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Sunday, July 1, 2018

The 2018 Bah, Humbug Awards

By Anna Von Reitz

The 2018 Bah, Humbug Awards

Once you lift the lid on the dumpster called "Washington, DC" it quickly becomes evident that financial crimes are very popular. 

We reported the fact that during the Obummer Administration printing presses, currency paper and engraving plates were exported to various locations in foreign countries and billions of dollars worth of Territorial "US Dollars" were run off which are indistinguishable from any other such "dollar".  It finally stopped once Donald Trump got in office---required air strikes to put an end to it---  and is the single largest example of state-sponsored counterfeiting in world history.  Prior to that, international bank officials had to step in and mandate the issuance of new "US" hundred dollar bills in an effort to distinguish between official versions and counterfeits. 

To the uninitiated, this looks like it accrues against the credit of America and Americans, but as we have also fully disclosed, the Territorial "United States" is a separate and foreign entity with respect to us.  The Territorial "US Dollar" has nothing to do with our actual currency, the silver "United States dollar".  

The Territorial United States is the responsibility of Britain and the UK, not The United States of America---- and all this graft and fraud and abuse of the financial system and deliberate deceits confusing "Federal Reserve Notes" with "US Dollars" and "US Dollars" with "United States dollars" must be placed on Britain's doorstep and on the doorstep of the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London. It was done via the misuse and abuse of our delegated powers, but that is where our culpability ends. 

The situation is analogous to having a servant or subcontractor gone wild, someone under contract and enjoying a position of trust totally losing their minds and abusing their employers and their employer's assets. The employer -- the American States and People -- are the primary victims and creditors, not the cause of the problem.  

This is only a "tip of the iceberg" of the financial crimes perpetuated by the criminals running the Territorial United States and only a more recent example of it. 

Just this week, it came to light that the judges installed to ride herd on the Security and Exchange Commission were chosen by and illegally installed by the Securities and Exchange Commission itself.  The SEC was enabled to hire and fire its own judges thereby removing any vestige of oversight or control over their  activities.  Donald Trump once again took action to clean the Mess up. 

Most Americans are now aware of the fraud and evils perpetuated by the so-called "Federal Reserve" which is nothing but a private banker's club that obtained a contract to act "as" a central bank for the Territorial United States and then proceeded to plunder and pilfer the actual American dollar via an unlawful and non-consensual exchange rate of one silver United States dollar for one "Federal Reserve" Promissory Note --- aka, Federal Reserve Note. 

As we all know or should know by now, the Federal Reserve banks thus devalued the actual American currency in "exchange" for their own I.O.U.s, and when the time came to pay back, they bankrupted their "Federal Reserve System", upped the anchor, and went sailing off into the sunset.  

Then the SEC and the Wall Street Mob engineered the Big Short in 2008.  They offered up the worst of the perpetrators, Lehman Brother's, as a token sacrifice and left the clueless American people to pay the rest of the price. 

This is all just part and parcel of Territorial United States business as usual-- and I am reciting it for you and the rest of the world, so you can see how much America and Americans have suffered and how stupid --- but honest --- we have been, and how mercilessly Britain abused its position of trust and our own delegated powers. 

Let's give another example of it.  

Back during the Second World War, the Allies wanted to "encourage" the non-aligned nations like Indonesia and Libya to side with them, so the CIA arranged the issuance of billions of dollars-worth of  "Certificates of Obligation"--- which are bonds--- made out to well-known dictators from around the world: Fidel Castro, Daniel Noriega, et alia.  These bonds all wound up in the possession of the Indonesian government as a bribe.  There was no obligation. 

Indonesia basically said, "Gee, thanks a lot for the gift, but we are not interested in breaking our neutrality or helping you guys out."  

Fifty years later, those "Certificates of Obligation" are still in the possession of Indonesia, so Indonesia decides to cash them in.  They begin quiet efforts to negotiate these "debt instruments" and initially everything goes well, the banks are all nodding and rubber stamping, the Congress is agreeing to honor the fake debt--- and then, all of a sudden, everything stopped.  

