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Monday, February 4, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 20 Jurisdiction of the People

By Anna Von Reitz

It is of paramount importance for everyone involved in the State Jural Assemblies to understand the basics of jurisdiction.  A jurisdiction is "invoked"  or "claimed" as a result of the (1) subject matter and (2) capacity of the parties involved in a dispute.   

A squabble over access to sea lanes between two naval vessels is obviously an admiralty issue, while a controversy over cow pasturage between two unincorporated farms in New Jersey is obviously a soil jurisdiction issue. 

There are three basic jurisdictions possible --- air, land, and sea, and three basic capacities, unincorporated, corporate, and incorporated, in which we may function, so a total of nine (9) different basic combinations.  

In addition to this, there are two sub-sections to each of the basic jurisdictions and different kinds of law attached to each.  

The Air Jurisdiction is divided into ecclesiastical (Pope) and municipal law (Pontiff).  The Sea Jurisdiction (British Monarch/Britannic Majesty) is divided into maritime (aka "civil law" or "commercial law")  and admiralty (martial law).  The Land is divided into public and private law, or as they are more popularly known, common and statutory law.

Fortunately for you, you only need to be able to pinpoint and manage the two jurisdictions that you are responsible for (soil and land) and be able to direct your employees regarding how you want the rest of the business of your country handled (maritime and admiralty and  municipal affairs).  

Because our Forefathers established a "Secular State" and "separation between church and state" and "freedom of religion", the Jurisdiction of the Air is limited to Municipal Jurisdiction, which was confined to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia ---and never intended to usurp beyond the Municipality of Washington, DC --- though it has. 

The three original Constitution(s) ---  Federal (1787), Territorial (1789) and Municipal (1790) established a National Will with regard to the administration of the Sea and Air Jurisdictions by our employees.  

Please note that though the Constitutions provided them -- our employees -- with structures, corporate offices, rules, and service contracts, all of the functions of the resulting "Federal Government" are foreign to the land and soil jurisdiction that you and your State Jural Assemblies are heir to.  

Please also note from the nomenclature, that the Parties to the Constitutions establishing them -- We, the People --- are members of the State Jural Assemblies.  Your State Jural Assemblies are responsible for enforcing the contracts thus established.  

You are the Guardians of the Peace and the Enforcers of the Constitutions.  Nobody else can do it and without your firm guidance, your employees ---left to their own devices for 150 years--- are in La-La Land. 

The jurisdiction that is natural to living people is that of the national soil (people, counties, The United States) and international land (People, State, The United States of America).   This is the realm of the State Jural Assemblies. 

Because soil and land are attached to each other, qualification in the State Jural Assembly also qualifies you as part of your county jural assembly and vice versa, so that both the land and the soil jurisdictions are "populated" when you qualify as a Juror and join.  That is, you are able and qualified to serve either the soil jurisdiction or the land jurisdiction, depending on which hat you put on and which court you serve. 

Please note, especially, that your "State" and "County" Courts exist in a totally different jurisdiction than the "State of State" Courts and their corporate franchises operating "as" County Courts.  

You are operating on the "land and soil" of your State, addressing the issues that impact the living American people and their assets.  You are invoking and enforcing the Public Law, including the Constitutions. 

"They", the "U.S. Citizens",  are operating in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea as part of an incorporated Territorial State of State franchise or in the foreign global jurisdiction of the air as an incorporated Municipal STATE OF STATE franchise. They are addressing the affairs and assets of legal fiction "Persons". They are enforcing the private law of their corporations on their employees and shareholders and franchises.  

Do not make the mistake of thinking that their courts are your courts.  They aren't.  These foreign courts are for the most part occupying courthouses that you bought and paid for, but they are like a baseball team occupying a public ball field.  

Your courts have a pre-eminent right to use these facilities, and part of what remains to be resolved is for your State Jural Assembly --- once it is fully populated and organized and you have qualified your Electors (not "Voters") and you have held your elections to fill your Offices --- is to inform the State of State Governor that you are in full operation and wish to occupy your own State Buildings, including Courthouses, again.  

