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Saturday, January 19, 2019

For Targeted Individuals

By Anna Von Reitz

Your own aura is much stronger than their EM weapons.

Yes, for all of you worrying about microwave attacks and damage from 5G and being harassed by the numbnutz among us, be advised: (1) you already routinely sustain more microwave and plasma bombardment than any ambient level particle stream; (2) if you plug yourself and/or your car and/or your house into the Earth's magnetic field you can deflect particle streams at will; (3) your own electrical field -- your "aura"-- is strong enough to deflect attacks, too, you simply have to become aware of your ability to close off your system and repulse or reflect back unwanted electromagnetic pollution. 

We all live in a protective bubble of electromagnetic energy and we all have "energy bodies" that exist as organs within that bubble that coordinate the functioning of that protective energy field called our "aura". 

Witches and warlocks have been aware of the aura since ancient times and have used that knowledge both to attack and defend using electromagnetic forces. 

You generate your aura like a power plant and you determine its field strength and reach and also its conductivity or lack of conductivity.  Most people bumble around unaware that they have an aura, energy bodies, or any choice about incoming electromagnetic pulses, streams of ionized gas particles (plasma) and so on ---- but you do in fact have built in sensors and can learn to operate your aura defensively.  You can also learn how to strengthen it, direct it, and supplement it.

Simply becoming aware that it exists is the first and most important step.

Your individual energy field typically extends about six feet in all directions around you--- up, down, and in all four cardinal directions.  Some individuals have much larger and stronger auras that may extend twenty feet or more in all directions, and which may or may not "pulse" --- that is, express in expanding wave forms, like what you see when you drop a rock into a pond.

The aura exists outside the normal visual range of living people so to most people, most of the time, it is invisible --- but in fact, it has color, which depends upon the predominate frequency of energy being pumped into it.

My aura changes color like a chameleon, depending on what I am doing and what I am thinking about and for what purposes I am using my electrical field.
Most people who are less aware of their energetic environment  leave their aura on "autopilot" and lapse into a habitual energetic state and their aura stays pretty much in one color range as a result.

The majority of people walking around thus project faint white light, faint blue or blue-green light, faint pink light, and faint yellow light, but you can only see these colored electromagnetic fields by learning to use another "invisible" organ, your internal eyes. 

Just as your physical body has eyes, so does your energetic template body. You have two sets of visual sensors, and again, most people remain unaware of this throughout their lives. 

All this and much more has been discovered and proven by various members of the scientific community over the last couple hundred years.  There are famous cases throughout the medical literature documenting blind people who continued to see without physical eyes, and Kirilian Photography opened up the world of auras to make them visible to everyone.

The same awareness has been available to yogis in India and Tibetan monks and Druids and many others down through the centuries.  It's time you caught up and learned to use the full potentials --- no pun intended --- of your space suit.

People who are stronger in spirit have stronger and deeper colored (more dense) auras.  People who are ill or in a weakened state have faded or misshapen auras --- auras that look like deflated soccer balls, instead of nice egg-shaped or spherical bubbles. Generally speaking, healthy people who eat organic food have stronger and better-shaped auras at any age, but your aura does not necessarily decline with age as your body does. 

With a little care, your aura can increase in power and elasticity and strength throughout your lifetime.

Over the course of centuries most of us have sustained damage to our auras and our template energy bodies -- the organs that cleanse, protect, project, and manipulate our energy field. We may even be missing entire energy bodies or parts of them.  This is usually, though not always, because we  unconsciously gave our energy bodies to someone else.

This can be because of any intense emotional or practical situation where our heart deems it necessary.  Soldiers on a battlefield will give energy bodies to dying comrades if there is a chance of saving them by doing so.  Women will often give their energy bodies to their lovers or to save their children.  This all results in most people having scattered their energy bodies all over the world --- but they remain ours, and we can recall them, if we are aware enough to do so.

Once an emergency is past, as in the battlefield example, and the one we are trying to help has either died or recovered, there is no reason to leave our energy body in their possession, is there?  Same thing with old lovers.  Why would you leave one or more of your energy bodies with someone you divorced? 

