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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Update on the Money Situation

By Anna Von Reitz

As at least some of you know, March 29 was the Drop Dead date for countries to be Basel III compliant and post a gold-backed currency.  The Territorial Government under the direction of Donald Trump managed to do that, just barely.  

The situation with the British Brexit and the impact on the European Union remains up in the air until April 12.  This is viewed as a necessary reprieve, both to allow the Brits to get their panties sorted and the rest of the EU nations to face up to the realities of dealing again in national currencies backed by actual assets.  Or the necessity of backing the Euro --- which is all but impossible absent an act of both God and the German Parliament. 

So, at least the Territorial Government is swimming forward and will participate in what has been dubbed the Global Currency Reset (GCR).  

We, the American States and People, have no need to worry about "transitioning" to the gold and silver standard.  We never left it.  Our gold Eagles and silver coinage and all the certificates and bonds based on the same will simply have a new valuation relative to other currencies in the world and will be recognized as "cash values". 

The same is happening within all the Central Banks --- a switching of gears.  

For many decades they have been sitting on the gold and silver stockpiles and not counting those assets ----  ignoring their existence as assets on the bank ledger. Now they have all been kicked into gear and forced to admit that, yes, we have all these assets.  

They still haven't been brought to bay and forced to admit who or what those assets actually belong to -- but that, too, is coming. 

As a result of all this, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) will be announcing new currency standards, also known as values, based on gold being "the" standard commodity.  

As of March 30, all the World Banks adopted Basel IV and gold became a world currency. 

Based on this new (and highly arbitrary) valuation scheme and the return to the old Gold Standard, people will be dealing in actual money instead of commercial script, and a great deal of the fraud and counterfeiting and "money" laundering that has gone on will fade away. 

The Americans, who never went off the gold standard, have nothing to lose and the accruals of ten decades to gain.  The Municipal "United States" hegemony has been liquidated to back the change.  The Territorial "United States of America" is sliding along just off the lee shore in a gale, thanks to Donald Trump and the faithful elements in the US Military. 

As a result of the double-dealing and bankruptcy protection schemes that went on at the turn of last century (1898 to 1934) and the Japanese Rumba during World War II, a lot of our actual American gold is in Indonesia and the Philippines.  

At least some of that stash--  which actually belongs to the American States and People-- has been underwritten by the Chinese and credited to "the" United States of America on an emergency basis to allow this country to maintain a basis of trade with the rest of the world.  

Count it as "Baby Steps" allowing us to continue to function and make the necessary correction of our political identity and processes.  Make no mistake --Americans are rich; it's the US Citizens who have been spent into oblivion. 

So now we have to moderate all that imbalance -- release the US Debt and deliver Offset Credit to the Americans. 

For all those Junk Bond Traders who sunk their Penny Stock Dreams in Zim and Iraqi Dinar, the pay off is coming ---- not as good or as bad as the extremes of various prognosticators, but coming nonetheless, probably this week.  

Be careful how you sign the paperwork.  Retain your copyright on your own names.  Use a private copyright Notice after your signatures --- a small "c" surrounded by a circle.  

The States will be enforcing the Constitutions and the Lanham Act, which should discourage a lot of Municipal Freebooters and other vultures. 

As everyone who knows me is aware --- I don't believe in money.   The worldwide addiction to money is the worst kind of idolatry and it needs to end, but for the moment, to prevent worldwide disaster, we need a means to trade and this is what has been worked out to allow that.   

That doesn't mean that there is no way to design an honest form of asset-backed money. It just means we aren't there" yet. 

I look forward to the day when we are.  


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  1. WOW That is some great news federal reserve notes will be a thing of the past -nice to hear..............

  2. The BIS is a Rothchild creation so how is it that it is leading this effort in any form or fashion?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Yea, and the guy at the top of the BIS (I can't remember his name off the top of my head), but he was called "rain man", because of his mathematical and accounting skills, who rigged "LIBOR" and sold it to the banks without one of them under standing a word he was talking about except that they were all going to make tons of money off the scheme, while he would only make a few million to pay all his debts off...Well it worked for the BANKS but when the fraud was finally reveiled, only he was charged with the crime, which his attorney assured him would only get 2 years for...!! But as more and more of the TRUTH came out, the judge was so incensed by his cleverness (or deceitfullness), he wound up getting 14 years in a FEDERAL PRISON...!!

      That came straight from the "Wall Street Journal" a few years ago...!!
      I have since determined that the Wall Street Journal " is the means of all financial institutions of talking to one another, because as far as I know, that article didn't appear in any other magazine or MSM....!!

    2. Actually it's not owned by any Rothchild or Rockerfeller. The creation of paper money goes back even further than 1913, but none of those entities are around at all, and its "creators" are long since dead and buried and just as poor as any pile of bones. Creators of such things are not the be all, end all. It just means that their little "creation" will be used against them. The perfect formula of revenge if ever there was one.

  3. The 1913 federal reserve act said that the federal reserve notes were for banking institutional use ONLY no other use is authorized or permitted. We were being taxed for the use of foreign currency that had no backing by weights and measures .

  4. I will do as I can to try and wake my fellow man up to the illusion, this is one way
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Great News Judge and Team. Thanks. I hope those dates are correct and these events happen as they are supposed to and benefit humanity.

  6. what will gold/silver values do with this scenario ?

  7. I think the entire world or at least those with dollar reserves OR dollar denominated currencies are going to pledge their gold for a 50% or so gold backed dollar and that the fed reserve will be nationalized (re structured) and that would mean a revalue if gold around 10,000. Per oz. to soak up all the dollars floating outside this country.
    Just sayin

  8. Every patriot site, including Kims, are all asking the same question in frustration....when is this so called "global reset" going to happen...first it was last december..then it went to Feb. of 2019, now it's March 30th and still not one word about any of this on the MSM which although mostly fake, is the only medium people will believe right now, because the internet will not be accepted as the TRUTH until the MSM backs it up....TV is still #1 when it comes to something this revolutionary...!! I asked a teller at Union back the other day if they got any news about a global currently reset, and she had never heard of it until then...!! So the banks either don't know or if they do it's only at the top levels...the employees are clueless...!! But if what you said Anna is true, why are they waiting to tell their employees..?? You can't cut a reset that close without telling anyone in the banks...!!
    And also if the reset does take place, then so should the LAW...We should automatically revert back to LAND LAW..Its the form of currency (lawful or fiat), that determines the law, not our status...!! So if we are going to have lawful money again, then we should also have lawful courts (article 3 courts)...!! How is this going to work...???

    1. James, you said "Its the form of currency (lawful or fiat), that determines the law, not our status...!!"

      Can you kindly expand on the detail of that statement please? I could interpret it a number of ways but I am curious what you meant.

  9. Everything that comes will be predicated on how you have acted and what you have done .

    How far along are you all with status correction ?

  10. C. Johnson by the way I wanted to expand on my comment from the other day but the comments for that thread have already been disabled. One of the reasons why this format isn't 100% conducive to this kind of on-going discussion if the thread turns into a pumpkin. Thanks for replying.