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Saturday, January 19, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies 4 - Juror Qualifications and Membership

By Anna Von Reitz

I get a lots of pleas for help and instructions for the Jural Assemblies.  So, first things first.  You have to qualify potential Jurors.  Not just everyone can walk in off the street and function as a Juror.  A Juror is a temporary State Citizen for the duration of their Jury Duty, and as such, must qualify as an Elector of that State as well as a State National under our established system of government.

It may at first sound daunting, but the process is only a reflection of the seriousness of the duty being performed.  You wouldn't want to entrust your life to a surgeon with no first aid training, and in the same way, you do not want to entrust your fate to unqualified Jurors.

So-- yes, the first business to be addressed is the declared political status of the candidate. That begins with establishing whether or not they were born in this country or born to a parent or parents born in this country (This provision goes back three generations as a result of the National Trust.)

The List:
*Proof of American Nationality.
*Proof of Identity
*Act of Expatriation from Territorial or Municipal Citizenship
*Recorded Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Re-Conveyance of Trade Name
*Recorded Declaration of Permanent Domicile of the Trade Name on the Land and Soil of the State
*Recorded Certificate of Assumed Names/NAMES claiming ownership and declaring permanent domicile of all Names/NAMES used by or associated with the Juror
*Copy of Form 56 (Social Security Number redacted) and mailing receipts demonstrating that the Municipal PERSON ACCOUNTS have been returned to and made the responsibility of the United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Step One:  Require Birth Certificates or public documents that adequately establish the location where each candidate Juror was born, or in the case of those people claiming their nationality via parents/grandparents, similar documentation establishing the parents/grandparents place of birth and political status as American State Nationals.

Step Two: Require the direct corroboration of at least two (2) people who have reasonable first hand knowledge allowing them to attest that the candidate Juror is the man or woman whose birth and parentage is established by the records being presented in Step One.  This can be done via the direct testimony of the Witnesses or via their written testimony under penalty of perjury.  The Witnesses must sign and give their contact information in either case.  Typically, Witnesses will be family member or old family friends who have known the family and the potential Juror a long time.

Step Three:  Once you have established that you have an eligible Juror who qualifies as a birthright American, the candidate must confirm his agreement to formally expatriate from British Territorial Citizenship and also from any Municipal United States Citizenship conferred upon him or her, and sign a Witnessed Act of Expatriation formally claiming their Nationality from their State of Origin or to their Inherited State of Origin (in the case of those claiming via parents and grandparents).  This will be one of the States in existence prior to 1860 and may or may not be the same State as the State where the Jural Assembly is taking place---or as we shall see, even different from the "State" where they were actually born.

Step Four: Candidates for the First Initiating Jural Assembly must be: (1) at least 21 years of age, (2) white, (3) males (4) landowners in the State. This is because we are restoring and updating from 1860, a time long prior to the 18 year-old age of majority and votes for women and colored people.  At the initial meeting it is highly recommended that those initiating members open up the Jural Assembly membership to include women and colored people as Electors and Jurors. It is also recommended that they retain the Age of Majority at 21 and the landowner requirements, as they are in place to guarantee a membership having familiarity with life beyond High School and also, as landowners, having a firm attachment to the State and reason to work for its overall benefit.

Step Five:  Although an informed Act of Expatriation witnessed by two or more people should be sufficient evidence of will and intent in the matter of political status, it is not in itself sufficient to establish ownership of our Good Names (also known as Trade Names and Given Names) and Estates which must be unencumbered and untangled from the morass of false presumptions, conferred political statuses, and false claims that have been amassed against our true identities.

Therefore it is prudent and wise for each candidate Juror to formally seize upon, acknowledge, accept, and re-convey their Trade Name (Upper and Lower Case: John Paul Jones, for example) and to declare and record its permanent domicile on the land and soil of their home or birth State.
This is a process akin to re-flagging a ship under new ownership and provides evidence of transfer of ownership interest and obligations of law to an actual State of the Union, instead of a Territorial State of State of Municipal STATE OF STATE.  Instructions for this are posted at, Article 928.

