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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Co-Inhabiting Nations

By Anna Von Reitz

There is nothing difficult to understand about our situation.  Cats and dogs can inhabit the same house, though they are of distinctly different nations:

Please note the definition of "Nation" from Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, and especially note the little "exception" ----- "generally, but not necessarily, living under the same government and sovereignty":

"A people, or aggregation of men, existing in the form of an organized jural society, inhabiting a distinct portion of the earth, speaking the same language, using the same customs, possessing historic continuity, and distinguished from other like groups by their racial origin and characteristics, and generally, but not necessarily, living under the same government and sovereignty. See Montoya v. U. S., 180 U. S. 201, 21 Sup. Ct 358, 45 L. Ed. 521; Worcester v. Georgia, 6 Pet. 539, 8 L. Ed. 483; Republic of Honduras v. Soto, 112 N. Y. 310, 19 N. E. 845, 2 L. R. A. 042, 8 Am. St. Rep. 744. Besides the element of autonomy or self-government, that is, the independence of the community as a whole from the interference of any foreign power in its affairs or any subjection to such power, it is further necessary to the constitution of a nation that it should be an organized jural society, that is, both governing its own members by regular laws, and defining and protecting their rights, and respecting the rights and duties which attach to it as a constituent member of the family of nations. Such a society, says Vattel, has her affairs and her interests ; she deliberates and takes resolutions in common; thus becoming a moral person, who possesses an understanding and will peculiar to herself, and is susceptible of obligations and rights. Vattel."

So, America, at first blush, doesn't seem to pass the test to be a nation as we are not united by any single similar racial origin or characteristics, though we are united by a well-stated and well-defined moral imperative and Will asserting the existence and the value of universally held "natural and unalienable rights" belonging to Mankind as a whole, and we do live together in geographically defined areas enabling us to establish a "national identity" as, for example, Floridians or Texans. 

Thus, unlike other nations who declare their nationality based on unique racial and ethnic characteristics, in America, our "nationhood" depends on shared ideals and where we live--- on our values and the geographic location where we make our permanent home, instead of our blood and religion and ethnic heritage.

Like proverbial cats and dogs and guinea pigs, our country has been co-inhabited by approximately 248 Native American Nations, by British Territorial Citizens and by American State Nationals, all sharing the same geographic space since the beginning.

The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, describes the American State Nationals as "the free, sovereign and independent people of the United States" and then also refers to the "Inhabitants" --- the British Territorial Citizens who remained on our shores after the Revolution to provide, as the Constitutions later put it, "essential government services". 

These are people from separate nations co-inhabiting the same geographic space, one group that is permanently at home here and supposed to be self-governing, and the other group that is "residing" here on a purportedly temporary basis to provide us with essential government services, all of whom are subject to the Queen.

And then you have all the Native Nations.

So....248 Native Nations.....50 States.....1 Territorial Democracy with 50 State of State franchises....1 Municipal Oligarchy with 50 (totally unauthorized) STATE OF STATE franchises..... if this was a bowl of jelly beans there would be at least 400 different colored jelly beans representing different "nations" co-inhabiting our space. 

And it gets crazier still, as at least one totally foreign country, Morocco, has --by treaty-- preserved the right of any American to declare himself a "Moor" instead.

You would think that some enterprising History or Social Studies or Civics teacher along the way would have bothered to explain this complex reality we live with every day, but no. 

I think of this Melting Pot as a wonderful stew combining all the strengths and beauties and resources and traditions of all the world's cultures in a unique way.  I think our complete and utter lack of homogeneity is our silver lining, the thing that buffers us, come what may. 

I think of the Navajo Code-Talkers in World War II.  I think of our Japanese-American troops fighting in Europe for the country they loved, despite being shamefully mistreated at home.   I think of being able to touch down in almost any city in America and savor the cuisines and traditions of the whole world.

It's unique and I love it, and I don't mind that we are all a "bunch of mutts", because it makes us stronger and more adaptable, more multi-faceted, more aligned, and more engaged. It brings us closer to everyone else, even if we never step foot outside of Buffalo, New York.

So here's to the 400 nations (give or take a few) and the 50 States and the one country that we all live in and which despite everything, we love.

And now you are in a better position to understand what has happened.

We have been misidentified as "U.S. Citizens" --- that is, as British Subjects, merely "residing" here on a temporary basis.  Various records have been falsified to that effect, and unless and until we object and take exception to that, that is the political status "presumed and conferred" upon us. 

Why?  Because the British Monarchs acting in Breach of Trust and various corrupt American politicians, most especially Franklin Delano Roosevelt, have contrived to pull a fast one and press-gang us into the service of the British Empire for the duration of a war that ended in 1945.

Once these legal presumptions were in place they just stayed in place and the British Monarchs in control of the British Territorial United States and the Popes in charge of the Municipal United States continued to ride us like horses in the name of only God knows what besides criminality and greed.

