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Friday, May 12, 2017

The Concept of Common Wealth

By Anna Von Reitz

The concept of common wealth has its roots buried deep in pre-history.  It is essentially the concept of sharing resources, and especially sharing community resources with the poor and the needy, so as to preserve family and community relationships.

By the time we encounter Biblical-Era Hebrew culture, the concept of common wealth is well-developed and defined.  The Hebrews are religiously bound to observe basic patterns of giving: 

A tenth of all received is given back as a tithe to the Levites.  The Levites in turn are charged with sharing of the offerings and "temple bread".

Every seventh year, the Shemitah requires the release of both credit and debt, so that a reshuffling of obligations and redistribution of wealth takes place. Every seven times seven years, an even more profound shuffling of resources and debt forgiveness takes place when the Jubilee allows everyone who has lost land or home from debt or misfortune is allowed to reclaim it.

Farmers, like Boaz, are commanded to allow gleaners in their fields and to leave the wheat and other grains and crops on the edges of their fields standing so that the poor can harvest them for food.

These are all expressions of the principle of common wealth.  Individuals give to a common pot for the benefit of something or someone beyond themselves, or, alternatively, if they need to, share in the benefit of the "common wealth".

The early Christian Communities took these antecedents to even greater heights, demanding that new converts give up all that they had to the group and let the Elders decide how best to use and distribute it for the benefit of all.

This kind of voluntary sacrifice can be readily recognized in the tenants of some forms of utopian socialism, and echoes of it -- though not the pure aims -- remain in many apologies of communism.

One of my school friends once quipped that, "Communism is Christianity absent the element of Free Will."  

In pre-Christian Britain the various tribal societies that inhabited the island -- at least those that occupied set territories -- also practiced forms of tithing and ritual sacrifices of material and food stocks for the good of the group.  After Christianity arrived, the old concepts of common wealth mingled with the new idealistic vision of common wealth to produce Monastic society and "village commons".

Essentially, the Church or the local Lord, donated portions of land--- often poor land or swampy land or high ground difficult for cultivation -- for "the common wealth". These portions were then used as common grazing land or cultivated by the poor or by lay brothers of the local monasteries and churches, to produce food for the poor and forage for their animals. In some cases, orchards were planted or herb gardens to make medicines for the community. 

In all cases these "common grounds" that were then deemed to belong to communities rather than kings or clerics, required care-taking by individuals or groups of individuals who donated their time and skills, labor and materials, to develop and use the "Commons".  

This is also how the tradition of using Commons land for the location of public buildings and facilities-- whether the Pauper's graveyard, or a courthouse, or the docks on a river-- came from.  The entire idea that we now have of "public lands" and "public facilities" and "public programs" flows naturally and in a straight line from Ancient Israel to downtown Mainstreet,USA, via the vector of Christianity.

Utopianism, Socialism, and Communism all have there socio-economic roots sunk into this same bedrock concept of common wealth.  In the 19th and 20th centuries, and especially in English-speaking countries, this whole tradition continued to be recognized in the form of political Commonwealths that contributed to the British Empire as a whole.

It is from the concept of "common wealth" that the entire tradition underlying the current welfare system springs and from which the American "brother's keeper" laws derive.

Like so much else in life, the concept of Common Wealth is justified in our minds and hearts as an expression of a truth--- that the land does not belong to us, and that, instead, we belong to the land.

Our dominion over the land is brief and the stewardship we hold is sacred, but we return to dust and the land holds us forever.

It is our common destiny, our common wealth, our common land--- and in our hearts as naturally as falling down or sun shining, it is our common love for the land that gives rise to our understanding of the needs, sanctity, and rights of other men and women. We all spring from the same source: the soil, the land, the country where we live and where we die and where we are buried or our ashes are scattered.

It is this great commonality that drives the principles of common wealth, whether gleaners in the fields competing with the crows, or kings upon the hill.  It is built into our pattern, our ten fingers and toes, the bend of our knee, the arch of our throat.

I have been accused of many things in my life.  For some reason, leftists see me as a violent conservative, and conservatives see me as a raving liberal, and the Centrists, for their part, kick me straight out of the political number line entirely. 

The truth is that I don't fit in anywhere in the political spectrum of men, because politics are inevitably linked to concepts of self-interest and of that, I have little or none.  Our Father has blessed me to have all that I want or need, whether I scrape by or have wealth to stagger the imagination.  

