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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The End of the "Re-Flagging" Controversy

By Anna Von Reitz

I apparently startled a great many people with the "news" that the "Stars and Stripes" war flag is not our flag---not at this time, and not at any time since 1814:

"From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of the forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, not horizontally......"    Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Introductory: The Customs House" , The Scarlet Letter, published 1850. 

In my article about the need to correct your political status (since your identity has been stolen and your political status deliberately misrepresented almost from birth) I also addressed the necessity of "re-flagging" your "vessel" to function in international trade instead of international commerce. 

International trade is business conducted by unincorporated people and businesses.  

International commerce is business conducted by incorporated entities--- C Corps, S Corps, Foundations, Trusts, etc., etc., etc.

The "federal government" controls commerce.  It does not have any control over trade. 

What it boils down to is this:

There is the unincorporated United States which is owned and operated by the also unincorporated united States of America, which ultimately controls all the un-delegated powers of the states and people in international jurisdiction, and then, there is the foreign-owned incorporated UNITED STATES, INC. which until quite recently (2009) had the contract to provide the services stipulated as "delegated powers" in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

Both the unincorporated United States and the incorporated UNITED STATES have "vessels" that operate in international jurisdiction.  

The "vessels" of the unincorporated United States are American vessels engaged in peaceful international trade.  These vessels are "Protected Persons".  The British Crown and the British Monarch and the Roman Pontiff are all obligated to protect and defend every such vessel that sails under the Great Seal and the peacetime flag of the unincorporated United States. 

The vessels of the incorporated UNITED STATES are (at this point) stateless international vessels engaged in commerce (which is business between incorporated entities, not living people) belonging as franchises to a commercial corporation undergoing liquidation in bankruptcy.  They are flying a war flag (the Stars and Stripes) and they are subject to seizure by bill collectors and privateers on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

It will no doubt come as a surprise to many more people, but you are being identified as one or the other kind of "vessel".  

Here's the deceit you have been ensnared with.  

The name "John Mark Doe"  may be interpreted as either a commercial Foreign Situs Trust  "vessel" belonging to the bankrupt  war-mongering private, mostly foreign-owned commercial corporation deceitfully doing business under the name "United States, Inc." styled as the UNITED STATES --  or, it can be interpreted as a peaceful American state "vessel" engaged in international trade.  

Which one are you?

-FDR based his whole scam on "mistaking" American vessels operating in international trade as US vessels operating in international commerce.  

It's a personal political choice that nobody can interfere with---but you weren't even made aware that you have a choice. 

 You were "seized upon"--- press-ganged and kidnapped when you were just a baby.  Your identity as an American was stolen and unlawfully converted to that of a "US" citizen---- a municipal corporate franchise "vessel" of the UNITED STATES, INC. 

The reason I am banging the "Fraud Gong" so loudly is that if you remain identified as a UNITED STATES CITIZEN and fly the Stars and Stripes war flag, you will be identified falsely as a US commercial vessel, and as a stateless international criminal under Admiralty Prize Law.  You will be subject to attack and seizure of your "vessel" and your assets. And that is precisely what our enemies want to do--- attack you in court and steal you blind. 

They want you to stupidly, innocently stumble along without a clue in the world that you are being misidentified as something you are not and never were.

They want you to be misidentified, because that is what gives them the ability to arrest you, plunder your assets, and punish you for crimes you haven't ever committed. 

And I am saying--- bullshit.  These people are American state nationals who never had a clue what these criminal commercial corporations were doing or saying about them.  

I am saying, bluntly, flatly, that war crimes including press-ganging, kidnapping, enslavement, and more--- have been committed against us, and that the unlawful conversion of our estates and the false presumptions against our political status were made in self-interest and under conditions of fraud and deliberate deceit when we were just babies in our cradles.  

I am saying, equally bluntly, that we are living people not corporations, not "voluntary" franchisees of any foreign corporations. 

We haven't committed any crimes on the High Seas or elsewhere.  We are not "stateless" and we are not "commercial vessels". 

You want the Republic back?  Well, it never really left.  

In 1850 prior to the illegal and unlawful so-called "American Civil War" American Author Nathaniel Hawthorne published The Scarlet Letter, with hundreds of millions of copies distributed throughout the world ever since.  

At the very beginning of the book he describes the flag of the unincorporated United States --- the civil flag of the Republic in what he called the "Introductory -- The Customs House".   I quote: 

"From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of the forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, not horizontally......" 

In 1850, no incorporated foreign corporation merely calling itself the "United States" or the "United States of America" existed. 

Game -- and argument -- over.  

I don't care what the "opinion" of "Snopes" or "Wikipedia" may be.  I will take Nathaniel Hawthorne's direct, published experience over their "opinions" any day.  

 We may be sure that what Hawthorne described is our unincorporated United States flag denoting vessels operating as peaceful American vessels engaged in international trade, not international commerce. 

