the Birth Certificate. 

Now look at the dates on the face of the Birth Certificate.  You will see your actual birthday and also a file date ---- the "birthdate".   These refer to the actual event of your birth, and then, some days or weeks later, the "filing" of the paperwork to either (1) pronounce "you" dead and create your ESTATE; or (2) to create "your" PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY.  

Either way, you arrived first and have first right of recall and ownership, known as a reversionary trust interest in your own Good Name and assets.  

After all, you are being misrepresented as the "donor" of all these assets and the State of State is claiming to be the beneficiary of your largesse.   Having discovered this "mistake" made by your Mother when you were just a baby in your cradle, you have a right to come forward and correct it upon discovery. 

What else does the Birth Certificate represent?  

It is evidence of crime against you and fraud and non-disclosure against your mother.  

It is evidence of attempting to contract with and establish "unconscionable contract" with an infant.  

An "unconscionable contract" is a contract that you literally are not aware of.  And how could a little baby be aware of a contract made "for" him when he was only a few days old, by a new Mother who was never given full disclosure about those papers she was signing at the hospital?  She couldn't explain to you what she was never given to understand herself, could she? 

The BC is potent evidence of crime.  

Now, what are you going to do with it / about it?  

The first thing you are going to do is secure two Witness Testimonies from people who have "reasonable first hand knowledge" of you and your family, who can affirm that you are "the" living man or woman whose birth occurred at such and such a time and place and to your parents, etc.  

This establishes the fact that you are the presumed "Donor" of the property referenced by the BC and also establishes your standing to sue these criminals. 

Next, if you follow our advice, you will complete the paperwork to return your Trade Name (also known as your Good Name and Given Name -- "John Allen Doe" in Upper and Lower Case) to the land and soil jurisdiction of your birth State.   

This process explicitly demonstrates--- and recording of the action proves--- that you, the presumed Donor, are acting as a Lawful Person, not a Legal Person. 

This puts you outside their jurisdiction, so they can no longer "presume" anything about you.  

Next, having secured your Trade Name and having permanently domiciled it on the land and soil jurisdiction State, you will Expatriate from any presumed political status as a Territorial Citizen (like someone born in Puerto Rico) or Municipal CITIZEN (created in the Municipality of Washington, DC, for example). 

And you will revoke all Prior Powers of Attorney and name your Lawful Person  ---John Allen Doe, in this example--- as the only Attorney-in-Fact authorized to do business for you and your estate.  

Finally, you will seize upon all the other Assumed Names and NAMES that are or could be associated with you in any regard, and all their variations and permutations and orderings and styles, and you will use a recorded Certificate of Assumed Name(s) to claim them and permanently domicile all of them on the land and soil of your State of the Union, too. 

This last is a process like re-flagging a ship.  Instead of "sailing" under the auspices of the British Territorial Government or the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, you are now demonstrably sailing under the auspices of Maine or California or whatever other actual land and soil jurisdiction State.  

This also puts your Good Name and all the "derivative" NAMES under the Pubic Law, so that you are no longer subject to the codes and statutory laws and "public policies" of the foreign State of State or STATE OF STATE Organizations.  

In sum total, at the end of this process, you have: (1) damning conclusive evidence of their wrong-doing against a baby; (2) proof of your ownership of your name and your standing; (3) proof of your political status; (4) proof that you are the only authorized Power of Attorney; (5) proof that any "vessels" related to you stand under the Public Law and are not subject to any presumption or interpretation otherwise.  

You still have to learn how to use these documents in your defense and be able to describe this whole circumstance, but taken together they form a competent rebuttal and evidence trail removing you from any "US citizenship" status, and returning you to your rightful status as an American State National. 

And again --- why is all this necessary?   Because your identity has been stolen.   The Birth Certificate you hold in your hand is irrefutable evidence of the facts. 

You were deliberately misidentified as a baby as either a "United States Citizen" [Territorial] or "Citizen of the United States" [Municipal] and unless you rebut the evidence, you will be claimed as chattel belonging as a property asset to one of these foreign commercial crime syndicates. 

For additional insight, I recommend the YouTube videos of Jordan Maxwell and any and all lectures regarding the "Justinian Deception" --- the use of Dog Latin--- by Romley Stewart.  

Time is of the essence and numbers count, as these crime syndicates know that they have been discovered and that their system has been deconstructed, so that they either make amends or are destroyed by liquidation or worse.  

Please join the effort, correct your records,  see Article 928 on my website, or see the Help Service portal about midway down my website home page to request additional help] and then go to our new sign in service: . 

SignInAmerica  is an organizational tool to help us identify and as much as possible pre-qualify Americans who have corrected their political status to receive Credit Vouchers to offset debts of the STRAWMAN entities that have been created "in their names". 


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  1. I have a question. I was born June 18. 1935 and have a duly executed Certificate of Live Birth to evidence the fact. I believe my birth may also have been recorded in the Family Bible by my Grandfather, but would need to verify that fact. I am not aware that I have ever had a 'Birth Certificate' issued in my NAME. Such being the case, how might I exercise my Lawful rights under the dejure Constitution?

    robert-laurence: Gavett

  2. How can I reconcile the discrepancy of being brought into this world on one day, according to my mother; and, the "NAME" on the "official" BC has a different date, and the "Registrar's signature" is six days later for the "thing" certified?!?

