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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Oh, For Once and All Time.... The Godhead of Freemasonry

By Anna Von Reitz

The Freemasons worship a Trinity, the so-called "Ineffable Godhead" --- Jehovah, Baal, and Osiris.  

This is called a "Secular Religion" --- another oxymoron such as they take delight in: Sovereign Citizen, Federal State, and so on.

Jehovah is their version of the Creator, the Lord of Life and Light and Truth.

Baal is the old Levantine God of Death and Sacrifice and Darkness.

Osiris is the Egyptian God of Rebirth and Resurrection.

The Big Three according to Freemasonry combine to create and destroy All That Is---  in a never-ending cycle, and all of this including the destruction is necessary, right, and holy. 

It's not a war, we are told, it's a creative process by which the Earth and everyone on it is eternally reborn.

So Baal rules the Kingdom of God ----- Gold, Order and Dominion.

Jehovah rules the Kingdom of Heaven ---- Geeksville

Osiris shuttles between, like Persephone, dying and being raised from the dead like the sun setting and rising.

It's yet another allegorical "religion" made of pieces of older religions, one that accepts Satanism as part of the worship of Baal, which accounts for the influence of Satanists among the Freemasons and also accounts somewhat for all their inroads in the Roman Catholic Church in recent years.

Besides, the Satanists allow the Freemasons to indulge in "liberty" --- debauchery, temple prostitution, the Hellfire Club, and all sorts of nasty things like bestiality, cannibalism, alcohol and drug abuse, etc., with a "free" conscience, because "All That Is" covers a lot of territory, doesn't it?

I don't have much time or respect for Freemasons in general, though I do know some powerful intellects who have been seduced by its charms and logic ---- and hypocrisy, too.

They have certainly duped many initiates through the 33rd Degree and made light of the Left Hand and Right Hand Paths, preaching the unity of all, while enshrining the Pillar and the Post, Joachim and Boaz. 

If you want "crazy-making" join the Freemasons and work your way up through their degrees past the foot soldiers of the 33rd Degree, or join the Jesuits and Kill for Christ.

Speaking of which, no, I am not a Jesuit.  I am not Catholic.  I am a Lutheran and as such, belong to the Universal Catholic Church --- those called by the True God from all denominations. 

Every day I contend with the gross and willful ignorance of many, and the blind self-interest of some.  Be not like dumb driven cattle.  Learn and educate yourselves so that you are not destroyed.  Leave the works of darkness. Leave Babylon behind.


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  1. Meanwhhile on the world stage, Hollywood and the Illuminazi's continue their tell lie vision Tavistock assault on the world
    And the military industrial complex continue their assualt on all the people to get them off the land and into their designated FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities, that is for those who survive the assault
    See for more details on how they using their weather machines developed by DARPA and NASA to create storms to move people off the land
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Meanwhile... and who do you think is behind all those groups controlling the 'world stage'? Masonic orders run the whole show, its one big Masonic corporate compartmentalized pyramidal control system.

  2. Paul,
    So how well do you know anna, and how well does she know you? Things she says in this article force me to at least ask
    rhetorical ? only. You need not reply, only consider.
    i see a group and others like it that seem to fit within her article of freemasons. How many here are aware of all the womens splinter off shoots from freemasonry? And yes just as many that follow the Koran they all think it is ok to lie and manipulate.
    i wonder also of the group code pink, how does this all fit together?
    Here is a link to one of the groups to be warned of:
    Talk about returning to Egypt: Goddess worship? Were we (we the real "church" the Set-apart Assembly) (We the real followers) not also warned of these things?
    Sisterhood of the Rose, code pink, daughters of Eve? Hmmm?

    1. a follower....
      so whom do you follower?

    2. Jasun,
      in hopes this too will become self evident. Stick around?

    3. don't understand. The sisterhood of the rose asks women to join in groups all over the planet to bring back the feminine aspect of life, which on this planet has completely gone missing. Men can join too because when we talk about 'feminine' we talk about an energy which relates to love, life giving, nurturing, compassion and overall service to others. This energy is in all of us men and women alike. The Egyptians knew that a society can only flourish when both feminine and masculine energy are in perfect balance. God encompasses both unfortunately, religion made him a male God. We live in a world of duality. The question then is "Where the heck is the Goddess"?