We are left with the picture of Indonesia accepting a bribe and trying to negotiate known phony "debt" notes, the CIA as usual, with egg on its face and crime as its stock-in-trade, and Congress "embarrassed".  The bribe was supposed to be in exchange for Indonesia joining the Allies.  They didn't join so, all bets are off. There is just one problem. 

The Certificates of Obligation were issued by the Territorial United States Government and are as valid on their face as any other such financial instrument issued by the same source. 

The resulting stand off has become known as "Treasurygate".  

We could, in our dreams, imagine that this was the only such preposterous flop engineered by the CIA meddling in politics and using criminal means to achieve its ends, but we would be very much disappointed.  It seems that the only way to stop the endless stream of such idiocy is to disband the CIA and defund it entirely, but that is not our call or our business so long as we are not held responsible for it.  

And we do not propose to stand silently by and allow Indonesia or any other injured party to blame us or seize our assets in payment for debts owed by the Territorial United States and the UK. 

The entire Birth Certificate scheme is similar.  Prince Philip proposed to rent out the value of our lives and labor and to receive back the "Life Force Value Annuities" for his own profit, so he did, via a complex international bankruptcy fraud scheme in which the money owed for this "rent" was left "unclaimed"--- purportedly--- by the actual heirs as part of the bankruptcy spoils from the bankruptcy of CANADA.  

There's just one problem.  Plenty of actual heirs exist and we placed a UCC claim and lien on all our assets.  So the estate was improperly probated and the bankruptcy proceedings were a fraud.  And to date, Phil the Pill got away with $950 trillion dollars-worth of credit owed primarily to us and the Canadians.  So much for the Royal Family of Criminals and Slave Masters of the "Free World". 

The Living Law Firm has tracked the life cycle of the Birth Certificate Fraud from beginning to end. The Territorial State of State conscripted the doctors as Uniformed Officers under Title 37, forcing them to register all births taking place in the "United States" --- they just neglected to say which "United States".  It could only be Territorial United States, but nobody made that clear, so they just "came ashore" and press ganged all American babies into their scheme.  

Once our Given Trade Names were seized upon, the vermin set up Public "Charitable" Trusts operated by the US Attorney General's Office in each Territorial State of State and County of County in America---- and issued Public Bonds in our NAMES.  

The bonds were deposited by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE with the Depository Trust Corporation, which became the actual Issuer and Holder of these bonds.  The money raised was laundered by the Bank of New York Mellon and passed on to the Vatican Bank which took its cut and passed it back to the Bank of Canada which took the Queen's cut and then returned the leftovers back to the STATE OF STATE Governors.  

The Birth Certificates themselves were removed "off shore" to Puerto Rico, where the Internal Revenue Service had its main offices, and all these new Territorial Taxpayers were subjected to the Municipal law of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, one of the Territorial United States.  

During Jimmy Carter's Administration, the Birth Certificates of millions of clueless shanghaied Americans were transferred to the IMF as sureties for the debts of the -- you guess it -- Territorial United States Government. 

All of this was down knowingly and willingly in fraud and in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract. 

Just yesterday I was reading an article by a man named Ron Giles called "Africa Unveiled" in which he claimed that because a group of mostly African nations sued the "USA, Inc." that all our land and labor and everything else was forfeit in perpetuity under international commercial law. 

That would be true, except for the following facts. 

It is a Maxim of the Law Merchant that "possession by pirates does not change ownership" and our assets have unknowingly been in the possession of British-backed privateers and pirates since 1860, long before any "USA, Inc." came into existence.  The assets therefore are ours and remain ours and any commercial claim otherwise is false. 

Second, though this concept is just now beginning to dawn on people, any corporation merely calling itself "USA, Inc." is not the "same as" America. It's just a corporation--- in this case, a foreign corporation -- that has infringed on our copyright so as to confuse people into thinking that it has something to do with us and our assets --- when it doesn't. 

Third, the British Territorial United States which has done all these evil fraudulent things is not "the same as" America, and strictly speaking, it is not our problem.  It's the world's problem.  The blame for its gross criminal mis-administration does not lie with the Americans.  It lies with the Queen and the UK which has profited itself via the abuse of our Delegated Powers and various means of fraud, piracy, racketeering, and enslavement employed by the British Government to rob, impersonate, and misrepresent us.  

