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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Update on Cookie and a Couple Notes

By Anna Von Reitz

Cookie has returned home and her symptoms are much improved. She has dutifully gone to the lab and had blood drawn for a gozillion tests and is being examined with other diagnostic tests to find out exactly what is wrong.
It could be a number of things--- interference with the electric pulse or contractile status of her heart caused by an electrolyte imbalance or mechanical obstruction, enlargement of the heart, leaky valves in her heart or veins or arteries--- or even kidney failure, leading to excess water retention, toxicity, and strain on the heart....
We just don't know yet, but the search is on and the testing process has begun in earnest.
It's a difficult time for her, her family, and of course, her friends.
We all look forward to whatever relief there may be in finally having a name for the malady. It seems that for us mere mortals not knowing for sure what it is, is at least as bad as the illness itself.
It will be about a week before results start coming in and the process of diagnosis moves forward. Meantime, she is slowed down to a mere 1,000 rpm instead of her usual 10,000 rpm---- zippppp!
Slowing down is really hard for her. Almost comical. Imagine a Chihuahua running on a waxed floor suddenly having to think about this....? Oh, hey, I have to slow down.... and how do I do that?
Brain to legs, legs to paws, paws to claws..... okay....
yeah, all right, slowing down, slowing down....
It's heartbreaking to watch her devoted husband trying to gently, quietly remind her.... honey, you have to slow down.....
You have the sense that he has no hope of that ever really happening short of a pine box, but he is determined to try.
The same day she took the tests she was at my house, asking and fretting that I might be getting behind and might need her to do something.
She wasn't satisfied until I gave her a "thinking job" to do, either.
Slow down? Who? What? Me?
This morning I woke up in a bedroom called "The Library" and had my usual morning sneezing fit.
This is a lifelong inveterate peculiarity of mine.
Practically every morning of my life, I sneeze when I wake up. Not just a polite little whiffle, either. I mean, I sneeze like a baby elephant trumpeting.
My Mother told me as a child that this was because demons and fairies tried to hide in my nose while I was sleeping.
Goes to prove how I developed my Shinola Sensor.
My Mother was always testing me and trying to feed me fanciful stories like that. My Father was always the Practical Man mildly suggesting--- "Maybe you are allergic to book dust?"
I also go to work each day in an office known as "The Toad Hole". This used to be mildly funny until I gained a few years and pounds and my office began to look like a stage set for Harry Potter.
Remembering, thinking, experiencing all these things, watching Cookie try to slow down, listening to myself sneeze--- all I can tell you is that what becomes so apparent is how infinitely unique we all are, each one of us, and how precious.

Thank you, each one of you utterly unique, utterly precious, utterly sacred beings who are reaching out to help Cookie and me and the other members of our Living Law Firm. Thank you for your donations and your prayers and your care. Each one of us is muddling through because of each one of you.

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  1. Glad to hear. Our prayers are with you.

  2. All my best to Cookie and Judge Sneezy. 😊

  3. Remember your heart. Has only two modes" wear or repair " Dr Bill Deagel
    You can rest your heart in deep meditation as if you had 8 hrs of sleep. My favorite technique is remote viewing view from above and visualize your foot relaxing return to your body and get the feel exit and view your legs relax return feel that visualize you turning to a concrete statue in a park to heavy to move..when York heart starts to recover your energy gushes you want to do this that don't complete the recharge .

  4. I agree with bubbapatric that meditation is perhaps the best medicine. I always feel recharged after I meditate. Sounds like Cookie hasn't had enough quiet meditation time, and her heart has been too taxed by all the work and stress. Prayers and meditative thoughts go out to her -- and all of you in the Living Law Firm.

