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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Where Does Law Come From? -- Everything You Need To Know and Were Afraid to Ask

by Anna Von Reitz

The short answer is that all law, except "Natural Law" like the Law of Gravity, comes from religion. Some people wrinkle their noses,  but it has to be discussed because it is the truth.

Modern psychology tells us that about five percent of us are born without a conscience.  We call these people sociopaths and label them with various other descriptive names, but the bottom line is that they have no natural compass with respect to right or wrong.  They learn what the rest of us consider right or wrong by rote, the same way a dog learns to fetch a newspaper without being able to read it, but they truly don't have a clue why the rest of us consider certain things like stealing, lying, or adultery to be "wrong".  So how do we get these ideas in the first place? 

Part of it is natural empathy, which most of us possess.  We hate it when someone lies about us or something or someone we care about, so we come to the conclusion that lying is wrong.  In the same way, we conclude that stealing is wrong, and so on.  Throughout this planet there is a generalized understanding of what is "right" and what is "wrong" on this basis alone. 

Organized religions have, again, generally speaking, taken these basic conclusions and according to their own history and traditions have made them part of their doctrine--- their rules of belief and behavior by which their society is defined and identified.   That process has, in turn, given rise to their systems of law and concepts of justice. 

The Western World has been dominated by Judaism and Christianity and  Islam for the last two millennia. All three of these major world religions are rooted in one book--- The Bible, and in particular, the Old Testament of the Bible. It should come as no surprise from the foregoing that all forms of law currently used by western societies including Sharia Law have their roots in the Old Testament, and the Bible remains the basis of all Law of the Land. 

Most people either directly remember or have seen old movies where the judge walks into the courtroom with a Bible under his arm and thumps it down on his bench along with his gavel.  At the same time, someone calls out, "All rise!....." and everyone in the courtroom obediently stands up until the judge says, "Please, be seated." 

The reason you "rise" is to show your respect for the Bible and to physically signal your consent to be judged according to its rules as interpreted by the judge and/or jury..  

In recent years, however, the judges in western courts no longer carry a Bible with them into the courtroom.  They just show up empty-handed and someone calls out, "All rise....!" and everyone---- that is, everyone but me--- continues to stand up until he or she says, "Please, be seated."   What has just happened?  You have consented by your action to be judged--- not by The Bible -- but by the judge, according to whatever ideas the judge may have today. 

I have been poked and prodded and laughed at and accused of "disrespecting the court" for refusing to stand and sit on cue, but my reply has always been simple and to the point: "I don't consent."  I don't accept the jurisdiction of any "equity court" being run in international jurisdiction according to the Satanic Law of the Sea as my "law" or any law related to me.  And if you are like most Americans, neither should you. 

In these and in other respects, what goes on in a courtroom is a religious ceremony, and whether that religion is sacred or profane is up to you. 

Stop for a moment, and if you can, pretend you are a sociopath.  You have no concept of right or wrong, no empathy for anyone else.  You are like a two-year-old looking at the world with one question on your mind-- "What's that?"  And now turn that blank attention toward the Bible.  What's that?  Bereft of all empathy, belief, or prejudice --- it's a collection of stories about a Benevolent Creator and a Bad Guy named Satan and how people have interacted over time with these two polar opposites. 

What is less obvious, but still obvious enough, is that there are two "Gods" in the Bible and two religions.  Changes made in the 16th Century make this more difficult to see, but it's there nonetheless. Jesus acknowledges that Satan is the king of this world very readily during his Temptation in the Desert and he even recognizes Satan's followers calling them a "Synagogue of Satan" later on.  Time and time again we are told about the venal religions and vile practices of the Canaanites (Cain-anites), Phillistines, Moabites, Babylonians, and others, including the Egyptians, and warned about the "Abomination which brings desolation". 

Most people get the impression that these ancient competitors of the Hebrews were worshiping unknown idols long since fallen to dust and that whatever their practices, beliefs, doctrines, and laws were--- they no longer impact us.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.  

