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Saturday, April 14, 2018


Listening to Virginia Senator Dick Black talk realpolitik with zero BS gives me hope for the world! I didn’t know there was a serving Senator who speaks freely, like this! The 31-year military veteran who has spent a lot of time in Syria talks about the rogue CIA, Hillary’s murder of Libyan Ambassador Stevens, Barack Obama’s arming of ISIS and so much more with the weary yet sober demeanor of a wizened insider.
Some among my readers still believe parts of the Mainstream Media (CIA) false narrative and wrote nasty things in response to my newsletter yesterday with the video by Jake Morphonios. This interview with Senator Dick Black from Virginia goes way further, substantiating Morphonios’ allegations and exposing so much more skullduggery in SyriaLibya and beyond.
After the previous false flag bombing in Syria early this past February, Senator Dick Black joined The Truth Viral’s Bobby Powell for a conversation.


  1. This is great news! Thanks Paul for this speedy information, hopeful, keep up the great work!

  2. Just because Q anon doesn't fit ur narratives doesn't mean that there isn't a perhaps spiritual logic behind Trump's ongoing moves dears ones🌠new post from neon revolt

  3. Unfortunately, that wasn't a false flag, that is why we have a worldwide meditation tonight. This is how the dark operates. They are not stupid. This is the story about the boy that cried 'wolf (false flag)' too many times, at the end nobody will do anything when they hear 'false flag'. Please share this link and participate.

  4. I was in a special group of military intelligence (eyes only, umbra, and etc...) that very few got to see and read. While the general public was fed a certain narrative (lies) - I knew the truth with my special clearance. There are long term goals of the "Deep State" and they use "False Flags" to get there. I wish I could tell you directly some of the "OUTRAGES LIES" that have been fed to the public but fear of a "knock at the door" by you know who. (I am from the Federal Government and here to help...LOL)

  5. You are a traitor to humanity, Bohdi Malmberg.

    1. Name must be a DemocRAT Liberal "wanting more free stuff" and believing "Fake News" as told on tv news. Senator Jay Rockerfella once said that control of the people has become differcult since the invention of the "INTERNET". I research and "connect the dots". H.A.N.D. (have a nice day)

  6. This interviewer says assad has to go senator replies no

  7. Friends, I humbly submit this video for your information and encouragement.
    Behold Israel/ Amir Tsarfati Middle East Current Events Update, April 14, 2018.

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  10. m
    Behold Israel/ Amir Tsarfati Middle East Current Events Update, April 14, 2018. Two different perspectives(the senator,and this link) both of which seem credible. Complicated times and how are we to know the real events behind the scenes. God (Jesus)help us all.

  11. Trust In God Jesus With All Of Your Heart, For The God Of Heaven Love's You & Us All, For The God Of This Earth Is A Lier & As Long As You Live on Earth You Will Be Deceived. Look To Heaven When You Pray, & Not To The Ground Where Satan Rules .

    1. gilbert, I'm not trying to be a smart alec here, or to burst your bubble; but we are supposed to be honest with people and not lead anyone astray. God himself has made a Division between the Righteous and the Unrighteous people of this earth; we are not all the same, as He makes it clear we are not. Nowhere does God ever say he ''loves us all'' nor does he even insinuate it. Jesus clearly said 'he loves them that love him'. And we all know most people actually hate Jesus.
      So it goes without saying, that he does not love them.
      He even says that if we love Him, then we will obey Him. He says 'why do you (even bother) to call Me Lord, when you do NOT DO AS I SAY'.
      It in no way is simply a matter of ''trusting Jesus'. He says ''except ye Repent, ye shall Perish'. Ah, so see, it is useless to go around preaching to the masses, oh just trust Jesus. They do not even HAVE Jesus TO trust in.
      Im not smacking you, I'm just real fed up with all the watered down messages being 'preached' to the lost world which is worthless and actually LYING.
      Ezek. 33:8 ''......if you do not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will be on your hands''.

      Now if you really ponder that, as well as many other scriptures giving much the same admonitions, then it has to be clear to anyone that ''He does NOT love us all''.

    2. Abby,
      He died for the 'whole' world. This is love.
      So you see He does love us all. This is a keep it simple moment.chuckle.
      Yet of course the choice is ours. A difficult path to follow, loving others who do not love you. Forgiving others who hate you etc. Some of this is explained in Luke 6:32.
      i appreciate much of what you say here and am not trying to be a jerk. You are correct about the watered down luke warm church, but lets not loose sight of His Truth in our haste.
      Loving each other while hating the evil is a tall order.
      He loves us all, that is why He sends the warnings.
      He loves us all, that is the point of Tribulation. It is a wake up call to Repentance.
      And yes, A sad Truth is many still will not listen. Why?
      Do they not recognize the times?

