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Monday, September 17, 2018

First Fraud, Second Fraud, Kavanaugh Proves His Prowess --- and Gets My Approval

By Anna Von Reitz

The essence of the First Fraud against Americans is that when we say "United States" we are using the original meaning of the words --- as in "the states united under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence" --- but when THEY, the Federales, say "United States" they are always referring to some version of the Federal United States, Territorial United States, or Municipal United States.  They don't know or don't allow that any other version of "United States" exists, until you haul out the actual Declaration of Independence and rub their noses in it.  

When my Mother repudiated their claims, she very clearly enunciated exactly what she meant by "United States" versus what THEY meant by "United States". She also tackled the word "citizen" and pointed out that Americans live in state republics and that we can either function as "nationals" of those republics and have no official duties or we can act as "State Citizens" when we occupy a public office and work for one of our state republics.  And in no case do the state republics allow Dual Citizenship.  Put a big star by that fact.  So far as our state republics are concerned, you are either for us or against us. No wishy-washy.  You are an American or you are not. 

So, if you are an American, you can be a "state national" known as a Virginian or a Wisconsinite or Californian and have no official duties or obligations to the government at all.  Or, you can work for the state republic in a Public Office --- such as a Justice of the Peace or Public Notary --- in which case you are a "State Citizen".  

Those are the only two options for an American, even though in a general sense, people talk about being "from the United States" ---meaning all the states as a group, it is more exact and proper to say that we are from The United States of America.  Note that "Americans" come from "America" and if we take up any international office in behalf of all our States, we are acting as "citizens" of The United States of America---- not what the Federales refer to as the United States.  

This is also why there are two different kinds of Passports --- those issued under the auspices of The United States of America  for those of us who live in the States and those issued under the auspices of the United States for those who live in the Territorial or Municipal United States.   

The Second Fraud against Americans occurs because the Federal United States is supposed to exercise nineteen enumerated "Powers" of our States "for" us.  They are all powers that belong to our States of the Union and they are all "Powers" arising in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  We "contracted out" those functions when we signed off on the Constitutions --- all three of them: Federal in 1787, Territorial in 1789, and Municipal in 1790.  

So these "Enumerated Powers" are actually our powers, but they are being exercised for us by subcontractors.  The subcontractors we hired to do this were the Federal United States, the Territorial United States, and the Municipal United States, each with specific limited duties and roles to fulfill.  

Unfortunately, the Federal United States organized under The Articles of Confederation ceased to function in 1860 and has been moth-balled "pending Reconstruction" ever since.  

The Territorial United States operated by the British Government usurped itself into position to take over the role of the Federal United States in Gross Breach of Trust and Contract and has been exercising the so-called "Delegated Powers" to our detriment ever since. 

Still later, the Municipal United States operated by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation got into the act, so that nineteen of our most important international functions have been commandeered and have been exercised to our detriment by foreign  "federal" subcontractors purported to be acting "for" us and under our authority. 

This then leads to the confusion used to promote the Second Fraud.  We have four entities, The United States, which is the original Union formed under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, the moth-balled Federal United States, the British-run Territorial United States, and the Municipal United States all being referred to as "United States", so when asked if you are a "United States Citizen" or a "citizen of the United States" --- it can mean any of several different things.  

For Americans, by definition, "US Citizen" can only mean that you owe duty to the original United States ---- "The United States".  

For Federal Citizens --- employees or dependents of any of the "federal" entities --- it means being subject to the Queen if you are inhabiting the Territorial "United States", or being subject to the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation if you are inhabiting the Municipal "United States". 

But which is which and what do you mean by it?   If I say I am a "horse" I leave the door open to all sorts of assumptions and presumptions about what kind of horse. And that is precisely what has gone on here.   

It has been convenient and very profitable for the British Territorial Government to presume that when you check a box on a form saying that you are a "US Citizen" that you are a Territorial United States Citizen, and not an American merely meaning that you have an allegiance to The United States.  This subjects you to the British Queen, makes you liable for her debts,  and instantly deprives you of your constitutional protections.  

