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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

For the Record, Rothschilds v. Rockefellers

By Anna Von Reitz

It isn't the Rothschilds that are primarily responsible for the misery and defrauding of America. It's the Rockefellers, Morgans, Mellons, and all the other Players named yesterday in my explanation of the fraud process used to undermine and commandeer our institutions including our governmental organizations.
The Rothschilds are businessmen. They are there to make a deal. If they can make money or leverage an advantage, they take the shot, they win or they lose. They are, for the most part (some noted exceptions) rather jaundiced and jaded, unimpressed with money and all it means, merely very, very adroit users of money as a tool -- which is all that money is or was ever meant to be.
They, of all people on the planet, know what "money" and "credit" are, and also all the uses of "debt" and "securities".
But taken on the whole as an entire family, the Rothschilds are not particularly malevolent or ill-intended. They generally take the tack that good business results in profit for everyone. They'd rather milk the Cash Cow than kill it for the insurance money.
And besides, their basic interests are rooted in Europe and expanded into the East and other spheres many, many years ago. America is a pie, to be sure, but far from the only pie on their table.
The Rockefellers are scions of the old corrupt, criminal, nasty, and ultimately suppressed Dutch East India Company, like the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts. The Dutch East India Company was far larger and more powerful than the British Crown and one day in the early 1700's, it simply disappeared. Where did the largest merchant transport fleet in the world go?
That's how we had a vast merchant fleet but not a navy when the Constitution went down.
It's the homegrown traitors that are the always the real danger, and this is no exception.
Just as you are 95 out of a 100 times more likely to be murdered by a friend or relative than a stranger, when it comes to being the victim of fraud or treason the same percentages apply. What has been done to us is an inside job, done by people who have lived in this country for generations, yet have not attached their loyalties or affections to it.
The worst of this current Mess hasn't come to us from the Rothschilds. It has come from the Rockefellers and their allies. The French have profited from it---immensely. The British, too. But the cause of the problem, the root of the evil and treason at the bottom of the pile in this case is homegrown. It stems from people who grew up here, who went to school here, who should --rationally--- care what happens to this country and their neighbors. And don't.
Colonel House, the engineer of this enslavement and corruption, was an American born in Houston, Texas.
So, if you want to deal with the problem, deal with the problem.
Don't get on the "Blame the Rothschild" bandwagon when your real beef is with Dutchmen called Rockefeller and Roosevelt, instead. And despite my disgust with the almost-equally depraved and unjust behavior of the British Monarchy and the British Crown--- let's own the fact that those responsible for the actual nuts-and-bolts of the Great Fraud grew up here, sat in Congress here, served as Governors here---- and betrayed us all, deliberately, with malice aforethought.
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  1. Agreed with commenter #1. Anna strikes me as Pope, as her history facts are skewed but she comes across as being infallible. I think a good dose of "humble pie" and a history book are in order but I doubt she take this advice as people who believe they know everything refuse to do anything about their condition. Ask the people of South Africa and Rhodesia how wonderful the Rothschild are!!! The two Boer wars that saw 28K women and children starved to death in the concentration camps was about control of the diamonds and gold fields that Saint Rothschild wanted. Stick to your US gov't fraud Anna as it is obvious that your grasp of anything outside of that genre is severely lacking.

  2. While we're on the Rothschild roll let's not forget the battle of waterloo . Nepolian. VS Wellington the intelligence agents of Rothschild told the English wellington lost crashing the markets in fact he won decisively . Fraud were they bought up the market becoming super wealthy . How nice .

  3. people get caught up with jews which really are zionists, true (jew is not a nationality) hebrews have no problems/issues with anyone and are realitively self sufficient amongst themselves. the true perps are jesuit/bavarian illuminati(red shields)/sabbateans that is the combination of evil since the 1500's or so that has had their grip on america behind the scenes. the "jews"/zionists are a front for the rest of the crew. jesuits are the military order, rothchilds the money and the sabbateans a combination of both leaning towards the ruthless end.

    1. Gee i have to disagree Anna,this family is said to have direct contact with satan and are behind the secret societies whom arent so secret anymore like the Alluminati and so forth. I think Mel Gibson was talking about these fake jews from the sinagouge of satan and was ostracized cause of course youre not supposed to talk about them. Are you refraining from talking about the very force behind your enslavement Anna?????

  4. Rockefeller wasn't Jewish, you putz! He was Baptist.

  5. Whittaker, Pos his name was Rockerfelter he changed it got it.

  6. Anna you are giving these Serpent and Reptilian bloodline elite a pass here. The Rothschild's are as corrupt as they come. With that being said this is also a home grown problem and thank goodness it appears that Trump might be cleaning house right now.


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