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Friday, January 18, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the Jural Assemblies so I am writing this down for all the State Jural Assemblies at once.  Although State Jural Assemblies are unique and dedicated to their individual State it is necessary for everyone to know basic definitions and oppositions and roles, so that everyone understands what they are doing and why.

Jural Assemblies are the organizational units of land and soil jurisdiction courts.

Jural Societies are the organizational units of sea and maritime jurisdiction courts.

Jural Assemblies "assemble".  Jural Societies "associate". 

Jural Assemblies create States and Counties.

Jural Societies create States of States and Counties Of _________.

As you can now fully appreciate from this brief description, both are necessary in order to properly conduct business on both land and sea.

States are geographically defined areas that are under the control of Public Laws established by the people who live within their borders. States are unincorporated land and soil jurisdiction entities run as unincorporated businesses.  States have very simple names: Ohio, Rhode Island, Maine, Florida, Wisconsin, and so on.

In America, these States are joined together in a Union called a "Federation". The Federation is also unincorporated and is called "The United States of America".  It was founded September 9, 1776.

All these organizational forms are created by living people, howbeit, people acting in two profoundly different capacities --- as people, and as persons, which are incorporated entities.

People acting as people make up Jural Assemblies.

People acting as "persons" make up Jural Societies.

People acting in their unincorporated capacity as people who are members of a Jural Assembly decide the physical boundaries of their States, adopt the Public Laws within their States, and enforce the Public Law via their Jural Assemblies, their land and soil jurisdiction courts, and the officers of those courts.  

Jural Assemblies organize the land and soil jurisdiction courts owed to the people of each State. 

Jural Assembly organizers are responsible for the making sure that candidate members are eligible to serve.

In most States, candidates must be at least 21, must have permanent homes declared within the geographic boundaries of their State, must be landowners (even if the land owned is only their reclaimed Good Name and bodily Estate), and at least until new elections are held within the Assembly to change the 1860 Conventions, the initial State Jural Assembly must be convened by white males meeting all other qualifications.  This is because we are reopening courts that have been substantially (though not entirely) vacated since the Civil War.

People of Color and Women may be welcomed by all Jural Assemblies, but an "Update Election" must occur to open membership to all adult members of the community--- with this one exception, that women may serve as proxies for their husbands upon the husband's grant of his agency to his wife.  This basically means that she may act for her husband with his written consent in all matters stipulated as part of his grant of authority.

It is important to note that all people are part of the land and soil jurisdiction of their country, while persons are part of the sea and maritime jurisdiction.

As a result, land and soil jurisdiction courts organized by Jural Assemblies are courts for people.

Sea and maritime jurisdiction courts organized by Jural Societies are courts for unincorporated (trade)  and incorporated (commercial)  businesses -- not people.  

Please also note that no Jural Assemblies can be incorporated.  They operate exclusively as unincorporated businesses and all their Officers and their members are operating in unincorporated capacity, too. 

So, when you embark upon the adventure of creating a Jural Assembly you must  (1) choose and declare that you are acting in your capacity as one of the "people" of this country, (2) you must record your choice with a land recording office formally re-conveying your Trade Name to the land and soil of your State, (3) you must accept the rights, responsibilities and duties of a State Citizen when you act as a Juror or in any other Public Office of the Jural Assembly, (4) you must meet the basic requirements and thereby establish "standing" to act in the capacity of one of the People of your State.

Please note that land and soil are inextricably connected. Soil is defined as the first six inches -- the very top layer --- of the land, while land is all the underlying strata. 

I am often asked --- why can't People of Color and Women organize the initial Jural Assembly?  They can, they just can't make up part of the Quorum for a Jural Assembly until at least a minimum Jury Pool of originally qualified electors has been organized and has conducted an Update Election allowing membership to them.  Again, this isn't anything arbitrary or racist or sexist. It is simply the fact that we are restoring a court system that hasn't been updated since 1860, and at that time, neither People of Color nor Women were allowed as part of the Quorum. That's why an "Update" Election is needed.

I am also often asked -- why is it necessary to formally declare the capacity in which you are acting and also explicitly re-convey and claim your Trade Name?  The short answer is that (1) you could get into trouble with federal Territorial authorities (what I call "Federales") if you don't, and (2) your Trade Name has already been shanghaied into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea, so, it requires official recorded (never registered) action on your part to "return" to the land and soil jurisdiction, which is a fundamental requirement for you to form a Jural Assembly (otherwise, all you could form would be a Jural Society).

Once everyone has done their paperwork and established their bona fides as people born on the land and soil of one of the American States or to parents or a parent born on the land and soil of one of the American States so as to be an Inheritor (this can go back three generations for those born in the unenrolled Western States*) --- you are ready to begin.

