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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Note About The Great Abomination

By Anna Von Reitz

As a child I used to wonder what Jesus was talking about -- what is the Great Abomination? How could it "stand" anywhere--and how would we be able to judge whether or not is was standing somewhere it should not be? 

The answer is that the Great Abomination is an ancient and evil False Religion based on idolatry. 

And the chief symbol of this False Religion is the ubiquitous "goddess" and founder of this religion: Semiramis. 

Semiramis is also know as the Queen of Heaven, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, and Columbia. 

She is always pictured as a beautiful woman with a spiked crown or rays of light coming out of her head, sometimes holding a lamp, usually accompanied by her pet owl, Molloch. 

An idol is a statue and a statue can stand on its fake feet made of whatever material, can't it? 

And what do we have standing in New York Harbor but "The Statue of Liberty"-- a beautiful woman, holding a torch, wearing a spiked crown.  

Why shouldn't she be standing anywhere near our shores?  Because our country is all about freedom---not liberty, which is what Semiramis is selling. 

"Liberty" is what sailors get when they reach port.  Liberty and "libertine" are from the same root word and basic concept. 

So, yes, indeed. The Great Abomination is literally "standing where it should not stand". 

Part of this False and Evil and Idolatrous Religion is to make all forms of sex a sacrament.  This is why the Bible calls homosexuality and bestiality "abominations"-- because these are part of the religion of the Great Abomination, which also practices infanticide, "temple" prostitution, pedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism, vampirism, human sacrifice, lying as a sacrament (to honor the Father of All Lies) etc. 

Now you can get a view of what Franklin Delano Roosevelt was talking about in his First Inauguration Speech- what his "Holy cause" and religion really was. 

You can also better grasp what gave rise to 18 USC 1001, subsections A and B, which legalize lying. 

I have never visited the so-called Statue of Liberty, but I would be willing to bet that if you go there and look sharp you will find other emblems of this religion--- owls, swastikas, compass roses, stars, including Stars of David (which predates Judaism and isn't Jewish) all-seeing eyes and equal-armed crosses embedded in the masonry or tiled surfaces or other fixtures there. 

You will also find Semiramis's owl --Molloch, who eats babies, perched in the corner of the $1 Federal Reserve Note. 

I don't think we need any other proofs to wake up and realize that this ancient evil has again come forward and that the prophecy has been fulfilled.  

Washington, DC, is full of symbols associated with the Great Abomination.  The Washington Monument is a giant phallic symbol.  The Pentagon is a five-pointed star.  And where is this located?  The District of Columbia. 

Columbia is just another name for Semiramis.  You have seen her for years as the trademark of "Columbia Pictures".

You will see the same kinds of symbols "adorning" St. Peter's Square and all over the Basilicas and Churches in Rome---yes, these emblems and worse, once you wake up and realize that you are seeing gaping vaginas and vampires feasting on children and demons eating human flesh on every other frieze. 

Christianity wasn't the only suppressed religion in Rome at the time of Constantine.  So we have The Church of Rome and The Roman Catholic Church and you finally know the reason for the split between "Roman Orthodoxy" and "Eastern Orthodoxy".  

Ideas like "transubstantiation"-- the idea that communion wine turns literally into blood--- which is clearly a creeping in of the blood drinking practices of Satanism, infected the Roman Church. 

The unmarried priesthood is another pollution from The Great Abomination and has no basis in the traditions of Judaism or the Early Christian Church. It does however serve as a drawing card for homosexual men to get involved in Church careers and administration. 

So there is the short course in what the Great Abomination is and how it now stands where it should not stand, how it has sheltered itself for centuries in tandem with The Roman Catholic Church, and how it has gained a toe-hold in the modern world. 

Now that you can see it parading around in plain view-- what are you going to do about it? Stand around and watch as little babies are murdered and eaten in broad daylight?  

You heard the proposed legislation legalizing infanticide this past week.  What more do you need to know or hear? 

Form up your State Jural Assemblies, expose this horror for what it is, and put an end to it. 
Enforce the Public Law. 

There is just one other thing about The  Great Abomination--- the Living God hates it with a passion and won't abide it, so any nation that tolerates it is condemned.  

His hand is against them and all their works and all their ways forever. 

In the days of Noah, he destroyed them. At Sodom and Gemorrah he destroyed them. During the time of Elijah he destroyed them. In Sumeria and Babylon he destroyed them. In Egypt and Carthage he destroyed them. 

And he has said that he will destroy them utterly this time.  There will be no returning for them or anything they teach. 

We must make haste to separate ourselves from them and remove ourselves from Babylon. We must wrest our government from out of their hands and repent. 

The lives of millions if not billions of people are at risk if we turn a blind eye to any of this anymore.  We absolutely must wake up and sound the alarm.  


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  1. Wow...I guess this is whete I say :
    Tonight 8-9 pm eastern standard time
    Zoom id # 841 147 021
    Status correvtion help group
    We need help,anyone who needs it or has it..come .
    If we need more time we will keep goimg and posdibly adf a weekday evening..

    CM Kevin Cote'

    1. My dyslexia kicks in again

      CORRECT ID# 841 187 021

      THANK YOU Jocelyn for pointing that out...I am such a faulted sinful creation...but honest and aware of my mistakes !