At first, there may be friction against this idea, but the ultimately, the State of State Courts and their personnel have no choice but to shift over and let you make use of the Public Facilities.  This is because you are running the actual Public Courts.  

It is also a necessity, because without a State, they have no State of State. Even if their "State of State" corporation is organized under the auspices of a foreign country, as they currently are, they cannot define themselves "of" a non-existent State. 

So they need you to maintain the land and soil jurisdiction States as much as you need them to honor and obey the provisions of the Constitutions that authorize their existence. 

As you form up your State and County Courts and more people "return" to their birthright political status as Americans and relinquish (gladly for the most part) any presumed "U.S. Citizenship", the Courts you operate are again enabled to invoke jurisdiction over soil and land issues and to enforce the Public Law, including the provisions of the Constitutions and their guarantees owed to the people of this country.  

With your courts operating and invoking jurisdiction, a situation like the nightmare that the Bundy family went through over "grazing rights" cannot occur.  Why?  Because the BLM is only a care-taker of the soil and land resources of the Western States, and the Bundys --- assuming that they declare their birthright political status --- are "recognizable" as the actual Landlords that the BLM works for.  

The nightmare of the Foreclosure Mills goes away, too, because the foreign Territorial Courts and Municipal COURTS no longer have any trust property to administer.  The land trusts dissolve upon the arrival of the people back home on the land and soil of their States and all their "personal" trusts held under false presumptions are also converted and re-flagged as "persons" belonging to Americans, not "U.S. Citizens" or "Citizens of the United States".  

The jurisdiction of the people/People on the land and soil of their States is absolute, unincorporated, and sovereign.  The unincorporated County and State Court Juries established by your unincorporated County and State Jural Assemblies have the ability to nullify any corporate statute, rule, or regulation, any "Federal Code" and can keep these foreign statutes and codes from being applied to any of the people of this country.  

It is true that both the Territorial and Municipal government service providers are under contract to also provide protection to our "persons" and "property".  That being so, many Americans will be left shaking their heads in view of abuses they have suffered in Territorial and Municipal Courts, where they have been addressed as "persons" belonging to the foreign Territorial and Municipal Corporations. 

A key understanding is that "U.S. Citizens" are not owed the protections of the Constitutions nor the protections of the Public Law.  While acting "as" and allowing themselves to be characterized as "U.S. Citizens" --Americans who are otherwise eligible to be recognized as Americans, are instead being classified as foreigners --- as Territorial or Municipal United States Citizens.   They are not acting in the capacity of State Nationals or State Citizens who are owed the protections of the Constitutions and who occupy the land and soil jurisdiction of this country.  They are instead being deliberately misidentified as Territorial or Municipal United States citizens.  

The Territorial and Municipal service providers only recognize their duty  to protect the persons and property of the people ---pay attention to the word: "people"---of this country, that is, those who occupy the land and soil jurisdiction,  and do not honor any similar obligation to their own officers and employees and franchisees.  

Thus, when you expatriate from any form of Federal Citizenship, and embrace your birthright citizenship as a State Citizen and member of your State Jural Assembly, the Public and Organic Law comes back into force, and the Territorial "State of State" and Municipal "STATE OF STATE" courts can no longer presume anything about you, your assets, your property, or your persons. They have to back water and treat you as one of the People of this country.  


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  1. As always I am excited to get every post Anna puts out . I have been hoping that Mnuchin would get the lead out and notify me on my account. I so look forward to sending a healthy donation to Anna and crew for them to expand their reach to the eyes and ears that will multiply the truth. I am only as good as my word..Those who have eyes let them see and those who have ears let them hear ..Bless those who are devoted to spreading the truth ...............

    1. charles, have you heard of anyone who Mnuchin has paid their bills for them? I havent seen one say so.

