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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"A" Does Not Equal "A"

By Anna Von Reitz

The fact that the name "John Mark Doe" can function as either a Trade Name of a "vessel" belonging to one of the land jurisdiction states operating in international trade, or as the name of a Foreign Situs Trust belonging to the Territorial United States operating in international commerce, was the basis of the entire fraud  that FDR used to fleece your parents and grandparents out of everything they had--- their labor, their money, their land, and their peace.  

Since "John Mark Doe" looks exactly the same as "John Mark Doe" there is no way to tell the difference, except whatever anyone claims and can prove.  So they got your Mother to sign an undisclosed contract and they lied and told you that you had to sign up for "Social Security" when in fact you were never eligible and didn't want to apply.  And they took title and claim to everything including your DNA in exchange for nothing but their hot air. 

Similarly, there is little or no distinction visually or verbally between the unincorporated United States of America that our organic states are part of and a foreign for-profit corporation merely calling itself the United States of America (Inc.).

Are you "John Mark Doe" an innocent private non-citizen "vessel" belonging to one of the sovereign states of the unincorporated United States of America? 

Or are you "John Mark Doe" a public franchise citizen and chattel property standing as surety for the debts of the incorporated United States of America (Inc.)? 

Now the vermin are trying to repeat the same basic trick again, a generation or two later, and the stakes are higher.  This time they mean to steal everything you are and everything that is yours forever. 

Are you the "lost" American Holder in Due Course of the Trading "Vessel" known as "John Mark Doe" and the rightful possessor of the public estate trust known as "JOHN MARK DOE"?  

Or are you a United States Citizen operating the public estate trust and commercial vessel known as "JOHN MARK DOE" for the benefit of the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC.?  

In the first case, you are an American state national owed every protection under the sun. 

In the second case, you are a United States Citizen and a slave having no protection at all.

So which one are you?  

Ah, let's see..... I get back my ESTATE free and clear, together with indemnity against all claims accrued against the ESTATE, or, I get boarded, raped, and pillaged as an Admiralty "prize" by any attorney who "claims" that I am operating as a US CITIZEN...... ?

Hmmmm...... I dunno...... I am too helpless and clueless to know the difference and I have been lied to all my life and told that I am a US citizen....... by the same people who stand to benefit greatly if I accept that role.....

I can tell you what my answer is: go straight to Hell if you call me any form of US citizen or refer to me as "Mr." or "Mrs." of "Miss" anything--- which are all titles of employees.  I am not an employee.  I am your employer.  I am also the sovereign of the land jurisdiction you are standing on.  I am a non-citizen national of the unincorporated Wisconsin State and I am fed up with your British Bullshit all the way to the gills and more.  

I have surrendered any and all PERSONS that have been foisted off onto me back to the Secretary of the Treasury and have informed the Secretary of State that any participation whatsoever in the programs of either the Territorial or Municipal United States is purely involuntary and under duress and the result of unlawful and predatory extortion and conscription and racketeering and Bad Faith and Breach of Trust being committed against me and others by my own misdirected and insubordinate employees.  Blow the same clear, unequivocal message up the skirts of the "US" Attorney General and ask Jeff Sessions which "United States" he is working for?  

If he is working for Ammon Bundy and me, by what upside down fantasy does he propose to have any "delegated authority" to charge or arrest -- much less abuse-- Ammon Bundy?  And what is the "Nevada Franchise" doing pretending to have any such granted authority, either?  If the parent corporation doesn't have any such authority, how does the franchise pretend that it does?   Jeff Sessions knows its fraud and identity theft resulting in personage being committed against  Ammon Bundy and others. He knows that the claims of "US Citizenship" allowing this are all bogus, all built and based on self-interested fraud committed by foreign for-profit corporations that are supposed to be here working for us to provide "essential government services" to our states, not their own "state of state" franchises.  

If you are one of those misdirecting and misinforming my employees and supposedly acting in my behalf as my "representative" you are fired. Here is your formal Notice that you are not my Agent, do not represent me, have no power of attorney over my name or estate, and are  ordered to cease and desist acting in any such capacity, making any such claim or engaging in any further infringement upon my name or property.  

I sent the "US Congress" its Pink Slip years ago and have the letters and mailing receipts to prove it.  

So, are you a slave or a free man?  Only you know the answer.  Only you make the choice.  

But if you are going to be a free man, know that it comes at a price.  Everything that you see around you belongs to you--- the land and everything on it.  If you are going to be free, you have the obligation to self-govern and to make decisions about how your county, your state, and your country are run---and by whom. Are you going to do it, or in the face of the current Mess, are you going to continue to hire foreigners and "trust" them to do it?  

You also have an obligation to defend your county, your state, and your country in time of need.  