They have stolen-embezzled-transferred trillions of dollars worth of American labor, natural resources, and commodities that they can't repay, and more importantly, they have cost millions of innocent lives in endless wars for profit and mercenary conflicts like the so-called Civil War and the "Vietnam Conflict" and "the Cold War". 

They have done this in Gross Breach of Trust via the unauthorized and unreasonable creation of public trusts that they have plundered under color of law.

So, if you don't care for this to continue and don't wish to be treated as a slave of the Queen in your own country, then it is high time that you woke up, smelled the java, looked around, and realized that what I am telling you is true ---and that you need to set the record straight about your political status as an American State National and re-claim your own good name and estate and get involved in restoring and participating in your own jural assembly.


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  1. Now that is an explanation that perhaps should have preceded so many other posts. It makes comprehension so much easier. Thank you Anna!

    1. true outside of one large mistake that should be researched properly and that is of the Moors; not a strange foreign nation, quite the contrary, i think you will find as with most things in life that it was reversed. with a little due diligence, you will find that mecatur maps turned upside down, new world may have been the old world, black meant white in the 1800's dictionaries and "whites" were from afrika/europe and moor aboriginals were already here. but glad to see anna FINALLY mention them, wow took a while, not sure why. read when rocks cry out, the george washington letters and congresional records; they would actually call the sultan magnanimous and possibly morocco was ALOT closer than you think. it is there for those with eyes to see and ears to hear...happy hunting

    2. I discovered the Moors down south vast history thru following the Montauk Project out on Long Island in the late '90s🖒☻🎶

    3. @Dan Carpenter...had you been involved and started reading from the beginning , younwould have this info imprinted in your DNA... but welcome you know my burden

    4. @Patriot58... My intention was that Anna's explanation made it much easier for 'we' in the know, to show others who are having difficulty with most of these posts. I have this info imprinted on my DNA and for a long time. We share the same burden.

      I love Larken Rose's explanation in the video of "The Tiny Dot" 7 yrs ago. It is time to circle the wagons and send this tiny dot on its way. The bully has gotten out of hand.

  2. alanedward says;

    I think the word you are looking for is; Suzerainty (/ˈsjuːzərənti/ or /ˈsjuːzərɛnti/) is a situation in which a powerful region or people controls the foreign policy and international relations of a tributary vassal state while allowing the subservient nation internal autonomy.[1] The dominant entity in the suzerainty relationship, or the more powerful entity itself, is called a suzerain. The term suzerainty was first used to refer to the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and its surrounding regions. It differs from sovereignty in that the tributary enjoys some (often limited) self-rule.

    A suzerain can also refer to a feudal lord, to whom vassals must pay tribute. Although the concept has existed in a number of historical empires, it is considered difficult to reconcile with 20th- or 21st-century concepts of international law, in which sovereignty either exists or does not. While a sovereign nation can agree by treaty to become a protectorate of a stronger power, modern international law does not recognize any way of making this relationship compulsory on the weaker power.

    Except through the “Voluntary” [extortionate] licensing and registration system.

    US Constitution; Article 1, Sec 10, Clause 1, No State shall pass any laws impairing the obligations of contracts.

    The rights of the individuals are restricted only to the extent that they have been voluntarily surrendered by the citizenship to the agencies of government. City of Dallas v Mitchell, 245 S.W. 944

    Even then, there can be No inequity involved what so ever by the offeror or the offeror’s partners known or unknown for there to be ANY legitimacy to any agreement or contract.

  3. Have a watch and see just where this is headed
    According to the UN Data is the NEW GOLD
    And all of our data is being used along with these computing devices to assist them in achieving their end game
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. Go watch the documentary The Human Face of Big Data came out in 2015
    We know why they want a laptop and a cell phone in every kids lap now don't we
    Same thing with 3G, 4G, 5G it;s all about the video I left above
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. We lived with the arrangement of two distinct governments our contintinal congress and post office in Philadelphia and the british congress in NYC.the stronghold of British Wallstreet .
    1812 our contintinal congress archive room was burned by British agents.
    but still we prospered became rich half the students of Harvard were southern .
    Then the molto jew homosxual.RR attorney pen pal of t Karl Marx threatened the south withblood in the sstreets if we succeed from the union.
    as usall falce flag created the excuse to make good on his threat.
    and the Congress passed the act of 1871 (create a body corperate ) take over by law of the sea law all unlawful non of it ratificatied.
    but like all the murdering defacto you have the guns and set on the throne .well all the right and wrong takes a back seat.
    until a critical mass takes action and based on moral high ground.