So once you become aware of your aura, you will become aware of "holes" in it, left by missing energy bodies.  Ask Our Father for their safe return, so long as there is not a greater need for them to be elsewhere. After all, if it was your intention to save the life of your elderly Mother by loaning her an energy body, you would not want to interfere with the working out of that intention, would you?

Those who have mastered their own aura and who use it consciously can close off incoming radiation from other sources and deflect such unwanted "communications", however, it must be anticipated by you that as you become more aware of your aura that you will also become more sensitive overall.

You will feel other people's auras impinging on yours at the grocery store, for example. 

Until you learn to "power up" and deflect this jostling and overlapping it can make being in enclosed spaces with other people very uncomfortable.  You may also experience unwanted forms of intimacy with others as your aura meshes with and communicates with theirs.

Thus you will know more about other people than you may really want to know and you may feel more compassion than you can readily explain or you may feel deep antipathy for no obvious reason. You may also experience odd sensory data collections --- such as suddenly finding yourself literally looking at the world through someone else's eyes. 

This is all "data streaming" coming through your aura and its energy bodies and sensory organs.

And this is all because you are literally living in a protective space suit inside a protective electromagnetic force field "bubble" that has its own sensors and organs --- your aura.

So if you are one of those being pestered and tortured by evil little demonic men pricking your sensor array and poking your aura, it's high time that you learned how to deflect and even reflect the experience right back at them. You don't have to practice yoga for twenty years to learn how to do this.

You simply have to be aware of your aura, the energy you are giving it or not giving it, and whether it is "open" or closed to incoming communication, and whether or not it is in "deflect" or "reflect" mode.

I can project my aura over great distances.  With minimum identification data, I can place a protective bubble around any object, animal or living man or woman that I want to protect.  I can communicate telepathically.  I recognize energetic threats.  I can repair most damages to my aura and energetic bodies and if I am hurt beyond my own abilities to correct, I know where to go to get assistance from experts.  I can deflect or reflect energy away from me and my aura or any other point on the planet.  I can recall my energetic bodies if I ever again loan one for any purpose.  The list goes on....

And these are all rather "routine" powers that we all possess, and which we simply have to become aware of and learn to use in the same sense that you learn how to use a radio or a typewriter. 

For those who are suffering as "Targeted Individuals" obtaining and using this knowledge has become a lot more urgent, because as long as you continue to just ho-hum dawdle along and leave your energetic body open to these attacks, not only will they continue, but those responsible for them will not be punished for it --- which makes the likelihood that these practices will continue and expand.

Right now these idiots are just poking you the same way that a mean little boy will tear the wings off a fly and watch it twitch with delight.  Why?  For no better reason than his mean character and curiosity.

We must obviously put an end to this behavior on the part of our own military and military subcontractors acting as mercenary forces. 

We can write to the UN Secretary-General, carbon copy to the "Congressional" Delegations of the "State of State" organizations,  and point out that we are not "domestic targets" with respect to these Vermin-- which has proven effective in many cases; but, the most direct and effective means of dealing with the problem is learning to use your own aura and its capabilities to fry the Vermin where they sit.

Once they realize that we are not helpless targets for their manipulation and that in fact we can not only defend ourselves but apply effective counter-measures guaranteeing the demise of those who seek to harm us --- that will end this particular problem faster than any slap on the wrist from political leaders.

They may jump up and down and whine and cry, but after all, they have kept the existence of their various EM weapons a secret, claimed that they do not exist, and only admit to them in treaties with each other---- so they will find themselves with their very own "Tin Hat" Problem.

We can all stand back, blink our eyes, bat our eyelashes and say --- hopefully with a straight face, "You must be imagining things.  I didn't blow up your research facility by back-feeding unwanted EM and plasma streams. Whoever heard of such a thing?"

Begin by trying to feel your aura.  How close can a family member come to you before you sense their presence?  How close can a stranger get to you before you feel their presence?  That's your aura in action.

Go online and see examples of Kirilian Photography which will help you visualize auras, both those that result from the ordered structure of matter and those that result from living systems.

