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Monday, July 16, 2018

Prisons For Profit Run by Foreigners

By Anna Von Reitz

25 million Americans are in jail tonight.
On a percentage basis, that is a wildly larger percentage of our population than any other major country on Earth.
The majority of these Americans are in jail for non-violent white collar crimes like kiting checks (----why don't they arrest the Federal Reserve for doing the same thing?), marijuana use, abuse of prescription drugs, alcoholism, mental and emotional illness, trespass, homelessness, vagrancy, and thought crimes.
Virtually all of these are "victimless" crimes.
And probably 95% of these people aren't actually federal territorial or municipal citizens. They aren't actually subject to statutory law or municipal legislation, but they have been kidnapped and solicited and human trafficked into the foreign jurisdictions, summoned, enticed, railroaded, and prosecuted under false legal presumptions ----for one reason: profit.
The vermin responsible make big bucks charging us thousands of dollars per month to keep each one of these people in jail. Six dollars for an aspirin.
Reminds me of the solid gold toilet seats the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE was requisitioning for certain generals a few years back.
For starters, these foreign courts make $25,000 per misdemeanor they bring in, and over a million for every felony, guaranteed. Some felonies fetch as much as $25 million per charge. Let's just say that these teams of privateers operating under color of law are "highly motivated" to arrest people on any pretext at all.
The only crime that prosecutors are supposed to address in our system are cases of murder or disability wherein the injured party literally cannot speak for themselves.
And it is well-established Federal Law that the "federated" State of State Courts should be following, too, that attorneys are not allowed to act as injured parties or give testimony concerning events and circumstance they have no direct first-hand knowledge of (see Trinsey v, Pagliaro).
So how is it that every day and in every one of these courts in America, attorneys are acting as injured parties, being allowed to enter testimony as witnesses to events they never saw or heard, and otherwise trample on any standard of evidence and Due Process?
There's our ignorance, for sure. There's their shamelessness for another. But most of all, it's because we don't call them on it. We don't object.
So let's object to both their theory and their practice and their "prisons for profit".
Here's what is going on in Colorado, known in some circles as "Corruptorado".
Prisoners are being forced to work for 75 cents a day. If they object, they are punished with solitary confinement, loss of phone privileges, and other nasty coercive tactics designed to force peonage and de facto slavery on the victims.
The company running the prison kitchen services in Colorado is Trinity Services Group, Inc., which has its home office in Oldsman, Florida 34677. Trinity Services Group, Inc., is in turn owned by a British company --- Compass Group, PLC.
No surprises there, eh? Had to be the Brits at the bottom of the dog pile. Complete --- as it happens --- with their legendary hypocrisy in full view, because according to the Compass Services, PLC, website, they clearly state:
Re: Modern Slavery Act of 2015, Section 54--- "Our policy in respect of slavery and human trafficking is to eliminate both from our business and from our supply chain."
Pretty rich, coming from an organization chartered by a Government that deliberately entraps and trafficks innocent Americans into their foreign jurisdiction?
And a company employing subcontractors that enforce peonage on Colorado prisoners, punishing them when they refuse to work for a whopping seventy-five cents a day?
They also list this among their company standards: "Employment is freely chosen."
Tell that to prisoners in Colorado.
The address for Compass Group, PLC is:
Compass House
Guildford Street
Chertsey, Surrey
Despite the Modern Slavery Act of 2015, despite Britain's signature on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, despite the 13th Amendment to the Territorial United States Constitution "abolishing" slavery, and the 1926 international prohibitions against both peonage and slavery----- there they are, still at it.
Still promoting, using, abusing, allowing ---- and profiting from peonage and slavery of prisoners.
Read the 13th and 14th Amendments to their corporate constitution --- which was never approved by the States of the Union or the people of the Several States. Read it carefully.
Slavery was abolished except for "criminals". That is, instead of actually abolishing slavery, they enshrined slavery and made it a permanent institution.
So, World, what do you say? Time to turn up the heat and send a blast of dragon-breath-like indignation up the tubes of Compass Group, PLC? Shall we ask their Board of Directors if they would care to work in a cockroach-infested grease-coated slime-pit of a kitchen for seventy-five cents a day?
Shall we tell them how we feel about being charged an average of $6000 a day, all told, per prisoner, for the "service" of incarcerating our people for regulatory infractions that don't by any stretch of the imagination actually apply to them?
And then let's light up all the Bright Lights on Capitol Hill and give them all a taste of our spleen.
For a couple dollars, a piece of paper, an envelope, and some ink, writing a few nasty letters in behalf of our prisoners will be the most therapeutic thing you do for yourself all week.