If you are going to stand up and be counted as a free man instead of a state corporation-owned slave, then you need to accept your responsibilities that go with the rights.  Help organize and participate in your local county Jural Assembly.  If you are between the ages of 21 and 45, accept your obligation to serve in the local militia.  If you are younger or older or physically unable to serve as a militia member, serve as a Supporting Member.  Make their sandwiches.  Donate to their training and equipment needs.  

I am not talking about any foreign territorial "State of" or "STATE OF" militia.  That little word "of" means "apart from, separate from, or belonging to".  Why in Heaven's name would you be joining and supporting a foreign corporate militia on your shores instead of forming your own state militia?  For example, its the California Militia, not the "State of California" Militia, that you belong to as a birthright member if you were born in California.   

Learn to see through these veils of deception that the enemies of all free men and women have sought to put in place to better serve their greed and power lust. 

Your ancestors made you a sovereign of the land jurisdiction.  So be a sovereign instead of a slave.  Operate the land jurisdiction government you are owed and learn to operate the undelegated powers of the international jurisdiction of the sea that you are owed.  

Ninety percent of Americans are engaged in innocent international trade, but they are paying taxes and being "regulated" as if they were engaged in international commerce. 

It is time to slap Congress and the Territorial United States and Municipal United States--all three--- silly.  But in order to do so, you have to grow up, accept responsibility, educate yourself, and take action in your own behalf.  You can't just sit there like a complacent bump and expect that these vermin that have piled on your back and ridden you like sex-crazed dogs will just voluntarily and naturally pop off when you tell them to.  You and your country are being raped.  It takes more than a little "Pardon me, but...." or a gentle reminder to people who never knew or who have long since forgotten you and your rights in their eagerness to serve themselves and glut at the public trough.  

Send those "Birth Certificates" back to the Secretary of the Treasury and appoint him your Fiduciary to deal with this situation.  Inform the Secretary of State of your decision.  Send it all Registered Mail "from without the United States" and keep copies of the correspondence and mailing receipts.  

Write to the Secretary of the United Nations and bitch, bitch, bitch.  Make it clear that your country has been misrepresented and so have you.  

Same thing with Pope Francis.  Give him an ear-full of what has been going on here and point out that this is happening on his watch.  The misbehavior and criminality of all these "governmental services corporations" are the responsibility of the Roman Curia that ultimately created them.  These corporations all have clauses allowing them to participate in any "lawful" activity, not every "legal" activity.  Hound these men. Hold them responsible. Expose what they have been allowing to go on.  They can yank the charters of these criminal empires and liquidate them for cause.  

It's more than past time that they liquidated the Bar Associations.  And the British Crown, which they own and secondarily operate.  

And as for Donald Trump, the only way he is going to drain the swamp and make American great again is with our help and a lot of it.  

I am not the only American with a voice and a will and a pocketbook and two legs to walk out the door of any "Territorial" or "Municipal" jurisdiction merely presumed to exist. Get educated.  Get mouthy.  Get going. 

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  1. Why is our special group of truth seekers proudly calling themselves "Patriots" so timid. Every group of special interest has more "balls" than "patriots". The "gay rights" movement, the LBGT community, the "black lives matter movement, the "Muslim Rights" community with Americans side by side with them.....but not one group of "patriots" on TV marching in mass to protest "fraud" and wanting to claim our rightful status, carrying pickit signs and making alot of noise. WHY NOT. You think Soros is going to sponsor us..??? These groups of people get noticed and get there way in the courts because they get out and recognized in the "mainstream media". Ive never seen our group recognized on TV ever. Not in 60+ years. Why is that...???? What happened to our RIGHTS!!! No one will ever know until we get together in force and in full "public display", like they all do. As a group, we suck.....!!!! Theres to many people in this group that have "egos" that they have the answer the rest of us dont. Get over it and come together as one voice like they all do. They all set aside their differences for the benifit of the group and rights they demand. And they get them. The courts protect their rights because they unified in force to be recognized by the courts. Its the only way we are going to be heard...Trump would probably enjoy seeing it on TV. Hell, he might even join us...!!!!

  2. James Pansini... the answer to that is easy. Those groups have the backing and funding of the elite and their media mouthpiece. Trump is one of the elite. What part of being a billionaire sets him apart from any of his predecessors? Don't all political candidates make promises they later fail to fulfill, and what on earth gave anyone the impression Trump was going to be any different? Because they changed the wording in the script? Please. Our naivete might be our biggest fault. Any resistance needs to be leaderless and apolitical.