Consult with local Hindu priests and spiritual yogis on these subjects. They can greatly assist and help you exercise your mind and energetic template in ways that will improve your health and reveal more about the functioning of your energetic body and aura.

Most of all, set aside time each day to connect with Our Father, the One Life within us all, and ask for help and instruction.  Those who ask, receive help and instruction and insight.  Those who don't ask for help are left unguarded and ignorant, because their lack of action seems to signify that they want to be in the condition they are in.

Targeted individuals --- even if you don't believe that you have an all-powerful and compassionate Father in Heaven, even if you feel that you have been abandoned, you can believe in the life that flows in your blood and breathes in your lungs, and He is literally "within" you, so your belief or not is a moot point. Simply ask and keep asking. 

Those who ask, receive.  And I am living proof.


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  1. So Anna you think as Christians we should seek spiritual advice from new age gurus on an aura for what benefit?? operating your defensive aura? what they are calling and "seeing" as an aura may just be your spirit as we are a triune being having body, soul and spirit. What next our third eye which may just be the Holy Spirit giving us insight and knowledge. Please talk to Father about what your asking others to do. I will be praying He gives you the answer. Your brother Anton

    1. Well, I was fortunate enough to get my mother's EXTREME reaction back in 1974 when I sent my then very favorite new book by walkin Tibetan Lobsang Rampa called "The Third Eye"πŸ˜‚πŸŽΆπŸ’₯🌈

    2. The Bible is written in multiple layers. One layer is common law. If you want to understand Anna’s work please read the book of ‘Exodus’ in the Old Testament. We are leaving Egypt, which has nothing to do with the country of Egypt. Egypt means the ‘house of bondage’. It will take humanity as a ‘whole’ 40 years to free itself from slavery. What is the desert? The desert is same ole same ole, a time of contemplation, of going without, of having only bare necessities (manna). Maybe a time of having regrets, like the Israelites, complaining about the conditions and wanting to go back to Egypt because it was easier to be a slave.
      The Bible also talks about the aura. ‘The seven letters to the seven churches’ talks about our chakras system (hormonal glands) which reflect in seven different colors, which make up the aura.
      It is only through reading the Bible over and over and over again that we gain a different understanding. The words (in the beginning there was the word) itself change something within us that then paints a complete different picture.
      The problem with the so-called Christians is that they only repeat what they hear in church without thinking for themselves, they never read the Bible which they so often paraphrase or if they do actually read it, it’s only bits and pieces out of context and people wonder why this country is so spiritually deprived.

    3. [carl of mountiantop has left a new comment on the post "My Father's Question":

      so.....I used over ten years of my life reading and studying the book I was taught to be the absolute word of the god in heaven. Six times I read the bible, cover to cover, and daily prayed for understanding to enter my heart. The creator finely granted me the ability to see the truth! I never got to finish the seventh time reading and studying that great work. When the creator opened my eyes, so I could see the truth, the words of that book took on so many different meanings. The "God" that was spoken of, in the old testament, was telling the people to go to war, to kill all the people, and to smash the heads of the children with a stone.(genocide!}I'm not the smartest man on earth by far, but I do know when something is totally wrong! Right or wrong, I made the decision to look to nature to try to understand the creator. I found that I didn't need a book to tell me right from wrong. The spark of life I inherited from the creator is all I ever needed! Books are written by men! Nature was written by the creator! The handy-work of the creator is the absolute truth! I realize that I will ruffle a few feathers by posting this, but today, I felt led to post a truth that, if thought about ,can change the way someone sees this world. MY creator loves me( and everyone else on this earth).May the creator shelter each and every person that reads this post. ]

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Leland, I agree nature is one way to find God and personally I believe that the sacrifices in the old testament have nothing to do with a living and loving God. These passages were added for other reasons, which when this all comes to light will be hard to digest for most.