  5. This is Cookie who was working with Doucett? I was just listening to some older audio’s with Peter Eugene.
    Well I hope she found some good Dr's because most will just make her worse I've been through this with my mother In-law they try to stabilize the situation but never actually fix a damn thing except their revenue stream.
    Things to look into Selenium , l-arginine , and natural chelation to clean to blood ,liver , kidneys etc. Along with getting all the crappy hydrogenated fats out of the diet and replacing with healthy fats primarily from grass fed/organic animal sources cholesterol is your best friend not enemy as the the medical industrial complex like to promote. Electrolytes are usually do to lack of potassium and too much bad salt need to replace with natural sea salt loaded with nutrients certain pharmaceuticals rob you of potassium , and almost all essentially cause nutritional imbalances since NONE are natural.

  6. I have been eating raw vegetables, broccoli, red chard, ollard greens, beets, carrots, beet greens, walnuts and flax seeds, little vitamin c and some magnesium, canned fish, eggs, bluberries and lets see some yogurt and cottage cheese. Although I have not actually become younger, certain things that were problems have vanished. While our minds can be programmed our genes and microbes are still the same needing mostly raw leaves. For better details Dr Gundry book 10 bucks. As a heart surgeon having reversed some of his patients "uncurable" clog-ups, diabetes and other stuff plus my own experience this really works. Diet is anything but "normal" and medical stuff often cannot find anything, tries this drug of that and kills people. Trust Gods good food not the labratories concoctions.

  7. FAA Federal Aviation Administration says Commercial is "holding out to the public" of offerings for business. The claim to control not own airspace even that actions of "private" pilots vs Commercial Pilots. FAA beginning as a "we are here to help you" government service is under the Department of Commerce. Licenses for pilots was originated in France and are not licenses but "certificates" showing the holder to be a beneficiary of a trust. States of states, lined out almost all laws on aviation and wrote in" see Federal Code". Same with the cars here in Washington State, says you need a license to operate in Commerce section 3 "Commercial Operators" License is "permisson of the owner" and a defense if charge with trespassing. How in the hell could you be trespassing on your own property minding your own business and not bothering anyone?

  8. Even if you are able to get the proper nourishment(highly unlikely in our highly overprossessed foods, refined sugars, and polluted waters, air, and soil, the thing that really breaks down our immune system is "lack of good deep sleep" for at least 8 hours a day. Thats when the body works to repair itself. No one is getting enough good sleep. Its not often i can testify about big pharma, but once in awhile they get it right, and it was years ago. I highly recommend getting a perscription for "valium"(generic name is "diasapam") because it is the one and only one of the "muscle relaxers" that actully works directly on the heart through the brain" and gives almost instant relief with absoluty no side effects. No other muscle relaxer works that way. NONE.!!! I speak from 30 years of experiance. Dont let the doctor talk you into something else. Tell him you tried them all and the only one that worked was valium. Valiums are so cheap now, no one wants to recommend them because theres no profit to be made. Even if you dont have insurance, you can get them for under $20 for 60 pills. I get the 5mg because almost no doctor will prescribe the 10mg anymore. But the effects are so suttle that you wont even realize you are on them, even if you take 2, instead of one. Dont believe the LIE that they are addicting, unless your an addict to everthing. I only use them when i need them, not everyday like it is perscribed. But sometimes you need these if you get in an arguement or have high anexiety for whatever reason. They have saved my life more than once. Lifesavers. But hard to get your doctor to perscribe unless you are quite confident that you know and convince the doctor that you do not want anything else because nothing else works like valium, because you tried them all. The DEA has come down hard on valium because of politics as usual. They dont want people being relaxed and healthy. It is almost immpossible to overdose on valium. Thats how suttle they are. Get some sleep cookie. Meditation, in our industriaized and electromagnetic polluted cities, is no match or subsitute for valiums. Try them. You will thank me for it.

  9. Again, no match. One thing about pharmasudicals is they act quick, this one in particular...within 10 to 15 min. When yoir heart is racing and your anxiety is high, there is no time to try holistic remedies when a small pill(really small) you know for sure that it will work for sure before "panic" sets in and makes everything worse.


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