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Monday, July 16, 2018

House Joint Resolution 192 and Congressional "Intent"

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked to comment on HJR 192 and the whole subject of Congressional Intent.

A "Joint Resolution" is like a New Year's Resolution. It has no force of law, but it does clearly express the intent of a Congressional Body.

Which "Congressional Body" is expressing their intent in HJR 192?

It's the Territorial United States Congress acting in the wake of FDR declaring "the" United States of America, Inc. insolvent.
And they are attempting to meet their obligations owed under the Hague Conventions by saying, oh, yes, if anyone wants to, they can reclaim their "reversionary trust interest" in the actual United States as remedy for us taking title to their assets and using their assets as collateral backing our debts.

What they are doing is -- to put it bluntly -- expressing their intention to provide remedy and thereby legalize their crime. The rats had to provide remedy in the form of an escape clause or go to jail and have no ability to enforce their false claims.

This is how they claimed (and continue to claim) that we are all paying federal income taxes voluntarily, and paying off their mortgages taken against our property voluntarily, and licensing our right to travel voluntarily, and subjecting ourselves to their statutory codes and rules voluntarily ---- when we all know that none of this has ever been fully disclosed to the American People, is unconscionable, non-consensual, and enforced under color of law.

But it was, and it still is, and it is only now --- twenty years after the 1933 Bankruptcy settled --- that people are waking up and beginning to realize that: (1) HJR 192 exists and (2) why it exists and (3) what to do in response to the circumstance.

What is perhaps more important is that people are beginning to wonder--- WTH? Why is the Territorial Government in charge here, as if we were all a bunch of Puerto Ricans?

The short answer to that is that they usurped upon our lawful government back in 1868 and have been staging a military occupation of our country using our own troops to do it, under the pretense that we are too disorganized to manage our own affairs and so they are engaged in this outrageous Breach of Trust for our own good until we "reconstruct" our government.

And we, meanwhile, have been kept dumbed down and deliberately uninformed and unaware that any such thing needs to be done.

When a foreign army (the Territorial United States forces are foreign with respect to us, even though they are under contract to serve us, get their pay from us and are largely staffed by our sons and daughters) occupies another country (ours) they are required under international law to respect the property rights of the civilian population.

If they do commandeer private property for the use of the occupying armed forces, they have to provide just and equitable compensation to the owner. If they don't, they are guilty of "illegal taking" and acts of "plundering and pillaging". Under military law these acts are subject to severe punishment, up to and including death by firing squad.

So getting back to HJR 192 --- this was the Territorial Congress's deceitful scheme to avoid the accusation that they were involved in illegal taking--- the pillaging and plundering of this entire country and its people.

Their allowance that we could, if we so chose, exercise our natural exemption from their jurisdiction and could also invoke our "reversionary trust interest" in our own birthright inheritance and assets and take them all back, allowed them to claim that if we failed to do so, then obviously we were going along with their scheme and voluntarily "donating" our assets to them.

This is why the IRS processes all your tax payments as "Gift and Estate Taxes".

The obvious fault with this is that nobody ever told us a word about it. The American People were not notified. No explanation vaguely approaching "full disclosure" was ever offered. No administrative process clearly telling anyone how they could invoke their "reversionary trust interest" was ever provided. There are vague and dubious references to "mutual offset credit exchanges" suggesting that somewhere, somehow, one could exchange a debt owed to the Federales for a debt owed by the Federales ---a sort of no-money-changes-hands settlement of mutual claims --- but that's about it.

Even the eventual enactment of HJR 192 -- which I think off-hand was 12 USC 411? ---was all but void for vagueness, and all just an excuse to legalize illegal taking, non-consensual hypothecation of debt, and other commercial crimes in violation of international law.

These and similar underlying deliberate acts of non-disclosure and fraudulent unconscionable mis-characterization of illegal takings as "voluntary gifts" is at the heart of our complaint against the Territorial United States and the Queen and the entire System they perpetuated for their own benefit beginning in 1868.