The same thing happens with the Municipal United States and its corporate "Government".  The presumption that you are a Municipal United States CITIZEN subjects you to the whims of the Municipal United States CONGRESS, makes you liable for their debts, and also deprives you of your constitutional protections. 

Obviously, you have to be extremely explicit about what you mean by it when you say you are a "United States Citizen" or better still, avoid all that confusion and explain that you are a national of The United States of America and not under any citizenship obligation at all. 

For an intriguing and enlightening expose of this whole issue, observe the word-play going on between Lindsey Graham and Supreme Court Justice Nominee Kavanaugh: 

Both these men know that "Americans" are exempt from prosecution in military tribunals and by the military's own admission we are owed The Law of Peace: AR 27-161-1 so long as we properly identify ourselves.  Every senior JAG officer worth his or her salt knows this, and here we have two of them on opposite ends of the stick. 

What court and system of justice and form of law is owed to all the non-Federal, non-citizen civilians indicted for pedophilia, human trafficking, and related crimes?  And what is the status of Territorial United States Citizens versus Municipal United States CITIZENS facing these same Tribunals?  

Technically, so-called "Federal Grand Juries" and federated State of State Grand Juries can't even address an American National, nor can they produce a "jury of our peers" from their jury pools. 

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have thus far evaded arrest by seeking safe-harbor in our jurisdiction, thinking that The United States of America is uninhabited and that our judicial system is so far decayed that we cannot possibly arrest and prosecute them under the Public Law.  But we can.  And that is the actual, factual answer to the veiled debate going on between Graham and Kavanaugh.   

Americans are owed the Public Law, which means the Un-Revised United States Statutes-at-Large, and the General Session Laws of their States.  In any military tribunal we are owed The Law of Peace ---- and only regarding issues that are legitimately within military jurisdiction.  

Obviously, the crimes of soldiers and corporate officials are within military jurisdiction, and just as obviously, the crimes of Joe Average are not. 

The Truth about the "Injustice System" that the US Attorney General's Office has been running and the railroading of Americans into federal jurisdiction is about to break out, because the high ranking criminals will expose it rather than be tried themselves. 

Our land jurisdiction Grand Juries can present charges against Americans and indictments against Federales, both.  And this is the end of the Great Fraud --- when enough Americans understand the importance of reclaiming their birthright political status and restoring the right functioning of their government, well-educated pirates and criminals will no longer be able to play "jurisdictional hop-scotch" and escape prosecution for actual crimes--- and equally,  hapless, innocent Americans will no longer be mis-construed as any kind of Federal citizen and railroaded into federal courts. 

And here is one other crucial Fun Fact:  even though we see all sorts of Municipal Courts, "Family" Courts, Traffic Courts, etc., and all sorts of "State of State" and "STATE OF STATE" courts ---- all of these courts are bringing their prosecutions through the U.S. District Attorneys.  

So when Joe Blow, Bar Association Attorney, brings a "civil" case against you, he is not actually working in any kind of private capacity nor is he working for any Court that has any natural jurisdiction over you and he is not actually operating in any civilian capacity.  He is working as an adjunct to the U.S. District Attorney, who is the "Person" actually responsible for prosecuting you for any and every crime and infraction, from speeding tickets to murder. And they are doing absolutely all of this under the false presumption that you are a "citizen" of the Federal United States, Territorial United States or Municipal United States.  

It is for this reason that when you file your paperwork related to a court case in ANY court no matter what the Court is named or what jurisdiction it displays, that you send a copy to the U.S. District Attorney, informing him/her that you are an American National, that you are exercising your exemptions and have reclaimed your reversionary trust interest in your state and your natural birthright political status---- and are not "voluntarily" acting in any federal capacity at all.  Make sure that you carbon copy the whole package to everyone involved --- the Judge, the opposing attorney, the Clerk, and the District Attorney.  

When you go after these bastards, it will be the US District Attorney's Office responsible for failure to honor your exemption and your indemnification from loss and damage. 

The actual Prosecutors never read the case files.  This is so that they can maintain "plausible deniability".  If they get caught improperly prosecuting Americans under false presumptions and enforcing unconscionable contracts, they can plead that they never saw the evidence you provided the Clerk.  And the Clerk can plead that he or she has no duty to nurse-maid the Prosecutors. 