  2. Maybe I will be the first one to say I have been paid!! I am tired of you mouthing off against Anna. Please just move out to sea where your ship is located Thank you. Anna I am so happy to have my recorded papers back. I posted a statement in the local paper about the recording and when it took place. Its real real silent from FRANKLIN DISTRICT COURT thanks Teri for helping me get that sorted out. Yee Haw Glory to Almighty Yashua
    sherry elizabeth

    1. skully, with a mouth and attitude like yours, ''yashua' doesnt even know you exist.

    2. Wow and you accused ME of saying unkind things...

      Abby it is starting to look like everybody has the right to have your opinion from up there on your bully pulpit. You get what you give in this life.

    3. Will, except that I state facts, not bullshit from some of these thin skinned fleshly offended worldly folks who spout off as a result of their own hurt little feelings; emotionalism.
      Nevertheless, I repeat, God does not even know such people even exist, and neither do they know Him. Like it or lump it.

    4. Abby I think its clear to everyone that you are the lost one.

  3. It'll be great when the process is defined and proven for use by people from other countries in the world.
    Then the movement will make great leaps and bounds...
    I've been watching and reading here for quite some time, waiting for information so that I can act upon it.

  4. "hence we must stand rather by the decisions which the pope judicially pronounces than by the opinions of men, however learned they may be in Holy Scripture."

    Pope-antipope, One and the same!

    1. aFollower, lol, I second that ! The pope is actually worthless, and so are his opinions, and No we dont have to stand by anything that snake says. He is a mere man who knows nothing of holy scriptures. We will have a big big party in heaven when we see his abode destroyed by the fire of Jesus' mouth, in just one hour.

      Here we have anna telling us ''you gotta obey the pope'' LOL yet she claims she is not CATHlic. Looks like you ''wasted a stamp sending him your Letter'' eh?

    2. Here is what I could find about Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

      And on the relationship between that and civil jurisdictions.

      And about Civil Authority

  5. I'll say it again until we create our own money the World Bank and the IMF are destroying country after country, genociding and taking all the resources as they go
    In this link below - the IMF was handed the great lakes
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. The Tower of Basel
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Scroll down this page and read about WalMart (remember this is the outfit that has created the FEMA camps and working with department of homeland security to ensure our safety?)
    I have read articles that they are now using the for profit prison system here in the United States for slave labor - sounds like the same thing described in the link provided
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. I believe they are in the process of taking over our electrical grid - the PG&E bankruptcy is part of that process - they will buy up the electrical provider for pennies on the dollar and it all falls in line with the Electrical Infrastructure Council they have set up
    Scroll down the page and see where they have electric vehicle DOT infrastructure councils set up all over the country as well
    People in Michigan received alerts during the minus 50 below storm this past week to turn their power down - this is how they going to control what power you use what water you use all of it - it's called SMART Cities and infrastruture and all of it was designed in I s r a e l and China and they are also the ones producing the microchips for the tracking and tracing - they are putting these chips in everything so that the usage of everything can be tracked and traced through the IoT (Internet of Things). This is why they developed the spiral light bulbs because they have rfid chips in them so that your usage of when you turn on your lights can be tracked and traced
    SMART meters installed on your houses without your knowledge are also using ZigBee to report back what you are using in your house
    So all those nifty little control your house from your cell phone apps were part of the plan to control your usage of the limited resources the earth has to offer for the serfs while the fat cats live in complete luxury - Amazon building wifi certified homes to track and trace everything about you and your habits and usage within the home and this will all tie back to your social credit score - it's called social engineering
    Just passing information along for anyone interested
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Yes, since our apartment complex permitted smart meters, the elec. co. now sends us statements telling us how much elect. we used, and even what hours we had highest usage. As IF that means we are gonna change our usage habits. NOT. Go fly a kite, who cares, we got laundry to do, we are gonna do laundry just the same as before.
      So its time for all to realize that the banking system is a tiny part of the worlds problem. And paper work is not gonna fix ''the real problem'. The reason the ''real problem' will never get fixed, is because 99% of the population does not believe what the Real Problem even IS.
      But, carry on. Make each day a Battle, as your way of life. Meanwhile we dont know what is being put in our food, whether it contains what they say it contains; where it comes from, especially meat products, what kind of meat is it actually.
      Can we even trust those old long standing food companies as we once did? Right now Im drinking a glass of 100% grape juice by Welch, a standby company, and I am not sure I can even trust it now.
      We know Gerber, the baby food company, can no longer be trusted; as they put fillers in it they get from china. (if you have small children, dont buy that crap)
      Johnson & Johnson has also fallen to the wayside. Probably P&G too.
      And you know whats at the root of all that falling? The love of money is at the root of all evil. Do we really think we talk louder than money does?