No, rather, what makes my politics is Nature, the facts of life, the turning of the seasons, the tree that becomes my winter fire, the day that becomes night.  I am forever too close to the ground to lose sight of it. Lovingly, my feet touch it, satin silt or gritty sand or the deep garden loam of my childhood, it's the song of the Earth I hear and heed.  It's the Earth that I am and that I need.

Perhaps this sounds childish, unworthy of my intellect, education, and breed.  Surely, I should espouse some high flung philosophy, some extreme or arcane or violent political leaning and commitment to some well-defined agenda.

If I do have such a calling, then let it be this--- that I recognize the common wealth.  I know what it is. I know what it springs from, eternal and righteous.  I grant it to my fellows as they grant it to me, and I have no other desire than to see peace and plenty and freedom and an end to disease. 

There's my politics and my political party.  May it come to power.  And long may it reign supreme. 

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  1. Lovely! ... simply lovely. Yes, Anna ... you have described my only desire as well.

  2. I agree Anna, I am soothed by nature and all its creatures, a wolf, a bear, any stinging thing that flies or slithers which is natural I have no fear and easily can face. What scares me most is the violence, insane machinations and aggressions of the two legged snakes who have constructed this maze of deceit, forcing the sane to unwillingly participate. I am uneducated in their "devices" they stripped my worldly wealth and my families wealth, no matter, I am rich in spirit, awestruck and appreciative of this elegant plane earth and the many joys, delights and mysteries of this incredible place that was built for us. I am thankful for common sense, and the people like you who are willing to effort us through the process to freedom. Thank you

  3. Thank you!

    "The Earth is the Lord's ..." Psalms 24.
    "Bless the Lord oh my soul" - Psalms 103.

  4. I have never wanted to be part of a group since I realized already that is how it is. I am a part of the universe all the creatures are my family even boards have moving life within them. God is all things and there is only one, all of us and all things within the whole. I saw long ago by grace of God's gentle answer to my pleading that I could be a part of destroying life or work towards being a good guardian or steward of it. Each of us is a part of each other and like our own bodies, despite being different like a heart, liver, spleen etc, all work as one so the whole stays on the positive side. Guess that is kind odd concept also but for me works and I find others just as important as me. Creatures, even plants I find my friends as well and think of them even if needing to eat a carrot, being thankful for its life and food for others. We too go back to the soil and feed the carrots and plants. God is life, love of life is good and helps keep us all healthy, happy an on a positive track.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Anna please review "poor" In Tomlins Law Dictionary 1835,this is our public policy/welfare state in a nut-shell, there is nothing new under the sun, as far as parties go they are nothing but 2 sides of the same coin or 2 wings of the same bird crapping on everyone’s head.

  7. There was one tithe Anna seems to know nothing about and it was the tithe taken every third year for the orphans, widows, etc. Deut. 26:12 that was to taken and given out on top of the gleaning of the fields, as well as free-will offerings that the people could do at any time. The problem with stating that "communism" as taught by the jew Karl Levi Mordecai Marx was that it was not based on Biblical principals but only as a tool for the few at the top to enslave everyone at the bottom. The Pilgrims practiced communism for the first 3 years of their colony and starved as no one wanted to work for those that refused to because of their privileged social status. You had "gentleman" who in Britain who did not have to work, they had servants do it for them. But if anna wants Marx's brand of communism, she is welcomed to it, I'll pass. Just don't try to tell me how wonderful it is, as 66 million Christian Russians, 50 million Christian Chinese, 10 million Christian Ukrainians that were murdered in the Holodomo, plus the millions murdered around the world by communism can attest that this is not the wonderful ideology that anna is espousing. I am surprised to find out just how much anna doesn't know about history!!! Might want to take my advice and get educated first before stating erroneous opinions.

    1. If no one spoke until we were perfect, we would have no way to share knowledge. I have little appreciation for the critic who hides behind the unknown title

    2. I do thank you for the shared educational portion of your reply and wish good for you

    3. Unless all your property is recorded into your private estate's , then every piece of property titled and recorded with the State as in Real Estate Titles , all Certificate of Title's for vehicles, Birth Certificates etc etc etc, are your "political election" to be a Communist. You have handed over equitable title to the State becoming incorporated into the Communist public trust and received in return limited Legal title as "owner" or tenant to the property in question.
      Keep chasing meaning's in terms and words of art or legalese these are meaningless "know it by its fruits". Social Security is Communism , the Federal Reserve is Communism a private credit system for a private community of capitalized human-livestock and its corporate servicing agents. Welcome to the American Community or I mean the Free-market Capital Nation or I mean the United States of Socialism or the Land of Liberty... call it what you may its still the same hot pile of crap any way you slice it.

