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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Indigenous --- What?

By Anna Von Reitz

I hate the way native tribes are running around mindlessly claiming to be "indigenous" as if this is the new buzz-word for reality. 

What in God's name do they think we all are?  

Where do we all come from, but the Earth?  

Do you seriously think that white people and black people and yellow people come from some other "source"?  

Do you think that my body was not built from atoms gleaned from the soil of Wisconsin, the same as any Indian from Wisconsin? 

Those touting the "indigenous" horn are just trying to find some other, new excuse to claim that they are different and "special" and "better" and "more equal" than everyone else. 

This, after spending six generations in a subjugated second-class "citizenship" status themselves?  

Their continued attempts to claim "special" status and to lord it over other people just proves again that Hannah Arendt was right: we become what we hate. 

After suffering generations of injustice, today's "indigenous leaders" can't wait to hop on the gravy train and promote the same exact kind of injustice against other people.  

There are very few "indigenous leaders" with the vision and true humanity to get past "the Past" and embrace what is possible now.  Most of them are concentrating on "getting theirs" and subjugating others under some new malarkey "system" that idolizes "the indigneous" without honoring Mankind as a whole. 

Sorry.  My Shinola Sensor went off the first time I heard this and it is still going off, and though being "indigenous" may be fashionable now, that fad will change tomorrow ----- and then what?  Then will you enjoy being demonized as "savages" and whatever other new labels might be applied?  

Don't you get it, yet?   That labeling yourself leads to your own destruction, as well as the destruction of other people?   

The moment you label yourself "indigenous" you label everyone else "non-indigenous" (though in fact they are just as "indigenous" as you are) ---- and there are a lot more of them?   I mean --- a LOT more of them?  

The odds were 9 to 1 against in 1862.  The odds are now more than 40 to 1.  Hello?  "Indigenous" leaders?   You still want to go on with this game, trying to benefit yourselves instead of benefiting the whole human race?   Trying to settle old scores with and for people who are long, long dead?  

You come back to the fact that as long as you abuse Mankind for your own advantage, you abuse all of Mankind, including yourselves. 

It simply isn't possible to draw these distinctions and apply these labels without getting caught in your own deceit, just like it isn't possible to stub your toe really, really hard without hurting the rest of you.  

Wake to hell up.  Everyone.  Please.  Now. 


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  1. Thank you Anna! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. I for one am so tired of being blamed for something that I didn't do and had no control over.
    I agree with you. This so called, "Digging up bones," or old hateful acts does no good for any of us.

  3. There is a clear distinction between indigenous people vs. Settlers and immigrants. By definition the only " True Americans" are the copper colored peoples found on the North American continent by the European invaders. Webster's dictionary 1928 edition. These were the Al Moroccan tribes ie. Moors/Muurs or Moorish Americans. Moorover, the land the refered to as America is really Morocco. North America is in fact a part of the Moroccan Empire. So those people many of y'all call "Black people" are actually and factually Moors, the True Heirs to the North American continent. End of story....Google it.✌💛💯🔺

    1. you go! indigenous is really a misnomer, you are moor, americas aboriginal which is a proper term for the copper colored people. really just moor, not moorish or Americans and yes, george washington did write many letters to the sultan who was domiciled in NY and received permission to do this to his copper colored people as they had lost their way as most do similarly in the bible; as for indians, they are as indigenous as legal persons when they signed up with the BIA...the dutch and british east indies companies named their slaves that, de-nationalized/de-raced them, killed them through paper genocide, stole their children and mixed them with the Europeans to create a corporatized race/nationality, known as native american indian. doesnt everybody understand that the indians that they are telling you are native/indigenous is a play on words and a created race/nationality to steal all the land from the aboriginal people (copper colored and hispanic aboriginals), just see how well the aboriginals are doing in the corporate land currently being called australia, they aint doing too well nor in the corporate land currently being called the americas. people you really have to do more due diligence and for anna to be wasting her time on corporate indian BIA tribes is really just a head fake to everyone, as they are receiving privileges, opportunities and benefits from the good ol U.S. unless she is also unaware of those facts as well...

