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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Eight Days In

By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight when I got home, I found dinner waiting for me and a glass of red wine poured in the only wine glass left in the house, never mind that the base of it is chipped.

I had to laugh.

Remember the old saying about whether the glass is half empty or half full?  The actual point is that the glass can hold liquid, and can be refilled again.

And that's about where we are in Alaska.  Three of our schools won't reopen this school year, scores of stores and other business locations are still not reopened. 

In the midst of this, the imbecile Commander of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, who failed his duty to protect us from a scalar weapons attack, has kept up a constant unremitting practice artillery bombardment for a solid week. 

Only God knows how many of the over 2,000 "after-shocks" are actually attributable to heavy artillery rounds being shot off by this cretin, no doubt for some idiot reason like, "Uh, we have to use up the rounds by the end of the year or we won't get new supplies."

Can you imagine?  We've all just lived through a 7.0 Earthquake, and we suffer with unnecessary artillery bombardments that shake the ground for a solid week afterward? 

Exactly who is in charge of the insane asylum? 


  1. Go down there and order him to stop.

  2. And so we begin to address what has been my concern all along. . .the ability, or apparent inability, to enforce our claims when there is in fact no one left BUT US to enforce them. We can not appeal to a 911 call to the authorities to remove the thieves and murderers from our homes. In fact, the theives and murderers have apparently convinced the largest part of the guys with badges and guns that it is in fact US who are theiving and murdering, and they are mostly coming to lock us up or kill us, whichever is more expedient for the current purposes. Most of us have never had to fight, actually fight with weapons and ill intent, to save our hides. Thanks to a stubborn streak and an inability to shut up at critical moments, I have. And all I'm saying is how do we enforce our claims without violence? Isn't all power, absent violent action or threat, merely illusory anyway? Paul wrote, "Don't you know you are slaves to whom you obey?" This makes me consider the absurdity of slavery as it concerns the liberty written in the hearts of men. Slavery is an illusion, too, isn't it? Until they actually kill you? Then you are free indeed, of course. I don't know what to think about most of this anymore. We get into discussions about aliens and demons and shit and while I have ideas on these matters, they seem relatively moot unless the knowledge can be openly discovered, shared, and discussed. At this point, most of that discussion is, at least in my mind, too far out on the esoteric front for me to take seriously with my logic and I have to resort to the Holy Spirit, and frankly, the Spirit has been telling me these are some dangerous discussions and ideas, times, people, and events. Dangerous isn't necessarily bad.. .but it always carries an enormously bad potential in its back pocket. Are we a dangerous movement, as seems to be the inclination of many folks? Is that a bad thing? If not, how do we ever get things out of this mess if the actual criminals continue to run the prison?

    1. Tim, why are you in such a conundrum about the Times we are now in? Have you not come to the understanding of End Times.....yet? It is all so very plain, both in the written word AND by simple observation and consideration.
      Plus, what I wrote yesterday - those of the elitist faction, those old family names and their brood thru out the generations, have control and ownership of everything. They have even used the world as their chess board and ''move the pieces around at their whim'.
      This is why The People can never get anything accomplished; and once you get this all clear in Mind, then it all makes sense, and frustration is gone. This is why I can, and do, just tend to my own daily living, and my own associations and efforts toward the daily betterment of my own life. This venue is a mere sideline for me, as it does not pertain to me. In fact this venue is becoming a thing of the past as it will serve me no benefit. (an important key to remember is, 'when something is not working, why continue in those same ways')
      2 Timothy 3 is now in play.

    2. From Anna Von Reitz:

      Danger is as danger does. If we all wise up we are still the most powerful country in the world and we still own most of the rest of it.

    3. How long have we been living in the so called end times.Answer to my own question: 60 years-all my life.

    4. If we all would wise up we'd realize we are not the most powerful country in the world. I believe russia is, as they have geared up their entire military power while ''we'' have been going around being bully of the world and let our ''power' slip thru our fingers. Its time to get up to date and stop repeating slogans from the past; its tantamount to saying 'we are the richest country in the world', while the fact is, we are bankrupt. That one has to go, too.
      Sorry, but we live under the gov. that is visible, not one that is ''just on paper somewhere'.

    5. Abby preaching her NONSENSICAL ongoing end timer bs here again...

      AD 500 At the mid-fifth century, Vandal invasions recalled calculations that the world would end in the year 500, 6000 years after Creation, and spurred new calculations to show that the name of the Vandal king Genseric represented 666: the number of the Beast. --Apoc pg 34

      AD 500 Hippolytus of Rome, a third-century theologian supported the oft-accepted (for the day) view of the end of the world occuring sometime around the year AD 500. He used a mass of scriptural evidence, including the dimensions of the ark of the covenant. --TIME pg 31

      AD 500 Roman theologian Sextus Julius Africanus (ca. 160-240) predicted the second coming of Jesus in the year 500.

      AD 500 The theologian Irenaeus predicted the second coming of Jesus in the year 500.

      AD 590 Bishop Gregory of Tours, who died in AD 594, calculated the Time of the End for sometime between 799 and 806. --Apoc pg 48

      AD 793 Elipand, bishop of Toledo, accused Beatus, abbot of Liebana, of having prophesied the end of the world. Beatus made the prediction on Easter Eve, predicting the end of the world that very night, sparking a riot. --Apoc 49-50

      AD 800 Sextus Julius Africanus predicted the second coming of Jesus in the year 800.

      AD 800 Beatus of Liébana, not having learned anything from the riot he started in 793, wrote in his Commentary on the Apocalypse that the world would end in the year 800 at the latest.

      AD 806 Bishop Gregory of Tours predicted the world would end between 799 and 806.

      Ad 848 The Christian prophetess Thiota predicted the world would end in 848.


  3. Rand Paul not called to a FBI. brief had a mini presser out side the room .congress needs to approve all (wars).
    And briefed on all FBI/CIA.operations ect...
    might add and get your defacto illegitimate bankrupt corperations out .

  4. Field McConnell has a lot to say about the Bush family -

  5. Not a lot being mentioned about you guys in Alaska after the initial shock. And to hear them tell it, not much damage.
    Kind of like the DEW fires in Paradise Lost. We don't hear anymore about that. So many homes and lives lost. Crickets.. On to the next chaos to make us look at " this, not that"!.
    Has anyone watched the movie "Game of Thrones"? Anyone who has seen it can start reflecting back and it our new reality?


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