The reasons for taking this step are: (1) to secure the ownership interest in one's own Name, and therefore, create the basis for claiming back one's own ESTATE and control over one's own affairs; (2) to prevent any interference from or claims by Federal Agents allowing them to address us or our Jural Assemblies under false pretenses; (3) to assure that the actions of our Jural Assemblies are unassailable. 

If we have a twelve man jury and even one of them can still be mis-characterized as a British Territorial or Municipal "Citizen" the deliberations and validity of the jury as a whole can be questioned, as our States do not allow Dual Citizenship. Please underline that fact. 

The Federales both Territorial and Municipal allow Dual Citizenship, but the American States do not.

Step Six:  For the same reason as those cited above with respect to Trade Names, it is also highly recommended and desirable for candidate Jurors to  seize upon and declare a permanent domicile for the Municipal NAMES that have been conferred upon us using the Certificate of Assumed Name Form (Article 928 on my website) and including every possible variation of every name ever used by or associated with them including Married Names, Pen Names, Performer Names, etc.  You should include any business names and as many styles and permutations and punctuations of your name as you can think of as well as the general claim for "all, any and sundry variations, combinations, abbreviations, punctuations, orderings, styles and representations of any name, Name, or NAME associated with you, your Trade Name, or your business enterprises in any jurisdiction of law whatsoever."  

Step Seven:  It is advisable that a copy of the Territorial/Municipal Birth Certificate be returned and cancelled via proper signature "without recourse" and dated and returned to the US Secretary of the Treasury and the US Secretary of State along with a Form 56 designating one and/or both as Fiduciary for the PERSON.  Again, this covers the bases regarding any presumed Dual Citizenship and denies any conflict of interest on the part of potential Jurors. It also makes the Fiduciaries responsible for Good Faith administration of these ACCOUNTS and the bookkeeping and payments related to them--- relieving the rest of us of any such duty or obligation.

False "citizenships" have been arbitrarily "conferred" on you based on a false presumption that you or have ever been "stateless", seeking to obligate you and seize upon your assets as collateral backing the debts of the perpetrators of this scheme, so it is important for your own sakes as well as the proper and unquestionable functioning of the Jural Assembly for you to return these false "gifts" whence they came.  This further proves up and gives evidence of your intent to be free of any claim of foreign "person hood" and your equal determination to reclaim your status as one of the "people" of this country.

Upon the completion of these steps, the candidate Juror may be "seated" as a Qualified Juror and member of a specific County Jural Assembly and State Jural Assembly.

Please Note:

1. Whereas colored people and women cannot act as Jurors or Electors until an Initial Jural Assembly with a Quorum of 15 Members has been called and has voted to update the rules to allow their participation, they can and should assist in the entire process of recruiting and establishing their State Jural Assembly in anticipation of full participation being open to them immediately after the Initial Jural Assembly meets.  We need every loyal living American helping and assisting this process as we go forward.

2. The Western States that did not join the Union until after the Civil War are in an odd status, as they have been guaranteed all the rights and interests of the older States, but have not been formally enrolled as States.  This is another Swindle that has been attempted by the perpetrators in Washington, DC, and unfortunately, it cannot be corrected until a Continental Congress addresses the situation and approves their formal enrollment.  This situation means that people born in these Western States are born as de facto Territorial Citizens and must take recourse to establish their Nationality via their parents and grandparents. 

For example, my husband was born in Washington State, which is a land trust "State".  His Father and Grandfather were also born in Western States, but because the National Trust Guarantee lasts for three generations, each one preserves the option of exercising their "reversionary trust interest"--- so, although James Clinton Belcher was born in Washington State, and his Father and Grandfather were similarly afflicted by the above described situation, he can claim all the way back to his Great-Grandfathers and Mothers, who were Virginians and Pennsylvanians.

