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Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Army Mules Are Here

By Anna Von Reitz

As you probably heard, the actual, factual, geographically-defined American States are assembling, and the actual, factual flesh-and-blood people are coming "home" and sorting the BS. 

I've had a bunch of Sleeper Cells of British Territorial "United States Citizens" and Roman Municipal "Citizens of the United States" kicking up roadblocks and trying to undermine this lawful and constitutionally guaranteed action by the American People.  

They've deliberately misrepresented and libeled and slandered me and clearly haven't bothered to read my books or check my facts.

They've taken things out of context, purposefully twisted words and used semantic deceits (like not admitting the difference between a "State Judge" and a "State of State Judge")---- ugly, personal propaganda stuff -----and all the while accusing me of doing what they are trying to do: mislead the American People.   

Just like Hillary accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians, while doing that herself.  

They've also been calling me "Mrs. Belcher" when they know and have been told that I don't accept any foreign titles.  "Mrs" is the wife of a "Mister" ---- a British Merchant Marine Warrant Officer, or a British Navy Midshipmen.  Now, obviously, I am neither a Brit nor a Sailor's wife, and make no bones about it, but they are doing their best to mis-characterize me --- and derail the effort to assemble the American States.  

Why are they so desperate to do that?   Because both Britain and Rome have had an incredible gravy train here.  They've been charging up our credit cards and not paying the bills that they owe.  They've been perpetuating fraud against little American babies in their cradles and using semantic deceit and non-disclosure to entrap and rob unsuspecting American Mothers and Fathers.  

They're scum.  

And they deserve to have our commercial claims and criminal complaints shoved sideways for what they've done and also for what they have failed to do.  

They don't want the actual American States to assemble, because the actual American States are parties to the Constitutions and can enforce the Constitutions.  

So it's a full-out battle with them slinging mud at me, and them trying to scare people into doing nothing to help themselves, and them trying to pretend that they, too, are assembling legitimately constituted states, when they aren't doing that and can't do it, either.  

We, those of us who have reclaimed our American State Citizenship, are assembling actual States, like Michigan and Texas and California.  

They, the "US Citizens", are assembling "States of States" and trying to pass these off as our States of the Union.  

They pulled it in 1868 and they pulled it in 1907 and they pulled it in 1933 and they pulled it again in 1946 and again in 1953..... and they think that we are so stupid that we are just going to sit here and let them do it to us again.  

But we, the actual American People, have a different idea.  

We are going to peaceably assemble our States of the Union and enforce the Public Law and the Constitutions we are owed.  We are going to claim all the "missing National Credit" we are owed.  We are going to finish the so-called "Reconstruction" and leave no excuse for these usurpers to claim that any "emergencies" or "war powers" exist.   

We are going to roll and keep rolling.  

We are going to clean house like it hasn't been cleaned in 200 years. 

So, if you want your Constitutions enforced and you want the Public Law honored again in this country, and if you want our veterans to get the payment (not welfare "benefits"--- payment) they are owed and you want these vampires to stop preying upon little babies ---- join the effort and push hard for assembling our actual States. 

We have our own website up ---- , plus a second website --- .  

These two websites explain the basic situation.  

Americans have been purposefully misidentified as Brits and as Citizens of the Holy Roman Empire franchise deceptively calling itself "the United States" after the actual United States---- The United States, an unincorporated Union of Republican States.  

These deceitful fraud schemes have been played against Americans in Gross Breach of Trust for 150 years.  It's time for it to be recognized for the criminal activity that it is and it is time for the American People to put their feet down.  Boots on the ground. 

So do your paperwork to rebut all the false registrations and false commercial claims these demons have made against you and your Good Name and Estate. We teach everyone how and give the information away for free.  

There's my website, , where I explain it and provide templates as part of Article 928.  There's a great independent Do-It-Yourself website at .  

And there's a Help Service (their portal is posted on the front page of my website, the blue form at the bottom right side) so that no American who wants to come home to the land and soil of their birth is left behind just because they don't have a computer or computer skills or because they need help understanding the paperwork.  

You all always challenge everybody and ask if they've "got the guts"..... well, there aren't any lying cowards here, no Closet Tories, no NWO.  

We all know exactly who we are: Americans.   We all know what we are doing: Assembling the actual States of the Union.   And we all know what we are going to do after the Assembly process is complete.  

So please get behind the effort and shove.  The sooner we get the States set up and fully functioning, the sooner our State Courts are functioning and the sooner the British and Roman Carpetbagger Courts have to shut down.  

The sooner all the States are fully "populated", the sooner we have the muscle to put an end to the tax frauds and fraudulent foreclosures.  

The sooner our States are standing up and our People are on the move, the sooner we can shut down the hospitals that are engaged in human trafficking and free our doctors and nurses and dentists who have been conscripted and licensed against their wills. 

The sooner all the actual States are assembled and taking action, the sooner the States can reconstruct the Federal States of States we are owed, and put an end to the false claims of "emergency" and "war powers" that never legitimately existed.  

Get a move on, boys, and don't get confused.  Keep together and moving in the right direction and the victory is assured. 


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  1. Saddle up, cowboy up, and let's ride! Come on Wolf, watch 'em boy! !-)

  2. We have begun here in Canada as well. Since we were given our sovereignty in 1931, the same thing happened in essence to us. The Brits continued the BNA Act even after the Statute of Westminster declared each province and the nation free of British rule and this information was never given to the people nor taught in schools.

