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Sunday, August 19, 2018

To Be Clear About the Paperwork

By Anna Von Reitz

Destry Payne did not do the paperwork I recommend that every American do. 

(See Article 928 on my website:

Bruce Doucette didn't do the paperwork I recommended, either.  

Neither did Stephen Nalty. 

Neither did Ammon Bundy. 

Neither did the Hammonds. 

Neither did LaVoy Finicum. 

Neither did Steve Curry. 

I could go on all day long listing all the people who have listened with only half an ear to what I am saying, and who have paid the price for not doing a few hours of due diligence and maybe a half-day chore of recording some paperwork. 

All these men thought they knew better.  They all went their own way.  They all trespassed into Federal Jurisdiction.  They all suffered the consequences. 

Rain falls from the sky.  Water runs downhill. 

We are living in a bogus state of manufactured political "war", which is considerably more phony than any $3 bill, but until you realize what is being promoted against you and by whom and what, it is not possible to gain control of the situation or take any action to correct it. 

Now, some people have done the paperwork and have still been arrested by highway patrolmen and so on.  

Best be aware that there is no automatic computer-generated connection between what you have on file at the Recorder's Office and what the police have on their screens.  You not only have to record it, you have to bring it forward.  (Someday, hopefully quite soon,  there will be a database connection, but not yet.)

When people do this and knowledgeably defend their position as landlubbers, miracles are happening.  Mortgages are being set-aside and "paid off".  People are leaving jails, set free because they are not subject to statutory law.  The Indemnity Bond is being honored. 

The police, the judges, and the "Machine" are slowly waking up along with the rest of America, and beginning to come to heel, but these are early days and these atrocities against our States and our People have been going on for a long time. 

Imagine that you are at the helm of a Supertanker far out at sea and you are trying to execute a 180 degree turn around and reversal?  Even at "Full Speed" that kind of change takes time.  

So is the paperwork a Silver Bullet?  

Yes, so long as you don't murder, rape, steal or do other things that damage actual people and property.  And so long as you get it on the Public Record prior to running afoul of THEIR law.  The Truth will set you free, so long as you establish what your truth is and provide proof of it. 

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  1. Would it be possible to write an article that explains the details of how recording the paperwork has benefited said man or woman? If those who didn't record the paperwork can be named, does publication of someone's story, who followed Anna's directions,put them in jeopardy? Why don't we ever read the stories about those who get helped by the living law firm? Anyone interested in reading examples?

    1. I believe we lead by example, case and point we need to see the end game here, I totally get it. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Show me the switch,the ones that did it, so I can make the change.

    2. I thought there was something up on the site that outlined the process to do the deed, but instructions seemed ambiguous to me.

    3. Yes that would be enlightening. It astounds me how she doesn't trust anyone who has the control of Assets globally such as Kim,but wants to be the one in control of said assets. What makes her so capable?

    4. After your last article judge Anna, called..."The injustice justice system, where you expose the "matrix", how do you even think paperwork will think if you filled out paperwork with the Navy, if you are an employee of the Federal Govt, that it will make a difference to your superior commander.....they will court marshall you in a New York Minute...!! You want to know what their real problem was ANF why they lost.....because they didn't have tons of people behind them to either testify for them or file paperwork while in jail, or even show up in solidarity for them....we always tend to face these guys on our own, without any moral support at all...or financial help to get them out....!!

  2. Something is just not right its always something else going wrong !!!

  3. I would like to know if anyone has gotten any active response from their 843's to irs.

  4. So 1Freeman! You say your not a US Citizen and have never elected to being one. So you don't have a drivers license, a marriage license, a car registration or said the pledge of the legion to their war flag. And so on. It all belongs to them. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Have you ever filed a 1040 tax return. That are for government employees or filled out a w-5 irs for for your ss# and tax status. Do you have a 401-K or are you eligible to collect social security when you reach 62, which is a retirement program for their employees. I'm just saying. Everything we do which our parents did first then our schools, churches neighbors and friends taught us to do which we thought was the proper way. It all was a way to snare us. And snare us they did. You have to resend all contracts and then stop acting as a citizen does and acting as we should. God as sovereign King and us a self governed. You can't just click your heals three times like Dorothy saying there's no place like home. Though I wish we could.

    1. Anna, and others agree that gov. is to work for us, we pay them.
      So if we are all exempt from taxes, how do we pay them?
      People thinking that utility bills should all be free, or that they have been taken advantage of because they need to pay their mortgage are concerning.
      If you agree to a contract, you should do your best to fulfill it. You are not a victim.
      Anna mentions Their law? So what is your law? Changing the gov. is only a fraction of a bigger problem. How do you change a people?

