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Monday, January 4, 2016

An Open Report to Pope Francis Regarding the Situation in Oregon and Other Matters

Most Beloved Francis: 

As you are aware "federal agencies"---- merely subcontractors working for other "governmental services corporations" fronted by international banking cartels-- have once again grossly overstepped their jurisdiction and lawful boundaries and have presumed upon the people of Oregon to such an outrageous degree that militiamen have taken up position and are ready to shoot these miscreant employees and subcontractors of the Global Estate Trust.  

They simply will not obey the Public Law, nor international law, nor will these corporations come into compliance with their charters; they continue to rampage around committing inland piracy day after day, denying that they are mere commercial corporations engaged in the business of providing "essential governmental services", acting under color of law, swaggering around and committing personage and barratry against these innocent people, refusing to honor their contracts, refusing to do their jobs, refusing to obey their employers and doing constant harm to everyone on Earth. 

How may we deal with these parasites infesting the body of Mother Earth?

May I suggest that your patience though admirable has led to no apparent improvement on the part of the British Crown and the banks involved in this filthy business.  

In the five years since Benedict XVI asked for our help in returning American assets to the American people there has been nothing but excuse upon excuse and fraud scheme upon fraud scheme. 

The World Bank/IBRD is in receipt of gold and other assets properly belonging to the Priority Creditors of the 1933-34 bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc.----that is, to the living people and unincorporated States of America.  The World Bank/IBRD received these assets under false pretenses and for the past several years we have been treated to a most determined continuing effort by their attorneys to gain immunity from prosecution for their bosses and profit for the banks ---all passed off as philanthropy, too. 

A couple weeks ago Karen Hudes proposed giving the people's gold to County level employees of the Federal Reserve Banks.  How droll.   Next, she has proposed that the gold rightfully belonging to the American people should be used to buy up Federal Reserve Notes---- in effect, proposing that we should pay off the debts of those who have defrauded us and consider that as payment of the gold that is owed to us? 

Anyone who thinks this is going to wash out in the rain has to have rocks in their head.  

And now this--- commercial mercenaries acting under color of law, masquerading as agents of the lawful American government----being allowed to harm peaceful  people who are in fact their employers, benefactors, and priority creditors. Undertaking actions so oppressive, so unjust, that the people are on the verge of rising up in armed opposition to what?  Their own employees run amok! 
Do these predators think that they are being paid to defraud, threaten, harass, and now it appears, murder these same employers, benefactors and priority creditors?  Attacking and bullying and murdering the people who have paid for the bullets in their guns and the gas in their cars ---is what they think their job is? Hello? 

I have done my part to tell them differently. Clearly, words in a private venue are not sufficient. Plenty of people have had their noses rubbed in it to no avail.  This requires official action. 

Last week the Queen/Crown Complex refused to pay the checks and EFT's owed to the American Armed Forces, creating a mini-meltdown---- as you know.  Then Jacob Rothschild saunters in and offers to pick up the tab. The two criminals who have gained the most from defrauding --- almost --- the entire world, now seek to use our own sons and daughters against us?  

At what point do you call, "Enough!" 

It is a lot easier to prove that these British Goons and Rothschild have colluded to defraud the entire world, and to divest them of their ill-gotten gains by exposing the facts, than it is to murder several billion people.

And all this is necessitated because of the Myth of Scarcity.  It's time we dealt with it, in Rome or out of it. 

Surely you observe that there are only two things of value on this entire planet---labor and natural resources.  Everything we have and which we trade can be reduced to that. 

Does it make sense that we single out one or two or three commodities and try to pretend that these "stand for" all other commodities"  Does it make sense that we pretend that my time on Earth is worth so very much more than some other woman's time on Earth?  

Why not use all the labor and all the natural resources as the basis of a single universal currency?  Stop using graven images.  Stop idolizing gold.  Just phase it out. Compete it out of existence. 

A global currency based on all commodities and all labor can be made almost instantly available worldwide. All it requires is recognition of the advantages and the simple truth. 

Individual stipend accounts can be provided for every man, woman, and child, sufficient to pay for all their needs.  Investment accounts can also be provided, allowing them to invest in whatever they wish to support--- with only one requirement, that their investments be in something good for the planet and mankind.  

The same system could be applied to nations. They, too, could have investment accounts based on population, with only one restriction--- that the funds be spent on positive things to improve the environment and the lives of the people, infrastructure, hospitals, libraries, better roads, clean water, nourishing food. 

We already have the technology.  We can make gold, lawyers, bankers, idolatry, suffering, and stupidity obsolete.  We can replace it all simply and quickly and without force.  Use the gold backed system to transition, and then let time and convenience and justice compete it out of existence.

We are facing terrible threats and conditions again, but we also have wonderful opportunities to redeem all that is truly important and forget the rest.  The bankers and lawyers can be retrained and repurposed.  Gold makes great electrical circuits. 

It's time, and I have heard the Voice that said it.  

