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Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Canadian Leveraged Buy Out of the US Corp? Hahahahahahah!

From Anna Von Reitz

Today I was given a copy of a Ben Fulford story in which he floats the idea of a Canadian "Leveraged Buy Out" of the old US Corp.  


An "offer" brought to you by the same people who arranged to have you pay off their mortgages under conditions of violent fraud.  

I "counter-offer" that the Priority Creditors are here with their fully restored international standing, including their agricultural liens, and we are fully funded, too, so why not toddle on down the road and give someone else a good laugh? 

We understand the fraud, boys.  The jig is up.  

A full list of "items" will be forthcoming to the Prime Minister.   It won't include a Leveraged Buy Out by Canadians.


  1. Why do people follow these agents like Ben Fulford? It scares me that so many are just so easily programmed by agents, and have no discernment. They are just sponges for B.S. I do no really see much evolution in humanity, like i thought years ago. The whole "light workers" to save the day is just another group of people who are are being programmed to make Israel the scapegoat for the whole worlds problems. Most likely brought to you by the Queen and Vatican agenda to get Hebrew DNA off the planet. I am disappointed at how the so called 'light workers' fall for this Neo Nazi agenda. And I see how dangerous our society is, and how easy it is to program people to blame others. And I can't believe people are hanging on to whatever this coin-tel pro agent, Ben Fulford says. It gives me little hope for the intelligence of humanity. Very disappointing that people email me so much nonsense. I wonder if there are any intelligent lifeforms down here .

  2. The fraud is as transparent as air or water, but not invisible to we who have the eyes to see. Anything these pirates attempt is unlawful conversion of private property, period. And, with all assets back in the Public Trust thanks to Anna's Fifty States Claim, we operate based on that and declare ourselves as sovereign beings in free trade under International Treaties, Geneva Conventions, etc., and ask any usurping snake-agents who try to press-gang us into their admiralty tribunals, "Who has the bonded claim?" None of them can stand and faced us as accuser, so, case dismissed! The Puerto Rican pirates have f-ed themselves by basing their money laundering operation out in (transmitting across) international waters, and must be answerable to international laws, peace treaties, etc, Bank of Canada will soon be outed as a money launderer for the Vatican and Queen. And, even if they buy out the old US corpse, a dead horse is still a dead horse and won't ride.

  3. Ben Fulford is F O S he knows nothing. Over the many years he has never or rarely shared or told any Truth. Bullsh-tn Ben what happened to the White Knights that were supposed to take over and straighten this mess out? Just more of the BF - BS

    1. In my estimation, Ben presents about 70% of the picture at best, then embroiders the rest with disinfo/misinfo. He's likely a mole planted in Japan for Western government and big banks.

  4. Bout the only thing looks credible is the medical book on Ben's. Really makes sense that the our bodies were not created defective and in need of constant pills, but more simple means of staying healthy have been under attack. The rest of the stuff is admittedly by him "according too sources" so I do not take is as anything more than that, certainly it is not facts and obviously way off many times.


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