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Monday, July 16, 2018

Page 2: False Claims by World Bank and IMF

By Anna Von Reitz

I gave you the first part of Ms. Hudes' explanation to Japanese officials alleging that the Secondary Creditors (World Bank and IMF) had superior claims to control our country, our land, and our assets than we do, as the Priority Creditors and Donors of all Delegated Powers.  

And now, as Paul Harvey would say, page 2 of her Letter to LTC Okubo dated October 31, 2016...... in which she alleges that General Dunford was engaged in "treasonous and corrupt activity" and an "attempt to steal the world's monetary gold reserves".

Quote Hudes -- "The Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF have authorized me to exercise the voice and vote of the United States of America during this interregnum in the legitimate government of the United States until the Constitution of 1789 goes back into effect under an Article V Convention." 

Point of information --- it's the Constitution of 1787 that counts.  And beyond that, no delegated power holder is greater than the donor of that power, which in this case is The United States of America [Unincorporated] and our member States: Wisconsin, Iowa, Maine, Florida, et alia. 

Second point of information --- nobody died and left the "Board of Governors" of the World Bank and IMF parties responsible for our "Federal" Government or for us. 

Once again, Secondary Creditors of bankrupt Territorial and Municipal governmental services corporations are trying to make a false claim on abandonment, ignoring the Priority Creditors, and seeking to "represent" us when we are presenting ourselves, thank you very much. 

The actual "voice and the vote" of The United States of America supersedes any Territorial government entity merely presumed to "represent" us and calling itself "the" United States of America--- or worse, any bank Board of Governors pretending to do so. 

The only criminals in view are the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, for making these false claims against us and our lawful and legal interests. They have been caught in the act of trying to commandeer a sovereign government. 

By Operation of Law, when an agent in receipt of delegated power becomes incompetent to discharge the delegated power, it returns to the Source of the delegation---- to us, to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the member States of our Federation of States and our People. 

Not to Karen Hudes.  Not the Queen.  Not the Board of Governors of the World Bank or the IMF.  

She also alleges that "courts have no jurisdiction in this matter" --- but courts do have jurisdiction over international bank fraud and Breach of Trust and breach of commercial contracts going back over a century and a half.  

When I think of any employee of the World Bank or the IMF pretending to represent us and cast our votes, I want to bite something.  I seriously want to kick ass from here to Charleston.  

It is our government and our States, not the moth-balled Federal States of States,that hold the power and control over not only the delegated powers but all powers in international jurisdiction. Period. 

We delegated it, and we can un-delegate any power we bequeathed to any level of the Federal Government----and we have competently done exactly that by acknowledging and accepting the return of the Delegated Powers pursuant to the bankruptcies and other incompetence of the Federal Government.

Ms. Hudes and the World Bank and the IMF have revealed their Grand Slam attempt to take over America and steal not only our confiscated gold being held under false pretenses in their "Global Debt Facility" ---but to exercise control over our labor, our land, our homes, our intellectual property, and everything else. 

It sounds to me like General Dunford had sand enough to call them on it, so the thieves accused him of what they are attempting to do themselves. 

For these acts of criminal self-interest and presumption in violation of the Rule of Law the World Bank Board of Governors and the IMF are rightly accused of attempted overthrow of a sovereign government. Ours. 

Email recipients please see attached pdf.  FB and other network viewers -- copy of page two of the letter will be posted on my


  1. All Theses Smart People, Knowledge Of Law, Yet Nothing Can't Be Done.

  2. That is a rather vain comment considering that the post itself is proof that something is being done.

  3. It seems like the underlying problem is that (1) either people really are convinced they are right, such as Ms. Hudes thinks she is, OR (2) they are just very good liars, thinking that their lies will hoodwink the masses.
    It is when they actually think they are Right, that makes it so difficult to break through that shell, and finally bring about a Right and truthful result.
    I tend to think that Karen is a mixture of both (1) and (2) above. By now we should all know she is certainly no friend of The People.

  4. Abby, you missed the 3rd point....they just don't care, which represents 90% of Americans....most people just want someone, anyone to fix this problem instead of them, because they are to busy living and providing for their families....!! A friend I grew up with, and both went to and graduated from the same high school, recently reached out to me this year and we have been taking back and forth since..!! But he got married and has 3 kids, which have grown up and got married and they have kids...!! But I remained single the entire time, which freed me up to research the truth about our country..!! When I try to explain what happened to this country, he immediately shuts down...!! All he knows is he has to work harder and harder to sustain his level of comfort...!! He wants it better, but he doesn't even know what the problem is...!! And as far as the corruption is concerned, he says it's always been that way....yea, in our lifetime...Reagans attempt to educate the people about "income taxes" and where all that money goes to in his "commissioned " GRACE REPORT went completely unnoticed by the public that supposedly wanted to know..!! The GRACE REPORT was very clear that not one penny of you income tax goes to find one thing in govt. The only thing it goes to is the "interest" on our presumed DEPT and nothing else...!! Once you create a "monster" as big as a "servicing company" for 19 delegations of authority, it would be easier bro fight GODZILLA than a govt. servicing agency, because no one recoginized what it is....its to esoteric to them...!!

    1. James, I sometimes think people reject the truth because they cant stand to admit they have been fooled and lied to all their lives, so part of it has to do with their 'false pride'.

      And perhaps, if they have large families they can't face the fact that they are ALL in a whole lot of trouble they think its just easier to pretend the status quo is in existence, just ignore these 'rumors' and it will all just blow over.

      I do remember the Grace Report, and learning that our income taxes only go for paying the interest on the national debt; plus that the ND can never be paid off.

      So that brings up a whole nother thing thats going on: Yesterday I went back to my old hometown, a nasty task to a town with a very strange 'spirit' lurking over it. I've been gone from there for 20 years now, and I noticed that finally they are doing a whole LOT of building; building all kinds of new professional buildings, widening roadways, spreading out away from the original down town area.
      Two questions came to my mind: First, where is all this money coming from, and why.......and its obvious they are creating a new city/town and letting the old one just deteriorate and be forgotten.
      In other words, the less fortunate will get stuck in the old area, unable to ever afford to move to the newer upcoming area.
      Its just strange that there is suddenly millions of $$ of new building going on, when just last year they could not afford to plow ANY of the side streets there; just the main thoroughfares.

      And where I live, in the state capitol, there is also much new building going on. Plus all this has caused our Interstates that run thru the city, both ways, are having to be things are really being torn up.
      Again, where is all this money coming from; its like raining money around here, and living costs skyrocketing, as if they are expecting a bunch of quarter million dollar paid people ! !
      Sorry, but it just does not add up, and makes no common sense what they are doing.
      They have just lost their minds, truly they have.

  5. Karen Hudes.fishy operation works for world Bank yet can't come to work what ,?

  6. The law of gravity works on bankers too..


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