  9. Says Who?? Where did any pope get jurisdiction of the Air?? Where do you get these authorities from? Give us backup for what you are saying here.
    According to what, in writing, not from your mouth.

    As far as Im concerned, my nearest most authoritive jurisdiction over me, is my Local City or County; next nearest is my State; and lastly and almost of no significance is Federal/country. In fact the police from outside my city limits cannot even come to my home to arrest me without the Authority of my own City Police Dept.
    In real life, that is how jurisdiction works. Ive even read constitutional lawyers Briefs, 14 pages or so, explaining jurisdiction, and even they say nothing about sea or air 'jurisdiction'.
    I just think we are getting a whole lot of hear-say about this stuff and no proof that holds any water IMO.

    1. "Says Who?? Where did any pope get jurisdiction of the Air?? Where do you get these authorities from? Give us backup for what you are saying here.
      According to what, in writing, not from your mouth"

      Really Abby...? Really?

      Pope Boniface II, AD1302 Unum're starting to really look more like controlled opposition every time time you open your sad little mouth. You're dropping more crumbs as you swagger around here pretending you are what? Part of the solution? I think not.

    2. I suggest everyone read
      This is a world wide take over by the banks period and it's new favoite little corporation over their in the mddle east that is bilking the American public blind is behind the SMART Cities, the IoT, Internet of Things, 5G and and a whole lot more, ALL PLANNED by the banks
      If The United States does not pull out of the UN and kick the banks out of this country it is finished their is no dealing with these bankers period
      Anna has said over and over her and the living law firm fighting these guys but all I see is that they are burning people off the land, flooding them off the land, taking over power grids, water infrastructure, farms, all of it as per the UN Agenda 21 Sustainable development shit which has nothing to do with sustainabiity for the fucking rich, this is all about the new world order fuedal enslavement system for every living thing on this planet
      And you can bet your ass they have plans to chip every thing on this planet
      Centuries in the making
      That's what they had us tear up the middle east for their one belt one road crap and that is why we went to VietNam and to Korea and to WWII so they could steal the resources of those countries and bring them under banker rule
      That is exactly why they on Venezuela right now because their aim is to take over all oil all over the world and Venezuela told the IMF to take a hike
      And here is your tower of Babel and it's not what you have been taught either
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. Says Who?? Where did any pope get jurisdiction of the Air??

      Papal Authority given by Christ Himself.

    4. The Papacy has given their blessing and approval of the UN Agenda to eliminate 90% of the worlds population and to confiscate all resources and to set up FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities for the 24/7 surveillance of all and you think this is what Christ wants?
      There should not be one living being on this planet that wants for anything and yet millions being killed and starved to death while this organization collects billions of dollars each year?
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    5. From Anna Von Reitz:

      Abby, you were born into a "System" of law and government that you are unaware of. I am trying to teach you and others what you are up against and how you can most effectively defend yourselves from predators and protect your assets. As this discussion is proving, most Americans don't know their butts from tin cups when it comes to dealing with the layers of laws and definitions and jurisdictions, and you show that you are one of the "clueless" among us with the things you say.

