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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Told Ja So.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Lately, I've been seeing the return of the return of things.  Bell bottom jeans?  Really?  Yellow, orange, and olive green shag rugs?  Leopard-print scarves? 

I keep getting whiffs of the 1960's.  I keep thinking, gee, all those old clothes carefully preserved at my Mother's house are no longer museum pieces. 

Sky blue leisure suits are back.... and so are anti-war protests on college campuses, only this time, it's not Vietnam, it's Gaza. 

Just as the mainstream media back then demonized the protesters, they are doing the same today.  And just as they trampled the First Amendment rights of Americans back then, they are doing it again.  

If you resist the idea that the death of 1,500 Israelies somehow justifies the death of 50,000 Palestinians, or you object to the idea of causing death in general, you are labeled as "anti-Semitic".  

It's as if the death of a Jew was somehow different and more important than the death of a Palestinian.  Or had a different meaning for their friends and families. 

We are led to believe that Protestors are bad and Anti-Semitic and even Anti-American --- but what kind of "America" quashes the right to free speech, allows crooks to stay in public office, and sleeps on its laurels while every sort of injustice is promulgated by its own employees worldwide? 

That's not America, folks.  That's the US, INC. and the USA, INC. 

The same parties responsible for blowing up the Nordstream Pipelines just in time for winter in Europe.  

You may remember that Granna took less than about fifteen seconds to point the finger at these corporations as the miscreants responsible when the event happened.  And here is a former CIA officer who just spoke before the United Nations Security Council, asking them all to have as much courage and clarity now:  

Everyone knows that the United States (Inc.) did it, but they are afraid, even as a collective, to stand up and hold the pirates responsible.  Just as everyone but Turkey, and now, South Africa, have been afraid to call down justice for Gaza.  

The Jews need to remember the limits set by their own Old Testament.  1,500 doesn't equal 50,000. 

And we are not here to wipe their butts and noses for them.  


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