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Friday, January 18, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 3 This is Not "Opinion"

By Anna Von Reitz

What I am pointing out to you and everyone else is not a topic for "argument".  It isn't my "opinion".  It is the way the world's court system has been organized for centuries and just because 99% of Americans are too ignorant to know that and have been deliberately kept too dumbed-down to learn it, does not make it any less true and factual. 

Now, you have a choice.  You can be a landsman and reclaim your country and your "Natural and Unalienable" rights, and you can enforce the Constitution you are owed, and you can enjoy your freedom and you can join your Jural Assembly and you can operate your State or you can sit on your rump and blow your mouth and spin --- and the British King will be happy to take all your assets and dump them into a Commonwealth Trust (that he controls and benefits from) and designate you as a "pauper" and a dependent of his government----your choice.

If you want Choice A, help establish, staff, and organize a Jural Assembly.
If you want Choice B, help establish, staff, and organize a Jural Society.

Please note that this is not "American Corruption" -- this same situation applies worldwide.  The only exceptions are Iran, North Korea, the Holy See, and a handful of Pacific Island Kingdoms.

And now for another repeat of a Vital History Lesson for All Americans and All Jural Assemblies:

1. The United States (unincorporated) was formed on July 1, 1776, as a result of the Unanimous Declaration of Independence. The members of this Union were all Colonies and they also operated as "the United Colonies of America". This is not to be confused with Benjamin Franklin's private business (also unincorporated) doing business as "the" United States.

2. The United States of America (unincorporated) was formed on September 9, 1776 by declaration of the Continental (that's land jurisdiction) Congress.
This Holding Company is a Federation of unincorporated geographically defined States: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, etc.

3. The States of America (unincorporated) was formed March 1, 1781, by Agreement of the States ratified as The Articles of Confederation.  This was a Confederacy of States of States created to conduct commercial business in behalf of the Federation States.  The members of this original Confederacy went by names like this: The State of Georgia, The State of Virginia, The State of Maine....

4. The original Confederation adopted and became the recipients of the service contract known as "The Constitution for the united States of America" in 1787.  If you can read and know anything at all about English grammar you can observe from this that the word "united" is used here as an adjective to describe "States of America" and references their "union" created under The Articles of Confederation.  This Confederacy of "States of States" is the actual Party to the 1787 Constitution.  

5. In 1860-61, the Southern States of States in the original Confederacy left the organization doing business as the "States of America" --- "seceded from it" --- and formed a new and separate confederacy called "The Confederate States of America". 

6. The entire Civil War was thus a commercial mercenary conflict between the Northern States of States operating under the States of America Confederacy and the Southern States of States operating under The Confederate States of America.

7. After the end of hostilities the British Monarch saw his chance to pull a fast one, claim that the Federal States of States were under "Reconstruction" and then, very quietly, create an incorporated Scottish commercial corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America" [Incorporated] and substituting franchises of this corporation [formed in Scotland in 1868 -- we have the paperwork and proof] for the original Federal States of States.  Thus, "The State of Florida" owned and operated by Florida for the benefit of Floridians, was moth-balled, and a Territorial franchise corporation calling itself by the deceptively similar name "the State of Florida" owned and operated by the Scottish Government for the benefit of the British Monarch and United Kingdom, took its place ---- and generations of Americans have been kept none the wiser. 

Well, now you are all "the Wiser". 

You must take control of your own government. You must accept the responsibilities that go with the rights of self-government, or your assets will be plundered and pillaged to enrich the British Monarch and the Papacy, you will permanently enslaved as a population, and you will have no claim left to the land and soil of your own country. 

When I say it is time to "Wake up!" and form your Jural Assemblies, it isn't just my opinion.  A National Trust like any other property trust can only endure for three (3) generations before being renewed, otherwise, it is liquidated and there is no longer any interest preserved for the heirs.

It has been three generations since these con artists began their scheme.

My husband and I climbed out from under their rock in 1998.  In 2015 we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent and this affords you the opportunity to extend your National Trust for another three generations--- IF you all get busy and operate your States and form your Jural Assemblies and act in the capacity of living heirs --- as people, not persons.

I don't know what I can say or do to make this any clearer for all of you.  You are in grave danger of being defrauded out of your entire inheritance --- your land and soil, your businesses and homes, your labor, your bodies and your Good Name.  These criminals have conspired to steal it all right from under your noses, just as Thomas Jefferson said they would, if you were not "vigilant".

Well, my husband and I and many others have been "vigilant" and that is why you all continue to have a reprieve to gain knowledge and not be destroyed, but it is time for you to take action.  It is completely safe and proper, peaceful and unarguable for you to reclaim your Good Name and remove it to its original domicile on the land and soil of your home State.  Do so.