    2. This is clearly a good example of shallow minded. What part of making yourself the beneficiary of everything you do don't u understand? When did God authorize u to worship caesar. Further more this is clearly someone that lacks comprehension. Sorry I call the kettle black when I see it black.

    3. haha 1freeman, i know exactly what he is going to say if he answers these easy questions from you, c'mon unknown, i know you know more than that...

    4. a follower, I believe utility companies and banks (for mortgages) get paid out of our Accounts, plus then they charge us for payments, too. I believe they all get double paid. So lets not think we should be ''totally honest'' with such crooks who are children of the devil, just like the Pharisees.

      Just a note about 'rendering unto caesar what belongs to caesar':
      That scripture is referring to back when Caesar was ruler and demanded people pay him taxes. So the commandment was 'pay the bastard what he asks' and just suck it up.
      However, Caesar is no longer alive, no longer rules, and no longer demands payment. The IRS is NOT Caesar, and the verse has NO relationship to us, today. Furthermore, Anna has exposed everything crooked about the irs.

    5. Actually my understanding is Caessr came back as William of Orange. Both had initial irregularities upon landing on English soil...Another missing example in that so flawed ancient history book called the Bible that some worship like the Koran is Napoleon coming back as Hitler. Both had misadventures in Russia & went up against Rothschilds...

    6. Abby,
      They get paid out of your acct. and then charge us for payment too.
      On what planet? The federated galactic planet?
      i am sure i would have noticed if i was being charged two payments. Unless we are talking as many here do about false money credit pulled out of the air. That is on them. There is nothing due back to us unless we truly made a double payment.
      The problem as i see it, is Anna is telling people they have reparations coming to them and boy are they just all to happy to get on the gravy train and get some free stuff.

      The rendering unto Caeser lesson, is not one particular man or Gov. system.
      Caeser is very much alive.
      Kinda like Babylon still existing or here again.

    7. a follower, the Account they are getting paid out of are the Accounts that anna speaks of; or they could be called Trusts....which have been hydrating forever since they stole our BC's and been using them as Stocks in (I think) one of the Fidelity Stocks.
      It is my understanding that these crooks in positions of power, take a dozen or so of our Names/BC's and create Fidelity stock accounts with them, and folks buy stock in Fidelity, as you know. (I don't recall the exact name of the fidelity stock)

      So since they have been earning money from our Names, the profits belong to us; who else? Nobody knows exactly how they handle those profits, but suffice it to say its safe to call them ''trust accounts'.
      Its THOSE accounts many companies get paid from. IMO I even suspect that insurance companies get to dip into them.

      a follower, I too am an honest person, but you are honest to a fault; quit being so willing to cooperate with these devils. We do not have to bust our backs to claim that money belongs to us.

      The best things in life are free. Working sucks, and its for the birds and folks who don't know what to do if they arent working, lol.

    8. The best things in life are free. Working sucks, and its for the birds and folks who don't know what to do if they arent working, lol.

      Free stuff comes from who?
      Working sucks? Well why did Yahuah send us down this path of work? Are we to be mad at Him?
      The best things in life are free, yet this does not mean free utilities, no mortgage, free cars. Is this the Oprah show?
      What in the heck?

    9. a follower, in the beginning God did not intend there to be work. It was after adam and eve disobeyed God that He then put many punishments upon them. One of them was ''now, just for that, you will get your living by the sweat of your brow'. Remember that? So working for a living is a curse from God, lol.

      Well, I tell ya I just cant wait to get my hands on those two buggers; I will wring their necks and kick their ass for bringing us into the w-o-r-k force. Look, now they even use 'force' along with the dastardly ''w'' word.

      Geesh, talk about foul 4 letter words....w-o-r-k is right at the top of my List ! But even so, I sit here with great resistance, because my little- household member is requesting we bake two filled poppy seed pastry rolls this afternoon !
      (its the household that is little, not the member, lol)

      Now as much as that requires my most dreaded 4-letter word, I will brace myself, pick up all necessary kitchen items and tackle the dreaded job.........only because I love my one and only favorite all time person in the world, and do it to please that person.

      As for free stuff? Yes, I've gotten a lot of free stuff in my life, cars, an offer of a free new house (twice) which I am still kicking my own hindend for saying 'oh, I can't accept such an expensive gift'.
      Stupid. Well thats all I can call that.....s-t-u-p-i-d! I was also given a free trip to NYC, spent a few days there, and got a free mink jacket made by a top furier there on Seventh Ave. In fact I still have it.