So you need to shove it down the throats of the US District Attorneys and they need to discipline the local Bar Attorneys and Judges, who have been getting rich racketeering and pillaging bogus PUBLIC TRUSTS.  

And everyone needs to look sharp and mind their hind-quarters. 

Please note: 

Graham: So, if you’re in Afghanistan, do your constitutional rights protect you against your own government?
Kavanaugh: If you’re an American in Afghanistan, you have constitutional rights as against the U.S. government.
See what is really being said?  If you are on foreign soil, do your constitutional rights protect you against you own government?  

You have to stop and ask yourself --- "What's my own government?" 

If you are an American, the Territorial United States is not "your own government".  It's a British entity.  And if this entity were your "own government", you would have no constitutional rights in Afghanistan or anywhere else.  If you are an American, the Municipal United States is not "your own government" --- ditto, ditto. 

Kavanaugh knows this, so he very properly responds -- "If you are an American in Afghanistan, you have constitutional rights as against the U.S. government." 

If --- and be prepared to prove it. 

American --- not a "US citizen".  

Against the U.S. government  --- not your own government, but a government under subcontract via the Territorial or Municipal Constitutions. 

Your own government in international jurisdiction is The United States of America [Unincorporated].  Know it, say it, make it explicit as a sharp knife.


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  1. The general public don't have a clue .
    I was on the national assembly call talking to Roger the narrator explaining that two congresses were operating simultaneously . One the british strong hold in. NYC.
    other contintinal congress in Philadelphia .
    War of 1812 the british congress using agents burned the records room in Philadelphia .
    And other agent's threatened the deputies of continental reps.then the british publishing Co the university press. Tried to erase out of existence our organic gov.

  2. Seems to me most still do not see the one world government is and has been here.
    It is not a thing to fear that is coming, It is here and growing.
    Church and State.

  3. C'mon Paul just turn off comments.

    1. Christos anointing oil=christ=christianity.

    2. I won't turn off comments yet because the original content each day tends to get us ranked much higher on the search engine results. What I am doing is a lot of deleting many times each day.
      People who use foul language, and anyone who logs in as "unknown" get deleted. So don't bother answering such people because your comments answering them either won't make sense or will get deleted also.

    3. Awesome job curating this site Paul keep up this great work and I agree with you regarding the comments:People who use foul language, or as "unknown" should be deleted.

  4. Who gives a rat's ass including you what the public agrees with...most on this blog having read all the posts and doing their own research are responsible for themselves, their political status and all that it entails... most informed people sadly know the "public" have been sheep and are grossly misinformed... but they are waking up....practice what you preach and live with the results....spouting about what others think or don;t think is a waste of energy and time...

    1. Pontius Pilate to Jesus -
      "What is the truth?"

    2. Its not a matter of who is the enemy... simply, they, the judicial branch has no jurisdiction or authority over an American National... it is proven in court rooms every day by those knowing and "standing" on their rightful birth given status... as stated... everyone has a right to choose their own poison....

    3. So true, free will is the only right we have left.
      Barely, which is the point... well said.

    4. We have free choices will is just another LIE....!!


    5. do you mean the federal judicial branch has no jurisdiction over an american state national, what about the state's judicial branch? if there is a victim less crime? or if one has harmed another?

  5. Only subject to 'governing authorities' if fully disclosed agreement/contract is disclosed and in place.
    That's why it's called: colorable

  6. For those who wish to know who Kim Gougen or Possible is and what her plans towards creating Soveregnty is about.
    This link is her and Thomas discussing it in detail.Enjoy. I will wait on filing papers in phony courts until her plan is emplemented.

    1. robert, I've listened to half of that, its long. And I have to say that Kim sounds very open about things, like she has nothing to hide but wishes to impart as much info as she can. She seems sincere.
      One thing I certainly don't/didn't agree with was whoever the people are that she said 'were stealing souls''and selling them. I'm afraid that is an impossibility, literally.
      Good info on there.