A more loathsome and criminal Breach of Trust and contract can scarcely be imagined.

And that is what HJR 192 is top-dressing and excuse for.

The US Military is required by the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions to provide all American civilians with equitable compensation for the military's use of their private property assets. This includes the use of your intellectual property--such as your name, your homes, your land, your labor, and any other assets they glom onto as collateral securing their debts.

To avoid that, the vermin have perpetuated a scheme by which you have all been deliberately and fraudulently and variously misidentified as government employees and dependents, "US Citizens" (Territorials) or "citizens of the United States (Municipals), who are ineligible for such compensation. So successful have they been at this national-level identity theft scheme that any memory of HJR 192 and "how this was supposed to work" had long faded from view, when a few knot-heads began researching these topics and exploring ways to claim their "reversionary trust assets".

Because of all the obfuscation hiding how you could claim your reversionary trust interest, and also all the effort put into misidentifying you as a person ineligible to make such a claim, they made it all but impossible for anyone to claim their exemptions or demand equitable compensation.

That situation is, thankfully, coming to an end as their scheme is being exposed to broad daylight.

The vermin have tried to go bankrupt again to save their ill-gotten gains and avoid accountability, but we have claimed all their assets and the assets of their "states of states" as assets rightfully belonging to the States and people of this country, and we have issued indemnity bonds for each of the fifty States--which the people can access.

An "indemnity bond" insures people and their private property in the same way that "insurance" protects commercial entities.

When you walk into a mortgage foreclosure case (for example), and lay down your authenticated BC records, your Deeds of Re-conveyance removing your "missing" Given Trade Name to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of whichever State of the Union, your Certificate and claim of the Assumed Names, and give the indemnity bond number we issued, that's an insurance claim against "loss or damage" owed to you under the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions. It's also a clear claim to be an American civilian exercising reversionary trust rights and exemptions.

Those of you who have had your Birth Certificates authenticated by the United States Department of State have received another bond number that can be used for the same purpose in federal cases, It appears at the top of the yellow cover sheet and is the practical means of making a claim against the verified "good faith and credit" protections clearly stated on that same yellow cover sheet. That is their indemnity bond covering YOUR vessel for federal purposes.

The vermin have yet to bow to the inevitable, come clean, and provide the people of this country with a simple means and process of reclaiming their "reversionary trust interest" and for claiming their exemption from statutory jurisdictions. They have yet to provide millions of innocent Americans with the protection from "loss or damage" that they are owed under international law. They have yet to deal with their own falsification of the public records as "registrations".

With enough people in America and throughout the world awake and moving forward, the end of this gross criminality is a foregone conclusion.

Although the guilty parties in the Bar Associations are bucking it and the clueless members of the Bar are just waking up and realizing, "Oh, my God!!! I've been committing crimes that could get me shot by a firing squad!" --- we are beginning to get sporadic but growing numbers of reports that the State and Federal Courts are beginning to come to heel and honor these obligations and are beginning to accept the indemnity bonds and exemptions.

Donald Trump has been leading the way by reforming the Federal Judiciary, redirecting the DOJ to provide service owed to the people of this country, and issuing pardons to Americans who have invoked their reversionary trust interests and claimed exemptions that are owed to them----and who have been the victims of false prosecution and false legal presumptions.

Go forth and conquer, America. It may be almost a century late in coming, but your day is dawning.

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  1. The long slumber is causing a SLOW awakening...?

    robert:family of: Carr

  2. Public law 73-10, stat 48, 48, page 112 113 is their law, get a certified copy from archives. i do think hjr 192 was repealed at some juncture and yes is not formal law. And if you are still a quasi 14th amendment citizen of the United States well then you cannot question the federal debt. You can submit those "gifts" (which is what taxes on earned income is) to the federal government if you state it is for the reduction of the debt but they have the right to refuse if its in the better interest of the US to not do so.