And that, is the entire key.  That is the distinction that obligates the Roman Pontiff and the British Crown and the British Monarch to protect us---instead of defrauding and attacking us. 

Fly the vertical striped flag.  Put it on your correspondence.  Place it on all and any legal documents you have to sign, and sign your name over it so that your name is directly physically connected to the republic's civil flag.  

Your republic still stands and is still owed to you.  It's yours.  Take it back.  Enforce its treaties.  Enforce its Public Laws.  Enforce its actual Constitution.  

Take these false Trustees to task.  Sue them. Hound them. Expose them.  

Reclaim your birthright political status as a Texan, Minnesotan, Floridian..... 

Restore your local unincorporated Jural Assemblies.  Seize back your land and void their phony titles. Seize back your name and void their infringements.  You are the lawful Holder in Due Course.  

Write to the Pope.  Write to President Trump.  Bang the "Fraud Gong!" so loudly that it is heard throughout the world.  Romp and stomp lawfully and peacefully and with a sure knowledge of who you are and how you are operating, so that you can fully and surely rebuff all "presumptions" otherwise. 

And don't be fooled when they offer recourse to the "Common Law".  Reply that the only "Common Law" applicable to you and yours is "American Common Law". More on that in a separate post. 

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  1. It is interesting to read some of the treaties that include a definition of status. I do contract work for defense industries and must be ITAR (International Traffric in Arms Regulations) compliant. If one is a US citizen, he/she is classified as a US PERSON. If one is an American National, he/she is classified as a Protected Individual. The Geneva Convention uses similar words.

    1. None of us feel protected. Just bruised and sore after the unlawful enslavement and pillaging of the life long. But we stand firm and resolute. We want our birthright back.

    2. at usajobs[dot]gov some job listings allow "Nationals"(and sometimes its worded with the following "but has to swear allegiance to the United States"... its peculiar wording, so it further confuses me if they are really talking about American Nationals in that instance.

    3. James Alan can you point me to the part of the Geneva convention that reads that? And in the ITAR? I am in the middle if a situation where that may be useful to me and if you could help by making my search time much shorter...

    4. It's no different then filling out certain tax papers they convolute US citizen with Us person as basically the same entity, a US person is anyone doing business in the US and having a TIN.
      Some foreign banks are cancelling accounts of US citizens but not Nationals they are still in good standing because the US citizens accounts are subject to IRS regulations.

  2. To become awakened in a condition of fresh TRUTH with dignity is so Awesome!! Thank you for All efforts and this Knowledge.

  3. Thanks, Anna; however, I and others are somewhat confused as to what to DO.... what actions to take now.

  4. Got my 3' x 5' civil flag delivered a few days ago. It'll be waving in time for Flag Day. Thanks, Paul and Anna!

  5. ""International commerce is business conducted by incorporated entities--- C Corps, S Corps, Foundations, Trusts, etc., etc., etc.""

    People also think the word "Individual" is a safe word, it is printed on some government forms as a choice regarding a type of organization, and there is a Tax case where the agent defined "Individual" as anyone with a Social Security number, SS is an international tax scheme your number automatically puts you in international commerce, ALL insurance is derived from Maritime Ins..,
    Everyone needs to look into "Bottomry Bonds" and see how these relate to your birth and citizen-ship, they insure your vessel for repair and maintenance then also re-insure your vessel for its commercial voyage, these bond are also broken up into fractions for investors.

    Small Library on Admiralty:

    Another on Legal Dictionaries:

  6. Great definition under "UNITED STATES of NORTH AMERICA"-1844.

  7. Hi Anna, Yes the civil flag has caught my attention. Also a lot of people know that I an on the middle of fighting the local government based upon being a living man on the soil of New Jersey State Republic. A lot of ignorant local government types are really unhappy with me as I turn their works upside down. Other people are going to ask me about the civil flag if I fly it. I want to tell them what it is and where they can read about it. I have a lot of people watching me who are willing to jump on board after they see a success. I am nearing that.

    I have confirmed enough of your information to not doubt this flag. I suppose I am not surprised it is as hidden away as the original 13th amendment.

  8. Its funny that when you bring all this info to people the first thing they want to know is if it worked for you. If you can prove it in court and won then maybe ill believe you. People want court proof or any proof that you can prove legally before they try it. They think just because you lose in court you are full of shit. What they dont get is that the courts are totally corrupt and that is why people are losing, not because they dont have the truth, but because they far as "persons" are concerned they are corp. slaves as defined in blacks dictionary. However, the penal code makes it clear that there is a big difference between "persons" and "private persons". Under the penal code, the only people that can make an arrest is either a "peace officer or "private persons". So obviously, there is a difference.....

  9. Under title 15 USC your status is of creditor, natural person ,why is this overlooked Anna?


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