      Just because you aren't Catholic (and neither am I) it doesn't mean that you don't have to deal realistically with the commercial claims and presumptions of the Municipal Government and its Agencies which the Secular Government of the Roman Catholic Church has set up on our shores in violation of the meaning and spirit of The Constitution of the United States.

      Just because you are not British and not from any British Territorial Commonwealth entity, such as Puerto Rico, doesn't protect you when other authorities are "presuming" that you "voluntarily adopted" such a political status and are subject to British Territorial "law"as a result.

      You need to wake to hell up and stop being so myopic and making so many assumptions. The world is the world. It doesn't revolve around you and your perceptions and "beliefs". It has its own rules and it is usurping upon your lawful government because you are so utterly ignorant that you are not even claiming to be an American, much less doing the work of self-governance. Wake up.

      Or you will be identified as one of those "useless eaters" they like to talk about, and that they claim to own.

    6. Shelby, If you think that outfit in the Vatican represents the true Church and the real Papacy you have a lot of study to do.

      After Vatican II counsel in 1963-64 what you think is the Catholic Church is actually and new and false religion. It's perhaps the devils greatest trick in all of history to make everyone think that is the Catholic Church the Jesus Christ founded. it's not.

    7. Shelby...yes it is a travesty what goes on. I actually have had some experiences with organizations that call themselves NGOs which is Non Government Organizations. I am working with people that are trying to provide reliable portable power systems that use the waste heat from the flames of their cooking stoves for people in third world countries including poorer parts of Africa. And I hear all the time that $20 or $30 is too much money for those people, these NGOs park themselves in the middle and determine what these people will have access to. It is very discouraging, the war mongers can find and justify trillions of dollars for war, but God forbid that you want to find a bit of money, there isn't $50 to make anybody's lives easier so they can charge their phones and run some lights to see with after it gets dark.

      We make it virtually impossible for people of good conscience and compassion for those of lesser means to have even a slightly better life. It always has to be substandard crap they want to offer the people as long as someone can park themselves in the middle and make enough profit from it. You can't do the right thing for anybody there is always someone standing there with their hand up insisting that you can't do this or that. That is a complete disgrace. These evil creeps should be ashamed of themselves...

      But they are not.

    8. Abby,
      We are told who has jurisdiction of the air. Who is it?

    9. Alive with Christ
      1As for you, you were dead in your trespasses and sins, 2in which you used to walk when you conformed to the ways of this world and of the ruler of the power of the air, the spirit who is now at work in the sons of disobedience. 3At one time we all lived among them, fulfilling the cravings of our flesh and indulging its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature children of wrath.…

  10. Hi friends, I am trying my best to learn about the State Jural Assemblies to understand it's purpose. When you are faced with armed officers of the sheriff's office trying to serve you and get you to accept their void writ of possession to steal your home, this is very hard to understand.
    I have done a lot of what was said here about correcting your status but nothing has ever stopped, why? Was there some other things I was supposed to do according to Anna's status correction?
    The past few weeks have been very scary for my family and I. Officers banging on our front door, leaving their writs which was returned and the them getting angry because their writ was returned. This happened again last week and twice in one day, then they came to our home at night shining flashlights through our doors and windows. The next day last Friday they left another writ which was returned but then next day we discovered our dog dead,a dog we rescued about 6 years ago. Our dog was what they call a Pit bull. He was a fine dog not a mean bone in him which change our minds about these dogs. Was this coincidence? we do not rule anything out...........There is no help here, can someone please help us?