A Jural Assembly has Offices. All of these Offices are held in behalf of unincorporated business entities and are unincorporated Offices.  Those Offices include the local Town and County Sheriffs entrusted with enforcement of the Public Law, the land jurisdiction State Judges (properly called "Justices") and the soil jurisdiction County Court Justices known as "Justices of the Peace".  It also includes Court Clerks, Recorders, Bondsmen, Deputies, Public Notaries and Coroners.

All of these Offices are elected by members of the Jural Assembly who are the qualified Jurors making up the Jury Pool from which all Trial and Grand Juries are drawn by lot. 

The land jurisdiction State Courts doing business simply as, for example, The Ohio State Court, enforce the Public and Organic Laws of Ohio including the provisions of The Constitution for the united States of America. The local County Courts also enforce these same laws, although there may be particular --- even peculiar --- local laws pertaining to soil and water and security issues of their soil jurisdiction.

All land and soil jurisdiction courts operate under the provisions of American Common Law.  We do not practice Equity Law which is a hybrid of English Common Law and Admiralty Law. 

The Land Jurisdiction County Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in each County.   All sea jurisdiction LEO's and corporate security personnel (Pinkertons) and subcontractors (Agency Personnel) report to your elected Land Jurisdiction County Sheriff ---- not the other way around.

Your Jural Assembly elections to fill the Offices of the Court are conducted as standard Public Elections, though all Electors must meet the same eligibility requirements as the members of the Jural Assembly.  That is, you can't cross over and vote in the Private Corporate Elections of the Jural Societies, and they can't come over and vote in your Public Elections of the Jural Assemblies. 

The two jurisdictions are mutually self-exclusive, as one cannot be on the land and on the sea at the same time.

Once your Jural Assembly Jury Pools are filled and your Officers have been elected, your Court is open for business --- for your members only.  As these are people Courts they deal only and exclusively with people business---issues of private property and assets, marriages, probate, and estates of people, rights of people, and so on.  They can hear "Mixed Jurisdiction" cases in which people and unincorporated businesses have issues with other unincorporated or incorporated businesses, and Jural Assemblies can act as Parties to cases.

For example, People of Colorado versus Simon P. Jenkins and Sons, or People of Lords County v. IBM. 

These are, essentially, the equivalent of "class action cases" in the land jurisdiction courts of our States and Counties.

They don't hear any issues arising among incorporated (commercial) entities. That is the business of the Jural Societies and their courts.

It is important to understand from the outset that these two court systems arising from the two different kinds of Jural Organizations under discussion (there are others) are completely separate hierarchies.  Many people have grown up with the assumption that their State and their County are still functioning --- and yes, they are, but just by the skin of their teeth.  

The organizations that were at one point operating the land and soil Jural Assemblies have been largely displaces in many areas by private corporate courts operated by Jural Societies instead.  That is largely the result of the Great Fraud perpetuated by FDR and by the desire of many persons (as opposed to people) to share in federal racketeering kickbacks such as "Federal Block Grants". 

Many auspices of our State and County and Local Government have been taken over via a surreptitious, secretive, and fraudulent undisclosed process of unlawful conversion, which takes place when a State or County organization is "converted" to operate as an incorporated "State of State" franchise of any foreign Territorial or Municipal Commercial Corporation.

No Jural Assembly, no actual State, no actual State Court, no actual County, and no actual County Court can be incorporated. Upon being incorporated, people become "persons" and the law of the land is converted to the law of the sea and the courts are operated by Jural Societies under international law instead of being operated by Jural Assemblies under National and local law.

If you think about it a moment you will see how the process of "incorporating" everything has been used to promote a de facto take over of our government and led to the rampant criminality with which we now contend.  You can also see how important it is for each one of us to get off our duffs and do the work.

Our unincorporated courts still stand over theirs and our people still stand over their persons ---- but we must do this work of self-governance or we will have no country and no justice left.  We must awaken our sleeping friends, families, and neighbors and ring the alarm.  We must organize our Jural Assemblies and operate our States and Counties and re-enter all the Offices that have been secretively vacated. 

Millions of us remain to be awakened and much work remains to be done, but there are now Jural Assemblies operating in every State of the Union.  


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  1. The California water heist
    Anyone in California should be aware that these billionaires who grow nuts are stealing your water
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Good, precise and understandable information; thank you am!!

  3. Thank you so much Anna, this clarification is absolutely appreciated!!!
    If I'm understanding this correctly, the "unenrolled Western States" technically, individually can choose via Lawful Quorum to NOT become part of the "Federation" of States or "UNION OF STATES" whatso ever at this point and Declare our OWN State's Independence completely Now.