These ancient religions worshiped Satan and his Consort, Ashtoreth, the "Mother of All Harlots", the Abomination which brings desolation.  Satan's most familiar personification in the modern world is as the Greek god, Poseidon--- the god of the Sea.  Guess which religion the international Law of the Sea comes from?   


Satan is the Father of All Lies, so his devotees are all liars.  A lie is a prayer to them.  What else do we know about Satan?  He is the Accuser.  It is his job to accuse you of crime and wrong-doing of all kinds.  He is the Great Prosecutor.  It is his "job" to condemn you.  So when you go to an international admiralty court as JOHN MAYNARD DOE, you are already guilty by definition and all that is left to be decided is how much your infraction against his 80,000,000 profit-making laws will cost in terms of time in jail or money in hand. 

That's the way it is, and things are set up so that they can hardly be any other way.  You walk in, you unknowingly consent to Satan's acolytes operating under the Law of the Sea, and that's it. Bang-O!  The whole "process" is monotonous.  Day after day, year after year, these judges "process" you, like men at a slaughterhouse "process" steers and they use the same insulting language.  I have heard judges--- and not just a few--- say, "Come forward and let me process you." 

Let's all agree--- whatever our other differences of doctrine--- that is it time to "process" them, instead.  We need to stop giving them consent to judge us and stop giving them any ability to bring their courts onto the land.

What else do we know about Satan?  He is the ruler of this world.  So what is a "world" as opposed to the Earth?   

Note that the Book of Revelation says that the Creator will "bring to ruin those ruining the Earth" and then goes on and talks about a new "world".  The Earth isn't going to be destroyed according to the Bible, but the world is.  

The world is the whole construct of civilization that has been developed by men, all the conventions and institutions that have been used to organize and control and expedite trade like banks and governments and the machinery of military might.  It's the way we have structured things, as opposed to the way the Creator structures things. 

Please be aware that you are dealing with the most duplicitous people on Earth, that every word has at least two meanings, and yet, at the end of the day, knowing this allows you to craft awareness and words to your own advantage. It allows you to take back your power and exercise your rights and reality in the face of oppression and criminality. 

Get going. Get talking. Take this information to your priests and your pastors.  Those people in Congress are not your "representatives" but they are the representatives of their corporation. Blast them with your complaints. Let them have no peace day or night.  They have let these Bounders in and given them permission ---- in your behalf no less --- to play these games of predation. 

So what's the next step besides this obvious one above? 

Declare yourselves to be men and women, people, who have not willingly and knowingly consented to any of this crappola.  Stand up by the millions and record your names and property assets. Then get ready to bring your claims by the millions, too. 

You must reclaim your birthright identity and start organizing your jural assemblies and establishing your counties on the land jurisdiction of the United States. You elect your own Sheriffs.  And you use the Citizen's Arrest Statutes of the United States Statutes at Large to arrest these "judges" and others who trespass upon your rights and your property.  You make it your business to bring the Law of the Land forward.  You invoke the Saving to Suitors Clause of the Northwest Ordinance. You return the "favor" to these vermin. 

As Mulligan Ex Parte guarantees, when you have elected your own American Common Law Court at the county level, they can no longer "process" anyone claiming their natural "State National" status in that county.  When you get your State level American Common Law Courts set up, they can no longer "process" anyone at the "State" level, either.  For them, the game is over, because millions upon millions of Americans will seize back their purloined identities and their property and these "federal franchise" courts will be reduced back to hearing actual maritime cases and dealing exclusively with legitimate "Federal Citizens".
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  1. I must admit i admire the tenacity of Anna, there is no if or but about this.

    However here i go but before i do this my disclaimer: i am not a bible thumper, follow no religion, am not a Christian, Muslin, practice Judaism, don’t believe in reincarnation etc, etc. yet i believe in the Scriptures but not what King James and his croonies put out.

    So regarding what man is and how he was created since the Bible is being addressed here:

    Rom 8:20 For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope

    Vanity:G3153, ματαιότης, mataiotēs, mat-ah-yot'-ace

    From G3152; inutility; figuratively transientness; morally depravity: - vanity.