This is where the saying "Grandfathered in" comes from, though it is often applied to things other than the National Trust.

In practical terms, then, some Jural Assemblies in the Western States will have a bit harder time documenting their membership as the candidates will, unless they were born in one of the pre-1860 States, need to track back in the records to establish an ancestor of proven American State Nationality.

3. American State Nationals are not obligated to serve as Jural Assembly Members; Jural Assembly Members are volunteering to preserve their land jurisdiction States and their Court Systems---without which there is no country and no private ownership of anything.  Please note --- a National has no obligation to the Government, whereas a Citizen has an obligation to his or her State so long as they are serving in a Public Office, such as Juror. Their obligation may be relatively temporary (as when actually serving as a Juror) or for a Term in Office, like a Justice of the Peace or a Coroner.

4. Land Ownership is a tricky qualification of Jurors.  In the past, in a pinch, the "land and soil" that a man owns can be defined as his body: "Dust thou art and to dust returneth." but I would argue and it is wise that Jural Assembly Members should be attached to their State via the establishment of permanent homes and property interests in that State.  The initial qualification for immigrants to become State Nationals requires them to live in a State for at least "one year and a day" with no felony arrests and no claims for Public Assistance and to establish a permanent home or dwelling within the borders of the State. I believe that the qualifications for Jural Assembly Members should meet that criterion also. 

5. People who are landowners in one or more States can theoretically participate in the different State Jural Assemblies sequentially and if they meet the other qualifications and if at least one year has passed between such incidents of participation per the one year requirement discussed above, ---otherwise, it could run afoul of the "No Dual Citizenship" provisions of all the States. 

For example, say that I own a home in Wisconsin and a winter vacation home in Texas for a number of years.  If I lived in Wisconsin for fifty years and participated in that Jural Assembly, I could move to my retirement home in Texas and qualify as a member of the Texas Jural Assembly after actually living at my Texas home for a year and a day--- and not have to go through all the rest of the qualification process again. Jural Assembly membership once established is therefore somewhat transferable, but at no time can one belong to two State Jural Assemblies at the same time as that would violate the "No Dual Citizenship" provisions of the land and soil jurisdiction States.

6.  Nationality can be established in a State different than the State of one's Jural Assembly and this is more common than not with today's mobile population.  In most of the Western States (California, Oregon and Texas excepted)  it is a given that the Jural Assembly members will have established their Nationality claims elsewhere.  For example, a man born in Maine may migrate to California and join the California Jural Assembly and his American State Nationality requirement is still met by being born in Maine. There is no requirement that he be born in California to serve on the California Jural Assembly, so long as he is born in or otherwise lawfully able to claim his nationality from one of the actual States of the Federation Union.

7. The Federal States of States, like The State of Pennsylvania that were members of the original Confederation of States doing business as the States of America, were moth-balled and substituted "for" during the Reconstruction Era.  They still exist as State Land Trusts which we are the lawful inheritors of.

For example, the Ohio State is a trust established to hold the assets and contracts owed to The State of Ohio, which has been moth-balled since 1868, and both the Trust and everything in it is owed to Ohio and the Ohioans --- so long as they claim it, which they do by exercising their capacity to act as one of the People of Ohio and forming their State Jural Assemblies.

I hope that the importance and urgency of claiming your rightful inheritance including these State Land Trusts is now fully dawning on all of those reading this and that you will not hesitate or lack motivation to complete the Juror Qualifications and join your State Jural Assembly.

8. Finally, I recommend that every State Jural Assembly adopt a simple explicit Mission Statement and Membership Agreement so that there can be no doubt about what the Jural Assembly is, who the members are, what capacity everyone is acting in, and the intentions and purposes of the group.
This is needed for those in the group, those joining the group, and those Federales snooping around the edges "investigating" the group for any sign of rebellion or insurrection.  I will provide a basic template in a separate article.