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  1. Oh Where Oh Where Is Our Thirteenth Amendment @ ???

  2. Why not have some Coloradians sue them in small claims cost 40 bucks have the sheriff serve them and the registered agent in CO and then get a summary judgement, who will show up? Anyone with first hand knowledge? that is our court of equity people. We are making this much more difficult looking for something bigger. Remember everything is reversed same with US vs the county etc,.if you have a case, open one in small claims and stop it in its tracks.

  3. Penny, that's a good idea.. not only for criminal charges, but civil ones to..years ago my brother took his employer...MAY COMPANY to small claims court for taking out income taxes that the IRS said he owed and was forcing may co. to levy his check..!! Unfortunately this was years ago and my brother couldn't make his point with the judge, even though the judge was promoting him to give him a good reason..!! The judge actually wanted to hear it...But the only thing my brother could give him was that the 16th amendment didn't change anything. Taxes were always indirect, but applied directly and unlawfully...!! But that wasn't enough for the judge...He never brought up the fact that it was fraud and that it applied only to his fictional image, not the real man...!!
    He lost...!!
    But at least when we bring our case into small claims court, there are no attorneys to deal with...!!

    The problem with our justice system is that the prosecutors believe all the police reports as if it were the cardinal truth since they did have first hand knowledge, supposedly...!! They take those police reports as "gospel"....but after reading mine and so many other people's police reports, it seems to be policy to LIE about everything for the greater good...!! And then we wonder why so many innocent people are in jail today....!!

    1. James, yes it is well known that police are allowed to lie as much as they want to about anything. Even when they haul someone in for questioning, they are allowed to tell the poor guy/gal that 'they have an eye witness, or other such nonsense' to get the person to confess.
      Why would anyone put up with being questioned to begin with?
      If you are not under arrest, you do not need to agree to be questioned, or to be held. If they ask why you refused to be questioned, tell them 'because cops lie'.
      Another stupid thing they use, is ''well if you have nothing to hide, why do you need a lawyer'? LOL
      Again, because they LIE.

      P.S. They play 'silly word games too'' Lol.

    2. It's important to remember that we are governed by the consent of the governed. To answer questions is to give consent and, by silence or non objection, to waive your fully protected right to not be witness against yourself. Remember, silence is considered to be consent. The only answer a man should give in response to a question proffered by another man, or actor playing the role of an officer is, " I do not answer questions!" - nothing more! The Miranda decision is given as notice/warning that anything you say "can and will be used against you", so why say anything?

  4. All good , and bill Thourton teaches law how to suspend the judge before he walks into court.

  5. Assuming there is a jail in every county;I will like to know who owns the jail? Certainly it's not the people as we are directed to believe.🤷

    How would someone go about getting accuracy as to, "who actually owns my county jail"?...

  6. I totally agree as they are doing this to my husband as we speak. Hes been in jail for over 6 months based off heresay and indicted on these charges that I have proof of his innocence that they wpnt disclose to the court. No one has asked him to submit witnesses as the only witness they have sown on his behalf is me. That is crazy. Not one motion for modification for his release has been filed and when he asjed the judge for a 3rd party pending trial he was ignored! Dont kniw what to do amd cant afford an attorney to help him. All the ones hes had so far are state appointed and he fired them for misconduct

  7. No one will help me in this corrupt town!

    1. Eve -- put them all under Notices of Liability (3-step process), stay locked and loaded, and sharpen your law/legal wits and put them all asunder.