    3. a follower, neither am I trying to be a jerk; but all that I posted is true, not just part of it. Even Jesus said he does not pray for the world, but for those that belong to Him. That is scripture.
      Your opinion here then, would be to tell a daughter who has been badly beaten and raped by a brute, that ''God loves her rapist'? Do you see what is wrong with your ''god loves all' nonsense?
      It seems you have never come to grips with the Separation doctrines of Christ, which he has made clear. Have you ever really read the new testament? Such as 2 Tim. 3 where there are 18 different types of people listed, and we are ordered to ''turn away from such people'?
      Does it make sense to you that God would tell us to turn away from them, IF he ''loved them'??

      Come let us REASON together.

      You also seem to lack understanding of the Great Tribulation to come: Its purpose is solely for punishment of the wicked, and the only 'love' involved in it, is that he is getting rid of the garbage of the world, for the sake of his True Children, the Bride of Christ.
      (and I say it cannot be soon enough. bring it ON)

      Another error: God never said 'love others'. He was speaking to the Brethren commending THEM to love one another. We who have brains know better than to love devils. It would very hypocritical to love evil people AND to claim to also love Christ.
      Pick just one. It is foolishness to say 'love the sinner but hate their sin'. That is one of the biggest LIES of all time.
      It IS a sinner who does the acts of SIN. Wake up and kiss those wicked folks goodbye.
      The ONLY thing we 'owe' to sinners, is to notify them of their sin and 'repent or perish'. As it says in Mark, 'go out into the world to preach to sinners to repent'.
      That is our ONLY purpose in contact with them; its not to boo hoo over them, and its not to make friends with them, and its not to smoosh over them to try to win them over. Just preach the truth. Truth is love, and love is truth.
      Biblically speaking, love is not emotionalism which is being used today, or shall we say misused today. Biblical love is ''in Deed and in Truth, not in word or in tongue'.

      I'm just sayin' preach according to the bible directives, and stop copying these ooey gooey lying 'love salesmen' that call themselves 'church pastors'.

    4. Abby,
      The Gospel also speaks quite a lot of forgiveness. So no i do not see 'He loves all as nonsense.
      And yes i do see a physical church that does not seem to understand correction or consequences. A Fathers Love.
      Even the rapist can repent (Truly repent) and be forgiven.
      This is also a purpose of tribulation. We have not yet reached the day of great tribulation and i do not see this as a day to long for.
      We are also to forgive daily, not just those that love us. Yes we're to be set-apart from the world in many ways, forgiveness is but one of these ways.(In our hearts in our minds) When we see how misled so many are how can we not pray that they too find the way?
      If we do not forgive others how can our Father forgive us?

    5. Follower, lol Ive been hearing your speech for over 40 years, and it is really part of the watered down, easy believism re-made message; we might even call it a 'politically correct' new 'gospel. But it does not jive with the bible, or what God says is the requirement to even be saved in the first place. IF we had not repented we would be on the outside the same as our wrongdoers are.....since God says that sin separates man FROM God.

      It is pretty clear here that that bible does not say 'go around forgiving others; or forgive everybody'. It is saying we are only mandated to forgive those that repent. No repentance, no forgiveness. We MUST go by the Word, Not by what people say.

      It is 'churches' who are laying guilt trips on people by telling their pew-warmers that if they don't, then God won't forgive them, is caused by their gross error.....which still goes on today ! They first lay this guilt trip on people, then make them think their own forgiveness and salvation depends on it, which is a big lie.

      As for the great trib. Why should we not long to see that day? Its the 'day' when God will finally destroy all the wicked and wickedness that is so unspeakable, which they are doing to people who do not deserve to be to ill-treated. What then? Do you propose that we just keep on having to hunt them all up like what is going on now, and when their evil deeds are exposed, they are still running loose and living large??
      Should we let them trafik people, abort babies, sell body parts, disappear children and people for nefarious purposes; continue all this destructive tyranny that goes on, too numerous to mention?
      Do you really think we should not long for their destruction, but continue as things are, which is their destruction of US?

      You say they have been misled; yes, but they chose to be misled. There have been several of us in here that have told the truth of the Word, explained it, and what it takes to be saved....and yet we see nobody thirsting for such valuable information, nor do we see it gratefully received in any way. Instead we have gotten chided, mocked, and spit on. So if you propose that we wait till more get saved, they have had more than enough time to do so. TODAY is the day of salvation, for no one is promised tomorrow. It is UPON hearing that one accept truth, or rejects it; those who fuss and fume and throw various fits, nit-pick, and find fault are rejecting. They all have a choice; the Word says that ''no one will be found with a good excuse'. So why do you and so many others keep trying to make excuses for all these 'others' who are just bullheaded and just don't want to listen? Why do 'christians' spend all their time doing boo-hoo parties for them, while neglecting their own 'family' which is the true Brethren? What does Light have to do with Darkness??


    6. Abby,
      "As for the great trib. Why should we not long to see that day? Its the 'day' when God will finally destroy all the wicked and wickedness that is so unspeakable, which they are doing to people who do not deserve to be to ill-treated."

      1. Here is but one reason.Amos 5:18 Explains. Alas, you who are longing for the day of the Lord, For what purpose will the day of the LORD be to you? It will be darkness and not light;
      Also remember in Ezekiel? 'I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked...(Neither should we.)

