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Sunday, March 31, 2019

After 150 Years, It's Natural....

By Anna Von Reitz

After 150 Years, It's Natural.....

The actual American States haven't been assembled in over 150 years.

It's natural that when Americans are faced with the news that they have to reorganize and restore their government, people assume that we are talking about the "government" they are familiar with ---- but we aren't.

We are talking about the government of the People, for the People, and by the People. We've never seen it in our lifetimes. Our States were last assembled during our Grandparent's and Great-Grandparent's lifetimes.

Worse, we were never told much about our actual government by those who were making their fortunes off of [mis]administering our assets.

In the Public Schools of this country all we were ever taught was the history of the Federal Government and the Federal States of States.

We were told about the British Territorial Government operating out of the District of Columbia and its structure and its "constitutional democracy".

We were told, if we were sharp enough to catch it, about the Municipal Government operating out of the Municipality of Washington, DC, and its Fascist Roman-Style oligarchy.

But we studiously were not told a word about our own "missing" Federal States of States and the Federal Government that we are actually owed.

We certainly weren't told a word about the actual American Government that is our heritage.

That was never mentioned at all, unless you had the good fortune to have been ---- like I was ---- the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter of the youngest son. My Grandfather was born in 1865. He remembered the dirt. He told his wife. She told her daughter. And her daughter told me. And now, I am telling you.

You already know that the "national assembly" effort headed up by the Michigan General Jural Assembly failed and was sidelined and co-opted. They included "US Citizens" as members and that automatically voided their efforts to organize an American State----if in fact that was ever their intention.

The only parties that can organize American States are American State Citizens. Our actual geographically-defined States don't allow Dual Citizenship.

Anything that "US Citizens" organize is by definition a "State of State" also known as a "Confederate State", but we are not confused.

We know what kind of State we are organizing --- an actual, factual, geographically defined State of the Union, which is a member of the Federation of States known as The United States of America [Unincorporated].

So, now here comes another such misguided effort, headed up by

They are trying to elect "State" Governors, and advertising that these are "de jure" Governors of our States. But that can't be, either.

Governors, like Presidents, are CEO's operating in international jurisdiction, and depending on whether they are elected to serve the international jurisdiction of the land [our American State Governors] or elected to serve the international jurisdiction of the sea [British Territorial "Governor"], they are defined accordingly.

So, in fact, since 1868, the only kind of "Governor" we have had, are British Territorial United States "Governors" of State of State organizations. Not actual American land jurisdiction State Governors.

They use semantic deceits and call themselves "State Governors" because their State of State corporations, like the State of New Jersey, are all "Confederate States" ---- inchoate, non-physical, incorporated "States"----but none of it actually has anything to do with us or our lawful American Government or our geographic States of the Union.

So, again, we face the "Cuckoo Bird Switch" in which the British Territorial Government substituted itself for our lawful American Government and conveniently never told us a word.

They substituted their sea jurisdiction "Governors" for our land jurisdiction "Governors".

And again, only American State Citizens can elect a land jurisdiction State Governor.

If US Citizens elect a Governor, he is by definition a sea jurisdiction State of State [aka Confederate State] Governor.

So what TeamLaw is doing----- soliciting volunteers to fill vacant Governor-ships, however well-intended the effort may be, is invalid from the perspective of the actual States and People unless:

(1) the individuals involved have made the effort to record their paperwork and formally reclaim and declare their birthright political status as American State Citizens--because we have all been issued British Territorial Birth Certificates and mis-identified as "US Citizens" otherwise; and (2) they have assembled their actual States, populated their States, and elected a Governor who is a State Citizen.

Then, and only then, do we have actual land jurisdiction State Governors competent to wield the Powers of our States and People.

You may have noticed how, for the most part, the US Presidents boss the State of State Governors around. This is because the Governors are in fact running corporate franchises that are ultimately under the President's thumb. See all the information I have provided about the States of States having EINs, TINs, CAGE numbers, and Dunn and Bradstreet ratings as corporations.

By definition, no incorporated entity can be sovereign. Our actual States are sovereign. So you can see right there that their "States" are not our States and vice versa.

There is no actual Checks and Balances between the powers of a sea jurisdiction State of State and the Federal Corporation chartering it. Such a "State of State" [aka Confederate State] is dependent on the parent corporation the same way that your local Burger King is dependent on Burger King, International.

Thus, the Governor of your State is actually, legally, ethically powerless to oppose any directive from the parent Federal Corporation and the constitutionally mandated Checks and Balances have been undermined and side-stepped by the perpetrators.

As long as we continue to "acquiesce" to functioning as any sort of "US Citizen" we are in an invisible trap.

If US Citizens elect a Governor, that Governor is just the local CEO of a DC franchise corporation, obligated to protect the interests and profits of that corporation regardless of the harm it does to us.

