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Saturday, March 23, 2019

PAGs Are Wonderful, But No Solid Answer Yet

By Anna Von Reitz

Many of you have been encouraged by recent advances made by Rod Class and others to champion our cause in the foreign court system.  A word of caution is advised.  Here's why.  

The PAGs  (Private Attorney Generals) came into being in the wake of the Civil War and are an "Office" created by the old Territorial United States Federal Code. 

The first word of caution is this: although the Territorial United States and its franchises operated as "States of States" do  "more or less" honor the old Federal Code, they are under no strict obligation to do so.  

This is because the corporations that gave rise to that body of Federal Code were bankrupted and the last of them went out of business existence in 1999 and there has been no official action by any organization since then to wholesale "adopt" the Federal Code.  

Thus, when people go into these courts and argue based on Federal Code, they are depending on the Good Faith and Honor of those operating the court to continue to honor the old Federal Code --- and it completely Quixotic whether they do so or not.  

The only portion of the old Federal Code that was adopted and that these judges are obligated to enforce is the 1934 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act.  

The Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government declared "war" on each other, the more conveniently to bilk and oppress Americans "mistaken" for either "United States Citizens" [Territorial] or "Citizens of the United States" [Municipal]. 

They each have their court systems set up to defraud us whether coming or going, so long as we retain any "citizenship" related to either the British Territorial United States or the Municipal United States.  

If you are "taken for" a British "United States Citizen", they will sue you in the Municipal UNITED STATES COURTS.  

If you are taken for a Municipal "Citizen of the United States", they will sue you in the Territorial United States Courts.  

And either way, your goose will be cooked with 98% efficiency.  

Thus, there is no real relief or answer to be found in either the Territorial or the Municipal "systems", as both ends are rigged against the middle -- you. 

This is why gallant and otherwise knowledgeable men like Rod Class and Paul Anthony Williams are so often unsuccessful and so often attacked --- they are still operating within that Double Bind system when they act in the capacity of PAGs.  Specifically, they are operating as Territorial Officers, but are then still vulnerable to attack by the Municipal COURTS.  

So, you can see that the limits of the efficacy of any solution from the PAG's is set by the honor ---or lack thereof--- of specific judges and whether or not they honor the old Federal Code, and also by the ability of the PAG's themselves to avoid conflicts and subjection by the Municipal COURTS.  

And this is why Grandma says --- to Hell with it.  

We have the power and right to set up our own courts and put a definitive end to this mockery of justice and pay no attention whatsoever to what THEY are saying or doing or enforcing upon their "persons".  

How?  By taking back our own Lawful Persons and operating our own State Jural Assemblies on the land and soil of our States and using Milligan Ex Parte to force them to shut down their Territorial Courts, and then also enforce the constitutional limitations of the Municipal COURTS to shut them down.  

Bang, bang, and done, and then all we have to worry about is cluing in enough Americans (and US Citizens, too) to make this Great Correction in response to the Great Fraud.  

Sure, it will be hard work at first --- but ask yourselves --- will it be worth it not to live in fear again?  Not be fleeced out of your earnings again?  To receive back credit you are owed by these corporations?   To be free again?  

Once enough people realize that they are naturally outside of this entire purported  foreign "Justice System" and that they do not have to subject themselves to it at all,  our country will naturally return to its own Public Law and no longer be bullied and culled by Special Interest Groups and commercial corporations seeking to lord it over the rest of us. 

Once Rod Class and Paul Anthony Williams and other brilliant and motivated men start working effectively to bring their intellect to bear on building our lawful American Court System instead of fighting inside The Box provided by the foreign commercial corporations responsible for these travesties, the end of this deplorable system of oppression under color of law will be assured. 

Take heart, do your paperwork, learn the facts, and go forth and conquer!   


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  1. Papa says "to hell with it, too!"
    Anna, i have a question.
    Is there anyway for a living man to determine, from the outside looking in, which court is operating at which time? Territorial or Municipal?
    i recently learned that "JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN" is a registered US contractor. (One can see that at or specifically with The local"85TH DISTRICT COURT" is simply a Dba. (One can see that by typing their phone number into the DUNS search & JCOTSOM comes up as the owner with their DUNS #) Now, i would have presumed that these were "MUNICIPAL" courts but now i'm not so sure. Their mail is addressed from "STATE OF MICHIGAN". (i have been learning that while assumptions & presumptions are entirely relied upon by the "courts", if a living man were to do that, he could end up in prison) Yet often one will see a United States military flag displayed on their vessels.
    Do they simply vacillate back & forth between jurisdictions willy-nilly or is there anyway to know which one might be looking upon at any given moment? Are there known distinctions between them?
    i realize that getting one's paperwork done & completely staying off their turf is the priority but, comprehending the beast can only help pull back the curtain for ordinary folks in need. Any light you can shed on that will be appreciated.
    As always, Thanks so much for sharing your valuable insights in the above article!
    All The Best, Wirkin

  2. CJ,
    Wouldn't any sort of "appearance" wind one up in the murky soup of some mistaken identity and admitting the jurisdiction? To me it seems that if it has Latin in the name, the translation is uncertain in their world. In other words, a definition they choose which you may not be aware of...
    Thanks, Wirkin

  3. Take control of your destiny, take back your lives and the lives of your families. Put the employees back under your thumb with your boot up their butt !

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    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
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    Lets get this done. The BS is over.