      Free stuff comes from who? Who cares, as long as its free, lol.

    10. a follower, why should people make monthly mortgage payments to a bank when that bank never loaned them any money of their own....but instead created the money FROM the 'borrowers' signature?

      Actually what ought to happen is......the bank should create the money from the Signature, pay the Seller from it, and take just a small reasonable 'broker' fee for facilitating the transaction.
      In fact the bank DOES create the money from your signature, but they LIE and make you think THEY loaned you their own money.
      Anyhow, its the scam of all Time.

    11. Abby,
      i must admit you have truly shocked me with some of your statements.
      Man and Woman in the Garden Gen.2:15 Before the serpent
      …14The name of the third river is Hiddekel; it runs along the east side of Assyria. And the fourth river is the Euphrates. 15Then the LORD God took the man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it. 16And the LORD God commanded him, “You may eat freely from every tree of the garden,…
      From the Besorah:
      "And Yahuah Alahim took the man and put him in the garden to work it and guard it."
      He did not put them in the garden to slack. He did not intend to serve them.
      Loving Discipline and Knowledge Proverbs 12:11
      …10A righteous man regards the life of his animal, but the tender mercies of the wicked are only cruelty. 11He who works his land will have plenty of food, but whoever chases fantasies lacks judgment. 12The wicked desire the plunder of evil men, but the root of the righteous flourishes.…
      This is a very good example and a warning to what seems to be happening, people chasing fantasies.

    12. And one other one would mind working if the corporations didn t treat people like 3rd world slaves, receiving a paycheck that barely keeps them afloat, while top mtg. walk away with millions or billions.....!! Why does one person sitting at the top of a big corp...the CEO...get paid in billions while the "worker ants" can barely afford to live and then treated like a work animal instead of a valuable and very necessary part of their business , because without them they simply could not exsist....thats why there is only one way to change this has to be outlawed...completely...And if one person only wants what he needs than give it to him...andvif someone else feels he can't be happy unless he has 10 ferriris, then let him have it...!! Because when everything is free, no one is special...!! And the people actually squandering his blessings , we will also know his true character won't we...!!

    13. a follower, what are u shocked about, exactly?
      Maybe you have not caught on to my often times sense of humor along with truth; and maybe you take things all too seriously, lol.

      Just as a note, my KJV says Gen 2:15 God put adam in the garden to dress it and keep it. That does not sound like drugery to me. And that happened before the Fall.
      Now conversely look what it says After the Fall in Gen 3:23 'therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden to till the ground from whence he was taken

      Anyhow it sounds like a big difference between ''dress'' and ''till'. ?

      But have you never had a gift given to you,and you knew it was all arranged by God to be so? Or have you never given good gifts to others? I have. In fact I've given people lots of relatively expensive items, some with the price tags still on them, never worn.
      I just don't understand why you seem to believe we should only have what we bust our ass to get? I just feel that if I have to do that to have something, then I will just do without it.

      But you can be very sure that I have bought and paid for nearly everything I have in my home and I don't have any junk. I just prefer stuff that costs me nothing, and that came the easy way, lol. I even have a greater appreciation for that sense I guess I'm the opposite of most people.

    14. So why does work half to = Drudgery? To many it is not. Slaves and masters still have rules to live by( if this is the way we see things.)
      Dress, till, cultivate all seems to amount to the same when we look at the context. Perhaps dress was used to friendly up the kjv. so people would not see the Truth? After the fall of man it seemed that yes the work would increase the load would be increased, the soil would change. And the women's burden would also change. As far as i can see we are still in and under these conditions. Our attitudes matter. He will get us through all this.
      i have said i also look to the KJV. and yet who is King James and why does he have a version with his name upon it? Read the Preface, it opened my eyes.
      Yes i have given and received gifts. Heart given gifts, no strings attached. No trumpets being blared for some gimmick or sales pitch.
      Yet free utilities , no mortgage, free cars from whom, is what i was referring too. Like it or not this is the feeling and ideas many are getting by Anna and this group and the way they are promoting.
      And yes i have humor, at times i see yours and others. And yet the longer this charade goes on and when i see scripture being mis-used i do not have it. (Humor)
      This reality show we are all watching and participating in each and every day, shows us how far things have gone. For the most part,
      We are witnessing childishness not children of Yahuah.
      Have a good day Abby.

    15. a follower, I thought you realized I have been retired for awhile now, and that you could do the math. So I am more than finished with working. I even worked for 7 yrs. after 'retiring'. Prior to that I had times when I worked a full time job plus a part time job. I did that out of necessity, for 4 yrs. and literally burned myself out. And while I did all that, much of that time I was both mom and dad to my one offspring.
      Even during his college years, I tutored the first 2 Accounting classes, and typed a stack of papers so high I don't ever want to see papers EVER again.