    2. Malik, it doesn't matter what your history is. It's all a myth. May feel real to you but to others it's nothing but a myth to be disregarded.

      If you think you can use a myth to make effectual claims in this day in age then you are in for quite a reality check.

      You are either a 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, a permanent legal resident, or an illegal alien as far as the authorities are concerned. If you use your little myth as a basis for breaking laws, then guess what you also will be considered (if you aren't already considered this to begin with)....? You will be considered an extremist. Hahaha!

      So go ahead and be a fool with Bey attached to your name making secular (political) claims when you were better off making religious claims. By making secular claims you are essentially attempting to shove your delusional mythology down the throats of citizens who simply do not give a fuck about your mythology. You are black (African American if you are lucky) dude. No one gives a fuck.

    3. It's so easy to see that moors are subverted. Look at them. They wear religious garments and headdresses and congregate with like people.

      Why aren't Moorish people as successful as Orthodox Jews? I mean you all have a sort of cohesion and adhere to strict ideologies. What's missing that prevents you all from forming a thriving community like Orthodox Jews?

      ONe can only conclude that engineered into your ideology is a self destruct mechanism. It prevents you all from making the final step to building a thriving community.

      Do you see Orthodox Jews try to cram down their bullshit ideology and supremacy down the throats of U.S. citizens and authorities they come across? Do you see Orthodox jews refusing to comply with laws such as speed limits and taxes? Do you see Orthodox Jews creating chaos in U.S. court rooms. Nope.

      Orthodox Jews adhere to a dress code and historical narratives just as strictly as Moors do. But atleast they are aware of the difference between subjective belief systems and objective frameworks that govern society-at-large.

      So miss me with that extremist bullshit that you learned from a trickster leader at your temple. I'm not buying it. You are just as lost as these sovereign retards in here. So get lost.

    4. Unknown: Face to face, Anna would bury you no doubt in 5 mins on history and law, so stop pretending that you are some fountain of knowledge when you probably couldn't remember what you did yesterday. Don't bother replying as I skip over your comments now anyway. However you are entitle to your opinion as well, abusive as it is. Sorry Paul.

  4. I have been Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atlantean, Space Cadet & countless other humanoids male & female & whatnots in countless incarnations here & elsewhere thruout the galaxies of time, space, energy & matter.

    But I currently have Moorish indigeous grandkids @ the moment♩

    Well, they r special to me anyway☇

  5. Anna just contradicts herself left and right. The Native Americans were the first to populate the Americas. Therefore, they are indigenous.

    But are they homogenous? Most likely not. Just like British people are not and are the result of waves upon waves of invasions from other cultures (Anglo-Saxon and Normans).

    So to make the sorry argument that all humans come from a single source which is the earth actually weakens the argument that you fools all make about the U.S. belonging to only you self righteous sovereign retards and not we the people who are for the most part ok with being 14th Amendment United States citizens. It's really sad that you all dont know any better than to let this old hag from Big Lake Alaska enjoy her soap box posts on here. She's a typical old hag with strong but backwards convictions. Honestly, it does not matter what your forefathers went through. History is completely irrelevant because 9 times out of 10 it was written by folks who had an interest in the matter. What matters right now is that there is a perfectly functioning framework for people to coexist with each other. It's called the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The rule of law shall prevail. And extremist retards like most who frequent this forum will NEVER EVER have authority to govern this nation. So, in a sense, I'm actually happy that this old hag is subverting you all and making you ineffective. Carry on.

  6. Nobody gives a shit about your history. It's fucking history for crying out loud. When a person is done they are usually considered history. No more. Not effective. Obsolete. Irrelevant.

    I'm more concerned with the present moment. What can I do now. How can I make history now. I don't want to be a consumer of history just for the sake of it. If I consume history it has to be a lesson learned. A mythology and nothing more. A fiction.