  4. Thought this might offer some help
    Matrx Soultions Network
    Found this writing to be very telling
    So based on what I am reading, we as classified US Citizens are now being held accountable for the attrocities that the military and the government have done all around the world - and in their new rold order agreement they will move in new slaves and give them SS numbers and for those of us who do not like it or speak out about it can be punished as per the UN set up?
    My God how evil can these people be
    Read the article I attached
    And for people like me who have no income there is no way to pay our way out of this mess - this is juts plain ass sick
    Not to mention babies are caught up in this mess through fraud before they leave the freakin hospital
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. I made a comment on that site, saying that their UN charter for making laws for everyone under the flawed and false assumption of "Equal Rights" for everyone missed one very important and overlooked piece of legislation that wasn't addressed...!!

      That NO nation, No Group of people considering themselves Royals, No Corp. , and NO GOVT on earth can be in charge of MONEY...!! IF CENTRAL BANKS CAM SIMPLY PRINT MONEY AT WILL, THEN SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE WITH IMPUNITY, and with complete IMMUNITY from the LAW....Then your charter will be equal for everyone with no need to fight over anything...!!

      Money is not a commodity that can be traded on the Stock Market, because it insisted greed and "insider trading" for a few people at the expense of everyone else on the planet...!!

  5. Anna, Paul, Anybody: I went to the National Assembly site MONTHS ago and left a message that I'm interested in joining, but haven't heard from anybody. And looking at the site again, I can't find how or where to connect other than the weekly calls. Are there specific links on the site for individual states? How to connect?

    1. I posted the new video on how to sign up anonymously on my county jural assembly website. good luck bobby

    2. Thanks, Bobby! That video was perfect!

  6. How do you " unincorporate " ?.. if I have a buisness, how do I revoke the damn thing ?

  7. Seriously, don't we all know already that we were born ''on the Land of Ohio'' (or whatever your State is) Wasn't this already attested to by the Doctor or delivered us, who made out the papers for the BC, whereby he already gave the date and exact hour of our Entry into this world? Along with our Address, which also gives the Address of the Land? And doesn't the BC application also state that it was a LIVE Birth?

    Sorry, but I just cannot buy into this business of ''having to prove our LIVE Birth ON xxxx Land''. I have yet to see a valid reason for that, just a lot of garbage that ''they'' have allegedly perped on us. But we have only been TOLD this. Along with some of THEIR 'blacks law dictionary' terminology which again THEY just made up to THEIR liking.

    Do any of you ever really stop to think about all this? Or do you just sit here and go along to get along, so nobody will pound the shit out of you if you dont, lol.

    And what do you all buy into this crap that 'there is some difference between person and people'? Sheesh, get real, its all the same thing. I think Webster was a Sane man; why are you all dissing that and falling prey to Blacks??
    Guys, Im just trying to get you to wake up your lazy brain and put it to work, for a change. Ask yourself...what is it that makes you now believe you are no longer a 'person'? Why is it that you now so readily believe a u.s. citizen is what anna tries to tell you it is? Aren't you IN these united states? And arent you a citizen of this Land? Isn't a citizen a country-man, such as this Country?

    Im just saying, stop and ask yourself just why you let yourself just believe stuff somebody tells you, without really thinking it all out.

    (Maybe we should all go dig out our old Webster's Dictionary from college days, still packed away in the attic. And tell Black's to shove his/theirs where the sun doesnt shine, lol. Its time to get back to real genuine down to earth english language and stop playing their 'word games')

    1. Abby, respectfully IMHO you should stick to the Bible, as you seem to be very well versed in that area and I enjoy very much looking up the scriptures you post which is helping me gain my own understanding of the Bible. Unlike yourself I don't believe we are supposed to judge our fellow man. Should we stay away from people we believe will cause us spiritual harm? Yes of course, but I have found praying for ones enemies or the lost puts the matter in God's hands.

      Learning the difference between jurisdictions was enough for me when this mess didn't make sense. Yes it was ok to be a "Person" when the word referred only to a man. And yes it was ok to be a United States Citizen before I learned the obligations of such citizenship included being surety for the atrocities against mankind.

      I didn't go to college and it was easy to see the fraud when I opened my eyes.

      I am morally opposed to being forced to give them one more penny to inflict harm on another soul no matter where they live on this earth.

      It is too bad all the WAR Protesters in the 60's and 70's were focused on blaming our own service people that were fraudulently drafted, instead of the perpetrators.

      They now have every one accepting WAR by "thanking" our man/wombman for their service. I place no blame except on the evil system, but Servicemen employed by UNITED STATES INC are behaving like terrorists. As I grieve with the families of the ones that take their own lives, it is no wonder they can't live with themselves. When does this atrocity stop? Don't our sons and daughters deserve to live their lives? Don't the people being slaughtered on other lands deserve to live their lives even if they believe differently than you or I? If some foreign force came here wouldn't people defend their families homes and religion?