    6. Angela, you show you have No real understanding of the bible yourself. What you have is a twisted opinion of it. There is No mention of aura or harmonal glands. Those letters to the 7 churches are exactly what they say; they are pointing out the errors and sins of those different kinds of 'churches'. Nothing more and nothing less.
      I swear, this room is becoming like a looney bin, especially with its so-called leader who does not even know the God of the Bible or The Father of Heaven.

      This entire ARticle is nothing but New Age Dung from the pits of hell and satans desperation to attempt to throw Gods Truth out the window. Anna, all people have either the Holy Spirit of God in them (few as they are) or they have an antichrist spirit, and that is what you are trying to water down and ''sell in here as being aura'. NOT.

    7. Abby = DEFINITELY a human🎢

    8. Both Leland and Carl "of the mountaintop" were rebuked here Prt.1
      E.T. TishbiteJanuary 11, 2019 at 11:50 AM
      Since I missed the window of opportunity for posting on a couple of the past articles, I'll just have to comment here. There has been much said in recent articles and posts about there being 2 Gods in the Bible, and the God of the old testament telling people to war, kill, smash babies heads with a stone,etc.
      When God first told Abraham that He was going to give him the land of Canaan, He also said that the iniquity of those people was not yet full. But about 600 years later, when He brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, he told them to go and destroy these nations, and to have no pity on them, and MOST IMPORTANTLY-HE told them to NOT INTERMINGLE (MARRY their children with theirs). He told them to do this because these people had reached the point of no return in the evil they were committing.
      Nowadays we have Trump saying he is going to drain the swamp. Most of the folks who comment on here understand that the ones responsible for what is known as the new world order are the ones he is speaking about. They also know that these same criminals are responsible for genocide, war, chemical and nuclear weapons, poison in the air, in the food ,in the water,all the deception and fraud and theft of property,money, people and their labor,slavery,abortion and just about every other crime against humanity. Most on here would rejoice to see the day when these criminals were arrested and tried and put to death by any means. Patriot 58 wants to "hang em as high as Haman", I've seen others call for waterboarding or other torture,firing squads, etc. Most feel that the crimes they have committed against humanity had no limit, therefore no punishment is too much for them. Many here have also discovered that no matter which group of the NWO you look at: 13 bloodline families, committee of 300, Bilderbergers, Freemasons etc. who you always seem to find running the show are those we refer to as Jews. I find it very interesting that the Rothschilds trace their family lineage back to Nimrod. Even just a casual reading of the Bible will show you that the Israelites who inherited the land of Canaan FAILED to do what God told them to do. He gave them a new law to establish their kingdom with, which Jesus affirmed the entirety of that law hung upon 2 commandments, 1 to love the Lord with all their heart and soul and mind, and 2 love their neighbor as themselves. But first they had to get rid of the evil . But what did they do instead. They inter-married with the inhabitants of the land and LEARNED THEIR WAYS. So now 4000 years later what do we have?; The Jews who are the descendants of those who intermingled with the ones who were sacrificing their children to Molech by fire and ripping up women with children, and all the blood-letting and evil things, that God said about them enough is enough, destroy them. But they disobeyed His command and now they are foistering all of their evil deeds upon the unsuspecting people of the world, and we want to see them destroyed for that. But we want to say that the god who told them to annihilate these evil-doers must have been Satan or Baal.

    9. Prt.2
      Perhaps God, who sees the end from the beginning, was trying to get mankind to "nip this in the bud", and destroy that evil before it got to the point we are at today. He did it once with the flood, but it spread once again. So why do we think that the God who ordered the destruction of these evildoers 4000 years ago was evil, but now we want to think that if Trump does drain the swamp and defeat the NWO, and destroy these evil ones who planned all these horrors for mankind, by any means necessary, that it was God who raised up Trump for that purpose. Me thinks this double-mindedness is with our own lack of understanding, not God's.
      Kelli MillerJanuary 11, 2019 at 1:35 PM
      Yes, agreed wholeheartedly ET, very well said, thank you!
      a followerJanuary 11, 2019 at 5:58 PM
      Good way of putting it.
      And In these end days (however long this is) Does God not say he will turn these evil men against one another?