  7. Just like all of those born on American soil are "Native Americans," and all those born on Earth are, together, Earthlings.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Yeah we get the same BS here in New Zealand. However a lot of Maori (what ever Maori is) pooh pooh this idea and see it the same way Anna does. Sure when the British first got here they were assholes to the Maori, just setting Maori up to place land titles on anything they could get their hands on, however it's a real industry now with all the govt settlements. What's to settle? If you’re the land OWNER (as a collective) then who are they? I know of an area that the so called govt have tried 23 times to get their hands on and each time they fail. It goes something like this.... Mr Chief justice are your ancestors buried up on that mountain? Mr Prime Minister are your ancestors buried up on that mountain? Mr so and so are your ancestors buried up on that mountain? NO? Then clearly you are not from here and can't prove that you are from here. Have a good day and there's the door. DONE.

    1. Most are good people but we have a non stop line of those who wish to be the big Kahuna. So in light of that the British Crown sits back and has a good laugh. "Keep going boys , keep going" They never seem to get their shit together, just rant on in the meeting house about where their from and have a sing song at the end of it. There's to many at the top who are on the take. Maybe for money or maybe for power. One of the two,or both.

  10. Unknown, For someone who wishes to put down another human being for anything whatsoever, for so long, and so often, and claiming to know so much, you sure show lack of intelligence by hanging around with a group of people with a journey that does not flow with your own. It's like being a lover of classical music, but going to the punk rock concerts all the time... not too bright I'd say. Why would you hang around with a soap box daily post if it does nothing for you? I mean if you're so intelligent and Anna is not, what do you intend to do here other than to annoy? Is that what intelligent people do? No, intelligent people engage in helping the world, not degrading those who are. At the very least, you should be somewhere that challenges your intellect, and obviously you do not feel that is here. So as intelligent as you may feel you are, on your little soap box rants everyday, you are in fact the one lacking in any intelligence what so ever. I am with Kiwi, I will read nothing else from you, and if there was a vote in the group, I would definitely vote you out to do your insane soap boxing elsewhere.

  11. While so many are in here battling with each other, whose right, whose wrong, whats wrong, whats right.........let me take you all by the collar and ask you to pause and go read

    Ive followed those guys since about 2012 and know they have a ton of real inside information, as they are awakened ex-military heads, pentagon guys, and other such well informed folks, who still have their well informed sources even now.
    So go read their reports, listed on the left hand side menu, and you will soon realize that ALL of us are in the same boat. These guys know what they are talking about and reading their stuff will give you a wide eye look at reality thru a wide angle lense.
    Then come back and tell what new perspective you have on things...after you have broadened your scope and looked at the big picture; that deep rabbit hole I often speak of.

    1. What? No Bible quote by Abby!!!

      "I was once told that the American Intel assets are so great that any agency can find and contact an asset from their shared list within one mile from any surveillance target, and then get them there to surveil within about ten minutes, in most cases. They might be walking their dog or some other mundane task, but they can still surveil as needed; or if needed, sneak and peek secret burglaries can be ordered and enacted."

      I basically found this ^ out in 1996 when I was pushing my dad's childhood buddy Bob Dole for Prez over Clinton ♟

    2. Leland, that is what I understand the reason to be, too.

  12. Replies
    1. new Q shared a link to this..

    2. Wow a link to an echo chamber

    3. Wow, the voice of ONGOING STUPIDITY ☇

  13. A majority of you folks will die just as you lived. You will become ghouls in the afterlife spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt just as you spread it while in the flesh.

    1. I am lol. At least I am not in denial about it.

    2. Frank O'CONNOR wrote of reincarnation being a fact of life as well...Perhaps u missed a step in your arcane pursuit of mastery of ghoul realization EXTRADORDINARY?♩

  14. It's "Frank Anthony O'Collins." He is a great man. A numinous in my eyes.

    Privileged, a chosen few
    Blessed with our time in hell
    Witness a divine vision, the day we all fell still.
    Rapture of the dying age, a shattered hourglass
    Wrath of the warring gods and soon this too shall pass.

    1. "Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses" Plato

  15. "The Haudenosaunee rejects the claim by the United States that we are its citizens. We remind the United States of the Two Row Wampum and the Canandaigua Treaty, stating our sovereignty as a Nation" -- Onondaga Council letter to President Coolidge 1924 Citizen Act

    Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

  16. yawn... are you done sharing complete horsecrap from the dark recesses of the web, Roth?

    1. Hopefully ur disability insurance checks cover your dog food allotments ok♩


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