    1. Tln so sorry to hear we went through the same thing two years ago we had a cancer patient living with us and we tried desperately to stop at for almost 10 years and it just didn't work no matter what we did the same as once you're in the court system they got you and there's nothing you can do to stop them unless you pull a gun on them first and then we didn't cuz we didn't want to get involved with a cancer patient

  11. The talk here about the State Jural Assemblies gives hope but does this really work and where is this actually being done. The part in this post I like "The nightmare of the Foreclosure Mills goes away, too, because the foreign Territorial Courts and Municipal COURTS no longer have any trust property to administer. The land trusts dissolve upon the arrival of the people back home on the land and soil of their States and all their "personal" trusts held under false presumptions are also converted and re-flagged as "persons" belonging to Americans, not "U.S. Citizens" or "Citizens of the United States".
    Where has this worked? I do not see anything like this in New Jersey.
    Like I said earlier, I have been working on correcting my status, recently I received my passport and card with 4 stars, I got this with the training and help on getting the passport that I am not a federal 14th amendment U.S. citizen, resident, person, individual subject to the jurisdiction thereof. So I sent a copy of all this to the sheriff along with my Land/Letters Patent..and a Cease and Desist and a Mandatory Notice of Foreign Sovereign Immunity Notice of Liability. After he gets this then I was going to see him and ........... pm on the rest, Anyway friends your thoughts and help is much needed. I do not think they have jurisdiction over me, I think they must stop and leave my family and I alone.

  12. And is it any wonder that A T & T is now blanketing this entire nation with 5G electromagnetic radiation, have a look at where they got their start
    The House of Morgan catered to the,
    It financed the launch of AT&T, General Motors, General Electric and DuPont.
    And right now you have General Motors doing what they are told laying off workers and eliminating their pensions therefore taking away their homes, retirements, everything and THAT IS NO ACCIDENT EITHER
    They destroyed the motor city and the great lakes regions to take over the land and the resources and move Chinese businesses in - the rust belt was the deciding part of the election because people were desparate for their industries and jobs to return of which they never will - it's called deindustrialization - no upward mobility for the slaves
    They are creating massive unemployment because they are shipping workers in here from other countries - they brought people in from India that they had impoversihed to the point of starvation to work at Disney world - the workers trained their replacements
    Why do you think migrants are being bused in by the thousands - it is a planned coordinated assault on our economy and the people who live here and the tell lie vision actors are all part of the deception - they invented the tell lie vision to mass mind control the populace
    And everyone take note all of your schools are Rockefeller and they have been brainwashing your kids for decades on their role in this new world order of see something say something, global citizen crap
    For God's sake they aren't even teaching your kids handwriting anymore
    They planned that too - both parents have to work to afford the American Dream so the state has raised the kids - ALL PLANNED
    And now as a result of their coordinated efforts and planned 'events' you now have a tattle tale school surveillance program being rolled out nationwide
    Your kids could be telling on you based on the training they get from this non profit 501c3 foundation that just so happens to get a lot of their funding from the gullable public
    Here's who plans and carries out the 'events' to put on tell lie vision and fits the agenda to disarm
    I keep seeing article after article telling people to pay the extortion fees, claim your names, form assemblies etc etc etc meanwhile the banks are plundering the entire planet and moving the what's left living inhabitants to their designated living pens eventually to play out the hunger games
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  13. Breaking news Pope signs Human Fraternity document at the global conference of human fraternity that took place in Dubai
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  14. New Jersey just passed a rain tax!
    Someone has to pay for their geoengineered climate change - hold the city hostage until you pay for it to rain!
    Can you say Chicago Climate Stock Exchange!
    This is absolute insanity is what it is
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  15. All before 1963 and there is so much more.
    any Americans would be surprised to learn that one of the greatest opponents of civil and religious liberty is the Roman Catholic Church.

    No one knows about the Roman Catholic hatred of liberty because history textbooks in public schools and colleges have been, for the most part, purged of nearly all things negative about papal Rome’s bloody history. Many Jesuits and other supporters of Catholicism have allegedly joined textbook selection committees in order to censor negative comments about the Roman Catholic Church. Encyclopedias in the USA have also been affected. History has been rewritten so that less and less people know about the true issues that faced the reformers and the true history of the Catholic Church.