Fourth, we are the actual Priority Creditors of these Euro-Trash vermin, and our claims against them pre-date anything anyone else can offer.  First come, first served.  Greatest amount of loss takes precedence over least.  

Bottom line --- if you want your money back, don't look at us.  And don't bring false claims against our assets.  We are their primary and priority Creditors.  Anyone else on Earth that has a claim needs to take a back seat. 

Some of you may have noticed the abrupt retirement of Secretary of the Territorial United States Treasury, Rosa Gumataotao Rios.  And you may recall a speech that Obummer gave before the American Bar Association in which he announced --- if you knew what you were listening for -- that all the "American" franchises had been unlawfully converted to "Public Transmitting Utilities".  

What this means is that you stopped receiving bills addressed to "JOHN MICHAEL DOE" and started getting bills addressed to "JOHN M. DOE" and the private corporate municipal courts stopped "interpreting" the "DEFENDANTS" as Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trusts, and started interpreting them as bankrupt Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility franchises --- and it is all fraud. 

They moved "us" --- that is, the falsified records of the bogus Public Transmitting Utilities created "in our names" from Puerto Rico to the Marianas Islands, where they set up shop again and proposed to continue on with Business as usual.  And the Pope and the Queen sat on their velvet tuffets, in complete and utter violation of their obligations, and allowed this. 

What they've done with the "Marianas Operation" is nothing more or less than a vast and sophisticated identity-theft credit card scheme. The heart of the fraud is concealed as the NationStates Bank agreement secretively embedded in the heart of every mortgage ever processed through any iteration of the MERS --Mortgage Electronic Registration System -- which is itself illegal, non-consensual, and as a matter of fact, has been defunct since the 1990s, but continuing to operate as spin-off look-alike sound-alike organizations. 

Essentially, what they do, is run a bank out of the Marianas Islands based on your credit, take out credit cards in your name, and charge the entire amount of "YOUR" mortgage off, and then they just keep on charging, charging, charging, using your good name as a rubber stamp, because that is what the hidden NationStates Bank agreement allows them to do.  And you, the victim of all this fraud, all this non-disclosed and non-consensual indebtedness--- are left on the hook for their criminality and wrong-doing. 

Meantime, the ever-resourceful Jacob Rothschild who runs the Bank of France, was busily trying to re-brand the bogus corporate government as THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and rename all our States as OHIO, NEW YORK, etc., and trying to gin up a de facto service contract for this new "governmental services corporation".  

After all, the bankruptcy of a service corporation is just the bankruptcy of a service corporation.  Just like they infringed on our copyrighted name, The United States of America, to create the Scottish corporation calling itself "The United States of America, Inc." in 1868 and again to create the Delaware corporation calling itself the "United States of America, Inc." in 1925, why not a French version calling itself THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? 

Sounds catchy, doesn't it?  We will just omit the "INCORPORATED" part of the name so nobody knows that it is just another corporation and not the actual sovereign government.  

And, while they were at it, why not also create another bogus Territorial United States currency --- this one gold-backed in accord with the Federal Reserve's original Hundred Year Plan?   Just call it a "United States Note" and let 'er rip. 

Except that we have not accepted Mr. Rothschild's kind offer.  In fact, we have explicitly told him and Mr. Trump that any service provided is on a month by month quid pro quo pending the restoration of our lawful government and we do not accept any responsibility for any Territorial United States expenses that are not actually related to the original equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America. And our counter-offer stands. 

We are calling upon the entire rest of the world to wake up and end the Babylonian Slave System and all the criminality that goes with it, once and for all. 

Just say "No".  Say it loudly, determinedly, and refuse to be deceived.  

After all --- who is the guilty party in a situation like the Indonesian bond scandal?  The CIA and the Territorial United States Congress knew that there was no real obligation underlying those bonds, and the Indonesian Government knew that it was a bribe --- and tried to cash in on it anyway. 

Are there any heroes or honest men in this story?  Decidedly not.  They are all crooks, and have proven that they are crooks by their respective actions. The CIA has proven to be both crooked and incompetent, and the Indonesian Government has proven to be a model of hypocrisy.

It's more than past time for a worldwide housecleaning, a clean sweep that really digs into the corners and repudiates all the fraud and prosecutes the criminals responsible.  