    1. Quasi-14th citizen has nothing to do with volunteering to fill out a W4 or 1040, actually its the W4 that sets up the Estate/Trust that you "gift" your earning to and then have to pay the Estate Gift Tax. If you see form 1041 this is the proper form and by electing yourself Fiduciary you can write off the full balance as personal income as Fiduciary Expenses for operating the Estate. Or send full payment into the Treasury using Postal Money Orders, the object is that they will refuse your payment NOW you have proof you tried to pay your taxes BUT when they rejected it your obligation was met. LOL did you protest question or deny the Debt NO they refused to accept your taxes.
      Or don't act like a Federal Employee?

    2. Re: "hjr 192" -

      Larry Becraft wrote:

      "HJR 192 (House Joint Resolution 192)

      Back in the mid-80s, I wrote a brief about the money issue which I have posted here:

      I address the matter of House Joint Resolution 192 in that brief. Simply put, HJR 192 is no longer in effect. But perhaps the best discussion of HJR 192 appears in Edwin Vieira's Pieces of Eight, the bible of the money issue.

      While there are popular arguments about HJR 192, the simple fact of the matter is that it is not now in effect and has not been for 33 years.


  3. Where Do We Get This So Called indemnity bonds @ ??? Who Will Honor It, & How Do I Process It Too .

  4. Once again, the use of Puerto Ricans as if they were part of this cabal is not accurate. Puerto Rico was invaded and appropriated without the consent of the people and they want to be free from these criminals. Please do not confuse the cabal with the Puerto Rican people. More info here

  5. That is why I never filed the UCC-1. I tried several times, it has never been accepted. I sat in meditation asked the question "what is the UCC all about?" And the answer was "you can discharge your debt but it is only postponed into the future. It is linked to the Vatican and humanity will still be enslaved." As Anna said you cannot pay something with nothing. The money is not on the public side it is on the private side. The only way to really pay off our debt and claim our trusts is to correct our political status. Dealing with the DTC (Depository Trust Company (private) at the moment that is where all our assets are held. The DTCC (Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (public) is the one that will balance the accounts, meaning pay the debt. But this can only happen if all paperwork (like 1099A's) have been filed with the IRS.

    1. Angela, I don't believe 'all paperwork needs to be filed with IRS''. Why would anything have to be filed with them, since they are not a lawful entity to begin with? And what does IRS have to do with paying any debts??
      Are you trying to steer people down a prickly path?

  6. Thank you Angela!

    Much Gratitude, Love and peace Be Now

  7. Again, as usual, here we have Indemnity Bond which needs much much more detailed explanation. Anna, you ought to know this is very new to us, and that 99.9% of us do not know anything about such a thing, nor how to explicitly implement it, or when.

    And I again have to add that it seems to me, simpler to take action to declare everything null and void and be done with it all - - rather than millions of people acting individually.

  8. I have been active on Donald Trumps site.."make America great again" and very active at his other site for giving Trump "advice" on how to make it great again...!! I started a new "topic" that wasn't on his list yet and labeled it....Correcting our judicial system...whereby I explained to him several times now about the 3 different U.S., and how our judicial system run by "traitorist" BAR attorneys have colluded with the banks to cause this problem....i wrote no less than 6 letters already and quite lengthy to inform him or someone running his site to see it and relay the message to him..!! And last time I looked at it, at the bottom of my last comment was a green checkmark saying it has been "solved"...!!! But that all it says..!! I guess I'm supposed to assume he is taking care of it or at least knows about it and trying hard to change it..!! I told him several times that if you don't correct our legal system while you are president, you may find this same system coming after you after you leave office because they are outright defying your executive orders even as President of the UNITED STATES. That should tell you the arrogance of this legal system...!! I guess he got the message, but it will take time for us to see it, considering the immensity of the problem...!! The only thing I can do now is pray that he gets it done...!! That means all of us..!!