      I might add that during the 4 yrs. I worked two jobs, I did all ordinary grocery shopping, made regular full meals, kept laundry done, the house cleaned, and got all my own personal care done, even doing my own nails; everything was spotless and up to par and then we would drive 50 miles to church on saturday evenings.

      So you see? IM DONE WITH WORK. And Im done with papers. Do not talk to me about w-o-r-k and do not chide me about hating w-o-r-k. To me it is now at the top of my 'foul 4-letter word List'.

      P.S. Yes we should have free electricity; thanks to Tesla, but once again these crooks (last name bush) saw a lucrative opportunity to benefit themselves so they would never have to do any actual 'w-o-r-k.

    16. a follower, As I recall KJ got his name on the most popular bible because he was King at the time when he gave permission for scholars to translate the bible into English so people could read it and know what it said. KJ did not have anything else to do with it; he did not participate in the translating of it.

    17. a follower, what fantasy am I chasing? Where did I give any indication of seeking fantasy?

  5. You mention as long as u don't rape steal or do anything to actual people were good. Isn't that calling the kettle black. That's exactly what they have done to us with no consequences. But u r telling is if we do that we can't exercise the math? Sounds like a donkey show

    1. Lol...eye for an eye not the SUPREME BEING'S game plan overall perhaps♩

  6. "hol-o-gram (hal' gram) n.[^Gr. holos, whole+ Gramma, writing] 1. a contrived image of technically sophisticated refraction purporting to be a solid due to it's 3-D appearance 2. a document falsely representing itself as an accurate metaphor." -

    "People never give up their liberties but under some delusion"
    - Edmund Burke

    - quoted in preface of Hologram of Liberty, by Kenneth Royce.

    ...seems to accurately describes my own battles with n tween my twenty mule team borax let's get it done and my cognitive dissonance.......

    High reco this tool:
    "The temporal tap"

  7. Link says video unavailable. Must have been a good one if youtube took it down that quick.

  8. For those of you that do not believe you were being double billed I have a question for you. When you get something from your mortgage company or bank does it say it was a bill or “billing statement?”
    If you get something from the person that provides your water and power, does it say bill or “billing statement?”
    Everything that I received from all of the above says “billing statement””,” not that they are a true bill. Even the one that concerns my hospital done, retina surgery. Payments could only be set up by having them sent to a third-party hospital contracted biller for payment. Even that correspondence says “billing statement”, not that it is a bill.

    I can remember years ago getting paperwork when I purchased something that said bill of sale or Bill on it, but not today.

    A billing statement shows debits or credits, current and past activity on the account, and outstanding balance,for the most part.

    As soon as I can remember to do it, I am going to send a letter to the agency that has the bill for the hospital and ask them for a true bill so I can pay off that account. I want to see if we can use the indemnity bond to pay it off. I will see what happens with respect to that and keep you posted.

    1. Fruit Inspector. I have state farm car ins. which I pay semi annually. And renters insurance I pay annually. Just got the renters ins. and it says ''balance due notice''. What is That?
      And even tho I live in ohio, bought the ins. from a local agent here, my payment tear-off address says ''Insurance Support Center' and its in Georgia.
      Looks to me like they are trying to sidestep all the usual wording, such as Statement, or bill, or any of those usual words.

      What do you suppose they mean by ''balance due notice'.......when it is not a balance due..........its an annual charge which I pay once per yr. and auto ins. twice per year. There are no partial payments to any of it, which would leave a 'balance due'.



      The amount owed on a debt instrument. In some cases it may refer to the principal due without the interest due on further installment payments (e.g. the balance as of X date is $Y which does not include the $Y+interest due on each installment if paid in the future instead of immediately.)
      This is all I had time to look up right now.

    3. Usually there is always something on billing statements at the bottom saying "balance due"....but if you alread paid it, it should say zero...!!

    4. Fruit, thanks. And thats good enough, you needn't do homework for me, lol. It was just a casual statement, not looking for a real answer.

  9. I do not recall the name now or exact time but an article was written about the United States Congress by name and not the States of America who created them and are the holders of the whole shebang, but it was that the fellow was being vetted and asked about the system. He said it was a voluntary system for instance people in prison are there due to their own choosing to voluntarily give up their own rights in exchange for priveleges issued by United States and his saying that ruined his chances. For him to be so bold and plainly speak the truth of it he was not welcome for such position due to United States need for secrecy in such matters.


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