  6. Agreed Dan!! Thank You Anna!!

    We must begin to Clearly See How we have allowed ourselves to Be Willing "Parties" AS We have been "Accepting/acknowledging" ALL Commercial "ADHESION CONTRACTS" AS "ADDRESSED" "PARTIES" on their FACE via the "UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE" Masking/Diminishing Our Original Land, Sea, Air Natural Jurisdictions In Lawful/Legal Wholly Authority and True Standing-Natural Living Capacity Via The "Envelopes" as the Unknowing/unsuspected "CONTRACTS" That they ARE, to our criminal(False witnesses acceptance) detriment, and for their Commercial "Bonding" As Custodial "False Prophets/Graven Images" to the "Terms and Conditions" (Contents) of the "Contract Envelope" Vainly Masking (Hidden Intentionally to Deceive and Trap aka; the True Trojan Horse Modus Operandi) We must start Seeing Beyond the Shallow, False Appearances OF All "Nuances" hiding In Plain Sight and Start Being Completely Transparent with All Our own Works/Deeds, True Intentions to Be Presented/Addressed on The Face (Envelope/Contracts), In Proper Authority Order To Establish our Proper Authority-Standing-Directives accordingly Through our True Court of Land Records
    "Filed" In our Nation States Post Office In Private "trade" Works/Deeds correctly for complete Re-storation IN Proper Order In Proper "Presentment" Form, to Now Be Seen, Heard and Authentically, Certifiable, Wholly Competent For True, Honest accountable Enforcement by and Between all "Addressed Parties" in their Obligated Public/Private Offices/Capacities Now. We Must take the Time To See, Learn, and Change the way we "Be and Do" All Moderating As True and Prudent Living "Fiduciary" duties appropriately and accordingly Now. The United States Post Office IS our ONLY True Court of ALL Tax EXEMPT Public Notice Recorded Communications as Living Souls(NOT DEAD ENTITIES) and ALL Private Trade business. We ARE the Living Asset Makers/Creators of ALL Contracts, so we must Learn to "ADDRESS" each "Line Item" of the "Parties" on the Contract Envelope to Correctly and accordingly Administer your Inherited estate Now, to achieve the Original Purpose and Functions as Naturally Ordered and intended, Peaceful reconciliation and balanced accounting For/In All Now.

    We Must Choose to Create New Honest, completely transparent on THEIR Face Contracts/Agreements Now and Honor our Own Words/Intentions from our "Contents" Included Within Now.

    More to come.....

    Much Gratitude, True Awareness, Unconditional Love, and Faithfilled Peace Be For All Now

    1. Kelli, could you please restate what you are attempting to convey in proper written English? As in no DOG LATIN, no random initial capitalization of words, no THIS/THAT,and with all thoughts written in complete sentences?

  7. Ya ever notice the pope is always involved, no matter what century, no matter what age or era? Nothing new under the sun?

  8. Kim has shown herself to be rather shallow in not allowing adverse commentsry to appear on her website...unlike heroic Paul Stramer♭♯

  9. In reality, this world has no true reality. What we perceive as real, is actually a bunch of world leaders, politicians and elitists all just roll playing. They all attained their power from early Times when the population was scant and have passed power down from generation to generation. They all view this entire world as their chess board. Keep that in mind. Its very important to think the way they think.

    Every single thing they have ever done, and are doing now, and will continue to do, is to Roll Play. They do this by engineering every single thing that they do. Wars were and are all engineered by them, just to stir things up and for their own entertainment in this charade.
    The Great Depression was another one of their serious Rolls they Played out, just for sport. Everything they do is just for sport......while The People are trying to handle the repercussions with a serious tone. (while they laugh at us, I suppose)

    Dont believe this? What did y'all see this past week: Every one sitting there knew very well the b'tard in the casket (IF there really was anything in that casket) was a criminal, yet they all played their Rolls didn't they? And the gullible ones from off the streets lined up like dummies to 'pay their respects''.
    Still, the lauding and praising and parading and fantasy went on for days. (I wore out my On and Off button on the Remote). They all played their Roles well. Yet they are all just as worthless contributors to the betterment of mankind as the worthless Roll Playing so-called ''royals'' of the world are. They are nothing but Roll Playing at Life.

    The point is, 'they' only live to manipulate the entire world to their liking, or to their design, and for their own different than sitting down to a Game of Chess; that is what Life is to them. Its a Joke, or just a Game. It is Fantasy; play time, to them....and they don't care who they harm, kill or punish as long as it is fun time to them.
    They have never EVER intended to make the world better for the general population, and this is why ''things never get any better''. Reality is the World is their Chess Board, the People are the Pieces waiting to get picked off at their pleasure or wit, and 'they' are the only ones moving us around; The Players. The Roll Players are the elitists and leaders of one kind or another, or hold positions of some sort of power. Unless you are one of 'them' you (and I) are just pieces on the world stage they view as a chess board which they think they rule over to their hearts content.
    (Wait till they find out how that didn't work out so well for them, lol.
    Like Gomer Pyle used to say ''surprise, surprise, surprise'.)

  10. So, America, at first blush, doesn't seem to pass the test to be a nation
    that's why they shoved the military flag and "pledge" down your throats. "one nation".


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