Remember that all the Delegated Powers that were ever exercised by the Confederation States of States were delegated to them by the States acting through their Federation, The United States of America [Unincorporated]--- not the other way around. 

You have to have a Florida before you can create "The State of Florida", much less "the State of Florida" or "the STATE OF FLORIDA".

Thus, when the original Federal States of States were inoperable after the Civil War, those Delegated Powers returned by Operation of Law to the Issuers of those "powers" --- to the actual States and their Federation of States, owned and operated by the living people.  Not the King of England.

There is a great deal more history to all of this, but it all comes down to understanding who and what you are.  Are you one of the living people of this country, a lawful inheritor?  Or are you a mere "person" acting as surety for a bankrupt commercial corporation in "equitable exchange" for benefits doled out by bankruptcy trustees? 

If you are one of the people, it is high time to reclaim your Good Name, correct the falsified records being held against you, and join your State Jural Assembly. 

Please note that you are guaranteed the right to peaceably "assemble" -- but not guaranteed the right to "associate".  This is because people are sovereign and unincorporated entities, while "persons" are (in this case, foreign) corporate franchises owing obedience to the parent corporations that own them.

We have bought you time and kept your lawful claims alive, but you MUST wake up now and get moving in your own behalf and for the sake of your country and your children. 

A foul white-collar fraud scheme promoted first by the Government of Scotland and next by officers of the Roman Catholic Church has very nearly succeeded in stealing your National Trust and reducing you all to chattel backing the debts of bankrupt commercial corporations "forever".

Get on your feet.  Understand what has happened and what must be done to answer it.  Take back your Good Name and Estate, by formally re-conveying them to the land and soil of your home State.  The paperwork to do this is on my website:, Article 928. 

Some of you have been trying to form Jural Societies in the mistaken idea that you could re-construct the Federal States of States by doing so, but the horse has to go in front of the cart--- or you will get nowhere and waste a lot of time and energy in the process.


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  1. Re: "The United States (unincorporated) was formed on July 1, 1776."
    For "July 1, 1776" - I find:
    "Vote on the resolution for independence. Nine colonies vote for it, 2 against it (PA and SC), 1 abstained (NY), and one was deadlocked (DE). Vote to be retaken the next day.":

    I'd welcome anyone offering a contrary quote (and link) to substantiate the July 1, 1776 date.

    1. Chef-doctor, Why did you reference the FEDERAL DISTRICT ID for our land states? PA, SC, NY, DE? The website you posted also refers to the land states by FEDERAL ID.

      Website posted, states vote on July 2, 1776 "12 for" 1 abstained "NY".

      One thing is for sure there were NO FEDERAL CORPORATE DISTRICTS in 1776 only the Land and Soil of the original colonies.

      Original Declaration of Independence is on display at the Archives, and is recognized.

      Maybe Anna should not have used the word "Unanimous" vote, which seems to be the issue here. Obviously even looking at the website
      The vote for independence happened and hence we are here today to defend our Freedom from those who work diligently and fraudulently to take it away. Does it matter so much the exact date and time or the fact the Declaration is made and still stands against the Pirates who want the Feudal System to prevail for the benefit of the few?

  2. How will doing any of this offer us protection from world war? How will this provide protection when the hungry gangs come? What if it is China, much of the world has been led to believe that we are indebted to a communist regime. When they come to collect, do we flash them our papers?
    What if it is our own troops in a SHTF scenario? Do we flash them our papers and then they will leave us in peace? Is this the protection and Peace You are promising?
    You are promising more things of the world.
    Are we to Love the world? Many of you refuse to see that we are in times of tribulation and that it is on the increase.From First John Two:
    "Do not love the world nor that which is in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Because all that is in the world- the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes,and the pride of this life- is not of the Father but is of the world.
    And the world passes away, and the one doing the desire of Yahuah remains forever.

    1. [lakewinds#415839
      415829 zanderboy

      I can only assume you dismiss the Sumerian cuneiform scripts, precursors to many stories in the Bible I may add? I don’t dismiss them, but that doesn’t mean they are relevant to the truth concerning afterlife matters.

      The Bible, you say? Didn’t we discuss several years ago that the Old Testament is a pagan document, as revealed by the Dead Sea Scrolls? That its 613 “Commandments” declared by the god of Israel, who is just one of the 70 sons of the Most High, Elyon, are null and void?

      I also can only assume you relegate the Gnostic teachings of the Demiurge & the Archons to the trash bin? They had some good points, but they were in the main incorrect. Just because it’s old doesn’t make it right.

      How do you understand the prevalence of institutionalised pedophilia & satanic blood sacrificial ritual? Do you prefer to categorise it simply under ‘the devil from the Astral’? These practices and events occur because of the delusional beliefs of some people.

