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Thursday, May 11, 2017

An Overlooked Truth About the Shemitah

By Anna Von Reitz

The Shemitah is a holy mystery associated with the “Sabbath of Years”.
Every Seventh Year in the Sacred Calendar of the Hebrews is what we farmers would call a “fallow year”.
The land is to lay fallow. The vinyards are to rest. People, too, are instructed to store up for the Shemitah, so that they can rest and the poor may be taken care of in the year without harvest.
The last day of the Shemitah Year falls on the last day of Elul, the 29th day of the sixth month in the Sacred Calendar.
This last day of the Shemitah Year is called “The Day of Remission” or “The Day of Nullification”.
On this day, all truly Orthodox Jews are required to cancel out all credits and debts and start over fresh.
This means they lose claim to all the credit they accumulated in the last seven years and forgive all the debts owed to them. It is a complete “reset”. A financial Ground Zero. The slate is wiped clean and the game begins again the next day, Tishri 1, which begins the Festival of Trumpets and the most holy month in the whole Hebrew Calendar.
The ramifications of this reset are always hard to deal with. The guys that used to have all the money have lost their liquidity. On the other hand, the other guys who were carrying all the debt, are relieved. Society gets reshuffled. Fortunes are lost and fortunes are made, and another seven years begins.
A Rabbi from New Jersey has established a very plausible and indeed, frightening, statistical correlation between the Shemitah and larger scale financial disasters and cataclysms, including 9/11. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn also notes a frightening correlation between what is happening in America today and what happened in Israel just prior to the Babylonian Captivity in 586 BC.
The Kingdom of Judah was given a warning of Judgment, a short incursion by the Assyrians that caused relatively minor destruction. The Prophet Jeremiah warned them to repent, but instead, they were haughty. They defiantly declared that they would rebuild with their own hands and make it better than ever. They forgot their reliance on God, first and foremost.
And eerily, so did the members of Congress do the same thing following 9/11. Without as much as lip-service to the Great Architect, they defiantly declared that they would rebuild bigger and better than ever. From there, everything has followed in lock-step, right down to replacing Sycamore Trees with other trees, just as King Zechariah did 2,600 years ago.
The Kingdom of Judah had also begun following after the foreign gods of the Babylonians and participating in idolatry and the horrific practice of child sacrifice to the Babylonian gods. Rabbi Cahn notes that just as in Judah then, carnality, selfishness, materialism, and criminality are steadily on the rise here, and millions of babies are now being sacrificed here, as a result of legalized abortion---all with the same affect: judgment.
Are we in the cross-hairs of Divine Judgment?
Jesus said, when you see the Great Abomination standing where it shouldn’t be standing, you will know that the time of reckoning is near.
And what is the Great Abomination? It’s a woman. A Babylonian goddess. She has many names--- Semiramis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, Columbia….as in District of? She is also known as the Mother of All Harlots.
Ashtoreth invented money and idolatry in general. She created her own religion--- sacred groves, sex as sacrament, ritual child sacrifice. Sound familiar? She is always shown as a beautiful woman with rays of light coming from her head…..yes, just like the “Statue of Liberty” standing in New York Harbor.
There she is, the Great Abomination, standing where she shouldn’t be standing. Jesus told us 2,000 years ago, and there she is.
We might as well paint a red-and-white target on New York City.
The Rabbi has some very important insights published in his two books, The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, but there is just one thing…… he makes the common mistake throughout of talking about “America” when what he is really talking about is the federal United States.
Like nearly everyone else, he has been bamboozled into thinking that the federal United States is America, when it isn’t. There are two distinct nations here--- one that is apostate, one that is faithful.
And this time, it is of vital importance that the faithful override the Babylonians, repent our sloth and gullibility, and do what has to be done to create a moral, spiritual, and cultural rebirth, beginning with turning our faces to our Father, with tears and trust.
The Jews of Jeremiah’s time left him to stand alone, just one young prophet to face off the weak and venal King.
When millions upon millions of Americans stand up and demand change, the US may indeed go down in flames, but America –the actual America-- will place its faith where it belongs in our Father and Eternal King. We will not be disappointed in our Holy One.
Remember Joshua. Remember Caleb. Remember Elijah. Remember Jeremiah. Remember Yeshua most of all.
Those who have been contemplating setting up more monuments to Ashtoreth and her consort, Satan, need to think again. Just like those who are busily eroding families and redefining marriage need to think again.
Just like those proposing to set up “Fellatio Bars” where a guy can buy a cup of coffee and a blow job for $60 need to think again. Just like those sneaking around participating in nasty old Babylonian and Druid child sacrifices need to think again.