    Man was created a morally deprived, sentient CREATURE. Man was not created perfect, it is a lie shouted from the pulpits of Bal. That’s all of you (plural) Anna and me starting with Adam and Eve. If God had created a million Adam and Eve they would all have failed at the forbidden fruit. Man is a learning creature and learns from his surroundings they are NOT born without a conscience. The conscience IS the convictor of every man and woman souls and what convicted Adam and Eve and all of your. You want to avoid your conscience, have a beer, smoke some weed, gamble, eat lots of food, you name you own distraction. (if you are interested in what happens to children abandon by their parent watch “Feral Children” on Youtube.)

    Regarding two gods:

    If you wanted to speak to a ant what would you do? Don’t all answer at once. Well you would become an ant! So the Most High God who is SPIRIT, spoke and speaks to man thru the man Jesus, Yahshua. Who created the heavens and the earth. Go read the beginning of the Gospel of John.

    Man has been given since the forbidden fruit 6 thousands years to rule himself so that he may see his inability to do so. So all that is going on and the suffering is so that man may be humbled but it. Don’t believe me:

    Ecc 1:13—"It is an experience of evil God has given to the sons of humanity to humble him by it”

    Billy Graham in an after 911 speck in order to remain politically correct could not tell the people God was visiting the sin of America with what took place.

    Now I don’t mean to single out Mr. Graham above other celebrity preachers, but he just happens to be the man responsible for the following "smooth and deceitful" rhetoric against which Isaiah so forcefully warned:

    "But how do we understand something like this? Why does God allow evil like this to take place? Perhaps that is what you are asking now. You may even be angry with God."

    COMMENT: You would think Mr. Graham never read the Bible. "WHY does God allow evil like this to take place? Unbelievable! WHY? Here's why:

    "A SINFUL NATION, a people LADEN WITH INIQUITY, a seed of EVILDOERS, children that are CORRUPTERS: they have FORSAKEN THE LORD… they are gone away BACKWARD… the whole HEAD IS SICK, and the WHOLE HEART FAINT. From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is NO SOUNDNESS IN IT" (Isa. 1:4-6).


    There you have it, will you all now go to your rooms and call out to your Creator and ask for HIS deliverance and not another man?

    Semper Fi

  2. I am old enough to have survived the fraudulent cold war and you’re absolutely right. They don't ask questions, and when people do, they think they come from sources that come out of a Cracker Jack box, and not knowing how to separate the wheat from the chaff, and quite honestly, this was by design.
    It goes back to the TTEA, or Teacher Training Education Act, and if you ever take the time to get a hold of a copy through ERIC or, it will shake your boots to the core, why they passed it in 1969.

    Their plan was even stated in their own language, which was to dilute out of the human consciousness, what it means to think creatively, and critically, and instead, inoculate into the masses no different than Hitler Youth programmed conditioning, in order to change the collective consciousness-moral, ethical and spiritual fabric of America, and instead indoctrinate into their perceptions that now form their belief systems and thus their sense of reality, a socio-economic and political landscape of FEAR based, thus non-love-based form of cause and effect state of being, that ultimately collapses on itself by its own immoral and evil-based devices, and look back and laugh at God, and erect a monument to their God of worship Satan, that is going up in NY City later this year, as a job well done by the Crown Templar and Masonic lodges victory, for the complete spiritual destruction of what America once was.
    And in the process without them ever realizing it, have ownership over everything the people think is theirs, is not.
    As much as I take no joy I saying, we saw this coming when they murdered JFK, MLK, RFK and then John Lennon, whose crime to humanity for which he too was killed, was, ‘ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”, and thus turn America into the landscape of AMC’s ‘Walking Dead”, which oughta tell us, why 325 million people, would ever tolerate such an evil and sick perverted mental disorder from ever being expressed to represent as artistic entertainment, that is now mainstream with similar images of violence and destruction on almost every cable channel, from commercials, movies and dialogue that is clearly Satanic..
    I worked many years in higher education in the behavioral sciences, which deals with how we learn.
    I don't really have all the time to explain it all here, for its too lengthy.
    But the simple truth, is in my analysis, is that when you both lose your spiritual connecting, with the life force energy that is "consciousness" that is how life through love and spirit comes about, is replaced by an AI Artificial Intelligence, then we end up through the sum of all of its parts, which means 8 billion human beings who are all connected to the same life force energy of consciousness for which in quantum physics knows is how life comes into being in a morphic field of resonance of field lines of electric current and why our bodies are actually batteries and Ph. is crucial.

