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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Montana Grand Jury - How do We STOP Corruption in the Montana Judicial System?

By  posted Oct. 26, 2009

When Does Blind Justice in Montana End?

What Can be Done in Montana to STOP the Corruption.. ?what I have been told, shown and heard of over the last 1.5 years and on top of a lifetime in Montana, I see no way to Stop the corruption as the Law is irrelevant, it is based on the opinion of local judges state wide, based on attorneys and their friendships and quickest pay off. Be it Rape, WR Grace Victims, Real Estate Fraud, Robberies, Embezzlement, or other horrible crimes.. well there is only Politics, only Opinion of judges.. and there is no way to STOP corruption among the very legal system itself as the innocent are constantly set up, discredited, and "proved" by illegal and false means to actually be the guilty one.

I see no really way to stop the corruption in the courts and to STOP judges, law officials, Montana County Attorneys, Montana Mayors, Montana Sheriffs .. no way to STOP the local law and government in place that is to uphold the laws.... you simply have to live with it and to pay their wages to Set You Up, Discredit You, Lie To, Keep you in the Dark, Fail to Prosecute real crimes while they set up cops, local citizens, bloggers, law abiding citizens when they try and do the Right Thing and when they point out laws that are being broken and who is breaking them..

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