    4. Angela, sorry, but what you describe is a man-made false pagan religion. So it is not at all what God speaks of in the bible new testament which is what Christianity is. What you describe here is New Age Religion. So No, Follower is not lacking understanding.

    5. Nice interesting post Angela🎶💥

    6. Angela,
      i believe i see very well. They would not have lost the female aspect of life if they did not want to fulfil the roles of men there by replacing men, in many cases de masculinising men. And then Pose a question, where are all the men?
      "Where in the heck is the Goddess?" Look around she is everywhere, and that is key to the problem.

      This is the manifesto of "mother monster" This one is by far the best, this seems to mirror the garbage that Anna is selling and promoting on various sites.
      In this video it is presented that both good and evil, both races have been birthed in space. Does this sound familiar?
      This is a lie, we know this is not True. Yahuah AlaHim, Created the earth, then created His people by combining the dirt of the earth and His breath. In the New Testament we are told "Jerusalem above is our mother." Just those few and simple words there lies in much Truth, can you see it? Can you see the opposite teaching and belief on earth? Can you see the lies and the false truths that have and are being presented daily?
      The Great Awakening video- "We are legion they are few."
      This is the opposite of what the Bible tells us. Yet we know who wins in the end.

    7. 'They' lost their feminine side by ignoring Soul which is mix of both male & female, thus why in general Soul alternates being born in a vessel of each sex life after life...something Jesus taught long ago🎶💥

    8. Thank You Angela!! Divine Feminine+Divine Masculine=beautifully & wholly balanced Spirit Consciousness In Full Mind-Body-Spirit Awakening Within Now!! So Grateful!!

    9. Angela, I have a friend a friend who was once part of the Sisterhood of the Rose. For her, it's ancient herstory, panning multiple incarnations. She says that the order, although originally well inspired, has been deeply infiltrated, subverted and corrupted (like all other esoteric orders and spiritual traditions that were twisted and converted into religions, by the way).

    10. aFollower, you bring up an excellent point. The women's movement in this country has done everything possible to demasculate men and remove them from their rightful position as head of the household, protector and primary provider of their family. Women have gotten the misguided idea that they should be above men. And to help that along, society has further done its part in making it seem normal to be absentee fathers and husbands, and now the women got what they wanted, and find they cannot be in two places at the same time - at home as nurturer and at work as breadwinner...after they ran the men off.
      It would kind of funny if it wasnt so sad. And unfortunately it is the children who have suffered being raised as 'orphans'.

      Its a very sick world full of stupid people, and we have a Day in which neither men or women are fulfilling their rightful place in a healthy society. The women ignorantly tagged along with the Gloria Stinem agenda, and now we have most of the population that is unhappy, if they would admit it. Men, women and children.


      detailed description

      how to meditate for this event.

      please pass along to anyone you know that meditates or want to get involved

  3. The Jesuits and the Papacy rule America through high level freemasonry via the American arm of The Knights of Malta called the Knights of Colombus and they rule through the Cardinal Provincial system that breaks America up into 10 districts.
    Sound like FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities to you?
    Have a look at CALCOG and NCTCOG and tell me they are not regionalized and working to implement their UN Agenda 21 plan
    How about 'events' in schools - want to see what they rolling out in the schools now as a result of these events
    Want to see what Hollywood brats played their role for the disarm agenda
    When reading the link above you will see that they indicate that all politicians and the UN and anyone else you can think of are controlled?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Yep, the 10 regions been working on this since the 1970's. Wouldn't suprise men if it was 1973, a date of many problems leading the world to its demise.
      Blood sacrifice, been on the menu ever since. Also the "Muslim invasion started at the same time.( there is nothing new under the sun.)
      Look upon the world stage at those who think they can "cheat death" by way of young blood. One of the key figures is an antichrist, in fact several of the silicon valley mafia are in fact antichrists.

    2. North American Islamic Trust - Wikipedia
      The North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) is based in Plainfield, Indiana, owns Islamic properties and promotes waqf (Islamic endowments) in North America. Many Muslim institutions founded by immigrants who arrived in the USA ... NAIT was established in 1973 in Indiana by the Muslim Students Association (MSA) of the ...
      ‎Background · ‎Financial services · ‎Financing mosques and ... · ‎Islamic literature

    3. Have a look at this
      Building a wall will do nothing when Bush Jr has a ranch in South Texas that he can run as many illegals through there are he please and no one going to stop him either - not to mention tunnels everywhere and I have read articles that they flying them in on UPS planes and bussing them in to cities?
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. Shelby, tunnels are found all the time and its very easy to destroy them, or a dump truck full of cement can easily close entry and exit ways. Bush is not ''too big to stop'.