    10. Angela,
      returning to false idols and Goddess worship is a return to Egypt, a return to spiritual bondage.

    11. Abby,
      Since you have been called out as a human, perhaps you can join us here at another of annas sites? This is the site for New Humans! OH boy, i can hardly contain myself.

    12. aFollower, is she serving some of her Kool-Aid over there, LOL.

  2. With gratitude to you, Anna, I write this. Upon waking I prayed for guidance over a feeling of being drained of life - and this posting of truth is my answer. Thank you, Anna and thanks be to God.

  3. Yes, Anna Thank You, Thank you!! We Are So much More, and capable of So much More than the Criminal Energy "Master Theif" EVER wanted us to become Aware of!!! We Got this Now!!!

  4. Anna, how profoundly you have described "Christ within us". As I have done some of this work over the last couple years in equine therapy, i can relate to your article in many ways. While reading your article and remembering distinct profound experiences over my lifetime I kept wondering just what Abby's take on this article will be. To imprison the Spirit of the Father within the scriptures written and modified by man seems to be an injustice to the gifts bestowed upon us because we are Loved, unconditionally.

    Traveling this journey of awakening has been both extremely painful and extremely joyful. I have woke up in tears pleading with the Father to protect my sons and daughter and provide Peace and clarity so i can become more educated and have received all. I cried tears of joy today when the repairs I did to my furnace resulted in Heat, as I put all in his hands.

    I have surrendered my ego and illusion of Safety to his hands. The Fear has fled. I am humble and eternally grateful.

    I no longer donate my energy to evil.

    1. Yes, Annie!!! So humble, overjoyed and Grateful for you too!! No More Fear. Yes!!!

    2. Annie! Your very last line is absolutely the best news I've heard! It deeply resonates tremendously with my whole being! I'm looking forward to hearing more individuals express the same reclamation!

    3. Annie, there is no blanket ''Christ in us''. No where does God ever say that Christ is in everyone. He is not. What He does say is Rev 3:20 behold I stand at the door and knock; IF a man hear my voice and open the door, I will come into him and will sup with him and he with Me. 21 to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne.....
      Jesus also told the pharisees that they were of their father the devil, children of hell.
      Can we possibly think that the pharisees had ''Christ/God in them'? And isnt it obvious that we have plenty of pharisees among us even today.

      In 2 Tim 3 there is a whole long list of 18 different 'scoundrels' and the true Brethren are mandated to ''from such turn away'. Now if everybody had Christ ''in them'' then why would God issue such a mandate?
      The Apostle Paul gave a strong admonition to the church folks at Corinth to ''come out from among them' because what does Light have to do with darkness?

      So its easy to see that all people are NOT viewed as all the same, by God. Its people who try to push ''unity'' but God mandates being separated saying to the Corinthians then ''be ye separate, and THEN I will be a Father unto you, and you shall (then) be my sons and daughters, thus saith the Lord Almighty'. (2 Cor 6)

      We really need to get things in perspective; its very easy, and it is not hard to do, but it takes understanding. The roadblock to this is the refusal to accept that there are some real bastards in this world, and they are the children of their father the devil. It is just a Fact, and it isnt going to change.

  5. Annie- please do not give Abby the time of day as she will be only reciting the biblical quotes (yawn)
    This is another GREAT Anna post.
    This is exactly what is described when Christ had a halo thus the enlightenment. Also if you have a chance check out orb- photos these energy family's stick together.

    1. Bizideo, Christ never had a halo. What you've seen is a Catholic picture of 'the baby jesus being held by his mommy both with halo's glowing around their heads, painted by the catholic religion'. And you fell for it, Lol.
      Hell got enlarged because of mockers and scoffer like you and your little buddy there below you.
      ''The foolish will not be standing in His Sight''.

    2. Bizideo, is it your nappy nap time? LOL

  6. Can't find any flaws in aura building 101 .only add water fro remote steam is 40,000. Times more powerful than tap water.sprouts watered with structured water has 5 times the photo plasma .
    Your brain cells get charged like a capacitor that can jump the synaptic junction with a crack!