    Darryl Eberhart of Tackling the Tough Topics newsletter writes this:

    Most of our encyclopedias and history textbooks do NOT tell us that the purpose of the attempted invasion of England in 1588 by the Spanish Armada was to land troops in England to be joined by local Roman Catholics in an effort to overthrow the government and bring England, by force, back under the authority of Papal Rome! The Roman Catholic King of Spain (Philip II) wanted financial “compensation” for launching this invasion. And so the Roman pontiff, Pope Sixtus V, promised King Philip II 200,000 crowns as soon as the Spanish Armada had set sail for England, and more cash to follow later. Thus the Papacy was helping to fund the planned invasion of England (all emphasis in original)!i

    In 1931, Pope Pius XI explained this initiative in his encyclical Quadragesimo Anno:

    Under the guidance and in light of Leo’s encyclical was thus evolved a truly Christian social science, which continues to be fostered and enriched daily by the tireless labours of those picked men whom we have named the auxiliaries of the Church...The doctrine of Rerum Novarum began little by little to penetrate among those who, being outside Catholic unity, do not recognize the authority of the Church; and these Catholic principles of sociology gradually became part of the intellectual heritage of the whole human race...Thus too, we rejoice that the Catholic truths proclaimed so vigorously by our illustrious Predecessor [Leo XIII in 1891’s Rerum Novarum], are advanced and advocated not merely in non-Catholic books and journals, but frequently also in legislative assemblies and in courts of justice” (emphasis added).ii

    Here are several quotes highlighting the Papacy's aggressive intentions:

    Catholic Professor Orestes Brownson, Brownson’s Review (January, 1854): 90:

    But is it the intention of the pope to possess this country? Undoubtedly. In this intention is he aided by the Jesuits and all the Catholic prelates and priests? Undoubtedly, if they are faithful to their religion.iii

    Hector MacPherson, The Jesuits in History (Edinburgh: Macniven and Wallace, 1914): 52, 85, 100:

    ...that the Jesuits were actively plotting for the extermination of Protestantism was no fiction of Oates, but a most certain and deadly fact...

    At the Reformation the Irish race remained Romanist; and the miseries which came upon it must be in the main traced to the Jesuits, who used Ireland as a factor in their scheme of overthrowing the Protestantism of England and establishing a Roman Catholic dynasty completely under the control of the Papacy.

    ...wherever the Jesuits went, they placed the worldly prosperity and the political influence of their Order above all religious considerations. In accordance with their secret policy they set themselves to gain influence at Court; and, in order to carry their point, they were willing to countenance assassination, sedition, etc.

    Now does any of this sound like the church of Jesus Christ?

  16. Matthew Henry Commentary
    16:13-20 Peter, for himself and his brethren, said that they were assured of our Lord's being the promised Messiah, the Son of the living God. This showed that they believed Jesus to be more than man. Our Lord declared Peter to be blessed, as the teaching of God made him differ from his unbelieving countrymen. Christ added that he had named him Peter, in allusion to his stability or firmness in professing the truth. The word translated rock, is not the same word as Peter, but is of a similar meaning. Nothing can be more wrong than to suppose that Christ meant the person of Peter was the rock. Without doubt Christ himself is the Rock, the tried foundation of the church; and woe to him that attempts to lay any other! Peter's confession is this rock as to doctrine. If Jesus be not the Christ, those that own him are not of the church, but deceivers and deceived. Our Lord next declared the authority with which Peter would be invested. He spoke in the name of his brethren, and this related to them as well as to him. They had no certain knowledge of the characters of men, and were liable to mistakes and sins in their own conduct; but they were kept from error in stating the way of acceptance and salvation, the rule of obedience, the believer's character and experience, and the final doom of unbelievers and hypocrites. In such matters their decision was right, and it was confirmed in heaven. But all pretensions of any man, either to absolve or retain men's sins, are blasphemous and absurd. None can forgive sins but God only. And this binding and loosing, in the common language of the Jews, signified to forbid and to allow, or to teach what is lawful or unlawful.
    Matthew 16:18 Commentaries