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Saturday, May 4, 2024

International Public Notice: More Problems For the Jews

 By Anna Von Reitz

The research of Michael McKibben has already dramatically established the fact that Biblical Hebrews no longer exist.  

Genetically, they were dying out at the time of Jesus and today, only bits and pieces of their overall Semitic genome exist, largely in the populations of the Middle Eastern states. 

This means, ironically, that what is left of the Biblical Hebrews, is probably present in the Palestinian and Arab populations being destroyed in the wreckage of Gaza today

If I call myself a "Kennedy" do I become one? 

If I call myself a member of the Tribe of Judah---  do I become one?

Not according to genetics in either case.  

We must make a distinction between race and religious belief and practice. There are still living people practicing the religion of Judaism, so in that sense, there are still Jews -- but they are not the Biblical Hebrews.  

The present day Israelis come from a different background entirely, and their lease on the Holy Land, promoted by the Balfour Declaration and British (misadministration) under the Balfour Declaration, just came to an end. 

So, they have to move.  

Just like the British Territorial Raj had planned to move from the U.S. to China, the Israelis had planned to move to Ukraine, their actual ancestral homeland.

That's why we have the insane effort and expense of fronting the whole proxy war in Ukraine --- it's meant to buy or win by military conquest a new Jewish homeland, and allow a return of the Jewish Khazars to Khazaria. 

They were only borrowing the whole Hebrew Narrative as a cover story, trying to justify their presence in the Middle East by saying they were "returning home" to the Promised Land, when, as it turns out, the Promised Land was not promised to them, but to an entirely different family of people now long defunct. 

The whole premise by which "Israel" was created and espoused, was false. 

And the lease is up. 

Despite early mass migration of Israelis into Ukraine already, things are not going so great. 

Contrary to the conclusions of the writer of the article cited above, we do not consider that "we" have sown the wind.  Members of a foreign British Territorial Congress usurping upon us have sown the wind.  So have the members of an usurping Municipal corporation US CONGRESS. 

These corporations deserve what they get and so do the Principals allowing their malfeasance, but let nobody say or think that the American people are on board with this misappropriation of credit for war mongering and undisclosed forced mass migration.   

If those responsible were honest and asked for our help we might be able to come up with a solution acceptable to all concerned, but using our assets and our military strength against our will is not acceptable. 

The American people are suffering as a result of these breaches of trust and financial thefts from us and we do not condone any of it.  

Ukrainians are similarly not disposed to just give up their homes and businesses and lands to new immigrants from Israel, especially as they do not have any fond memories of the Khazars. 

The 500,000 Ukrainians killed so far in the War with Russia is far less than the 7 million slots that need to be cleared for Israeli immigrants--- assuming that most of them will want to be air-lifted out of the war zone in the Middle East and begin all over again, instead of being slaughtered by their irate Arab neighbors. 

Facing up to the truth and the nature of the problem doesn't seem to be politically correct.

Britain would have to admit to their total misadministration of the Balfour Declaration. 

Israel (and Israelis) would have to admit that, no, they are not the intended Inheritors of the Promised Land. 

Everyone else, the UN, Inc., especially, would have to scurry around and find a new homeland for them.  

So the Guilty Parties are trying to do it by fiat, under the table; simply by invading Ukraine and posing as opposition to Putin in a proxy war, they hope to carve off enough land to resettle the Israelis in their true ancestral homeland.  

It's like little kids at a birthday party.  Nobody wants to sit next to the Stinker, but somebody has to, so they are again using the "homeland" theme and imposing on the Ukrainians instead of the Arabs. 

If anything, this situation is profoundly sad. 

People of this non-Hebrew Jewish heritage have given many gifts to humanity, but also failed to adopt values consistent with being members of a larger world family. 

The fear of losing "Jewish" identity, has led to extraordinary efforts to separate themselves from the rest of humanity, elitism, and contempt for others. 

That then engenders violent teachings such as the uglier rants against non-Jews found in the Talmud. Each new generation is thus tainted with the fears and violence of the prior generation.   

Those who do not learn the lessons of the past are condemned to relive it. And relive it. And relive it. 

These people have been hunted and chased out, murdered, robbed, and dispersed upon the Earth, hated and defamed and been on the bottom of the pecking order --that's true. 

How much of this is the response to Jewish elitism and violence, their failure to be honest about their needs and situation, their own xenophobia, and the insulting, violent things said against "Goyim" in the Talmud and elsewhere? 

Hate begets hate like radishes beget radishes. 

In the same way, violence begets violence. 

The insanely violent response poured out on Gaza is a good example.  

There are now over 50,000 Palestinians dead in answer to a foreign military incursion that left 1,500 Israelis dead. And the bombing and killing and refusal of humanitarian aid to Gaza just continues and continues for months without end.

How can anyone "stand with Israel" in the face of this? 

No sane and moral person can. This has gone far beyond any standard of justice or decency or even sanity.  The mindless killing of civilians by armed military forces cannot be condoned. 

Any bank that finances this must be shut down as an accomplice to genocide, and in our case, these same banks stand doubly-guilty for the deliberate, knowing misuse of credit belonging to us, that is being used to finance this madness in the face of our objections. 

We accuse the U.S. Congress, Inc. and the Municipal US CONGRESS, however styled, of dereliction of duty, fraud, theft, unlawful conversion, conspiracy against the Constitutions, breach of trust, and violation of their commercial service contracts, resulting in the imposition of unconscionable citizenship contracts, unlawful conversion of nationality and political status, identity theft, credit theft, misappropriation of private assets, evasion of their obligations under the federal Constitutions, and promotion of war-for-profit, genocide, and dehumanization agendas intended to degrade and pollute the human genome --- all under color of law and pretense of war.  

We call for the arrest and prosecution of these offending individuals and their corporations and especially the banks supporting and promoting this insanity.  

America does not stand for nor behind genocide of civilians by any organized armed force. 

The quickest way to bring this rampage to an end is to arrest the bank personnel including those working as Paymasters for SERCO, and begin to face the actual problems.  

We have our own global banking network and our own asset-backed currencies; we are prepared to enter the new economy, but not as "dependents" of Donald Trump and the USA, Inc. and not as "presumed" Donors of the assets used to back yet another species of "US NOTE" and not with anymore lies about us or foreign substitutions for our American Federal Republic.  

It's time for all of this to be cleaned up. Get out your mops and buckets.  

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 3rd 2024


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