  4. “Warning Will, Warning, Warning!!

    And apple is and apple, an orange an organ, a Catholic a Catholic.

    Anna you have claimed, like many false prophets, to be the long awaited one in your writings and that the Catholic Church has always known it would be a woman to deliver the creation. You have cited the so call holy “O Magnum Mysterium” which was part of the matins service for Christmas which takes place roughly at midnight.

    Christmas?? You celebrate Christmas, meaning the mass of Christ, but this has nothing to do with the anointed one as it was celebrate way before the Christ in honor of Nimrod.

    Jer 10:2  Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. 

    Jer 10:3  For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. 
    Jer 10:4  They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. 

    The Magnum Mysterium like Christmas, Easter eggs and bunny rabbits is a pagan canal physical ritual which like all physical ritual, circumcision, etc keeps one in the shadow out of the light. The thousand points of light, new age, Sciencetology, Kemetaphysics, Life is a dream, Christianity, Freemasonry, Islam Buddism, and yes Lutherism etc are worldly religions meant to keep God’s creation in mental prison. It is why what I say has no place in you and the many who are stuck on RELIGION.

    If you have been baptized into any religion you have been initiated into the Masonic Mystery School of Babylon and therefore you Anna are a Mason because you follow one of the sects of the Masonic Lodge.

    You must come out of her ASAP!

    The true God has no such thing as religion and it God who will personally teach you and if it contracdicts the word of God, which you quote so much, then you are on the wrong side of the fence.
    John 6:45

    “It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.” 


    1. For those who have received the gift of baptism by the Holy Spirit:
      Douay-Rheims Bible
      And as for you, let the unction, which you have received from him, abide in you. And you have no need that any man teach you; but as his unction teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie. And as it hath taught you, abide in him.

    2. No official Christian baptism fortunately has come my way this time around🎶

      I got the 'word' instead probably before A follower was born😂

    3. DEsign, you are correct. I was going to say there is NO 'universal catholic church'. God has NEVER spoken of any such thing. And all these 'denominations' - -NONE of them are of God; they have each been designed and established by MAN. Man, who found something about the bible they disagreed with, and so they went off and made up their OWN 'churches'.
      Again, in the bible, the various churches are ONLY named by Location, such as the church AT Corinth, Ephesus, etc. BUT they ALL were taught the exact same things by the Apostles, as there is ONLY ONE Gospel, and it is the entire Epistles. (There are not '4 gospels' Paul clearly states way over in Galatians which he taught the Church AT Galatia.....saying, ''if anyone preaches to you any other GOSPEL than that which they, the Apostles preached to them, let them (false preachers) be accursed.'

      It is absolutely the Holy Spirit who is the real Teacher of the Truth. And what Anna is saying here is False and she consistently misleads people. Remember, Anna, when you speak anything that is seen all over the world, as this venue is, then you are held responsible for all the misleading that you are doing.
      I pray for God to make sure I myself am correct in all my writings here, so as to not mislead anyone, and to give me the boldness to Correct anything that is untruthful.

      A Lutheran is simply an offshoot of the RCC in Rome.

      No man can baptise anyone; for John baptised with water, but SINCE Jesus came, died, and rose again and told us that He must go, so that he could send us the Holy Spirit......and that Holy Spirit clearly arrived to earth on that Day of Pentecost in the Upper Room at Jerusalem, THEN from that day on, it is the Holy Spirit who BAPTIZES us INTO the one Body of Christ. (there aint nothin' in the water; it just gets you wet; and most are just wet sinners)

      In Gods Word, the true church consists of those that are born again; they are referred to as saints, brethren, bride of christ.....but nowhere are they named ''universal catholic' anything. Nor do they have membership IN anything built by man, or named by Man.