    Example: During 9-11 the GOES satellite which measures the global (not round) but flat earth grid of electro-magnetic field of force-lines, shot up and spiked, as a result of the sadness and horror that people had that day when so much life was lost.
    Our consciousness is made of negative electrons and positive protons, with magnetic and electric properties, and why no different than a car battery, Ph. is critical and managed by out P-gland, and why we shut down without water for the battery to keep the charge.

  3. PART 2
    We are all connected by the polarity of both negative and positive polarity that is largely fed by how we feel and what our emotions are.
    It is also a morphic field on interactive consciousness that perceives and creates our own reality.
    That's why when Falusia went down in Iraq, the amount of violence and the sum of all violence on this planet had reached a point where the mean of its parts, which was 4 billion human beings who represent the majority, wished for the violence to stop and it did for 4 days.
    It was actually measured by the GOES instruments.
    Thus it has always been about a war on consciousness and no one knows how to wage this battle, that those of the Illuminati and Free Masons, who have the lion’s share of money, social and political and military power with now having consolidated the corporate state run media, which controls the largest sum of what people perceive in America, which is based largely on fraud, lies and deceit, to alter and be the perpetrators to influence the perceptions we have which is what creates the realty of our world.
    Dr. Bruce Lipton in his many videos on THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, goes into all the biology and physiology of how all this works.
    That's why the major intel and propaganda agencies who work for the Satanic church of the Crown Templar which represents the Rothschild family who has more gold and national banking systems in almost every country now, worships a God of destruction of what the spirit of the living and loving earth that gives life to all of us, they seek to destroy has been in full swing for the last 60 years.
    They monument of achievement to be held up to the world in NY City in September for reducing the social, moral and spiritual fabric that at one time looked like it might evolve into something much higher, was crushed by their intelligence infiltration and fascist state corporate programs to a totalitarian Satanic state they can now celebrate, without a whimper of resistance by us with love and spirit that removes their agenda.
    They succeeded in destroying the moral, ethical and spiritual fabric of America, and if you had been around as long as I have since WWII, you would have seen all the differences that they implemented, which started after they murdered JFK, then his brother RFK then MLK and then ultimately the peacemaker musician John Lennon.
    They sought to destroy all of that and turned this nation into what you can now see by channel surfing any cable channel with the amount of violence and self-serving evil they portray.
    They are coming out in the open now and have no qualms letting all of the west know what they represent, which is hate for life no passion of living with love and respect for others by saturating your brain with nothing but images of death and destruction and evil demonic spirits they emulate by showing us all these movies like Annabelle they had on HBO etc.

    What they are reigning in, is a saturation of collapsing the moral, ethical and spiritual fabric of the west and why they globalized the entire money and artificially driven philosophy that so many people grabbed onto, that disconnects them with the natural world, and connect them with the digital machines of the terminating ones that seek to destroy the organic life spirit of love that is mother earth that gives life, and change the way that morphic resonance works in a natural consciousness spirit of love that has passion for life and in its infinite forms and shapes that we can embrace with artistic and harmonic octaves of beauty, grace and unconditional love.
    Its why we see such a saturation of chemtrails, that are now destroying so much agriculture and life and our ozone, that all life depends on, and the chlorophyll and oxygen producing elements of flora and fauna they are systematically destroying.