With utmost respect, 

Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hannah Sophia Riezinger - von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck 


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  1. The author states: "Individual stipend accounts can be provided for every man, woman, and child, sufficient to pay for all their needs." While I have no objection to people forming cooperatives to jointly own electrical distribution systems, insurance companies, farms and factories, are we going to confiscate my neighbor's farm and tavern in order to give the single mother who is addicted to meth her individual stipend account sufficient to provide all her needs?

    The author also states: "Investment accounts can also be provided, allowing them to invest in whatever they wish to support--- with only one requirement, that their investments be in something good for the planet and mankind." Who is going to determine which investments are good for the planet and mankind? Al Gore seems to think that coal is not good for the planet. Others think that GMO food is a disaster. Will people be allowed to invest in such items?

    1. It has already been shown that this works. Its called the 5000 year leap. Democracy has proved that dictatorship always leads to oligarchy. History repeats itself every 200 years. 5000 years of no progress, no right to life only survival. Burned to
      death, guillotines, public throwing rocks till death of
      children.The master deciding the law and who was above it or who would be executed. 5000 years of unrewarded gloom. Why invent the tire motivation. Declaration of Independence, A republic form of governed, Natural law, Each was their own King and Queen. Honor, respect, 100 years trains planes and automobiles. Democracy and the bankers slowly turning nature
      into the dark ages. Regulated and taxed back to survival. Middle class income is in the regulators summer home. Jane next door is selling the lawmakers dope to survive. Just my opinion on all this. I had 55 year career with the full retirement nest egg. I seen first hand why today I have the same career and another surviving poverty. History repeats itself is my two cents worth. It's time to take a new path. Anna has put more forward movement for the good than the entire system that has the nerve claiming it's a government. Take back the Counties, We are doing it. Thank you Anna you are very honorable woman.

  2. You are dealing still in the Myth of Scarcity, which is all you have ever known. You have to recognize the FACT that there is no scarcity. Giving credit to the unwed Mother does not mean depriving your neighbor of his property. That entire presumption is caused by bankers using their product --- "money"--- which is only a "symbol of value", as a means to enslave and control and degrade other people. If they are deprived of this power, which they now can be thanks to advances in technology, it becomes instantly apparent to everyone that there is a great plenty and abundance available, both in terms of labor and resources. There always has been. It was simply a deception by the bankers ---and a blasphemy against God --- that made it seem otherwise.

    While what is "good" for the planet and mankind is always up for debate and there are grey areas, but that need not overly concern us. There is enough consensus to provide more than enough investment opportunity without any great doubts. Just think about how much effort it will take to replace the electrical grid? Revamp public transportation systems? Clean up the pollution of the oceans? Provide water to arid regions? Stabilize the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle? Build health facilities? Research and promote new and better agricultural practices? The list goes on....

    If an investment is "questionable" then obviously, the person making the investment is responsible for their choices, good or bad, and in this new monetary system, the profit motive will be signiicantly decreased merely because people will no longer be "working for money" but using money as a tool to expedite progress and trade. Their labor will no longer be siphoned off to enrich crooks, so money as an "end to itself" will no longer be compelling. People will have enough of it so that it loses its patina of excessive value--- which then naturally allows people to factor in the value of many, many other things that are presently being ignored or receiving scant notice.

    This system has already been tested in Switzerland. It worked beyond any expectation. It was feared that people would all simply stop working. Nothing like that happened. They continued their lives as usual, made repairs to their homes, took vacations with their families, caught up on delayed medical care issues--- but life went on, and settled down after a couple years of activity spent taking care of their homes, families, and health issues. Over the course of time about 30% of the people either retired early, changed jobs, or went back to school. This is about double the current rate, but it had no bad affect. Job satisfaction and productivity increased, many of the early retirees became volunteers and provided charitable or social services to their families and communities.

    Also, people making simple one-by-one investments proved to be better investors overall. By choosing to invest in things they knew and understood and supported on an individual basis, they got involved and helped promote and support their investments-- which makes sense, if you think about it. They were interested in what their investments could do and what impact their investments could make, therefore spent more time thinking about where they want this planet to go and what kind of world they wish to create for their children.

    It wasn't just left to Wall Street and a bunch of greedy men in "trading pits".

    1. Excellent response, Anna. The difference between your premises and those of the one you posted to is the difference between free thought and thought still chained to the psychopathic propaganda matrix invented by the fraudsters for their own benefit at the expense of the rest of the world. It is a comprehensive matrix that has warped every idea we might naturally have. Thanks.

  3. Great work Anna !! Just to let people know !! There is free energy to help take the biggies down. online free classes on how to build or you can buy !! There are free blueprints on line also. This is world-changing info. All he wants is PEACE ON EARTH !! Keep this moving around the world for humanity !!

  4. Anna, with all due respect, the three controlling points to their world domination is the Vatican, England/monetary systems, and DC/military rule operations. So why ask the Pope?


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