    2. Abby,well now you know, first hand. No more second hand opinions of Kim. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

    3. robert, I got the time to go back and listen to the other half of the audio. So I picked up a couple of Very Interesting little tidbits Kim tossed in, and I caught those, Lol. You may know what Im referring to. Both of those 'hints' confirmed my suspicions from quite a while back.

  7. I am not a fan of double work or things that could create more problems if done incorrectly.

    1. Hi robert, how's the trip going? I agree about double work, which I think it will turn out to be. I do not feel like making myself public and put on some List.
      As I see it, wash d.c. is the fed. gov and they only have jurisdiction in their own 10 sq. mile area and only have power over a short list of items; all else is left to the states.
      I am not a resident of d.c. never have been, but am a state resident and live in this jurisdiction.
      And even at that, it gets narrowed down to where my own city or county has first jurisdiction over me, even before my State and the federal doesn't even come into play.......officially.

      The fact that 'they' have stolen 'ownership' of me, is nothing but fraud. And so why should I have to free myself from their fraudulent doing.
      I still do not under stand why this cannot be taken to proper lawful entity and sued as Fraud and declared Null and Void across the boards. Done.
      Makes me wonder if some 'world court' refused to hear it or what? We don't know because we are being snubbed when we ask for an Update.

    2. I am on the trip now and it is going well. Thanks for asking.
      Have to say the area I was picked up in is now a location for drive by shootings, a lot of work is needed here. But glad to be back for a short visit. MY friends here a doing well.

  8. By the way,anyone on social Security, it will be backed up by the Kingdom of Mana. The present financial system will end up going away and the new Quatum Finacial Sytem will roll out, ending the Chase, Wells Fargo,and other fiat banking control, At the end of this month I am switching to a Credit Union Bank. Namaste.

    1. robert, first check with that Credit Union Bank, because many of them take your money yes, but then they themselves put it in one of the big your money is still in the hands of big banks just the same. So wouldn't hurt to ask that question.

    2. I believe it is a local bank, but you are correct, never hurts to check, Abby.

    3. @ Robert~ mana is the 'primary' word to chant reach the Causal Plane/Heaven🎶🤗

    4. Abby is right robert, the Credit Unions are still part of the Federal Reserve System....!! It's a monoply....Credit Unions are just touted as treating their customers better....but if the IRS tells them to take out a lien on the customer, you can bet they will do it just like Any other bank....!!

  9. To align myself with up coming events.

    1. Armus...u r a fascinating throwback of primal, but factual evil😅

      Your best friends r Zionists r they not?

      "Russia is holding Israel responsible for downing of troop transport plane
      A Russian IL-20 with 14 troops aboard was downed by Syria after 2 Israeli F-16's flew behind it to use it as cover during their attacks on Syria yesterday. The three planes looked like the same plane on radar and since the IL-20 was in front, the missile hit it instead of the F-16's. After the Syrians shot it down the F-16's ran away.
      At least Russia knows Israel was the aggressor, but with regard to Israel, Putin will sputter, drink a bottle of vodka and smash it afterward, sit with back to the wall, and cry."