Here in America, it's time for most of the "agencies" to go away.   They were created by FDR, the same scheming devil that illegally and immorally press-ganged three generations of Americans.  They are operated as private and irresponsible contractors of the Territorial United States ---all "governmental services vendors"--- and they have morphed into crime syndicates operating under color of law.  Same thing with all the Municipal United States vendors. 

Help put an end to this Mess.  It's your country and your responsibility to mind the store.  You've all been told now what is going on and there is no excuse for sitting on your duffs with your mouths agape. This is not a matter of politics or race or any of the usual blinders they use to control us.  It's a simple matter of uncontrolled criminality let loose on a worldwide basis, of rogue government "agencies" and indeed, rogue governments.  

Bah, humbug on the CIA, DIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, BLM, FEMA, BATF, IRS, SES, SEC, DARPA, STATES OF STATES, and the whole FU Brigade operated by the Municipal United States--- which is supposed to limit its operations to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia.  It needs to get back in its box and stay there or be liquidated down to the dust bunnies---with the proceeds already owed to the American States and People.

Bah, humbug on the "Division of Fiscal Services", the Territorial United States Congress, the "Bureau of Public Debt", the "Government Accounting Office" (hahahahahah!) and all the various "Oversight Committees" that have been out to lunch for the last hundred years. 

And a special bah, humbug on the United States Attorney General and the Office of the Inspector General and the so-called "Department of Justice" and the American Bar Association, which have all expedited and enforced this gross criminality and helped create the deceits and fraud schemes that have funded it.

The Silver Bah Humbug goes to the "US" military, which can't figure out which "United States" it belongs to, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon, the US Strategic Command (hahahahahahah!) and especially all the Public and Civil Affairs Officers and Provost Marshals and JAG Officers who can't read their own Manuals and do their jobs with both hands, their butts, and a flashlight. 

Last, but not least, the Golden Bah Humbug goes to the United Nations, for unequaled hypocrisy, incompetence, self-service, and greed. Everyone knows that "the UN" is a fraud, they just aren't aware yet of the true and sinister extent of the rot--- but keep a-going and all that will be dug up along with Dag Hammarskjold. 

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  1. AMEN, ANNA !!! ☺️­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ

  2. Replies
    1. 29 July 1905 – 18 September 1961) was a Swedish economist and diplomat who served as the second Secretary-General of the United Nations. Hammarskj├Âld was the youngest person to have held the post, at an age of 47 years upon his appointment. His second term was cut short when he was killed in an airplane crash while en route to cease-fire negotiations during the Congo Crisis. He is one of only four people to be awarded a posthumous Nobel Prize.[1]

      Hammarskj├Âld has been referred to as one of the two best secretaries-general of the United Nations,[2] and his appointment has been mentioned as the most notable success for the UN.[3] United States President John F. Kennedy called Hammarskj├Âld "the greatest statesman of our century."[4]

      In September 1961, Hammarskj├Âld learned about fighting between UN forces and Moise Tshombe's Katangese troops. Hammarskj├Âld was en route to negotiate a cease-fire on 18 September when his Douglas DC-6 airliner SE-BDY crashed with no survivors near Ndola, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). Hammarskj├Âld and 15 others perished in the crash, whose circumstances are still unclear. There is some evidence that suggests the plane was shot down.[27][28][29] Hammarskj├Âld's death set off a succession crisis at the United Nations,[30] as there was no line of succession and the Security Council had to vote on a successor.[31]

      G├Âran Bj├Ârkdahl (a Swedish aid worker) wrote in 2011 that he believed Dag Hammarskj├Âld's death was a murder committed, in part, to benefit mining companies like Union Mini├Ęre, after Hammarskj├Âld had made the UN intervene in the Katanga crisis. Bj├Ârkdahl based his assertion on interviews with witnesses of the plane crash, near the border of the DRC with Zambia, and on archival documents.[32][33] Former U.S. President Harry Truman commented that Hammarskj├Âld "was on the point of getting something done when they killed him. Notice that I said 'when they killed him'."[34]

  3. Again this is a skimming overview; still tons of dots left unconnected and absolutely no details given. Is it any wonder so many peeps have the 'wait and see'' attitude? Services are agreed to with the crooks on a month to month basis? That could go on endlessly, right?
    Who is meeting with J Rothschild and why would he even listen to anyone, when he already runs the planet and has the keys to the vault?
    The proof is in the pudding, but this pudding is quite theoretical; at best, its a printed recipe in a recipe book.

