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Thursday, May 11, 2017

For the British Prime Minister and Principle Parties

By Anna Von Reitz

These items are a simple communication presented to the British Prime Minister by the lawful government of the United States.  We consider the British Government responsible for much of the harm that has been done --- responsible, though in the current generation, not to blame.  We would like:
1.      Permanent cessation of any Territorial, Municipal, or Regional “citizenship” obligations being presumed upon the American people who are not by birth or actual occupation naturally subject to these foreign political statuses;
2.      The establishment of a non-invasive means of identifying American state nationals to distinguish between them and United States citizens at a glance, to expedite issuance of proper passports and travel IDs and also allowing for efficient administration of applicable law;  
3.      The end of registration and conscription of American state nationals into federal pension plans, e.g., “Social Security”, health insurance plans, and other corporate enrichment schemes executed under color of law as government mandates when in fact such mandates do not apply to them;
4.      The end of legal prosecution of American state nationals as presumed federal citizens and their unlawful incarceration and harassment under these false pretenses;
5.      The  end of personage and press-ganging used against American state nationals by members of the Bar Associations acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents and unlicensed privateers;
6.      The reform of federal government accounting and reporting practices to guarantee transparency;
7.       The reform of commercial banking law to prevent acquisition of state bank and government agency names, trademarks, and copyrights so as to confuse the actual nature of the parties involved in transactions and also to prohibit the combining of commercial and investment banks;
8.      The vacating and/or voluntary sharing of our state and local public facilities as local need dictates; 
9.      The release of American political prisoners and others who have been convicted of non-violent victimless crimes, regulatory infractions, and failure to comply with implied contracts which do not exist under American Common Law;
10.   A Declaration of Lasting Peace ending any and all “war” or “emergency” related to the American states and people or purporting any controversy on our shores or within our states;
11.   The concurrent end of any presumption of “enemy” status attaching to American state nationals at home or abroad;
12.   The honoring of the obligations of the British Monarch and Holy See and Westminster to protect all Americans engaged in peaceful international trade;
13.   The recognition of our lawful pre-1860 civil peace flag of the Republic as our international ensign and flag now flying, characterized by its red and white vertical stripes and blue stars set against a white left corner block;
14.   The recognition of the American Silver Dollar and certificates based on silver as our traditional and lawful form of money;
15.   The recognition of the American Common Law as the law form owed to our states and people;
16.   The return of our land patents absent any false claims of abandonment, neglect, or voluntary release;
17.   The return of all titles, patents, trademarks, and copyrights taken to American assets, including our given names and estates;
18.   The return of unlawfully converted American fungible assets –public and private business, bank, retirement, escrow, and estate accounts-- to their rightful owners;
19.   The reform of the Internal Revenue Service(s) to properly re-venue all assets public and private per Items 12, 13, and 14 above;
20.   The end of media manipulation, monopolization, black-outs, gag orders and spying without probable cause;
21.   The de-militarization of all police and federal agencies to expedite peace time functions;
22.   The re-tasking of the FBI to investigate and prosecute interstate bank fraud, interstate securities fraud, copyright and patent infringement, and human trafficking;
23.   Recognition of our land jurisdiction County Sheriffs and our Federal Marshals who serve the international land jurisdiction under the un-delegated reserved powers of the states;
24.   A moratorium on new non-essential legislation and a mandatory review process to correct former legislation so as to expedite implementation of these remedies and reforms;
25.   The end of all efforts, practices, and directives seeking to confuse, deceive, or defraud anyone;
26.   The establishment of a truly equitable credit-based monetary and financial system that reflects abundance and which properly values the abilities, resources, and labor of all people. 

Most of all, we would like the sincere and solemn commitment of the British Government and all Principle Parties to fully support the complete restoration and success of our lawful government.  We feel that the long and uncompensated labors of our people, the use and often the abuse of our resources, and the overall criminal nature of the methods and means that have been employed against us merit your complete understanding. 

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  1. You might want to make them feel a little more contrite for their part in this assault on our lives and our heritage and just in general, don't ya think???

    1. Like hanging half of them and make the other half wear explosive neck collars !

  2. Anna, have you ever read Prince Charles - The Sustainable Prince by Joan Veon?

  3. Excerpt: "These items are a simple communication presented to the British Prime Minister by the lawful government of the United States."
    Please Share Document sent to British Prime Minister. Thanks


    1. Paul Stramer, has "Nomi Effiah" been around these parts before? I find her/his/its request a bit...trollish, considering the lack of dialog in this post...

    2. Nomi Effiah...How about offering dialog before demand? Your "please" wasn't received by me as a sincere offering...

    3. Hilarious Danika! Stop being the Judge, Jury,and Executor of others comments. Not Nice.

  4. Thanks Anna for being transparent in communications
    A very enlightening video to watch about the
    "Foreign sovereign immunity act "
    (13 original colonies of confederation birth right is free sovereign but people must public record a sworn statement of heritage, declared to be sovereign, and establish who you are)... im trying to find the book. Fyi

    1. Hi Cher-ie unfortunately unless you can verify your a direct descendent back to these individuals as one of their posterity, I honestly do not believe this applies to 99% in this country who's ancestors came over post civil war era. We live in total class system society governed by the courts they are gatekeepers of status and evaluate every case on this basis, not what court cases you can site in your paper work and what codes you can define these are meaningless because all are under copyright and nobody except attorneys are licensed through the law merchant to use them why its a battle to be recognized without one re-presenting you.

  5. I especially like #2. You finally get it. Everyone, including and especially all law enforcement, has to realize that there are two, not one status on this nation and that a easy way to identify it using special license plates, that can only be charged for the actual manufacturing of them for maybe $5 and thats it. But judge Anna, you areaking the same mistake our original forefathers did with the constitution....your setting down our rights, but your leaving out the most important part of a contract..."THE PENALTIES" for not complying with those demands or for intensionally overeaching their implied authority on American Nationals, using some lame excuse that they were ignorant of the law. So what. Ignorance of the law is no longer an excuse for public employees. You need one more rule that is critical to keep that contract in good standing for our prodgeny for life so our children never have to go through this.....You have to demand that all this history and info be mandatorial taught at our public system from at least 6th grade to 12th. We are the last generation to understand all this mess and we only represent a negligable minority of this population. The only hope for this nation is the next, and the next after that. Otherwise our dream wont last long and neither will theirs...Are you feeling me..???


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