  10. UCADIA,you have NO power here. BUG OFF.

  11. Truth,Honor and Integrity broadcast concerning fed reserve and banks

  12. bubbapatric regarding 99.9% who don't have a clue? Perhaps this % may not be correct. Each seeks their own way or path. Self-determination may be slow, but what's the alternative?
    "We prefer World Law in the age of Self-determination to the World War in the age of Mass Extermination."--John F. Kennedy Sarah Westall & Prime Minister David Williams rejoins the program to discuss current issues in the context of the U.S. Corporation and International laws of nations. Fixing the U.S. Government is an illusion, he says, and a task not understood by 99.9% of Americans.
    He shares his knowledge on self determination and how he believes this is the best way to change our circumstances and to create a better society for the future. David Williams is the Prime Minister and Head of State for the Dominion of Melchizedek. Before he became Prime Minister, he was the ambassador at large for the country from 2006 thru 2012. You can learn more about David Williams at
    research junkie, 10 months ago: As far as I can tell, anyone with a decent enough following who attempts to expose ANY kind of truth that could diminish the power structure will be trolled. So Sarah, earning trolls is like a rite of passage and simply means you are feared because you can make a difference. That said, many of the newly awakened are easily led/duped and unaware that their next step is unity, i.e. throw your stones at the real Enemy and not at one another.
    The program does not automatically erase when we start to wake up. Many members of our 'awakening' community, by lashing out against each other are causing more harm to this movement than the sheeple themselves.
    AnEclecticSoul, 10 months ago: (edited) Thank you for doing this show, it's important. I just wish he had a better microphone or something. I've been studying this stuff for almost 10 years now and it only gets harder because I get clearer and clearer on the fact I am a slave, surety for the governments debt to the Federal Reserve.
    By understanding contract law, I know I did not knowingly consent to anything my Birth Certificate established. I also only got a SS#, Bank account, and Driver's License by force and under the threat of physical harm. I want to know how, once we understand most of the stuff he's talking about, what is the formula that will get the controlling parasitic class who think they own our body and soul to stop enslaving us now that we understand the game.
    And I mean without having to backtrack through all their paperwork and laws. They worked hard to enslave me, but I don't want to have to work hard to find freedom. Freedom and self determination is our birthright given to us by our Creator. If anyone including a State or the Vatican or other Person presumes I am their subject, my words, "no I am not owned by you", should be enough.
    I'm sick and tired of how complicated it is to get out of this debt based slavery. I don't owe anyone anything without a valid contract that has all terms and conditions fully stated, and with 2 wet ink signatures to seal the deal.
    And in that case I wouldn't owe anyone anything unless I defaulted on the contract. I'm so sick of all these bankers, law enforcement goons and government officials telling me what to do as if they own me. All the unilateral, adhesion contracts we've been forced into are not even valid but people don't know it. Even if you do know, the controllers just laugh and do what they will to anyway.
    Kelly Christus, 10 months ago: Whose responsibility is it to learn the facts of existence? I can assure you nobody is forcing you to be a citizen. Physically, or mentally. Who held the gun to your head to force you to take the benefits? You're aware of 8 U.S. Code §1481(4)(A) and (4)(B), right? If you're "forced" to do this, why is there a VOLUNTARY way out?

  13. This is where UCADIA finds his importance in life. If it wasn't for this blog, no one would listen to his un-important babble!

  14. bubbapatric, Here is just one accounting:
    A peak at /r/greatawakening traffic stats, before the ban:

    Jan 2018 711,507 page views
    Aug 2018 34,730,341 page views

    **The conspiracy subreddit is a thinking ground. Above all else, we respect everyone's opinions and ALL religious beliefs and creeds. We hope to challenge issues which have captured the public’s imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11. This is a forum for free thinking, not hate speech. Respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind.** **Our intentions are aimed towards a fairer, more transparent world and a better future for everyone.**


    1. I am ever so grateful that a forum such as this one exists on the internet. At the same time I have grave concerns regarding our current stage of NO "We The Peoples" GOV in our public offices except for us on this forum Thanks the heavens for people like Anna and her husband James, for Paul Stramer they are the TRUE NOBILITY, the Journal Assemblies coming together which we hope to be a part of to help change this current false "FED-GOV = Organized Crime Syndicate" pretending under the color of law to be We The Peoples GOV. All our seats of Public Office here in this country got hijacked by the monarchy of the UK, the Vatican, the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, Bilderberg's, the Black Nobility that truly has not a single bone of nobility in their body just crooks pretending to be nobility et al. These families with their goon squads in our public GOV offices have declared war upon We the Peoples of this land. They unilaterally have decided to eliminate most of us American State Nationals Priority Creditors worse than their actions on Germany. They have stolen all the FRN’s from taxpayers that did not know and still do not know any better. These psychopathic demonically infested families are executing their Agenda 2030 as we speak, and they have all the mayors of most cities in the US wrapped around their fingers to do their bidding, not We The People’s bidding. Just check out this YouTube Vid it says it all very succinctly. I believe Deborah Tavares has done tremendous research in uncovering this massive corruption at all levels of the current FED.GOV please watch this video and please comment back your opinion of how we can change this fast moving train into prison camps all over this great nation of ours.


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