      The Message of the Watchman
      10"Now as for you, son of man, say to the house of Israel, 'Thus you have spoken, saying, "Surely our transgressions and our sins are upon us, and we are rotting away in them; how then can we survive?"' 11"Say to them, 'As I live!' declares the Lord GOD, 'I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn back, turn back from your evil ways! Why then will you die, O house of Israel?' 12"And you, son of man, say to your fellow citizens, 'The righteousness of a righteous man will not deliver him in the day of his transgression, and as for the wickedness of the wicked, he will not stumble because of it in the day when he turns from his wickedness; whereas a righteous man will not be able to live by his righteousness on the day when he commits sin.'…
      A watered down church also would be one that does not love, does not forgive, does not warn each other about why we have gotten to this point in time.
      He does not tell us to love only those who love us. He does tell us to love Him and yes each other. i do agree,this does not mean to give every one a free pass (which is not love at all but the opposite.) Love is telling the Truth in the correct ways. Love is giving warnings. etc.
      All things are by His timing.

    7. Follower, perhaps you missed the most vital of all scriptures regarding where the Righteous will be in the day of the Lord: We won't be here, but will have been taken out of the way. So, no the day of the Lord will not be a day of darkness for those who are saved.
      The great trib. is the wrath of God upon the unrighteous; but for the righteous, He tells us ''for my wrath is not meant for you''. He also says ''love that which is good, and hate that which is evil'.
      We could also better define the word 'love' as meaning approval. And hate as meaning disapproval. For example I hate red cars. This means I disapprove of them and would never buy a red car. I love several other colors, and so we could say I approve of those colors, and only those colors.
      There are also a few other colors that I neither love, nor hate, but are just insignificant and don't mean anything to me one way or the other.
      Nowhere is love emphasized in the bible; but Truth is. And we are told to ''love not in word and in tongue, but in Deed and in Truth''. In fact ''Gods love' has always been shown by His Deed of dying for the sins of whoever is repentant. It was never mushy emotionalism.
      As for me, I only love the true Brethren; no other need apply. Even Jesus said ''I love them that love me''. So some scriptural references are again needs to get back to, and for clarification of who is who, and what is what.
      Yes there will be a whole lot of peeps who are going to get caught up in the great trib; but I am not one to be blamed for their outcome.
      Be careful about getting swept up in ''pity for the ungodly who chose their own way'. The word tells us that 'when that day comes, God will laugh at their calamity''. He says this because they have been told, and warned over and over, and rejected it, so they will deserve their calamity, so it sounds from his own Words.
      The point here I think, is...what is so darned hard about giving up the ways of the world, which is satans world, and doing Gods ways? His Ways are not restrictions, but are warnings of how to stay out of trouble, what to stay away from, and who to stay away from.....for OUR OWN GOOD. It even makes decisions easy to make, in all things regarding this life.
      It's a no-brainer. That is why I have little pity on the truth rejecters. How can there be pity on people who turn down the best deal they will ever get? He gave His Life for us to have such an opportunity, eternal life, and did it at a price I don't think any one of us would pay. So for those who spit on it......we are to have pity on?? Who do we serve, and whose side are we on, 100%.

    8. Follower, you have taken Amos 5 way out of context. It is not addressed to me, or any of the born again true believers, the church body of Christ; it is addressed to Israel.
      We always need to look at the beginning of any Book or chapter to see who is being addressed; in this case Amos 5:1 Hear yet this word which I take up against you, O house of Israel. And then it goes on to warn them that the Day of the Lord will be darkness for THEM.
      I hope that clarifies and is enlightening to you. Remember the command to rightly divide the Word. All scripture does not apply to everyone, and is most often very specific. Reading that entire chapter with that in mind, will shed light.
      P.S. I never said I would have 'pleasure' in their demise; I simply said good riddance.....finally. And I continue to long for the day of the Lord. It will come whether we long for it or not, all the same.


    "When humans yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon". Thomas Paine.

  13. Something seems real rotten at the whitehouse. First trump announces he's bringing our troops out of syria. Meetings go on, and suddenly we are bombing syria, and trump is making weird statements, doing all kinds of flip flops. Rumblings going around that ivanka has been kidnapped and in south america. ? He ordered troops to our southern borders, and then suddenly changed his mind; or did he get his mind changed for him. Porn 'star' takes her suit to court; his personal attorney gets raided? Folks, this is not looking good for the 'home team' here. All very fishy. Steve Quayle has several articles about this on his Site. See what you think.

  14. His name slips my mind right now, but an older war Reporter just went to syria to where the alleged 'gassing' was said to take place, and they found no evidence of any gassing done by assad on his own people. This Reporter went to the local hospitals, talked to doctors, and people in the area; quite a thorough examination looking for any facts at all, and he came away with calling the whole thing a lie.
    So its looking like Putin is correct, and the us of a is the problem here. And I have to come away thinking we are not in good hands at all. There is obviously an agenda going on that is not in our best interest, but is quite nefarious and secretive.


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