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Friday, August 2, 2013


Maybe there is an explanation for the 2012 presidential election – in the responses from students at Denver’s Metropolitan State College, who took stabs at explaining the eligibility requirements to be president.
Those have been all over the news over the last five years because of the controversy over Barack Obama’s obscure birth records and whether, in fact, he even qualifies to be president. Books have been written on the topic and Obama himself even addressed it in a White House news conference where he released a document that he purported to be his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.

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  1. My first question is, how dumb are kids before they get to college?

    In today's world I tell kids to stay away from college unless they have a clearly focused professional goal.

    Unless the youngster knows he/she wants to become a professional that requires a specific degree college just isn't worth the cost of time and money.

    Much of what traditionally was believed to be learned in formal education can be self taught such as writing well, and how our government is supposed to work.

    I offer for my evidence the creator and writer of this blog whose working life was spent as a logger. Today, his work is one of the better researched and written blogs.

    I do have a degree. It was required for my chosen profession. This former logger writes better than me.

    None of my three sons has a bachelor degree, yet one, seen in my profile picture, is only one step below the director of sales and marketing for Dell. He is only 38.


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