    1. Remember when I got Robert Allen interested into buying one of these "aura builder"🌈

  7. Anna, i must say this came at a perfect moment. I have been experiencing many, if not most, of the infringement or attack symptoms you mentioned here. It all began when i was young, but in the past year or so, It has gotten much much worse. They are trying to "activate" me i fear, but my strong fear of The Lord is yielding more self destruction than "other" destruction. I honestly think this is the year they intend to finish it. Thank you for the lesson. I have been on my knees in prayer for the past 24 hours basically just because i know the weapons are invisible...they are tricking me with Trojan horses and the like. I have noted that there is something amiss about YouTube videos....even the ones with good upfront content are subliminally weaponized.

  8. Im sorry Tim, ho'oponopono prayer and Deep breaths have been super helpful in more ways than one!! truly miraculous!So Grateful!
    Silently intend:

    I'm Sorry
    Please forgive me
    I Love You
    Thank you

    Repeat as needed

    1. πŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’—

    2. Also Tim if you are needing special assistance, I highly recommend the combination energy attachment clearing by Michael and Soul Retrieval by Alida Birch. They do exceptional work together for great results:

  9. When you mention our invisible organ/internal eye, are you referencing our third eye/pineal gland?

  10. It has never been more clear than it is in this Day, that people will listen to anything that tickles their ears, makes themSelves feel good, and sounds good to themSelves.
    2 Tim. 3:16 ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for Doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness....
    2 Tim 4:3 For the time will come (is now here) when they will not endure Sound Doctrine, but after their own lists shall they heap to themselves teachers (who will tell them what they want to hear) because they have itching ears; 4 and they shall turn away their ears from the Truth, and shall be turned unto Fables.

    And this is where this world/nation is Now. Its called Apostasy, and we are now in the days of the false 'church', the apostate 'church'. And Anna is giving it her 100% assistance helping to promote it.

    1. Actually $ilver Girl imo u r the epitome of Apostasy πŸ˜‚

    2. Oh poor deluded leland, has been send such a strong delusion, he couldnt recognize light from dark with 3 eyes open, LOL.

      The Proverbs of Solomon, the son of David the King of Israel:
      Prov. 6:15 therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy

  11. Master Choa has some really good books on this subject, I personally have the book in link as well as his Pranic healing book. I’ve taken Classes as well... currently I’m in school for my Metaphysical Science Doctorate. This happens to be my area of study for the last decade. Anna never ceases to amaze me when it comes to a wide variety of subjects she understands. In addition to what Anna has stated there are tools to mitigate any EMF that you will most definitely be surrounded by. Orgonite which I’ve been making for 5 years now, Shungite, (only found in Russia) certain crystals such as Black Tourmaline, and/or Smokey Quartz. Our house is within a protective grid of Orgonite and crystals, we sleep good! Blue Kyanite is a known Aura protector, so many to choose.
    Radionics devices will work but must be used with caution. Hope that may help someone.

  12. Evidently your "aura" could or did nothing to protect you or your many neighbors from the "green beam" from above, hence the earthquake?
    Not so sorry for pointing out the obvious.
    "Witches and warlocks have been aware of the aura since ancient times and have used that knowledge both to attack and defend using electromagnetic forces."
    Freemasonry at its best here folks come and get it!
    Eastern star???

  13. Well i guess the Christ within Christ Himself aura didn't do much for him as they beat and whipped him and eventually crucified him. But you are claiming the Christ within is doing these things for you. It didnt do much the prophets, the Apostles etc etc. Great renown man of old we can only glimpse at their spiritual character.

    You know i started out with Shirley Mclaim " Out on a limb" and the limb broke when a Pastor wrote a book called :" Out on a broken Limb" and squashed her lies.

    Ben there done that and what a nashing of teeth that will be when God's consuming fire burns out all this demonic doctrines out of mankind.

    Peace and may the force be with you.

    1. Apostle Paul preached to the Galatians that ''anyONE who preached ANY OTHER Gospel, than what the Apostles preached, they are accursed'.
      So it wont just be all these demonic New Age and other slated self serving doctrines we hear in here, but THOSE who spread them around.