      Why do you choose to ignore the evidence of over 50 years of (ET) abduction experiences? I don’t ignore them, and in fact accept and believe them. The abductees and their abductors have agreed at the soul level to thusly engage.

      If we were going to be invaded or otherwise attacked, it would have happened long ago. We are protected. It’s true, no matter how stupid or crazy it sounds.]

      From comment section of Ben Fulfords latest report

    2. Leaving out all the Bible predictions and the "illusion" of Safety people seem to grab hold of with superman strength, hence Illusion.

      What guarantees are there when we wake up in the morning? None, right? You could die on the way to the job you hate. Your house could burn down while you are at the job you hate. The man/wombman that makes your world go around could be gone at the blink of an eye. These Criminals could charge your son with some absurdity and within a year all your savings is gone.

      So Please, where is any guarantee of safety in this world?

      And Please what does an Illusion have to do with Action against Crimimals?

    3. Well said Annie McShane!! I also send a heartfelt thank you to Anna for the in depth explaination of Jural Assemblies 1,2 and 3. It cleared up confusions I have had for a long time. Now it is an "Ah Ha" moment!!!


    4. Annie McShaneJanuary 19, 2019 at 2:47 PM
      Leaving out all the Bible predictions and the "illusion" of Safety people seem to grab hold of with superman strength, hence Illusion.

      What guarantees are there when we wake up in the morning? None, right? You could die on the way to the job you hate. Your house could burn down while you are at the job you hate. The man/wombman that makes your world go around could be gone at the blink of an eye. These Criminals could charge your son with some absurdity and within a year all your savings is gone.

      So Please, where is any guarantee of safety in this world?

      And Please what does an Illusion have to do with Action against Crimimals?
      Yet you will rely and Trust in the New age Aura and garbage being sold here?
      Perhaps you are beginning to ask the right questions though?
      There is no Guarantee of safety in this world! That is the point.

    5. That may be a little confusing so here is my reply to you:
      Yet you will rely and Trust in the New age 'Aura' and garbage being sold here?
      Perhaps you are beginning to ask the right questions though?
      There is no Guarantee of safety in this world! That is indeed the point.

  3. [lakewinds#415816

    I enjoyed reading the bullshit-laden article you linked. While I have occasionally stumbled across similarly misleading information (check out Matthew Messages, as a great example of truth sprinkled with crap), the metaphysical teachings I have read voraciously over the years are refreshingly free of internal contradictions and material departures from essential and established truths.

    What’s a bit amusing, at least to me, is that the end-game of all this evil trickery and spiritual fraud is to get my soul into another incarnation, where I will once again sit in front of a computer and a big TV conversing with delusional individuals immersed in false dogmas based on the musings of ancient philosophers and charlatans.

    I have personally been privy to communications from the departed, complete with secret key words that prove their validity, and have heard nothing that comes close to the dystopian nightmare that you say awaits us upon our inevitable demise. The afterlife as described by the 8,000 or so individuals in the Michael Newton books would seem to be the truth. So, I’m going with that.

    If what you believe is true, and putting my ass in this chair is or was their goal, then how bad can that be? It certainly seems unworthy of the grand machinations described.

    But in your view, we should be afraid, very afraid. Ultimate freedom is only available to a very few, clever souls who can navigate the treacherous terrain of the higher dimensions.

    Yeah, right.] Ibid^

  4. I for one am tired of all the talk
    If facts exist that this is all criminal activity then there has to be a body somehwere that can enforce punishment?
    Basically what I am seeing is the criminals get away with genocide of the whole damned planet and not one thing is done to stop not one of them
    5G is a military weapon meant to endanger every last living thing on this planet and yet nothing being done
    In fact it is being fast tracked by the same criminals that have perpetrated the fraud from the beginning
    If Anna has authority then use it and bring the whole damned house of cards down
    Forming jural assemblies will do what? Do we have another currency to use to do anything with?
    Meanwhile weather warfare used every day to deem people either dead or homeless all planned and being carried out by the military industrial complex
    And the hollywood freaks laughing at us making movies about the shit and throwing it in our faces like our lives are a joke
    The weather channel putting the destruction on tell lie vision for all of us to watch
    FEMA comes in on the back end and does nothing but secure the land for themselves and the people left living in cars or a parking lot
    Sick of this shit, send in the militia, something
    These psychopaths do not care about your paperwork
    Meanwhile children born today are being microchipped without parents knowledge, more birth certificate fraud, refuse to sign they take your kids, killing us with vaccines and ready to administer a kill shot to all of us that is produced in yet another fake incorporated nation China
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. The key to prosecuting wrongdoing (without the possibility of corruption, rigging, organized criminal infiltration) lies with proper grand/trial jury function......access, education, accountability, etc.

    Now the parts about the United States not really being the United States......I think that part needs some further explanatory insights.