  4. Why not just have them all arrested and imprisoned ASAP?

  5. your talking...!! I realize that their are probably millions involved in a scheme like this, but that's why Trump reinforced GIRL with $250 million to upgrade it to hold a ton of people....!! But iv said a long time ago to get rid of at least the CIA who only take orders from the Bushes...!! Then the FBI and then everyone else.....the FDA, NASA, NSA, and all the top agencies of govt until nothing is left for the Federal Govt to that point it's up to the States and people to run their own nation states...!!

  6. GITMO I meant instead of girls..!! Paul isn t there an easy way to correct a mistake, than to delete the whole comment and paste it back , just in order to change one word that was accidently posted....???

  7. FDR and Churchill colluding on world domination during the war.
    to big to fail no to big to succeed .
    To easy to bribe just the top.


    1. Solutions have come and gone...!! The more we learn, the tougher they respond, which requires new solutions ..!! We are constantly updating our solutions to their fraud..!!

    2. James, this is exactly why we need to expatriate US jurisdiction via Anna's docs and securing a non US federal 14th amendment citizen passport. No matter how bad they are or may get, they ONLY have jurisdiction over US citizens and no one else.

  9. Hi DOC. Would you expect the plan to be exposed for the enemy to see. Your part has been adequately explained and when done just sit back /or take part as your response in your State Assembly !. Anna __ is the same procedure in AUS?.

  10. Bring the guiliteen to America, we the people right...
    Brake out the hangman also...
    No let's forgive them as they kill us all...!?!

    1. I have news for you...the guiliteens are already 2000 of them...But for what reason , I don't know..!! Some say it was for FEMA camps...!!

    2. James, you mean the same FEMA camps they built for us but now will be used for them for the 40,000+ sealed indictments with 3,100 of them now unsealed already?

  11. So you tell us that philip got away with all those Trillions? And you just leave it at that?? Why don't you try telling us what is being done about you can't find his Accounts and Freeze them??

    I can understand not tipping your hand ahead of time, but surely After the Fact, there should be some Report. Not that I think anna is dishonest or a liar, but at this point all we have is what she SAYS. That's exactly what we've been living with all our lives, listening to just what we've been ''told''.

    1. So, Abby, why don't you try telling what you are doing about it?

    2. 1Free, not a damned thing, and neither are you, silly man, lol.

    3. Wrong, Abby. O, you are 100% correct about yourself since you don't do anything but CCC Anna's efforts every chance you get on every single post while you stay put and sit on your rump. But you are dead wrong about me. Just ask anyone on this blog whom I have helped one person at a time to set them free and to take back this country from the thieves. They can vouch for me and my efforts. I have even helped you with your tax issue, did I not?

    4. 1Freeman, if you can't see all the loose ends and all the glib infor ever given here, nothing ever followed up on, everything just left hanging out in mid air, just as I've said, then you need your eyes checked. What I've noticed and pointed out in here is precisely true, and you know it.

      The topic was not about my rump, but it was about Phillip and the trillions he scammed......and No you have not done a thing about Phillip doing that. Don't try to change the subject and think because you help people with some of their problems, that it equates to taking back our country.
      In case you haven't noticed, the thieves and crooks and liars and justice system/courts are still doing the same as they always have.
      In spite of your bossiness and sticking your nose where it does not belong, I always give credit where credit is due, and yes you have helped people, including me. But that doesn't give you the right to brow beat people to do what You want them to do.
      I just happen to notice this is not the same country I grew up in and with, and I don't happen to like what it has become. So you see, there is no such thing as ''taking back our country''. The american dream has already been turned into a nightmare.
      Nevertheless, keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

