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Sunday, February 3, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 19 The Public and Organic Law

By Anna Von Reitz

As stupefying as it is, the Public Law of this country has not been enforced in any organized and comprehensive fashion for at least fifty years.  Instead, a semblance, or as they themselves put it --- an "appearance of justice" ---has been provided by private corporate "courts" operated by private "self-governing" jural societies.  

These "jural societies" as opposed to "jural assemblies" operate in the international jurisdiction of the sea and administer its statutory law.  They can only address "Persons"--- that is, corporations and corporation employees, and they have no authority to address living people at all, much less one of the People who are their employers. 

So how have they gotten away with usurping upon us and our government and commandeering millions of Americans into their foreign sea jurisdiction courts? 

They have gotten away with addressing people as "persons" via a process of falsification of records called "registrations".  These registration documents then provide the excuse for them to "presume" that we are "volunteering" to act as corporate franchisees, subject to whatever private, internal corporate "laws" they concoct and impose upon their franchises---- exactly like Burger King or Dairy Queen franchises.

This is, of course, a form of  organized crime--- fraud and enslavement resulting in peonage and racketeering, that is abhorrent to the Public Law of this country and most countries on Earth.

As more county and state jural assembly organizations converted (unlawfully) to operate as corporate franchises of the Territorial and/or Municipal United States  in order to receive federal racketeering kickbacks, the enforcement of the Public and Organic Law, including the Constitutions, has been left to volunteers -- like Sheriff Richard Mack -- and officials entering vacated public offices via small electorate elections --- like me. 

The increasingly insane and lawless results of letting private foreign corporations run our government and provide self-interested courts "for" us are abundantly clear and require a strong and organized push back.  

This is that lawful push back. 

First, you rebut their registrations and presumptions, and reclaim your original birthright political status as an American standing on the land and soil of your State of the Union.  You do this first to protect yourself from their false claims of authority over you and your property assets, and secondarily to qualify yourself to act as a State Jural Assembly Member. See, Article 928.

Next, you join your State Jural Assembly and organize it and grow it.  

The State Jural Assemblies are the instruments we need to enforce the Public and Organic Law, which stands above all private, corporate forms of "law".  

What this means in practical terms is that when they pass a private corporate law requiring doctors to murder babies on demand, we have the ability to enforce the public law that defines infanticide as murder and the promotion of murder as insurrection against the Public Law. 

It also means that when one of their for-hire "Law Enforcement Officers" attempts to arrest or detain us while in the peaceful pursuit of our private business, we are empowered to invoke The Bill of Rights and Article IV of the Federal Constitution --- and make it stick.  On the spot. 

We can also outlaw their registration practices on our shores and force the dismantling of their entire crime machine on our soil, so that new generations of Americans are not faced with the arduous process of reclaiming what should never be lost. 

If you are tired of letting immoral monsters pillage and plunder and harass and steal from honest people under color of law, its time to put the corporations out of their misery and put the people back in control. 

Now that we finally know what we are up against, we know how to reply to it. 

We know how to lawfully declare our political status and evidence it.  We know how to implement our self-government in each State via populating and organizing our State Jural Assemblies, electing our Public Officials, and enforcing the Public and Organic Law this country is owed.  


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  1. Jural Assemblies with their various offices and the people filling them will at first seem to be some kind of half cocked imitation of the "real" (known, established but fake) "government", to casual observers.

    What foresight have you Anna about how these Jural Assemblies, their members and the offices within them will be sustained by compensation for the services they provide? Where do you foresee the costs for operating and sustaining Jural Assemblies and the various sub parts thereof will be produced ? User fees alone would be too burdensome to pay for these Assemblies and their operations. Files need cabinets, computers, buildings, security, and sharing capabilities, communication tools and in short order, need for enforcement of judgements will also need ongoing funding. Until the massive property we are owed by the private corporate governments is released to the free people and their Jural Assemblies, what sources of funding do you envision?

    1. Joel,
      Your slavery has cost you more than you have or ever will " earn " . You own nothing , you control nothing. The very act of defiance and rebuttal of a falsehood is capitol. Yes we are all stuck in the system of fiat currency, manipulation of resources and imformation and tney actually do piosion our air, water and food daily. In spite of all this onslaught of horrific evil in every aspect of our lives with seemingly overwhelming we are , awake and moving forward. I know and will proclaim it is the force of what is good . Our Creator has not abandoned us. It is He who has brought us together. He has provided the way through the multitudes of his people who discover the pieces necessary to right this wrong.
      Get off your ass and just get to work, you have made it this far. Your anxiety about " mammon" was put there by the Father of all lies. Cast it aside. We will have what we need when we need it.
      CM Kevin Cote'

    2. yes im sure infinite intelligence, source is beyond personhood haha

    3. Patriot, LOL, what a cheapass sidestepping you did there, to a very Logical question from Joel. But you did not answer his question because you and we all know there ''aint no money' to build this government.
      But anybody that questions anything, you are always flying off the handle and hurling insults; you need to go get born again. People don't work for nothing and you cant operate on ''Patriot58 hot air''.
      And stop with the slimey accusation that asking about the Financing of this venture is somehow ''anxiety about mammon and then lending it to the father of lies'. NO, Patriot58 you have a short fuse, and need some Anger Management Classes. I, for one, am onto you and your kind.