    4. Ah, the mthys Abby continues to spread about Jesus this, Jesus that.......😂

  5. "Speaking of which, no, I am not a Jesuit. I am not Catholic. I am a Lutheran and as such, belong to the Universal Catholic Church --- those called by the True God from all denominations. " Anna...and that is quite ok, but not why I check in general here everyday for more herstory-history lessons &/or gems of information to grok🌈

  6. Paul,
    There is no sense in having a comment section with all the idiots, detractors and troublemakers. I would like to see a group that is uniform, positive and less most of the morons that comment here. Few would have an invite if it were up yo me.

    1. The value of having the comments section is not readily apparent to people who are not involved in trying to get found on search engines. The real value is new and original content that the search engines feed on. So even the detractors are helping get us in front of millions of people when they comment, and I think most people can sort out who is right and who is wrong. In other words the vast majority of people reading Anna's articles don't ever comment at all. I kind of wish those good people who have more common sense would help shut down the comments that are completely off the wall, but I won't get involved in censorship and our comment policies should be clear by now. Thanks for your comment. I would imagine many in here agree with you.

    2. We can't shut them down, Paul. The only way to get rid of the shills and weirdos is to shut down the comments altogether. It's clear that many arent studying the files at all. Caught in religious cat fights. The articles regarding Law and the structure/history of our country and government, are vital to understanding and navagating the maze. Shame more aren't smart enough to figure this out.

    3. Yes, Crazy Horse many are ONLY here to label, judge, persecute And publicly shame others according to their own narrow- minded worldly trained "Religion" and "divide-conquer" behaviors and beliefs. This angry behavior and self righteous attitude IS what Paul unfortunately depends on and encourages here. Unwarranted personal attacks against All who express their thoughts, opinions, personal experiences "differently" than their Religious "words" are automatically assumed/presumed to Be evil and labeled "New Age"(by their religious doctrine- this IS apparently BAD, Bad, Bad) and MUST be "shut down" by these self righteous persecutors. So much unnecessary harm is caused to those that ARE here to learn, grow in their knowledge and Wisdom of ALL topics of our Natural Nature, Capacity and State-political status of Being that Anna freely shares, and IS worthy of much deeper consideration-contemplation by All AND respectful discussion IS helpful and necessary.
      In my personal 10 year journey of awakening, personal experiences dealing with these criminal "actors" posing as "Public Office Holders" and studying, and learning How to effectively/correctly Stand, as Anna's Works Have Been the Most beneficial this last 3 1/2 years and has made a Huge difference in my personal confidence and necessary courage through her own consistent thoughts, behaviors and works to emulate. I am Grateful. I wish Paul would actually support Anna's Good Name and Works by accepting/acknowledging everyone's choice of spiritual teachings and growth IS their own path-journey to choose and honor respectfully, always. Do No harm. Do unto others.....right? If we actually behaved according to the "words" we claim to believe and Actually, truly Live by them, then Peace would finally reign on our hearts-minds and Land-bodies As naturally intended.

    4. If we would simply see/deeply consider this programmed "Herd Mentality" for what it IS, How it Manipulates thoughts and behaviors FOR the TYRANTS benefit, and to our own individual and collective destruction, we could actually stop this "FEAR BASED" weapon against us in a heartbeat!!

      This rant on this subject is pretty accurate, vital to understand regarding the subject matter "Pack Mentality-Tool of Tyrants"

  7. "By their fruits you shall know them".

  8. On spiritual purification rituals way beyond Jesus onlybegottenism mythology 😉

    [The life of Milarepa

    From the Gungthang province of Western Tibet, close to Nepal, Milarepa (1052-1135) had a hard childhood and a dark youth. He was only seven when his father died. Relatives had taken over his father’s property and mistreated the bereaved family. His mother, bitter, sent Milarepa to train in black magic, to wreak revenge on those who had blighted her life. She was given her wish – Milarepa proved adept at the practices he was taught, and unleashed a tide of destruction, killing many.

    But he came to regret his actions, and looked for help in shedding the bad karma he had acquired during his vengeful adolescence. He first attached himself to the Nyingmapa Lama Rongton, who, observing that Milarepa had a karmic connection to Marpa, sent him to learn with him. Marpa, being aware that Milarepa had first of all to purify himself from the negative karma he had accumulated, exposed him to an extremely hard apprenticeship. Among other trials, he had to build towers out of rocks to Marpa’s specifications with his bare hands, only to be ordered to tear them down again. But finally, Marpa gave Milarepa full transmissions of all the Mahamudra teachings from Naropa, Maitripa and other Indian masters.

