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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Yes, of Course, I Noticed.....

By Anna Von Reitz

I am not clueless or unaware of American History.  Of course, I recognized the name "Gould".  I even noticed all the transliterations: "Gold" and "Ghouled"---as in someone possessed. Sure.

But, I don't judge people by race, creed, ethnicity, age, sex....or, in this case, by family history. 

I judge people one by one by one--- and just for themselves, according to what they say, and even more importantly, what they do.

Russell-J:Gould is an exceptional man and everything I said about him is true; but, unfortunately, Benedict Arnold was an exceptional man, too. 

It isn't our family that dictates our ends. Our own decisions, our own weaknesses, our own strengths determine that.  I would have happily worked with Russell and helped him to achieve much, if not all, that he told me he wanted to achieve.

I am very, very sad that all this has happened, and that he became involved in an attack on American soil and on innocent Alaskans, including me.  But the evidence is the evidence ---and the evidence is compelling. 


  1. Evidence is critical it seems to me. Honest people can become imprisoned due to lack of any evidence. Crooks can succeed by spoiling evidence or manufacturing false witness (s). No evidence no case, aside from other corruptions like bribery and false law educations. Lying is like "fly now pay later" so at first some may think the get the long end of the stick yet in the long run great sorrow and jaw grinding, the reward of being fed justice by God will be their earnings. How often do you find your self seeking out a liar thinking that is good business? Would that even make sense, hire a liar and a thief to take care of you place all you have worked for? While love and justice may be slow, they are not small and among the virtues love is highest. Once one knows and then chooses to do wrong......

  2. I am very, very sad that all this has happened, and that he became involved in an attack on American soil and on innocent Alaskans, including me. But the evidence is the evidence ---and the evidence is compelling.
    whilethere is no obligation, but anna didn't provide any evidence i can see. how do we know this is not a "Frame"?

    i have no dog in this fight [x], but that is common tactic: the "Bad guys" get caught, business as usual.

    [x] "landowners only" is the "jural assemblies" it looks like.

    likewise, i see no evidence this was "human created"

    show the docs, if you claim so. was this covered in a previous blog post?

    again, there is no obligation, but not seeing anything but "hearsay" here. perhaps anna's hearsay is worth more than others, but them's the "Evidence" rules.

    [*] one of my "common law trial" book says borderline "hearsay" can be ALLOWED, the unwritten rule seemed to be, can the other side "testify" themselves? hence cross-examination.

    1. david wynn miller had "the lord's prayer" in parse on his website, so a few weeks ago i informed him that is probably "satan" [*]

      without evidence, we might as well just chalk this up to "our father attacks our father"

      because he is a "jealous" father.

      [*] holy ghost makes much more sense as "father". then you dont have "jesus has 2 dads" and "son of man" antichrist nonsense, etc.

      if you dont believe in "original sin" then that kind of defeats the whole story, pure/innocent "mary", "jesus" only begotten having to save people, etc.

      when masons/mormons and "novus ordo catholics" all do the same "spirit" and "our father" and "son of man" that should tell people something.

      when "we dont believe in original sin" teams up with the guilt-complex "original sin" people, that should tell you something.

      i will not stoop to pat robertson levels of "after the fact prophecy" but when we have 99% of people worshipping satan knowingly or unknowingly, bad things can be expected.

      i have no idea if russel jay gould also loved/loves "the lord".

      however, his PDFs e.g. rogue sabre, are full of lashing out at vatican imposters. as are many of anna's inquisitions.

    2. like 1/2 of anna's postings, like the supposedly collapsed roman trusts people, russel gould also seemed to be yet another person who is tricked into attacking a fake "vatican" and fake "pope" etc. because he is ignorant of dogma.

      in that regard, i can totally see him being tricked into a "useful idiot" thing.

      i dont know why this is so hard for some people. noone else has valid office. why would the "pope" ? just another vacant seat.

    3. anna still hasn't figured out "the pope" has no office, and while she is unliekly to physically attack anyone out of the blue, it looks quite easy to deceive some people.

      russell jay gould may very well have been another "Deceived" person.

    4. look how easy it is to trick (paraphrase) "there is no scam i havent seen before" anna.

      i am withholding any opinion on gould for time being.

    5. Book - "DARK GENIUS OF WALL STREET The Misunderstood Life of Jay Gould, King of the Robber Barons" Authored by: Edward J. Renehan, Jr.

      Page 215 ". . . Early in 1873, Jay made the acquaintance of a man who was to become one of his great collaborators over the next nineteen years . . . Russell Sage."


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