    5. Abby, you get the Bah, Humbug award. It is your relentless criticism and constant bashing of Anna's efforts w/o any positive input that I am addressing here. An old Dutch saying says that a good understander only needs half a word. How is it that I understand what Anna is saying and you don't? Is it because you do not have ears to hear or simply do not want to hear but only sling mud in her direction? If so, what are you doing here? Please find another blog where you can sling all the mud you want but don't bother us who appreciate Anna and her work.
      To take back our country, I have joined the National Assembly. Have you? No, of course not. That would require some effort on your part and you are not about to do anything to help your fellow man or this country are you? All you want to hear is something that will benefit you directly while somebody else did all the work. All else is just, how did you put it, "loose ends and all the glib" to you. JFK said it right: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." I can see that things are changing already. Can you? I have many people become tax free. I have helped people get rid of their tax debts. Have you? I have helped many people secure a non US citizen passport and card. Have you? I have helped 2 people get out of jail already and helped one from being remanded back to jail. Have you? I have helped one individual get his trumped up criminal case dismissed and the record sealed. Have you? I am studying every day to learn new processes to help people become free from this tyrannical system and in the process change the system and win back justice in this country. Are you? This is how we are taking back this country by setting one individual free at a time and teaching them, to do the same. It's the discipleship method. I just learned a solid new process that let's people stop being defendants and makes them plaintiffs instead to quit being on the defense but to go on the attack instead and beat the criminals at their own game both civil and criminal which is going to set a lot of people free. If you are not here to learn to be able to help your brother in need and can only moan and complain and find fault, then I ask you once again, what on earth are you doing here?

  12. Water we waiting for? Donald J. Trump won the election and fooled y'all. Screw. or be screwed. That's a question of consent. Can Donald J. Trump learn how to act like an honest public servant, or should we establish a more perfect religion
    based on the nature of lush green fairways and putting greens as smooth as a teen ager's shaved and excited pubes?

    1. I am not Lost At Sea. How do I re-claim my estate? What is the A-Z process?

    2. Go to and download the 12 steps and # 928 editable forms.

    3. They are part of The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance

  13. You ask what the solution is. The solution, I submit, is public awareness of the issues presented. There is no court or law, prosecutor, or enforcement agency that is willing to take on the system. However, if millions of Americans were made aware of these issues it would mark the beginning of the end to the corruption. What would happen if at town hall meetings across the country our representatives and senators were bombarded with questions addressing the concerns printed herein? What would happen if they were told to restore lawful government or be voted out of office? What would happen if there was a major walk on Washington highlighting these issues? What if, instead of sending a check with 1040’s, millions of taxpayers returned a letter saying “I refuse to support an unlawful, criminal entity posing as a government?” It seems to me that we each need to get this and the rest of Anna’s essays to as many people as possible and ask them to do the same.

    1. YeS, exactly James!! "Government" by definition in blks law (not verbatim) Is what the Majority agree to and elect to be represented by.

      We absolutely need to help americans understand that their IS a choice and they need to start getting educated on the differences asap! The majority as its clear to see Now, are NOT happy or satisfied with the current workings of the "status Quo" and Want change, they just don't understand what that means yet.

      Much Gratitude, Love and peace

    2. I have been to town hall meetings and the board members control the process. First they start with their own concerns, and then if time allows, they give the public a chance to to say something , but they will not interact or answer any questions by the public...All they do is let the general public address their concerns without dialogue from the administrators..!! Basically , they let you "vent" and let the next person up..!!

    3. James, this is the absolute truth. I saw a town meeting once on video where the grievance was to not file a Notice of Lien as a lien but only as a notice. They pretended to give in during the meeting but nothing changed.

  14. I hope you have witnesses with you to court when you go.....!!! Otherwise it might not turn out the way you want..!!

  15. You are extremely nieve C johnson. Or maybe because your black and a woman your privaledged, or God forbid someone violates your "civil rights"..!!
    I guess you still don't get it..
    There is "No Rule Of Law" in this country or any other..!!

    Good luck with your dreams when they meet with reality..Or a gun..!! Let me know how your copyright works then...idiot..!!

  16. I 'know' G~D is neither a she or he, & so far beyond such dichotomies that I am surprise u with vast intelligence in SO many other areas that run circles around my legal knowledge would suggest otherwise CJ.

  17. James, if you are a bible believing man, you may want to think twice before calling someone an idiot. It only puts you in danger. Read Matt 5:22.

  18. was enjoying this^ p.o.v. recently ��


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