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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies -- 21 Capacity of the People

By Anna Von Reitz

While the subject matter of a case will often immediately determine the correct jurisdiction and court to hear it, the issue of "capacity in which the Parties act" is by no means as clear-cut, and requires due diligence. 

Consider the sentence:  "Marc is one of the people who built the Cross River Bridge."    "Marc" is obviously a man who helped build a bridge and he did so in an unincorporated capacity, because the word "people" was used.  

If we said, "Marc is one of the persons who built the Cross River Bridge." we would have an entirely different flavor and meaning.  This would imply that "Marc" is the name of a corporation or business of some kind that was involved in building the bridge.   

It's the same name, but different capacities are indicated.   This applies all across the board: 

Marc Allen Jones is a member of our football team.  [Unincorporated Capacity] 

Marc Allen Jones is American.  [Corporate Capacity -- International Trade -- International Land Jurisdiction] 

Marc Allen Jones, Inc. provides tax accounting services. [Incorporated Capacity -- International Commerce - International Jurisdiction of the Sea] 

We, too, can choose to act in the capacity of one of the people (our national soil jurisdiction)  or one of the People (our international land jurisdiction) or as a Person ---  (international sea jurisdiction or municipal jurisdiction).  

When we act as one of the People standing on our international land jurisdiction, we use a Trade Name, like "John Michael Downing".   We use the same "style" of Proper Name while operating as a  "United States Person" in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

It's the same name, but two different jurisdictions, two different capacities.  

The entire Great Fraud which has been worked against us and our country has hinged on that fact and our employees accidentally-on-purpose misunderstanding the capacity in which we are acting.  

"John Michael Downing", one of the People of Minnesota, standing peacefully as a State Citizen on the international land jurisdiction of Minnesota, is owed all the guarantees of the Constitutions and international treaties he is heir to.  If he goes to sea (enters international sea jurisdiction) the British Monarch owes him protection.  If he enters municipal jurisdiction, the Pope owes him protection. 

"John Michael Downing", a "U.S. Citizen", acting in the capacity of a Person adrift on the international jurisdiction of the sea without a declared permanent domicile, has no guarantees, no treaties, and is presumed to be a Ward of the Territorial State of Minnesota or the Municipal STATE OF MINNESOTA.   He has no constitutional guarantees or protections at all.  

Those intent upon plundering and pillaging us have, of course, chosen to interpret the capacity in which we are acting to suit themselves and their purposes.   They have been eager to mis-characterize us as "U.S. Citizens" living in Territorial "States of States" or Municipal STATES OF STATES instead of as Americans living in actual States of the Union----- and to abuse us accordingly.  

When you knowledgeably take exception to this self-interested presumption and rebut it with pre-established evidence and join your State Jural Assembly, these foreign British Territorial and Municipal Courts are in a bind to excuse their predatory actions against their actual Employers and Hosts.  

The shameful and criminal nature of their activities becomes apparent --- but it only becomes apparent when you educate yourselves and formally declare your identity and capacity as a State Citizen, one of the People of your State, and of The United States of America. 

Many Americans are fond of spouting off about "We, the People...." but they fail to recognize the jurisdiction and capacity that the "People" are operating in.  There have been many arguments about the use of a capital "P" on the word "People" --but it is actually very simple.  

One of the oddities of international jurisdiction, both land and sea, is that it is populated entirely by legal fiction entities -- businesses, corporations, and the officers and offices of such businesses and corporations.  

So, when the people of this country occupy their international land jurisdiction, and inhabit their States of the Union,  they act in the capacity of Jurors or occupy other Offices of their State and as a group, act as the People of their States and as The People of The United States of America ---- a lawful unincorporated Federation of their States.   

The State itself is a Corporate entity --- but it is unincorporated.  We see this concept whenever we encounter a small independent business --- "Jake's Dog Wash", for example, is "corporate" in that it is a legal fiction with a Proper Name,  but it is not "incorporated" --- it did not ask any other corporation to adopt it or give it privileges and doesn't function under a charter granted by any other corporation. 

Our own Given Names are naturally in the same status as our States--- and operate in the same Corporate, but unincorporated capacity as our States of the Union and Jake's Dog Wash.    

Unfortunately, the same style of Proper Name can be applied to Persons operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea as incorporated franchises of foreign Territorial and Municipal corporations, such as the British Territorial "State of Minnesota" or the Roman (Catholic) Municipal "STATE OF MINNESOTA".  

And it is up to you to declare and provide evidence of the capacity in which you are choosing to act.  

Our Forefathers sought to cut through this conundrum and avoid the possible attendant abuses of our people by the simple device of allowing us no other citizenship apart from State Citizenship.  We either is or we ain't. 

Once you become a Juror and Member of the your State Jural Assembly  you are operating as a State Citizen and by definition no longer operating in any capacity as a "U.S. Citizen", voluntary or otherwise.  This is because the States do not allow Dual Citizenship, and this stands as a safeguard for you against usurpation, false claims in commerce, and other evils that can otherwise be "presumed" against you by their foreign corporate tribunals. 