    1. President Trump's signed an executive order to extend the so called emergency which is part of the deception. Using statutory law instead of constitutional law due to an emergency. The banks have never opened for business cause they are not using lawful money. This is public but not many public officials talking about it.

  9. after see and hearing trump in Russia news conference you supporters thinks trump is making AMERICA great again?


    1. Doc, from what we know at this early stage, I am thinking all the demorats, republirats, rino's, media and communists democrats are just upset that putin and trump seem to be getting along, and that really messes up the rift they have been trying to cause between our two countries. It messes up their war plans and plans for destroying america.

      So today trumps statement throws them for a loop. But I too tend to believe putin when he says 'it was not russia' than I would believe our own 'intelligence agencies' since they are all tainted with 'moldy old leftovers from the prior usurper''.
      So trump just may need to explain it a little better, but I think he is right. Its a new day and it does not profit america to have russia in opposition. Or Time may bring out the real truth and prove him right.

      Bottom line, I think trumps statement and this Summit just threw a monkey wrench into the NWO. So let them fume.

    2. Abby,
      I agree 100% with your comment. Trump is playing the swamp just like they are trying to play him! Keep the faith. I believe that Trump might be making plans to go after Mueller for 9/11.
      Anywho, Abby I received the Form 4506-T transcripts for income tax payments, and they gave me the amounts of income tax, income tax withheld, levies, and refunds. All the info I need to file the Form 843 for each tax year. Let's pray for successful results so we all can get out refunds.

    3. Good to hear Billie Joe, please keep us posted with your results!

      Positive thoughts and blessings achieved Be!

      Much Love, Gratitude and Peace Be

      PS. fwiw; including a endorsed black and white copy and returning to sender along with your "new Contract" ( registered mail 21.00 postage stamp paid, return receipt requested) along with your "new terms & conditions" via acceptance/acknowledgement (by:last, first middle (L.S.) for First Middle Last (L.E.) As (???Sole Power of Authority by choice) and/ or as conditionally amended, of the contract "envelope" received and the corresponding contents as the "terms & conditions" within the "contract" envelope Will be a binding New and valid (by "two witnesses" presented by, for as) and give your new claim the legs needed to stand on and hold the other party to account by due process service acceptance. They must respond. You must hold them to a factual account of either their false representation or non response /non proper action. Very important to keep all your wet ink original endorsed envelopes and the contents received for your private property records, but to always "return" to sender Copies of your acceptance/conditional acceptance (as amended) or refused for cause.
      Your cover letter should include All contents included as part of the "new terms and conditions" being submitted for their consideration.
      We are the beginning, the middle and the final chief executor in ALL our commercial processes, and we just need to step up and Fully Be mindful of this Fact and stop Allowing the subordinate "custodians" to not provide the "services" we are contacting with them to do in equal consideration, and mutual obligation, liability.
      I hope you Feel what I'm attempting to express here,lol

    4. As for america, I do not expect it to ever be 'great again'. It is too full of everything but Americans. Looks too much like a melted pot of crap. And way too overpopulated and crowded, beginning to feel like India.
      Sorry, but lets be honest here. Go look at an old pic of NYC in 1920 and compare it to one of today. Go look at an old pic of the worlds fair or any other event back then...and compare it.

    5. Billie Joe, feel free to call me if you still have my number(928) area code, and we can pow wow further (brain trust) if you'd like on this issue.

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be

    6. America can be GREAT AGAIN Abby in spite of your in general ongoing insipid biblical downer lunacies, though, u did defend Putin up above with somewhat shockingly intelligence seldom exhibiting here by u at least!...Perhaps Jack was right? Did doing it really, really help?

  10. “These people are neither despicable or pathetic,” he said referring to famous Russian satirists of the past. “The opposite, they are quite powerful and strong of they can peddle, sorry for my expression, various hard to swallow stories to millions of people,” (Putin) concluded.


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