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Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Duplicity of Evil

By Anna Von Reitz

I can tell that many people continue to be confused by the concept that evil men and women pretend to be good, that they "talk the talk", but then, fail to walk the walk; even Satan appears to be an "angel of light". 

But what do you expect?  These people worship "The Father of All Lies".  

They are consummate Liars, first, last, and always. Their aversion to the Truth is so ingrained that they will automatically accuse their opponents of being or doing what they are and what they do. 

To overcome these Enemies it is necessary to become aware of them and their beliefs and their activities.  As ugly as it is, and as regrettable as it is that we must trouble ourselves with them and their insanity, we cannot just muddle along like sheep in the presence of wolves. 

To better familiarize yourselves with the Dark Side of the Roman Catholic Church--- the "other" so-called "secular" pagan religion that has infiltrated the Christian Church and used the Church as a storefront--- please read the topic sections here: 

This does not in any way suggest that every Catholic is a closet pagan, but it is equally certain that some of them are, and that this has been the circumstance for a very long time.  Certain Orders within the Church, such as the Dominicans, are more suspect because of their history and the nature of their activities, such as the Inquisition.  Some communities and enclaves are more likely centers of these evils. 

We have seen a great increase in these evil beliefs, ideas, and practices in recent years in places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami, Washington, DC--- and also in small towns and rural communities where the population is less aware of this evil, and less guarded against it as a result. 

Forewarned is forearmed.  We must be resolute in our opposition and in upholding the basic decency of the Public Law and in enforcing the Public Law. 

Do your paperwork:, Article #928, and join your State Jural Assembly: 


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  1. JoelFebruary 4, 2019 at 1:27 AM

    There are only two "churches", in a fundamental analysis. One is the church of the Devil, of Evil, (all Evil), evil being influences, teachings, societies, groups, associations that do not lead people to Jesus Christ. Whatever influence that does not lead people to Jesus Christ and His overarching truth and godly way of life (leading eventually to eternal life) is by default and by definition a functional part of the church of the Devil. Those unwilling to receive the Light of Christ found in His Truths revealed in His Words, in His example and in His commands, as confirmed to the man or woman by the witness of the Holy Ghost, are living without God and are the followers of other ways, all dark in comparison to the Light of Christ. All other influences that take our attention from Jesus Christ being our elder Brother, our Savior and Redeemer, encourages or advocates against His supernal authority, and is therefore Anti-Christ, and leads to dis-obedience to His divine law. People traveling on such a course continue to experience spiritual death and a separation from God.

    The only other church is the Church of Jesus Christ. This church is a living church of practicing believers, haven taken upon themselves the name and law of Christ, disciple their lives, hopes and works after Jesus Christ. These believers have become as little children, who look to Jesus Christ as their Lord, their principal guide, and their greatest Light and example, and who thank Him by and in the daily conduct of their lives by their obedience to His laws and ordinances for redeeming them from their natural inclinations to be ungodly in thought or behavior. They humbly acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Redeemer.

    The road to destruction in participating in the myriad of evils of the world is to follow a wide and popular superhighway, the church of the devil. By contrast the path to Salvation is narrow and straight.

    God is the same today, yesterday and forever. We are fools to imagine to counsel or criticize our loving, patient, wise, just and merciful Creator. Jesus Christ has answered the ends of God's Law and His is the only name under heaven and our only advocate before the Father for God's mercy upon us for our having left to any degree the path Jesus exemplifies. Jesus Christ is the One God has chosen, the only One, for us to follow to return to our Heavenly Fathers presence.

    The world scoffs at these precepts, but does so at the peril of the soul that may need to endure eternities in darkness, if wilful disobedience persists. Jesus Christ has paid the price of our ransom from the justice of God by our covenanting with real intent to follow Him.