It's only when Americans act as American State Citizens and elect a land jurisdiction Governor that the pedal hits the metal and Checks and Balances clicks back into place.

Only then do our Governors inherit the power to "hire and fire" the DC Bureaucrats.

I don't blame people for being confused. I have the utmost sympathy. If I had not had the good fortune to be born into a politically aware family that was devoted to the American Government ---- and therefore preserved memory of it across more than a hundred years--- I'd be just as confused as most other people appear to be.

As it is, I am not confused; I have joined together with others who are not confused, and we are trying our best to explain the circumstance and the jargon and the means by which we have been deceived and over-lorded by our own employees in hopes of getting through to other Americans.

The republican states that control the soil jurisdiction of this country don't even have "Governors". They have State Assembly Chairmen and the State Assembly Chairmen tell the Governors what they want done.

Thus the Pecking Order in the American Government is exactly the opposite of the Pecking Order in the Federal Government. We are bottom up and the Federal Government organizations we are all familiar with are top down, whether they are British Territorial corporations or Roman Municipal corporations.

If we put our minds to it and remember who we are, we can assemble our actual States, and restore the American Government we are owed.

That's why we started The American States Assembly and booted up the new website and teleconference: .

Please spread the word and explain the situation so that we can ---finally---- get the Americans organized and up to speed and moving in the right direction, acting in the right capacity, and exercising our birthrights effectively.

I am not suggesting that anyone join the TeamLaw effort on this one, because they need a proper State Assembly and State Elections by qualified State Nationals and State Citizens. Rather, I am telling you that they are off-track on this one and we need to reach out and explain why.

So long as these men are acting in good faith and are truly intending to fill the land jurisdiction Governorships, there is no reason that they can't join the State Assemblies as American State Citizens or American State Nationals and be elected to serve.


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  1. I will keep this simple in Native terms: State Nationals are at the Top of the totem pole. US citizens are at the Bottom.

    A Catahoula Tribe parable: Recently when asked; "Are those 'your' dogs?" I replied; "No, I am 'their' man."

    BTW: Not the chief, nor the medicine man is or was the 'leader' of the tribe. Fact: the tribe is run by the elder women of the tribe.

    Again: "Is that 'your' woman?" "NO." I replied. "I am 'her' man."

    Be humble my people, for the meek shall inheirit the earth.

    Listen carefully: I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. (Have no self serving agenda)
    ~ Yahshua aka the Christ

  2. How do you define the difference in “State National “ and State Citizen?

  3. A Citizen is a man or wombman holding a position in government, so a state Citizen would be a state national who now holds a position in the de jure state government. This is my understanding of the difference.

    A US CITIZEN or citizen of the United States holds the Office of PERSON, the lowest Office of the DE FACTO GOVERNMENT.

    First a Man then a Citizen serving man.

  4. The governors belong to their own private membership association and they working on the global initiatives of UN agenda to one government
    They working on the North American Union which is what the USMCA deal is all about
    DOT has been involved with this initiative for decades
    They also made a deal to disarm everyone
    Gorbachev set up in California living large while he works with the likes of Oprah and Ted Turner to plan the demise of the US citizens
    While they scream green new deal must get rid of our cows because they fart too much and let off too many CO2 gases, they selling land to Saudi Arabia for growing of Alfalfa so they can feed their cows
    No doubt they shipping in their own people under H1B visas for the labor force
    And this couple here well heck they acquired the water rights and now they sell the watar back to the city at a premium while they use more water than the entire city of Los Angeles
    This is their new world order
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Why stop at governors...we need an American National President and no one working under him can be a US CITIZEN...!! This President may be the CEO of the corporate STATES OF STATES, but governors, judges, and law enforcement openly defy his orders routinely...!!
    It doesn't sound like he has that much authority...An actual CEO of a corporation if defied openly like they do with Trump would have a pink slip handed to him the next day...!! The fact is, there is no more "Rule of Law " in this country at all....this is a mixture of democracy, socialism, facism, dictatorship, oligarchy, monarchy, communism, and a host of others...!!
    This country is up for sale to the highest bidder....!!

  6. Anna, your the biggest advocate of our original Organic Constitution, but you are conviently forgetting one very important part of it...womans sufferage..!! Women under our organic constitution were not allowed to vote and certainly never allowed in the political arena...!! So why aren't you promoting that but of info....I do not want woman, at all in politics, or any part of the legislative process..!! That was another of the cabals traitorist agendas to destroy America...!! And boy did you ever come through....!! You can't have it both ways Anna...your the one that keeps harping on the constitution, and already you are trying to have it your way and not the original way...!! Make up your mind...!! If you insist on our constitution, and jural assembles, then you by tacid approval means you also agree to going back to women's sufferage....!! Can't vote, and cannot hold office...!! You still want to harp on the constitution....!! Your grandparents must have missed telling you that..!!