    1. You don't want or need to reconcile the dates. The document is evidence of a crime. Complete the paperwork to gain your American State National status Anna has suggested.

  3. Sunday evening Status Correction call
    Step 1 documents (
    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Please join us...correct your status
    Kevin Cote'
    845 987 0084

  4. HELP HELP I HAVE A? My bc is in upper and lower case letters and so are my parents with middle initials only.what does this mean for my paper work .I'm afraid to start paper work without this answer .I was born in syr ny in 1964.HELP HELP.I DON'T WANT TO MAKE ANY MISTAKES.

    1. Your BC is a document of evidence of the fraud. Is the birthday the same as you have been told by parents? Is your name the name you were given by your parents? Is the place you were born the same as you were told by your parents? Do you know what your parents middle names were?

      It doesn't matter what the BC says as long as it confirms the information you know as true. This is the information that you use to complete your paperwork, the BC is just confirmation of what you already know.

      Breathe and relax Tony. Being scared interferes with your ability to think.

    2. Dan the Fireman!
      Keep up the good work Dan we all appreciate your efforts in putting out all the fires of concerns!!!

      Learn to swim to land or drown in the deceit people!

    3. yes my birth day is on the 22 and file date is 27th .I dont have a middle name {that mite make it easier for the cert of assumed name)but when i went to town clerk i gave parents full middle name and they said we just use middle intials ?
      does this mean that social security change my political status and not the state?Also please watch this by jordan maxwell I know there are soviet troops and chinese troops
      being trained out west by the c i a aka the crown in america

    4. From Anna to Tony:

      It means for whatever reason, that the Territorial State of State (State of New York) was the one that claimed you as a baby. It has no other real importance and the status of your parents isn't an issue that you need to address. If you need help with the paperwork, I'd suggest the Help Service that is now available. The portal is listed about half way down the front page at my website,

  5. Still waiting on an answer...What is the proper process for an adopted child? Any help in this matter would greatly appreciated and welcomed.

  6. I gotta study up on mine that they issued. It is not a BC but a Certificate of Live Birth. Kansas received permission to use the last constitution due to DC kicking it back for changes then in the confusion and horror of the war just signed off on it. ( Like a friend of mine, a General about all he would say me as "What do you want me to sign" Whilst fingering his pen.) Thus my certificate issued years after that using rules the imposters put in. There have been a lot of offers and stuff arriving with the all caps and middle initial version. The certificate ( a certificate or certificates are issued by a trust to beneficiaries) says David Walter Williams just like the birth plate in white with blue lettering mom made for me around the time of arrival here on this planet. The Universe is my home, back yard work and play area while here. Much better to have the local assembly meetings. Sure they attract no-accounts but at least most are good or have good intentions. The Royal ruling fire and brimstone ( bombs and stuff, stuff to scare people, programs, TV, M16 and other deadly tools) are like planetation nation owners they think and we are just animals to them, like if you had farmed a herd of cows you would know. It ain't funny and is hign time liars, thieves, divine right certificate holding Kings and the like are exposed. That is unless you prefer central groups that meets up regularly already with intent to use your stuff whilst you slave away and suffer and they sit and watch snuff films eating cavier and every other thing produced of course by the herds energy and actions not . Do you get a ink stamp on your but when born saying slave, master, important, expendable or any other thing?

  7. If name = nature then what is our true name that expresses our true nature? .........
    Revelation 2:17 speaks of a "new name" that is given that no one knows except the individual who receives it. Once one has been given their new name that expresses their true (transformed) nature then would that one still want to be called by any other name that doesn't express their true nature? .........

    A number of years ago I had stopped identifying myself with the family-of-origin name knowing that it truly is not my name. The same is becoming true with the "given name" as well. Although I have a true nature I don't know that I have a "new name" that expresses my true nature. If any legal entity were to demand my identity I could honestly claim I don't have one. As far as I know there is no Law (in accordance with the Organic Laws) that obligates me to present any proof of my identity by any means and/or in any form - as long as I am standing on "the soil and land" from which my natural born "free inhabitant" status originates.

    1. Chef-doctor, isn't that what nicknames are? An expression of how one's nature is perceived by others? I could see so many moons ago where the good book may have had some relevant meaning, but as civilization has evolved and communities grew parents naming their children makes sense and identifying with the family from whence they came. Being called John & Mary's number 1 or 2 or 9 is much less personal.

      You may if you choose, request how others are to call you and ignore all other references. This process is played out in real life all the time. I suspect if you haven't found your nature at this point in time then until you do, surrender to that gift with which your parents blessed you.

      FYI, this is playful construct to your dilema. The gov't only cares what is on their fictional paper and nothing in the real world.

  8. Would it be of any value (or harm) to bring claims against government and state entities for identity theft? using insuring companies that offer such coverage...
    Seems it would push this into the limelight and reveal these crimes to many.
    Just a thought...