You can operate as a State National or as a State Citizen, but you cannot at the same time operate as a U.S. Citizen or Citizen of the United States.  The terms are mutually exclusive for our purposes. 

Understandably, those who have benefited by mis-characterizing us and being able to abuse us by presuming that we are "voluntarily" acting in the capacity of  "U.S. Citizens" are loathe to give up their pretenses and eager to obstruct our progress.  

Our runaway Employees do not want to submit to the yoke of their Employers and do not want to respect and fulfill the binding treaties and constitutional service contracts that they have with our States of the Union.   The tail has been wagging the dog for a long time and they want to continue spending our money and hypothecating debt against our assets "for" us.  

Many Americans and other people around the world have complained that "the world is upside down", that those we employ to protect us are abusing us instead, that our courts provide anything but justice, that our medical care has been commandeered by Big Pharma, that our churches have become incorporated businesses more concerned with managing their investments than teaching any moral precepts.  

You are not imagining things.  The world is upside down.   It is upside down because the employees are running the employers ragged.  So it is up to you to assert your natural birthright capacity and political status, to accept your responsibilities as an American ---- not as a  "U.S. Citizen" ---- and to set things to right in this country.  

Nobody can object to this, as nobody has standing to object.  Nobody can accuse you of being in "insurrection" nor "rebellion" once you firmly and clearly and knowledgeably declare your political status and the capacity in which you are acting.  

In fact, it is our "federal employees" ---both Territorial and Municipal---- who have flirted with insurrection and trespassed against the people of this country. 

It is now your role and responsibility to act in the capacity of State Jural Assembly Members --- as Jurors and as other Officers of the State and County Courts that the people of this country are owed, to put an end to any false and self-interested claims that we have "abandoned" our country, and act to enforce the Public and Organic Law.  


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  1. Now I know why I hated English so much...all your doing is making things one in America will ever keep all the "semantics " clear....and who would want to....!!

    The biggest problem you have judge Anna is you are trying to beat the "devil" at his own game....!! And he's better at it, because he's been at it a lot longer than you....!! I don't know how many times I have to say this, but there can only be ONE jurisdiction, and ONE only....the "LAND" jurisdiction...!! Your whole problem is that you still insist on promoting that God inspired (not) document created by BAR attorneys, working for the "Crown " , which we will be arguing about for another 200 years..

    Is that what you want...!!
    As long as you hang on to symbols like that, you eff I'll never return "Home"..!!
    That s how they are beating you...and also why you can't get Remedy without the rest of us....!! You, yourself have to free you and so many other patriots one can free anyone but themselves...!! You need to put on the full armor of God, and sue the Corporate State for FRAUD, inland piracy, identity theft, and Barratry...!! Even I can draft up a suit against them, and my major was pre med...its not difficult..!! What is difficult is how you handle yourself in court...dont be afraid of these people...all they have against us is "semantics", and you have that down to a science....!! You are about to destroy everything Trump is doing for us...!! Trump has the advantage of knowing how to use "symbolism " in his tweets to reach the "deep state", who fully understands what his tweets really means...those tweets are not for the "people"...they are coded messages that tell the "deep state" that he knows how they communicate...but his codes are obviously have them in total tatters because he has knocked out all satellites that our intelligent agencies use to commucommunicate with and that has left them blind and deaf.....!!

    And now there is a "BILL" in the house (HR 24), which eliminates the IRS and the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, and replace it with a National sales tax, but only if you make over a certain amount..!! I love Trump..He thinks like I do...!! He realizes that unless he destroys their entire "network" , nothing will change...!! I also just came across an article that his Vice President, Biden, who was going to run against him, was "indicted" also and will be charged with crimes against humanity...!! All of these people have dubious past that he can exploit...and he will..!!!
    He knew damn well that Pelosi wasn't going to back the WALL , so he re-opened Congress for just a few weeks, just so he can close it again...but this time he can wait forever to get what he wants and never re open Congress, just like Lincoln did...!!

    He is planning on arresting the entire Congress when this is over, because it never was our Congress in the first place....!!
    Why haven't you demanded a new and improved constitution that makes any FRAUD reported to law enforcement, a class one FELONY, punishable by "DEATH"....And forget the rest of the constitution completely....because it's FRAUD that causes all other crimes put together and not just in our country, but across the board...!! But you won't take my advice, will you.....!!

    1. How is Anna trying to beat them at their own game ?.. Anna has explicitly and redundantly said in essence." do not play their game "

    2. james, because it is the only thing they recognize formally and they still have the big guns ie ENFORCEMENT; also keep in mind contract law is the highest law in the U.S. so free will my friend and if youve entered into it you better rebut it. EVEN WHEN YOU STEP INTO DOG SHYTE ON ACCIDENT YOU STILL SMELL AND HAVE TO REMOVE IT FROM YOUR SHOE.