      If we are owed a better system and that system replaces the corruption being brought against each of us, shouldn't we make the effort to at least make our communities better?

      Than you Anna for explaining the Jural Assemblies in a way those just waking up can gain understanding and the difference between what we have now and what we could have. I keep searching for a simplistic way to explain what we have to do in order to take our land jurisdiction back.
      Peace and Love to all.

  8. I went to the getoutofthesystem site, they are asking 100.00 per month to be a member, that's way out of my league.

    I also don't have a Facebook account, dropped that in 2013, because it slowed my laptop down to a crawl.

    Is it possible to upload videos to Mike Adams video server, supposenly to not have people there to not do as Facebook and YouTube does and delete or demonitize channels? Just saying.

  9. Hello.. Ground Control to People-- Might I suggest you engage your brains before thinking-------Everything you need to free your mind and your birth-right is FREE for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. To look any further or to pay a copy cat ( whos interest usually is to confuse-deceive- or profit) for what Anna provides for free through the power of the Holy Spirit-- Is just pure Ignorance. In my view clearly separates the wheat from the chaff.

    Well done Paul- Four years and four months-I am close behind you brother- for I first learned of Anna by surfing the WWW researching Quo Warranto- landed at outfit called Four Winds 10- then landed here- soooo Hallelujah!!!!!!! This is going to be a great year and today is a great day for the race..... what race? The human Race!

  10. I put the site up for reference for anyone wanting to go take a look
    I think it is absolutely deplorable for anyone to ask anyone for their hard earned slave monopoly money to get out of this fraud
    This is all international fraud being perpetrated on every living man, woman and child on this planet and to make us pay to get out of it is just robbing us yet again
    I've followed several different sites on this matter for some time now
    Anna gives good sound information but you still have to pay the crooks at every level to get your paperwork in order and lets face it many do not have the money to do this
    Anna has stated that she made the claim for everyone in the United States so why is it that we have to file anything?
    I'm not trying to be difficult but something does not add up with all of this
    It appears thats basically those who have filed the paperwork will be allowed to live and those who have not will be executed and their trusts will be cashed in
    I ask you for those left living with their paperwork, how will you feel with all the people around you being slaughtered in front of you - will you want to live on this planet while everyone around you is murdered before your eyes?
    I've also asked if the name was stolen and copywrited by the Vatican how can you claim it as yours, you cannot claim something that is not yours, they already copywrited it?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. People are being murdered in front of our eyes every day, their natural resources stolen by force, or poisoned, because People allow this to go on. Just turn on the news and watch. People are being murdered because we have not stood up collectively and said enough is enough. People are led by propaganda media to hate each other for petty BS. Men and Women sign up every day to participate in the US WAR MACHINE.

      Are people going to be murdered because I claim back my Name and Estate, gifted to me by my mother and father? I think not. Yes it has cost a lot of monopoly money. Not so much the Recording of Documents but the learning in the midst of a crisis brought on by these Criminals. I don't care what they do in LEGAL FICTIONLAND or "What NAME" they copyrighted. I had my Name first and I'm thankful my mother is not here to learn of this Fraud. I wouldn't want to experience the sight of that "Mama Bear" being Poked.

      I surrendered the FEDERAL PERSON they created and they can do whatever they want with it, but I know one thing for sure I will never raise my hand and say "Yeah that's me" ever again.

      There are people dedicating their lives to helping others learn. It is a full time job. Are people asking for compensation for their time? Sure. Is anyone twisting your arm to pay for the information? No. All the information is out there, but does everyone have the time to dedicate to looking up all this information or watching Youtube 24/7? Probably not. Paying for someone to help you with any of this goes back to "Buyer Beware". I'm glad I didn't have the funds to "Pay" someone else because now No one can take away this education.

      They turned each one of us into a DEAD LEGAL FICTION FRANCHISE, and we run that FRANCHISE for them every day and unless we each come home to the Land they will profit from our energy while we pay for debt that was never ours in the first place.

      People are being murdered every day because we aren't coming home to the land. So do we stay the Land of the "WALKING DEAD" or do we participate and change things. If People continue to wait to see if it works when somebody else does it, they will always get what they always got. The ultimate definition of Insanity.


      Seems like it is a no Brainer which side of the fence to stand on, but we each have free will and have the right to choose for ourselves. It is certainly real live people running the AGENCIES causing harm.

      I have learned one thing, it's impossible to straddle the fence. Can we operate in LEGAL FICTIONLAND? Yes. But not as the FRANCHISE that belongs to the STATE!
      Peace and Love to all as you each find your way. I asked the Creator for clarity and it was granted.

    2. So very well said Annie, thank you!!