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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Please Note:

By Anna Von Reitz

I am highly irritated by people who don't read what I actually write, and then comment on it unfavorably based on what I didn't in fact say. 
Here's an example.

I have had people commenting that, of course, the British United States has a life of its own. After all, isn't Puerto Rico a (bankrupt) British Commonwealth? 
Yes, indeed it is. The more is the pity for the Puerto Ricans.

What I said was this:

"The Federal Government does not have any life of its own. It functions on Delegated Powers with respect to us, and it has recently lost those Delegated Powers as a result of its own mismanagement."

Note the small but important phrase, "with respect to us".

The British Territorial United States must be viewed in context, and I very clearly stated my context---- "with respect to us" --- meaning the actual States and People of the Federal Union that they, the "citizens" of the British Territorial United States are supposed to be providing Good Faith "essential government services" to. And are not.

Likewise, nothing I said about the gold in the Philippines implied that "all" the gold cashiered in the Philippines belongs to us. But we do know how much was shipped there and what does belong to us and we want it back, payable to The United States of America, our member States and People. 
We also take objection to the Talon(g)s claim to own the Philippines; having once sold the Philippine Islands to us in 1898, and never having purchased it back with blood or money, we find their claims unfounded and offensive.

There was plenty of American blood spilled on top of everything else to secure and reclaim the Philippines in World War II, and we have never been repaid for that, either.

Their presumption in claiming our estates in 1953 for the British and Spanish Monarchies, after failing their Fiduciary duties to notify us and acting in pure, gross Breach of Trust, is odious in the extreme. 
They and other parties have been making use of our assets in our "absence" and have not by any means functioned as faithful stewards, whereupon we note that the probate of our estates never closes and now that we are "home" again, must be provided back to us, free and clear of debt and encumbrance, together with all leases, fees, tithes, insurances, and other payments due the lawful landlords.

We are not acting in any oppressive or unfair way.

We are simply demanding our due, the return of our assets, and no further monkey business.

Everyone read that twice to be sure what I actually said.


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  1. alanedward says;

    “To protect and enforce the rights to property the object of suits in Chancery.”

    "No fiduciary should ever be able to wipe out the interests of the beneficiary"
    Richard A. Epstien. James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Law and Senior Lecturer.

    "Equity imputes an intent to fulfill an obligation."
    Generally speaking, near performance of a general obligation will be treated as sufficient unless the law requires perfect performance.

  2. I feel like I am one of the few who actually has read all of your articles , Anna. It is tiresome explaining to people how yhey are wrong.
    In spite of the breathtaking ignorance of most everyone, I will never give up the battle.

    1. And all 3 books, youtube videos, emails back and forh and phone conversations...not an expert but I am involved far more than most.z

  3. The 'Everything Bubble" Has Popped:
    Getting closer? Can ya feel it?

  4. Many a money manager got sued for acting unethical . Elected officials are require strict adherence to the constitution .
    However the Lufkin case they changed the wording from in the ( intention ) to according .
    And there is no specific details thus a back door built.

  5. If this Economist is right the SDR ( special drawing rights) will be used in place of the USD and become the Principal Reserve Asset in the International Monetary system- as soon as Dec 2018 utilizing a " NEW" worldwide banking system called " Distributed Ledger Technololgy"
    Quoting Mr Rickards;
    “Distributed Ledgers have recently emerged as a key technology supporting multiple applications. The potential exists to transform payments and securities settlement… by offering currency substitutes.”
    effectively replacing the USD.The IMF has a special taskforce working with the Treasury, the UN, and others...
    Of course they want you to subscribe to the newsletter and such but the info is informative...AND it IS happening....

  6. I help you plow your field to grow...
    You exchange Crops of life Etc..,!
    Are you still wanting money?

  7. The atrocities committed in our " absence"... We are BACK and undoing the wrongs upon humanity.
    Where do we start?

  8. Patriot 58 you said it best. It's utterly amazing how incredibly ignorant the human race has become.


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