My website (Article 928) has examples of the paperwork to reclaim and domicile your Good Name and ESTATE interests, and can put you in contact with your State organization.  For specific help, you may also submit the blue Get Help form at the bottom right side of


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  1. In the following document, Anna says that Jurors have to meet a whole list of requirements. And women and blacks can't serve as jurors just yet. I have not even filed my paperwork because of the cost. If this is the case we will never get anyone to serve with these requirements. I disagree that people who were presumed to be US Corporate citizens should have to file all these documents because we were victims of fraud. The onus should not be on the victims, it should be on the perpetrators. How are we going to get 25 people in each county of New York to file the following documents given the cost? The county clerk gave our New York moderator a quote of $600 plus dollars to file these documents. I could possibly get my documents done and help others to file in Georgia, but that cost is still $50 or more. Many people will not even pay that and you can't blame them. Would it be possible to prepare the following documents and have each participant mail them back to themselves through registered mail?

    1. If it is not important enough for a Man to pursue Freedom with the small cost of "Recording" never "Filing" Documents IMHO that man/wombman should remain a "PERSON" and continue with the obligations of "US CITIZENSHIP" and stop whining! It's no wonder the "LEGAL SOCIETY" considers a "SOVEREIGN-CITIZEN" a Terrorist as they are certainly a harm to themselves and their fellow man by choosing US CITIZENSHIP and then complaining about the obligations.

      No this mess should not be on the Victims but until the whole of Americans quit being distracted by SPORTS and Believing everything on Propaganda Media, the matter is entirely in our hands. It is a clear decision of choosing which side of the fence we want to stand on. I know I wouldn't want a man or wombman that is wishy washy about who they are being a juror and making a decision about my life. They should just stay in LEGAL FICTIONLAND and tithe gratefully to the US WAR MACHINE.

      Avoiding one single traffic speeding ticket would more than cover the cost of "Recording" the needed documents at LAMAR COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT.

      Peach and Love to all struggling with wrapping their minds around this FRAUD and the choice to do something about it.

    2. Hey Ready ,
      $600 ? You ( and all of us ) never rebutted the accusations and are guilty by acquiesence..we simply didnt say " no " and signed away hundreds of times in agreement ( contracts ).
      If you are in New York contact me. I am going through the process. The money saved from it will pay one hundred fold..think of it as having bought bitcoin at $130 5 years ago.


    3. because they have the bigger guns maybe?!

  2. As was the custom be for the civil war
    The sheriff picked jurist just like he picked grand juries .
    No one is this sophisticated . All the multiple agencies that have sprang up make it confusing .
    Bottom line jury of your peers . If you insist on no substitute you win.

  3. Anyone interested in having a discussion group to help one another with the expatriation process contact me.


    1. you should do revocation of election not expatriation as well as renunciation then claim/declare your nationality and Citizenship formally through DOS and the Courts.

  4. The more about this is the knowledgable education. Education first then the actual indulgement thereof. If this happens in majority, The young ones will pick it up and go to the finish line. Allow the light to shine as 'WE' beat the drum of Truth.

  5. Billionaire Beverly Hills Couple Killing California for Pistacios, Almonds and Walnuts while provoking war with I r a n
    Now you know why the commercials for pistacios feature an elephant in the room shoving it in the faces of the people that we can steal all your fresh water and kill California while we're are it
    And how about the push to drink Almond milk
    All the while complete neighborhoods are being left without water
    Nestle doing the same thing in Michigan pumping thousands of gallons of fresh water out of the great lakes at a whopping $200 a year bill from the state
    All commants made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Honestly, I was thinking the other day, telling folks to file/record these papers is like telling people to ''file for divorce when they aren't even married'' Lol.
    There really is no difference here. And in their own court system, don't they say the prosecutor must be the one ''to prove guilt beyond a REASONABLE doubt'?

    You see whats wrong with this whole picture?