We are coming and we aren’t coming alone. The Angels of the Truth are coming with us.

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  1. Child killers and eater Babylonians Have fallen ... into the earth ya go ... faith rises high

  2. The system is a lot more complex then just a 7 year cycle, every 7 cycles is a Jubilee basically a super Shemitah, we just had a Jewish Jubilee year that coincided with a Catholic Jubilee year pretty damn major event that I pointed out to many people online and nobody had a damn thing to comment about it ??? These ass-holes are working side-by-side since the beginning no different then our political parties, divide and concur the basic play book.

    I personally think Cahn is full of shit, he nothing but a Zionist agent and pretty obvious he has a major political agenda he was at the some major Whitehouse event giving one of his speeches a couple years ago, LOL and he wants people to believe every financial crises is some work of God LOL these Zionist banker shit-eaters run their operations based on this schedule so all other parasites know when to get in and when to get out.

  3. I think Anna you would enjoy a website that understands all you have said here and even a bit more. God's time table and much more is offered here in understanding much of the scriptures regarding current events and time lines. A very thought provoking site.

  4. I recall a small town school meeting where parents argued to have a christian minister banned from coming around offering teachings about Jesus to those interested. Then later finally a county official arrested for physically trying to prevent the removal of the ten commandments from the court houses across the land. Since then kids are growing up on drugs, needing weekly psyche appointments to mention only a few of the warnings clearly defined for such actions as denying God's law and falling aside from the path. I recall one really important thing written that God said "If only they loved me as much as I love them" Only fools and the blind could fail to accept the love of such a great and wonderful opportunity to look in to your own heart, God's home and make the connection, open the door and leave it unlocked always.

  5. Mike V....I listened to that entire speach he gave to an astonished and completely surprised audiance who was personally choosen to talk to a very elite audience right after Obamas inauguration. They were all expecting to hear praises about a new leader with different ideas people have been waiting to hear for years now. What they got was 180 degrees from what they expected. He was basically condeming both "jews" and "christians" for the greed and fraud causing so much greif and destruction throughout the world and told them, in a very convictional tone, Obama and friends, either keep your word this time or there will surely be a reckoning. It was not a speach of admiration. It was a speach of condemnation and conviction and he left that crowd completely speachless.He may call himself a "rabi", but make no mistake, he convicts jews and christians alike. He warned all of them that if this jubillee isnt recognized this time, America will bring judgement upon itself. The only thing he is doing wrong which may be why you and others think he is full of shit is because lately he has been making the mistake of prophetsizing the exact date of our judgement, which is religious overstep. No one knows the day or hour of judgement. Everyone that has tried has failed. The more he does that, the less believable he becomes. But make no mistake, God doesnt care wheather we call it the US or America, he will judge the Nation itself, not the country because he already warned us all of the incredible deseption that will come in the last days, that even the most orthodox christians will be deceived and that hardly anyone would be saved if he didnt intervene and returned. In my opinion, Christians as a group, are by far the most deceived people on the face of the earth. And why not. Satan already knows and has no fear of any other religion, because they represent false religions already. Its Christians he had to worry about. And hes done a damn good job....!!!

  6. It's a basic formula NOBODY gets into the spotlight unless they are a pawn in the game and being used for a greater deceptive purpose LOL especially giving a huge talk directly to "a very elite audience". sorry but the way he dictates that all the finacial crises through history are directly some message from GOD and work on and exact calender based on the Shemitah cycle LOL this is all cryptic masonic bullshit at the highest levels.

    Very excellent audio go check out Bill Cooper on Youtube ""William Cooper - British Israelism - The "Christian" Identity""

  7. Another good one on Youtube....

    " 'Marching to Zion' Full - Christian Zionism and 1948 Israel Exposed! "

  8. If Mr. Jonathan Cahn claims to be a Rabbi, or as most Jewish believers claim to be "Messianic", they all ignore the fact that "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." Galatians 3:28-29


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