  2. Sorry, but I just cannot buy into this ''word game'' Anna. They can call me a citizen, a resident, a person, a people, or even a jackass if they want to, I still will only have two legs regardless, and I will still be the same as the way I was born, in xxx county, xxxx state, at xxx address, delivered by Dr. xxxx on xxx day, month and year, as a natural born citizen of that county - - which is all land, where we all have the right and do breath the air, and I have never been out of the country or out to sea. So all these words and trying to inflict them on all of us, is just playing into their silly Word Game. Words cannot change anything ,if I didn't know anything about them, or that ''they'' were playing with them.
    It is ''they'' who decided person would mean one thing, and people would mean another thing. Well, to all that I say, go buy your self a Scrabble Game and play to your hearts content, but I am NOT playing. And why is it you dont take this shit to court and just declare it all bullshit and put it in the Shredder, instead of trying to get us to play along with their stupidity which we all know is Fraud.
    If we the people committed fraud, you know they would come and arrest us. They would not go and file a bunch of documents/papers to untangle themselves from the fraud we committed. So why are we not doing the same; arrest them for fraud and quit playing their game, letting them run us thru hoops.

  3. Then dear Abby you better not buy a Scrabble game, but instead go buy yourself an AR 15 because words from courts and governments have a definite effect on you, and the people who craft all this fraud and legalese that Anna is trying to expose, are the same ones who will send the men with badges and guns to your door. Anna is right, your ignorance is showing. You expect Anna to just waltz into the enemies' tribunals and wave her magic wand and make 150 years of legalized crime disappear, and do it all by herself without any help from anyone.
    Shame on you. You should be helping to educate your fellow Americans, not disparaging what Anna does. If you don't want to do something positive, and you insist Anna is wrong in her approach, go start your own blog, and see how that works for you. If you keep it up and don't start making some positive effort instead of all the negative criticism without offering any substantive and positive counterpoint on the issues, you run the risk of wearing out your welcome here.

    1. because unless we do it all together, youve seen the end result of that. even this little site with alleged intelligent/enlightened people cant even unite or agree to anything, imagine 350 million.
      haha so ridiculous.

    2. "Sorry, but I just cannot buy into this ''word game'' Anna."

      For the umpteenth time then Abby, why the hell are you here? What do you want from this? Paul and Anna herself are being very diplomatic here, and they don't have to be.

      If you are so convinced that there is nothing to see here or be concerned about then you have spoken your mind as others have. Abby this isn't bible study class, you carry on about that to no end when it suits you but nothing substantive on the state that the country and indeed the world finds itself in. So if you aren't interested in contributing to being part of the solution in an intelligent and thoughtful manner then the probability that you will be satisfied with what goes on here is in the low percentile.

      The fact that Anna called you out by name and put you in your place suggests that you are getting on everyone's last nerve, Paul included. You got called to the principal's office and it didn't go well for you.

      How can we miss you Abby if you won't go away?

  4. Paul...all she has to do is being 25 witnesses into the court with her which is enough to qualify for a "Grand Jury", and they can take charge of the investigation...A Grand jury shouldn't have to answer to anyone, even though they might tell everyone different...!! And a prosecutor should have "no access" to the Grand Jury, other than presenting them with all the facts, just as Anna should do, and then it's up to the Grand Jury to do everything else after that, with no further input from either side..and if they decide that their isn t enough substantive facts to support an indictment, then all that has to be done is move for "Dismissal " of the case "With Prejudice"...!! Case over...!! Then it's time for a good sue the ""Sh *t" out of the county and their top (superior) prosecutor running that office...!! There is no time to wait after that. She immediately has to charge her/him with "Crimes against humanity " and Bond the case under "Subrogation", using the judges name signed by her, as if the prosecutor signed it,because we all know he will never sign his name to a Bond...!!
    And only file the Bond at the last minute so he doesn't have time to figure out what to do...!! People have done it and the case was dismissed quickly, because no judge wants the "liability " for a million dollar Bond...!! Especially when Anna can easily prove what she says, and none of them can...!!
    Anyway, Trump is way ahead of the "deep state" and the fam is about to burst....strick when the enemy is at its weakest, which is now...!!

    1. James,
      Dont you tead what Anna and others have been writing for all these years ?.. Holy Cow !!!!!!!!!!

    2. What you suggest James has merit, but the fact is it takes people. One person can only do so much. So if the people here don't recognize that, and help out with the educational effort that is going on here, then there won't be enough to make this work.
      There are things that one person can do, like getting your name back on the land. It's working for the people who are doing it. I hear from many of them, and some are even offering to help others do the same. We have reached millions of people with these websites. My last search on Google produced 1.7 Million results in 0.40 of a second. That would not happen without the participation of thousands of people reproducing Anna's articles all over the Internet. Yes that means that there are over 1.7 million individual pages and references to Anna's work on the internet. So now we are approaching where we need to be.
      I will NOT stop, unless God takes away my ability to do this.
      In the meantime I will try my best to make this positive and productive, and I need everyone's help, including Abby, and you James.
      Thank you for your participation.