      The only word for you is PFFFFFTTT !

  2. And the military indistrial complex weather terrorist continue their assault on all of mankind
    And of course none of that would be possible without the bankers
    Everyone please keep your eyes open and help your neighbors
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. I don't know about anyone else but I'm sticking with God
    No paperwork required
    Prepare accordingly
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I filled out Anna's form 928 had it notarized but local county recorder's office refuse to record my doc. So now I am on to the next way to rebut presumptions and took destination freedom's class on 1/26/19. I will complete this process also but realize that I have to go through the State Department's jurisdiction to do so and that in itself feels counter~intuitive. 1freeman did you say that you completed this process? How does it work for you? Can you travel? Do you feel it truly restores your rights? How hard was the process? Anyone have any feed-back for me? Thanks in advance.

  5. I have a question folks for anyone with knowledge authentication of birth certificates completed in 2016 what else needs to be done in addition to the authentications please only answer if you have the knowledge to do so thank you

    1. Hi I recently made my first comment, it looks like I am replying as my email address but when I publish it signs as anonymous or unknown automatically so I had to go in and type my name. Only after trying three other times was i able to discover the right way that didn't seem obvious at first.
      I want to thank you for all of your work you do for all of us. It seems at times to me that I have a difficult time keeping up with all that is going on with Anna's work. Taking a break while traveling takes a hole day to catchup. Thank you so much for all you do. Alaskan Shaun

  6. Thank you Paul and I apologize for using Anonymous I don't have a computer I am only working from a phone right now I have no internet hookup so I'm only working for on a phone my initials are tln I am not a robot nor am I an agent I am just someone trying to get finished what I need to get done thank you

  7. Thank you for identifying yourself. Just put your initials in front of your comments and it will be ok.

    1. tln here Paul quick question does a married woman have to do both her maiden name and her married name to finalize the paperwork thank you

    2. She should take care of every name she has ever used, or uncle dummy has ever used to refer to her.


  8. Paul, is there a fixed time for comments in each thread? You may not want to say of course, but I might speculate that keeping it short does reduce the opportunity for a slug-fest to develop among the various tribes here if comments are open indefinitely. Just wondering. One can imagine that the folks that think of themselves as being in charge of the world would see that kind of bickering as counter-productive among the "little people" as they would describe the rest of the world other than them.

    I don't believe for a second that they have it together better than the rest of us when it comes to making a case that this world to operate according to natural law whereby we should be able to do whatever we want as long is there is no harm or damage to others.

    1. Of late I have been going by the number of articles Anna writes and how fast she is working.
      I have to have time to live, and I can't stand more than about 6 or 8 hours on this machine.
      So I have been leaving the comments open for a day or two if Anna is not writing more than an article or two a day, and when she cranks it up they might be open for one day. As the new articles come in I clean them up and lock the comments then move on to the next article or two.
      Some will find fault with that but hey, come and walk a mile in my shoes, and you will see why.

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  10. Update on what they are stealing in California
    And they have been granted special directives to bring in foreign workers to take American jobs
    Paradise is part of the wildlands project which means the land is off limits to humans under UN Agenda 21
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  11. Paul tln here thank you very much for the information

  12. Steven t Mnuchin has had a month and a half to close all accounts when i sent him the endorsed APOSTILLED birth certificate and the irs form 56. He was instructed to notify me when the accounts were closed and any and all debts were paid and to credit the balance into my new account. I believe it is time to put him on Notice that he has ten days to respond as to that account or be in breach of his fiduciary relationship with the Creditor of this new account me .My pen is my sword and i have sold my cloak to get it ...............

    1. charles, have you checked with Anna to see if Mnuchin has done that for her and credited the balance into her account?

    2. I learned that once you have done form 56 to Mnuchin, you must then gain control of your account from the Internal Revenue Service. After that you will be able to discharge your debts through them and they will become your servants to secure payment on your behalf.

      Somebody named Angela posted something about this a couple of posts back. You will need to go to Anna’s website and search in the past 6-8 posts’ comments and you’ll find it.

    3. Fruit, I saw awhile back, where 1FreeMan said he had sent his stuff to Mnuchin but that he did not know how to use any of it to get bills I recall him saying something like that. No update from him after that, so.......?

    4. Oh I recall now, 1FreeMan said ''but he didnt know how to use his Account'.
      Maybe he will see this and clarify.