    2. Eve...file a "subrogation bond" in the case through the court clerks desk......and name the JUDGE as the surity on the Bond. Make it hurt...something like $100 million dollars....
      Or file a "promissory note" for the same amount, with a 3 day (pay or release under the "truth and lending" laws)..!! Same with the Subrogation Bond...!! This does not have to be a fancy looking piece of paper...and you can sign "for" the judge, because he will never do it himself....thats what subrogation are naming a third party as the surety in your husbands case...!! Money is the only thing these people understand. And don't forget to name any other assignees, transferees, or anyone else that takes the case on...just make it look like any other court document, with the parties on one side and the action on the other, with one exception...when you name the parties, the plaintiff (The STATE and the judge) is also the "LIABLEE"(The person damaging you husband) and the defendant , your husband, the "real man on the LAND", is the LIBLANT (the damaged party).

      The only thing being adjudicated in any court, civil or criminal, is "liability"....nothing else...!!! So you need to make someone "liable "...until you do no one will move their ass....!!

      On the right hand side, you can say it's a Notice of liabilty/subrogation bond.

      Then below all that comes your explanation why the bond is being filed...
      The judge seems to think he is charging the "person/fiction", but only through his presumption through his unlawful and insidious use of "silent judicial notice" which is highly "objectionable "..

      He is in fact and law , a real man on the LAND, and not some Corporate fiction as the judge and prosecutor presume...!!And his appearance in court was not a general appearance, but a "special appearance", since no "appearance bond" was posted like it should have been if everyone was playing with "clean hands " and in "good faith"..!!
      Therefore, both the judge and prosecutor have colluded criminally , using intentional "semantic deceite"(identity theft) and "Barrity", using the law of the SEA instead of the law of the LAND, as we were promised under the original "organic" constitution, and not the Corporate one two years later...!!
      Therefore, under the 3 day "truth and lending laws", you are "ordered" to release (your husbands real name, upper and lower can also formats his name this way Dow: John- Henry).
      After that the bond becomes active and enforceable...!!
      And then notorize it..!! You may also want to file it first with the county recorders office, before you file it with the court, so you can have a file# attached to the bond...!! You want everything looking "official" is a site to help you..!!


  8. Calling 1Freeman. I took your advice on Christopher at and it payed off. Got my ncsn passport back. I have 4 stars below the word passport, first star starting at the p of port like " ****", and directly left of the word Nationality. My "USAUSA" looks like that, only the first three bold. Mailed my request for certified copy of passport records and they received cm on July 9. Got my USTC LOJ order. Sent out Form 12277 application for withdrawal of filed form 668(Y) denied b/c the provisions for withdrawal, as defined in IRC Section 6323(j) have not been met. What the h????? Do you know of anyone who has gotten a response such as this, and how should I respond? Noticed your response in regards to having liens removed and levies refunded, debts canceled and defeated foreclosures. Could use your assistance. Email: Thank you so much.

  9. ps Eve, ifreeman may be able to assist you in your situation or try and contact a Living Law Firm Lawyer for assistance. Sorry to hear about your husband. You both are in my prayers.

  10. also you may want to try Right of Subrogation. I had my case dismissed in less than a minute when I told them I wanted the prosecutor to certify my right of subrogation and to certify it in writing. Then I asked to see the bond in this case. There is a write up on this sight that was introduced by 1freeman in regards to your husbands right of subrogation. Hope this helps.

  11. In the above article it says that Trinity Services Group, Inc. is owned by Compass Group, PLC. This appears to no longer be the case, re this article, so us Brits seem to get a rough deal here!