  2. I Will repeat myself in this post. Weekday evenings is a better time to do these calls. Me personally, I work Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night beginning at 4 PM EST. There are other calls that are on the weekends that do me zero good as well.

    1. Fruit,
      We will ne adding a weeknight meeting . The amount of help we require to debrief from the lifetime of lies, half truths and bs will be an ongoing process. We are all nere to " Love thy brother" help each other in any way based on the gifts given to us. ...My contact info is above, feel free to contact me
      CM Kevin Cote'

    2. 58, Have you completed Anna’s 928 process?

  3. Anna-"And he has said that he will destroy them utterly this time. There will be no returning for them or anything they teach."
    i would change the he to He, just a plea, not a jab.
    And i have been reminded:
    " For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his own soul?"

  4. Until you get rid of the bankers the genocide of all people on this earth will continue
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Bankers?
      Do bankers cause individuals to hate? When the bankers are all gone who shall be the next target?

    2. Well, it is not necessarily hate. If you take away the Bankers Banks and play money they will have nothing to give to people to carry out their evil. let them become reformed inside a fenced self contained pen. They can grow their own food, weed the garden, tend to the roses and cut the grass and do their own laundry like the rest of us or go hungry.

    3. People are evil for a variety of reasons only one of which may be a love of money.

  5. Matthew 24:15 So when you see standing in the holy ... - Bible Hub
    New International Version "So when you see standing in the holy place 'the abomination that causes desolation,' spoken of through the prophet Daniel--let the ...
    Daniel 12:11 And from the time the daily sacrifice is ... - Bible Hub
    New International Version "From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.
    Much of what Anna reveals is true and yes to many of us is also an abomination.
    So how does what Anna says lend itself to this countdown, of 1290 days?
    Is New York harbor a Holy place?

    1. The 7 yrs. of the great trib is divided in half. The first half will be one thousand two hundred and three score. That is 1260 days. During that first 1260 days, the two witnesses will preach/prophecy in sackcloth.
      That period of time has not yet started, which is obvious since the Witnesses have not been Returned from heaven yet to do their job.

    2. The seven-year period has been shortened to five months. Read about the Locust army that appears before Satan is kicked out of heaven. You must understand the lifecycle of a Locust. it is five months. God himself says the time has been shortened for the elect’s sake, for if the time was not shortened no flesh should be saved. It is because satans deception is so good.
      The two witnesses will be here at the end of that five month period.
      Halfway through that five month period is when Satan will demand that everybody worship him and his political system.

    3. Rev. 11:3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and three score days, in sackcloth.
      (and that is just the first half. Total will be 7 yrs. and that will not change. It seems the 7 yrs. are the shortened amount)

  6. There are only two "churches", in a fundamental analysis. One is the church of the Devil, of Evil, (all Evil), evil being influences, teachings, societies, groups, associations that do not lead people to Jesus Christ. Whatever influence that does not lead people to Jesus Christ and His overarching truth and godly way of life (leading eventually to eternal life) is by default and by definition a functional part of the church of the Devil. Those unwilling to receive the Light of Christ found in His Truths revealed in His Words, in His example and in His commands, as confirmed to the man or woman by the witness of the Holy Ghost, are living without God and are the followers of other ways, all dark in comparison to the Light of Christ. All other influences that take our attention from Jesus Christ being our elder Brother, our Savior and Redeemer, encourages or advocates against His supernal authority, and is therefore Anti-Christ, and leads to dis-obedience to His divine law. People traveling on such a course continue to experience spiritual death and a separation from God.

    The only other church is the Church of Jesus Christ. This church is a living church of practicing believers, haven taken upon themselves the name and law of Christ, disciple their lives, hopes and works after Jesus Christ. These believers have become as little children, who look to Jesus Christ as their Lord, their principal guide, and their greatest Light and example, and who thank Him by and in the daily conduct of their lives by their obedience to His laws and ordinances for redeeming them from their natural inclinations to be ungodly in thought or behavior. They humbly acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Redeemer.

    The road to destruction in participating in the myriad of evils of the world is to follow a wide and popular superhighway, the church of the devil. By contrast the path to Salvation is narrow and straight.

    God is the same today, yesterday and forever. We are fools to imagine to counsel or criticize our loving, patient, wise, just and merciful Creator. Jesus Christ has answered the ends of God's Law and His is the only name under heaven and our only advocate before the Father for God's mercy upon us for our having left to any degree the path Jesus exemplifies. Jesus Christ is the One God has chosen, the only One, for us to follow to return to our Heavenly Fathers presence.

    The world scoffs at these precepts, but does so at the peril of the soul that may need to endure eternities in darkness, if wilful disobedience persists. Jesus Christ has paid the price of our ransom from the justice of God by our covenanting with real intent to follow Him.

  7. The Statue of Liberty is a dude in drag. Look at the jawline, look at the feet, look at the hands. Cross dressing and transgenderism are hallmarks of the worship of the god of this world.

  8. The doctrine of Transubstantiation has been disputed for centuries, and it seems nobody bothers to read what the Church has to say about it.

    There are hundreds of entries in the Catholic Encyclopedia about this with listings of the heretical opposition and what they said, along with the refutations of their heresies. Here are just a few. You can search for yourself for more. There is a search box at the top of every article.