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Sunday, May 12, 2024

"Secret Meetings"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Small group meetings of county assemblies or coffee klatsching of Assembly members, or Assembly Committees in other settings, don't constitute "secret meetings".  

People in our tradition are allowed to freely associate and have the right of freedom of association. Any American can talk to any other American or Americans as a group, without it being a "secret meeting" and they can talk about any subject they please.     

When we talk about secret meetings we are talking about clandestine  meetings of, for example, Terrorists, who might want to undermine our efforts or stage an attack against our Assembly, or undeclared Agents seeking to set up some kind of False Flag or Entrapment Scheme.  

In the past, these sorts of activities have led to unnecessary tragedies and they are often hard to discern and separate from the routine and innocent comings and goings of our living government. 

In Colorado, Michael R. Hamilton, a self-admitted Federal Insurance Agent, made a habit of showing up at the private homes and work sites of members of the original Colorado Assembly and "talking them up" one by one, so that when they met as an Assembly, his pernicious reasonings and "facts" were already in their minds.  

Of course, he didn't tell him that his "facts" were taken out of context or that they applied to a completely different jurisdiction--- and they were not yet educated enough to discern his deceit.  

As a result, these good men are facing more than three decades of imprisonment at the hands of their own employees --- unless we succeed in overturning the convictions that bind them and bring this travesty of justice to an end. 

Those one-on-one meetings were "secret meetings" in the sense we intend -- even though it appeared to be just a couple of guys talking about whatever. 

Thus it is more the subject matter and the actions being promoted that determine whether a meeting is "secret" in this sense or not.  

Is someone advocating confrontation and violence? Promoting actions that are questionable?  Have they got you button-holed, somehow sequestered away from the group?  Are they pushing an agenda?  Harping on one or two or a few snippets of history or court cases that seem to support whatever they are promoting? 

In the case of Michael R. Hamilton, he was advocating confronting the Colorado Court System by going to the Courthouse and making threats and disrupting the proceedings.  

You will note that he sent other men to do this, but never went himself. 

All those little "secret meetings", one by one, had their effect and fruition, and put the Colorado Nine behind bars. 

Another such travesty is exemplified by the case of Schaefer Cox, a young, outspoken advocate of the Second Amendment here in Alaska.  

The FBI leaned on a former felon facing charges on another matter completely to act as a Snitch and Influencer -- so, this much older man got Schaefer to engage in private conversations about possible outcomes of a legal action that had been brought against Schaeffer and seduced him into making "contingency plans" --- what would Schaeffer do if....

Again, these meetings were pretty much one on one, or involved very small groups of two or three people, sitting around blowing steam --- but those sessions were being recorded and when they lapsed into considering potential acts of violence against a Judge, the Insurrection Act kicked in. 

Schaeffer Cox was given a multi-decade criminal conviction for a "thought crime" --- which is, of course, impossible in our system of justice, but common in the foreign maritime and Admiralty courts. 

Schaeffer was entrapped to this end, by a petty felon trying to escape prosecution himself by cooperating with Federal Agents --who were setting up this trap very deliberately from end to end. 

And they succeeded; this very young man, only 26 at the time, was wrested away from his wife and infant, and thrown into the Federal Prison hopper, along with 25 million other Americans --- most of whom also don't deserve to be incarcerated. 

Why?  Because of "secret meetings" that were pre-staged, directed, and recorded. 

Schaeffer is still in jail for the "crime" of thinking bad thoughts about a corrupt Judge -- out loud.  He never actually did anything to harm anyone. 

So when we are talking about "secret meetings" we are talking about something quite different than the sorts of meetings that take place among Assembly Committees, or members talking about common topics of interest.  

We are talking about very private meetings in which members are being influenced and prodded and perhaps even convinced to take violent or disruptive actions against specific targets on a one-on-one or small group basis. 

These targets are often Judges, who, as we have seen, are typically "Lesser Magistrates" of the Municipal Courts representing "the United States" protected under the Insurrection Act. 

We are not talking about County Assemblies as "secret meetings" just because they don't inform the State Coordinator.   

We are not talking about Assembly Committees meeting at a coffee shop. 

We are not talking about individuals planning to make a presentation before the General Assembly, or planning a social event, or any number of completely legitimate activities. 

The tenor and purposes of true "secret meetings" are quite different. They are purposeful and their purpose is to influence and incite.  

If you find yourself pulled off into a corner with some yahoo who is intent on getting you to do something or say something that is confrontational or violent-- watch out. 

If you encounter someone who is selling their interpretation of Federal Code or various court cases as the Gospel --- watch out.  

Most of you are not educated enough yet to be able to correctly interpret codes and match up jurisdictions.  This means that you don't know if a section of code or a particular court case applies to your situation or not.  

Report these kinds of activities to your Marshal-at-Arms and steer clear. 

Discuss things and do things in the open. Be transparent and protect your rights to free speech and free association, at the same time that you prudently conduct your business, so that nobody can accuse you or your Assembly of wrong-doing of any kind.  


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