    1. I believe they are owned by CCP (Correction Corpoation of America, Inc.) And their bonds are monitize by an insurance company, a big one I can't remember right now...!!

  12. How To Get Woke in the Matrix:

    Off topic, but truly relevant articles for deeper innerstandings. We are the Ones we are waiting for. We are the change needed within, to truly change our world Now.
    Also see; Weoponized Hive Minds

    Much Gratitude, Love, and Peace within/without Being Now

  13. Thank u everyone for ur help. He tried the subrogation and was denied in rightingas well as told it would be an act of treason by the judge. Last court. He asked the judge why he's been held for 6months as punishment for crimes he did not commit and judge couldn't answer him as well as never gave him an answer to his question of 3rd party release pending trial. He stopped court in the middle of it all and left just like that.

  14. Notice of liability? What is that and how do I do it? Was gonna do habeas corpus as well

  15. Thank u so much. Ill try that
    But last time they wpuldnt let me file anything at the clerks office on behalf of my husband. Or the recprders office either. Ill try again or have someone else file it for me

    1. Eve, please do not "Sign" on behalf of anyone's NAME (per James above, re: Signing FOR the JUDGE!!!) that you DO NOT have certified legal Power of Attorney granted to You by the Legal Person. That illegal Criminal ACT WILL only add to your current suffering, misery. You can ONLY administer someone's Estate via Authorized Certified P.O.A. ONLY.
      Be Mindful, Stay Mindful

  16. The Northwest Ordnance, part of The Organic Laws of of The United States, hard to find in the records but reading it the same wording as the 13th amendment is there. No involuntary servitude unless convicted. Also says tribal people and others are to be respected and left alone unless at war with United States. I am not looking at it right now so words concerning The United States and United States might look different. Bottom line is as the territories were formed Republican form of Government was already to be gauranteed and people were used by making them criminals or claiming Indians attacked and the clause is left alone unless they are in war with U.S. Not surprising as the awakening spreads and people find out is that the "Indian Wars" were funded, soldiers paid to harm natives and the natives and "criminals blamed for the plunder.

  17. Thank u for lwtting me know that.

  18. Thank you all for the information, but what can I do if they refuse to acquire to any demands or acting of our constitutional rights as they are doing and getting away with anyway? Who is their ruler and who will they obey so that i can go that route to force them to abide by the constitution?

    1. Eve, never bring up the constitution in any of our courts, because these courts are not constitution....they are all "administrative" courts working only under "Corporate Contract Law". Your husband contracted with the judge as soon as he started answering the judges questions , especially when he asked him his name and he said "yes" I'm guessing...What he should have done is ask the judge if he was addressing the "person"(fiction) or the "real man" on the LAND....!! You can never give the judge carte Blanche just because we were all taught to give the court and judge respect....they only deserve respect if they are playing with "clean hands" and in "good faith"..!! But they arent...!! The fact is those charges never existed until your husband started a dialog with the judge, without qualifying him first....may I have your name first your honor. Since you are the ones insisting on contracting with me I sure as he'll want to know who I am contracting with, wouldn't you you have just put the ball in his court to answer...first..!! You can quote all the constitution and laws you want, but he doesn't care if it's the truth because you are making the statements not him...he will never be liable for anything unless you get him to make those statements instead of you... you always have to form your answers to a judge by ending your answer with a question back for the judge to answer....!! That's the game going on..If all you do is answer a judges questions, you have given the judge an "implied" authority over you, and trust me he is marking it down on his ledger....!! He was the head and you played the part of the "tail"...!!!