    1. You go girl! Now this is an intelligent response. To take it a step further, the elite are desirous that those who oppose them would entirely come out in the open and resist through protest and violence. No court will support the rights of those whose mission it is to dethrone their evil deeds of darkness. They are too use to their niceties and big paychecks. Not only is Trump an elitist, they have been planning for years for his presidency. He hates America as much as every member of congress and is fully on board with the NWO.

    2. he is the trump card in the illuminati card deck...they can use their shadows and smoke/mirrors all they want. the all seeing eye wil give them their comeuppance.

    3. Wanda...any resistance needs to be leaderless and apolitical...excuse me, but havent we been doing that for the last 30 years. And we have 100's of patriots in prison to prove it. We dont necessarily need a "leader", as much as we do a "VOICE". and still be apolitical. I didnt say we had to be liberal or conservative, because we both know there isnt two cents worth of difference. But one thing we do need is "power" in numbers to make our "voice" heard just like all these other groups do. Because they realize that alone they dont stand a chance. No one does. We seem to be the only ones that dont "get it". What can a single patriot do for anyone when he has a standing army , law enforcement and the judges and courts, against him, with not even one person by his side in court as a "witness" to court fraud being perpetuated on one of us. It sure worked for Iceland in 2008, when the banks tried to foreclose on everyones homes, while their representatives just stood by. Once they came together in MASS, not only did they make their "voice" known, they did it very quickly, and got their homes back, and arrested at least 25 bankers and got the rest of them lucky enough to flee the country before they were hung. Now i call that a happy ending. We have this fantacy that if we know the law and have the truth, that we can somehow overcome all this fraud all by ourselves because surely the judges will rule in our favor once they know and can present the "evidence" to prove it...Not me, no thanks. Been there, done that. There is only power in numbers when it comes to fraud. Otherwise, resistance is futile. Those groups all seem to get it and they are all "slaves". But they sure get results...dont they..!!!

  3. How to address these travesties? Marches I've been part of, from Viet Nam protesting forward (hundreds of thousands in New York City to stop the Viet Nam War, etc.), have had no apparent effect on public policy. The millions around the world who took to the streets to protest the Second Bush Gang Invasion of Iraq before it happened, along with the then Pope's dis-council did nothing to halt its momentum or counter the disinformation of the main stream news. The only sure resolution of matters as I see it is for entire populations to rise to a higher awareness spiritually and, as a result, politically. Hate and anger play into the hands of those who control by manipulating emotions. We must take charge of our own emotions and learn to think for ourselves. I now agree with the ancient wisdom that real truth only comes from within the heart. My life as one born and raised by however fraudulent beliefs and false opinions, has been a relatively good and happy one when compared with that of billions who haven't good water to wash in or drink. I put this down to the goodness of most people I have, in 70 years, come across. I think ugly realities are best addressed dispassionately, creatively, and with an intention to fix them.

    1. Tobiwan, those wete different times. We didnt have all the pieces of the puzzle yet. But we do now, and you can see a spiritual awakening , not only in this country, but worldwide. The entire planet is waking up at the same time. Like judge Anna said, Trump cant do it alone. And yes, hes a billionaire, but he clearly isnt invited to the "elitist table". In fact, they all despise him. They cant just kill him this time because it will olny make him a martyr and draw why to much attention to them. But they are trying desperately to discredit him any way possible, like this non ending naritive of some sort of collusion between him and Russia. He finally fired Comey, director of the FBI, because he was spending more time on Trumps collusion with Russia, than going after all the "high crimes" committed by both the Clintons and Bushes. He needs to go after the director of the CIA next. And then its the BAR's turn. There is no one he can truely trust in the White House. Trump is part of Gods plan to save America , but if we dont back him, to clean the swamp, they just might be able to "Turn" him, either by threatning his family or using some drug. If that happens because we didnt help him, God will sutely judge America for sure.....!!! God works in strange ways to be sure. Dont forget, he took "Saul", the general of the kings army and was on a mission to slaughter every last christian when he was blinded by Jesus half way there, and became "Paul", who became Jesus's best advocate ever, doing whatever he was commanded to do. Yes, Trump is a wild card which is exactly what God wants right now. Who else would have caused this much diversity in Congress. Both parties are not only fighting each other, but divided even within their own parties.

  4. One more comment .yes we are victims of
    British manipulation law flipped to British maritime and bar lawyers exploited .Mark Collett y tube British activest has fought with crown he will tell you in no uncertain terms England is controld by jews as is europe. Y Tube him. Brilliant man who will not sugercoat.
    The take over of splc,adl, ACLU , JDL hundreds of lawyers.billions in assets the shut down Christmas and erect a Jewish symbol instead .done .but let's use law to unravel this spiders Web .at least stand a fighting chance ! Even though the (criminal )justice sysyem.

  5. God bless you dear Anna with your outstanding and exceptional knowledge.


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