    Temporarily using the Constitution Act 1982 as a template, we are organising a De Jure Canada and at the same time De Jure "province as in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and hopefully the NWT, Yukon and Nunivit" jural assemblies and state assemblies.

    Anyone from Canada looking for the comparable solutions check out your province's De Jure facebook group now.

    1. It is not only so in the US and in Canada.
      I am a German, writing from German soil.

      Since I have been reading Annas articles, thinks got
      clearer for me, because all the dots gave suddenly
      a picture.
      In 1990 when Germany (West) and Germany (Middle) became
      united almost all people got the status of U.S. Citizens
      or Citizens of the US and until today there is a big
      silence about this topic.
      The courts have been changing their status from land to
      admirality law and we never got a clue from the official
      page. Everything is the same here what Anna has been
      writing about her country only we have no reference
      to the American Constitutions.

    2. Dan, I just discovered I am just down the road from you south of Lake Simcoe. I had NO idea that Canada is assembling. I don't do Facebook or any kind of social media but I did find a Youtube video that I will watch later. Federal Ministers all swear fealty to the Queen Bee I just assumed that Canada was a able to run a tighter ship because of the way Canada was colonized versus the way America was founded via what I have seen referred to as the Fourth Crown in the US. Thanks for enlightening me sir, much appreciated.

      I am reminded of the way you bitch-slapped me for what you thought was me being mean to Anna way back and in fact you misunderstood my intentions. Yep those were the days huh, very humorous?

      Good to know this, there is such a plethora of info on America but information for Canada seemed much less easy to find.

      I seem to recall hearing that there was a flaw in the way Canada was founded on paper and that was the reason why Trudeau had to repatriate the Constitution from London hence the visit from Queen Bee back in '82. Never found any more than that, I would be interested in picking up the torch here. America and to a different extent, Canada and a boatload of Commonwealth countries have the same issue in common with Britain being the bad actor in all this. The central banking yoke stretches all around the world thus we are all in this together.

    3. DET, the foundations of all common sovereignty in the people is recognized in the Magna Carta and from there, all limits of government arise. We are Born Free. But it is WE that must ensure it.

    4. Will Smith,
      you can contact me at my spam email address: and it will further direct you to the Ontario links.

  3. Get off the fence and your butt.. 8pm tonight sunday

    605 313 4198
    Access code 443602#

    Or online

  4. All,
    There is No us and them. That is Divide and Conquer Illusion.
    Us is All - as in Universally.
    Old soul agreements deter recognition of Us in All One.
    Fore give means to forgive All before, during and, so yes, after.
    We All are responsible for this creation & new creation in wisdom.
    We All have played our 'roles'.
    We All are reminded to remember Unity is indivisible, Love unalienable.
    Can we condemn that Evil, bringing forth mass awareness, awakening?
    Knowing about soul agreements, how do we perceive the abusive conditioning, the tampering done to dna, AI & mind control devices, etc., ad infinitum.... He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.
    Stop NOW and remember unalienable Love.
    Atone is remembering we are At One.
    Love one another as one's self. Truth.
    I Love All. I Am Sorry. Please Fore-Give Me. Thank you.
    Peace. ra

  5. Have a listen at this - I think everything is falling under the US? Could be wrong
    Also read this article
    So if you look at it like this Queen, Vatican and DC the Tripartate
    Everything is being filtered through the US system?
    Just some thoughts not sure this will help
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. It's all run out of the UN in New York, it used to be the League of Nations then after WWII it became the UN - right under everyones noses they have been working this communist manifesto in to every nation one by one while parading their fake governments in front of the masses
      This channel here gives a good take on the links I left above
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. The role the Carnegies and Rockefellers have played in altering US history
      Rockefeller Foundation set up Board of Education and the overall public school (indoctrination) system
      Took all of this over before they put in the Federal Reserve
      First thing they did in I r a q was to move in their banks, set up the reeducation of the people, of course for those they did not kill or dislocate, and they control the narrative and the teaching materials
      Saw something yesterday on tell lie vision that a film crew in Syria is now trying to revivie their business there because they took a big hit during this war - go figure they more worried about setting up their brainwashing mechanisms than to help the suffering people
      They also over there setting up the hospitals, medicine, the whole nine yards to bring the remamining people under their control
      Which all falls in line wit this plan
      And I have read that the royal family is not British at all
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. In this video you will see about 1/2 way through that Austrailia stuff is run through DC
      And lots in Austrailia waking up too
      DC is the military arm of the N W O that's why we have bases all over the world
      Queen, London - financial, Vatican - spirtual, DC military, the Tripartate
      All of which are corrupt to the core of the apple
      Again as per this article
      You have these set up all over the country/world
      All of which is in place to implement UN Agenda to one government, not UN Agenda 21 like they have said it is to implemnent to one government
      They will create the race wars, religious wars, border wars, whatever war they can to fulfill their DEPOPULATION agenda and to bring about the prophecies and the 1000 rule will be theirs not God's
      The Progressive commercials, we'll make heaven a place on earth is their heaven not everyone elses'
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. DET,

    Please can you get in touch with me? I’d like to make the needed move and would appreciate some discussion. Please write to