  19. Eve...if a "post of attorney " is the problem for filing something for your husband, than have him sign a POA and name you as his authorized representative...As far as Kelli' s comment about power of attorney, you are only acting under the doctrine of "NEXT FRIEND" as defined in Blacks Law dictionary...or as a 3rd party intervenors to settle and adjust your husbands account completely to discharge and fully settle and close the account. If they won T do it, then they are the ones in dishonor...
    If the court won't let you file anything then maybe you can do what Kelli suggest...have your husband sign power of attorney to you...But I hate that word "attorney"...!! The first thing they will do is have you sign a "farretta waiver", saying you will act exactly like any other court appointed attorney , meaning your first duty is to the court, the 2nd is the public, and 3rd and last your husband....Do not sign that waiver, or you will be liable for making your husband your first duty...or if they force you to do it just sign it "without prejudice" and not your name...!! The UCC gives you the definition of signature at 3-401 (2)
    " A signature is made by ANY name, including any trade or assumed name, upon an instrament, or by ANY word or Mark used in lieu of a written signiture."
    So sign everything using "ONLY" the word "without prejudice", not your name...!! Protect your own "liabilty" like they do...!!

    What I don't understand is why are they holding him in the first place. We're you there when it happened..?? What State is this and is he even charged with anything. Or did they just put him in because he walked out of court...!!
    I did the same thing in a case I had , but when he called my name , I simply addressed everyone in the court if anyone here has a "Claim" against me or know of anyone that does have a claim and willing to swear under penalties of pergery that he had first hand knowledge that someone was "injured"....i completely ignored the judge who was desperatately trying to get my attention by calling my name...Mr Pansini, Mr Pansini..!! Because as far as I was concerned he was nothing but a fiction, and I was real...!! The two cannot contract with each when no one said they had a claim against me, I simply walked out...But of course the judge sent the bailiff after me and I wound up doing 90 days.....But when I got out, everyone had a completely different PD apologised to me and said it was the judge who ordered it, not me...already everyone was rushing to say they weren't the ones liable for unlawfully locking me up...!! All the "wallflowers " came out of the woodworks..!! I never faced that judge again. He didn't want the liablity...!!

  20. Hes given me a power of attorney already. I finally got a lawyer to help him and he seems to be one that cares about people so thats a plus. What happened is to make a long story short, my husband and I were taking care of an elderly woman whom we've come to love. Her family didn't want anything to do with her until my husband became her power of attorney and rep payee for social security and the va. When we got her those benefits all of a sudden her family came around or started to make themselves involved in her life. She originally has a trust of which her greedy brother never gave her as the executor of their trust. Its a ton of money I guess and he tried to get her to sign over her dead husbands estate of which my husband intervened being her power of attorney. Before we got her benefits for her we almost went broke taking care of this poor woman as her family wasnt concerned woth her living conditions. Well her brother hated my husband for being in the "WAY" of whatever plans he had of taking all her money and throwong her in a home. We promised her it wouldn't happen and we would protect her. But somehow one day my husband had no access to her accounts to pay her bills amd bank never let us know that some attorney her brother hired was allowed to take my husband off of her joint account and take over all of it without even the bank informing us of any of it. After finding out all this there was a guardianship hearing for the lady of which was never told to my husband which deemed her incompetent and this attorney. Got awarded guardian of her. When my husband went to appeal it they told him he was denied of a hearing! Then in January when my husband wouldn't speak to law enforcement they arrested him for charges of exploiting, forgery, fraud, and etc! They sold her property before they even got guardianship of the lady and billed her estate over 13,000. Dollars for lawyers fees after taking out a surety bond on her for the prive they sold her property. I guess there's a lot of money involved and they want it so they are extorting it and making my husband the fall guy to wjatever theyre doing. We can prove all this and my husband amd I have durable power of attorney also which makes him legal guardian to jer if she ever becomes incompetent. How they could do all this is totally absurd and illegal. But that's what they did and why my husbands behind bars right now based off of hearsay! They wont allow anyone to see the lady and have her locked in a house without no happiness and liberty to enjoy her life! We love that lady amd its so unjust what they are doing to her and my husband because we care about people. Its a disrespect to that poor woman as well who loves us and trusted us to take care of her is now imprisoned in her home mad god knows what they have brainwashed her to believe!


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