      Living in a basic common-wealth society DOES NOT equate to living under the power of a centralized State dictating your slavery through a Communist ideology and reaping profits for an elite group of parasites.
      Maybe look deeper into Anna's overall work or simply STFU!!! Especially seeing as you post under the cowardly title "Unknown".

  8. That " Welfare System " worked out well...and extorting money from property owners for services we do not recieve or want is wrong. Giving is a personal choice , to whom and how much should be determined by me. I will keep who I choose to keep . I have been generous sometimes at my detriment but always by my free will. When the evil baby raping and eating monsters that are the elite , Government and Religion force us then We as a people need to get rid of them so our will can be realized....

  9. I hate to admit it Anna, but some of these people have a point. Your definition of the "commonwealth", is to alturistic in a world where everyone has too work to support just their basic needs.....with or without money. Its a fact that when the pilgrams first arrived, they indeed tried to use a socialistic commonwealth. It failed for the same reason it fails today.....some people, even ones totally broke, somehow feel they were born "privaledged", and just expect everything "free" or giving to them. I have a ton of friends that fit that profile and I finally cut them all loose. These are people that have contributed almost nothing to make this world a better place or to themselves. But they want everyone to feel sorry for them...Why, because you gained 200 lbs over your normal weight. How is that our problem when you did nothing to prevent it. You not only induldged to your hearts delight, but overinduldged into everything from food to pain pills and illigal drugs...You overinduldged into everything except education, knowledge, truth, and common deciently and courteousy to others. They stole from their parents and conned everyone else around them out of money they never had any intention of paying anyone back. The level of fraud in California is sick. Half the population is working for the other half. And if they cant get SSI or some other way, they can always get relief by having babies that they could care less about, except for the money....SICK. Im sorry judge Anna, but most of the population is worse than the ones running it. "Fiat" money did not give rise to these rebrobates. They were here from the biginning of time....spoiled rotten by their parents who though that everyone had to do the same. The word "sacrifice" isnt in their vocabulary. In short, they want to live completely irresponsible as possible their whole life, therefore completely happy being US Citizens slaves, as long as they dont have to work...

  10. Might add communist russia failed making drunks out of everyone , communist China had to modify it's system to make it some what capitolistic in a perfect world like the community of cells of your body they work in harmony but it's not a perfect world. Lot of bad people we need freedom to associate not affirimitive action forced innigration
    Birds of a feather !

  11. Thank you Anna!

    Quoted from Oxford's 1938 Universal English Dictionary, on the word join: IV. trans. To come into contact, contiguity, company, or union with; etc.

    To join the (great or silent) majority, to die.

    When we create union, we live again, with the multitude of researchers who Anna is one of the many.

    Anna has also taken upon herself or been given the gift to jus dicus right, law + speaking, speaker (& copiously writing for our benefit).

    Bacon said: "Judges ought to remember, that their office is Jus diceree to interpret law, and not Jus dare, to not make law, or give law."

    verb: interpret:
    3rd person present: interprets; past tense: interpreted; past participle: interpreted; gerund or present participle: interpreting

    1.explain the meaning of (information, words, or actions).
    "the evidence is difficult to interpret"
    synonyms: explain, elucidate, expound, explicate, clarify,
    illuminate, shed light on More "the rabbis interpret the
    Jewish laws" decipher, decode, unscramble, make
    intelligible; understand, comprehend, make sense of,
    figure out;
    informalcrack "the symbols are difficult to interpret"
    translate orally or into sign language the words of a
    person speaking a different language. "I agreed to
    interpret for Jean-Claude" perform (a dramatic role or
    piece of music) in a particular way that conveys one's
    understanding of the creator's ideas.
    synonyms:perform, act, play, render, depict, portray "he
    interpreted the role of Hamlet"

    2. understand (an action, mood, or way of behaving) as
    having a particular meaning or significance. "her self-
    confidence was often interpreted as brashness"
    synonyms: understand, construe, take (to mean), see,
    regard "the remark was interpreted as an invitation"

    Don Harkins was succinct in his writing:
    Slavery and the Eight Veils

    Love All


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