  4. PART 3

    They are not only depopulating this planet, but collapsing the biosphere that supports life.
    If you cannot connect all the dots, I hope you take the time on your own to do so.
    I am also an ecologist, so I have spent the last 8 years with 16-20 hours a day, perusing through all of the peer reviewed data coming in from around the world from the field from all over the world of conversation biology, that is their front story why they want to reduce the population for us to be more sustainable and that is a bold faced lie.
    There is one notable conservation biologist out of the University of Arizona, Guy McPherson, who left his tenured professorship, to tell the world without being shutdown, that in his professional estimation we as a species will collapse the biosphere before 2040.
    Now I don’t agree with him, but his data analysis is compelling, if we do nothing.
    If you wish to know the truth, my call no different than it was in 1965, is to shut it all down, and return to the spiritual-roots of mother earth that gives life with love and energy, for us to resonate in peace, love, harmony and balance, not a whole lot different and why these monsters were driven to drive indigenous peoples of this planet who were, to extinction.
    The more your connected to the energy systems they draw from, the more they diminish from us that power we have to unite and shut-them down.
    We knew all this and banged our drum in 1965, and they came at us with all their violence and weapons, and we gave them back the flower bloom that is love and spirit from mother earth that gives us life, we put into the barrels of their weapons that destroy all of it.
    The more we use their digital communications networks and fail to return to the roots of the earth and abandon the connections we have to
    What he does not know and I do, is that we already have technologies that can completely re-terra form the planet with life giving healing and much needed oxygen, to bring us back to a time when humans lived to be over 900 years old.
    The only reason we are only living to an average age of 74 now as a male, is O2 depletion concentrations in our atmosphere.
    And that is why they run and manage the socio-political and economic propaganda machine, in order to destroy what our perception of reality is, by a mass dose of artificial and material world views and disconnect us with mother earth and her spirit that is organic and gives natural creative spirit that produces so much art, music and creativity, and turn it over to a machine who will run the programs we run, and not our own that are organic.
    Dr. Rupert Sheldrake out of Cambridge is the tip of the spear in his biological, spiritual and consciousness science in all his lab and field work, who has a wealth of YT presentations you can watch (see below)
    I know this simply because I am well connected with all of the military and technology industries, because my father worked with Werner Von Braun on the false moon shot of Apollo.
    That project came after they found that we have an impenetrable domed structure above us.
    You can go to the US Navy's SECHI Stereo imaging library and see where we really live and you’ll see firsthand how all the energy of electric current is managed with a telescoping mast of polarity that keeps all life in check.
    They are wishing to convert the natural spirit of mother earth love energy to us being controlled by an electric script program as nothing more than a simulation to a machine.
    That’s why there are right now 4 major AI Quantum computers operating around the west and the largest one at the Hadron Collider had a meltdown back in December 2015.
    It’s why a general alarm went out to cull as much computing power they could by asking for the academic students tied into all of the universities and public school systems to log into their systems as P2P protocols.

  5. PART 4
    In fact, the entire reason that Facebook and google and social forums were brought into the conscious-minds of global humanity, was to plug the minds of our consciousness, into the artificial quantum computing mainframe of the AI(Artifical Intelligence” is to gain an understanding of how morphic resonance works, run algorithms that are self-sustaining and artificially self-creating, and get a fix on how emotions, intellect, and spiritual consciousness can be formulated and quantified, into changing it into a total control mechanism, once enough of humanity has been plugged into the artificial world of digital communications of information we are feeding it, that further disconnects us from the organic spirit and morphic resonance of the life force that is within us.
    These are in metaphoric but stark terns, Frankenstein men of our times, we need to shut down.
    There are already scientists underground working on handheld EMP devices and ways to crush their microwave systems and one way to shut them down is with ORGONE, and building them in large scale scalar generators, which are now being developed in Chile and Bolivia and Venezuela, and Alaska and the Urals in the east of Russia.
    Here is a couple of links for you and hope you joy and happiness and become part of the solution to return this human planetary population to a form of sanity that is in harmony and balance with love and not war.
    Dr. Bruce Lipton-Biology of Belief

    Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: Morphogenic Resonance

    Bruce Lipton: Full conference / Genes don't control your reality! Your perception control genes!
    Star Wars recorded on NASA cams - The 2007 War vs Reptilians, Greys, Borgs .
    Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: BANNED TED TALK


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