    Practicing these teachings for many years in isolated mountain retreats, Milarepa attained enlightenment. He gained fame for his incredible perseverance in practice and for his spontaneous songs of realisation. Of his many students, Gampopa became his main lineage holder.]

  9. Any one calling other Religious belief as paganism, is self-righteous. If human think they are smarter, why can't they see the simple large objects in front of their eyes, like these Giant Planets Saturn, Jupiter,etc.. God didn't create them in vain. Only people think God work in vain, like creating billions of soul to sin, to be judged when God already knew human will fall to sin. So that's your belief in majority. I can tell you there is 1 formula, for all humanity, any race, any where tracking our sins. We have been judged already, and we are going through the process of cleansing. How do I know? There is a predefined dead day for every one in their chart. 95% most of the time, I see the end-time of every soul so accurately in our human chart, so unique like our DNA. Believing in God Jehovah secret science is a Pagan Religion to you? May be the accusers are not en-lighted or chosen to see things for some reasons.

    1. Soul is beyond matter, energy, space & time. True reality ~ everything is going on simultaneously.

      Thus the refrain:

      BE HERE NOW🎶💥💓

  10. It strikes me that many here declare their knowledge of some limited view of God's perspective and purposes and try to reduce Him to their own limitations of capacity to comprehend God.

    In our current mortal condition we are simply incapable of comprehending our Creator in any degree of fullness. We exist temporally here with a mere five senses, but in death a spirit without it's mortal body shrouding its senses is freed of its limitations and therefore is enabled to return to its more perfect form as spiritually created before its being clothed with a dull clay-like covering for the earthly sojourn.

    Only by searching the Word of God, through exercising faith in its veracity, receiving personal revelation of its truth as confirmed by seeking and receiving the visitation of the Holy Spirit, can the vaguest of ideas begin to come into the view of man's mind - of God's Holy and glorious characteristics.

    This is not possible to occur until man's deep diligent pondering of God's Word and humble prayerful petitions to Him are devoted to learning about His Plan of Salvation, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The fragmented and partial gospel is preached by hundreds of sects, but all cannot be correct as their views of Gods personality, character and purposes vary greatly from one to another. Yet God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    Modern Revelation has cast a brilliant new light on the pathway to return to God. The "Doctrine of Christ" is that only by the name of Jesus Christ, through Faith in Him and His Word, and by true humble Repentance, and by Baptism by those authorized to perform that ordinance, and by receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and then by enduring in faithful obedience to God's commandments and covenants made at Baptism, to the end of mortality, this is the Doctrine of Christ, and qualifies the obedient to return after death, to the presence of God, Our Creator.

    Mortal life is the time appointed to prepare to meet God, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by following the Doctrine of Christ. In doing so gradually we learn to love God and our fellow man and to serve both under Christ's pure standard of conduct exemplified in His Holy life.

    1. Ps Joel...the word of God has little to do with the Bible😥🎶💥

  11. The Earth is FLAT BABY !!! 100% I can see Mt Rainer and Mt Adams from Prosser Washington which is close to 200 miles away where is the curve? Does not exist Flat 100% And the Word states in Isiah ch 11 verse 12 the Four corners....There are stars but those are pagan names for their myths the GODS of Egypt are false peace and love most of all Truth

  12. All I would like to add on these comments here is for any of you this is if you dear to watch these 2 videos and uncover mankind's recent past history. How these present day usurpers/parasites attempted to erase the past 200-300 years of mankind's history.

    Check these 2 videos out, these criminals currently destroying the fabric of life have lied about everything including Jesus Christ as Ana has pointed out!

    We discovered this AGE OF DISCLOSURE YouTube Channel last night, we were guided to watch them all they seated so resonated as the TRUTH to us due to the vast amount of evidence laid out on both videos. To me this is the Real Disclosure about Mankind's recent past history.

    These usurpers for the last 200-300 years have been controlling the Societal narrative in ALL AREAS OF LIFE. They overtook our previous global peaceful society destroyed killed billions then whom was left of Mankind was overtaken, brainwashed into believing their parasitic lies and deception.

    It's now time to claim for all of Mankind to claim our rightful place here on this earth and restore her back to her Crowned Jeweled Status as well as Mankind!