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Sunday, May 12, 2024

International Public Notice: Venom, Venom, Everywhere

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have a reptile brain and nerve centers. 

Some of us have fish brains, some have turtle brains, some have snake brains, some have lizard brains, and some of us, a few, have amphibian brains derived from an ancient ancestor of the Axolotl. 

Reptile components run all the complex machinery of the autonomic system that runs continuously in the background of our biology, faithfully prompting our heart to beat, our lungs to breathe, our cells to inhale food and exhale debris, our intestines to digest, our glands to secrete. 

This is a huge debt.  It is not only the gift of life, it is also the necessary "given" needed to support individual consciousness, which glides along on top of this complex interactive biological masterpiece. 

The fact that we have physical bodies and that they work as well as they do, is owed to reptiles. 

This is reflected in the Ancient Hindu Culture by the Nagas, serpent-headed teacher-shamans, who founded the world and imparted all the practical skills needed to run it.  

Closer to home, it's reflected by the tiny scales that make up our skin, clearly visible under high magnification. 

Now, consider, what portion of the ecosystem worldwide has been most damaged and what part of the Animal Kingdom has suffered the most extinction? 

The reptiles and amphibians all across the board have suffered the most, along with the birds, their closest relatives. 

It makes sense that we are being attacked using snake venom and other venoms derived from reptiles; we genocided them, when we owe our own biology to them, so now, they are returning the favor. 

It's no mistake that, now that we look, we find venom in vaccines and baby food, cosmetics and cure-alls. 

The initial surveys indicate that every food group and substance imaginable has been polluted with venom and now, even our own cell machinery has been hijacked to produce nerve-destroying venom. 

They gave us our bodies and we responded by destroying theirs; can they not retaliate? 

Isn't all of Nature offended by this injustice? 

Isn't all of Nature thinking --- as it does --- that the Earth was healthier and happier before the advent of mankind?  Wasn't truth honored more?  Wasn't there more peace without these self-important hominids? 

Even now, we are so self-absorbed and egocentric that we imagine we are causing global warming. And the most self-absorbed and egocentric people among us are cynically encouraging this delusion as an excuse to wring more taxes out of us. 

There is a certain poetic and karmic justice in it all, when you cast the jewels across the night sky and think about it. 

We are being killed by venom contributed by reptiles that have been exterminated and driven to extinction by us.  Even the once-common frogs and toads are no longer seen.  Forget the Garter Snakes that used to dart around the flower beds. Forget the turtles. 

While I have been teaching and preaching and hoping that people will see that they are all part of the Family of Man, there is an even Greater Lesson to be learned---- and that is, that we are part of All That Is. 

As we have thoughtlessly and recklessly decimated the source of our own life, the entire reptile kingdom, we have just as thoughtlessly and recklessly destroyed each other and ruined the Earth. 

Look at what is going on in Gaza right now. The endlessly corrupt and greedy commercial corporations posing as governments discovered oil just offshore from the Gaza Strip.  

Even as the last remnants of the Palestinian people who lived in Gaza are being scraped up off the pavement, the "Western Alliance", the purported Good Guys, are colluding with Bibi Netanyahu to build a brand-new state-of-the-art port facility in Gaza, to expedite the drilling, refining, and shipping capacity to take advantage of the new oil basin. 

I told you all this months ago, but as the port-building activities are now clearly visible via Google Earth and elsewhere, it's patently obvious what went on. 

The offshore oil basin was discovered by the oil companies. The oil companies told the corporations acting "as" governments. They all had visions of dollar signs and regional market monopolies dancing like sugar plums in their heads. 

There was just one problem: all those pesky Palestinians living in Gaza.  

They would have to go, in order for Israel to have unbridled hegemony, access, and control --- not to mention---ownership, of the new oil resources. 

So they came in, set up a deliberate False Flag "incursion" in Gaza, just as they have done the same thing in other places, and so, monotonously, again, they contrived to make the victims look like the Perpetrators.   

The British MI6 paid Hamas to do the Dirty Work, kill 1,500 people, and give the Israelis the excuse to come in and kill over 50,000 Palestinians.  Just "clean them out" and steal the oil that was theirs, before they even knew they had a stake in it. 

That's what all the young people protesting on the college campuses know, and what you are not being told by any organ of the Mainstream Media. 

We should all be spitting in the faces of all these politicians everywhere, who have been playing us  for fools and treating us like livestock.   

We should be tearing out our hair and sitting in sackcloth, asking God to defend us from these Monsters in Suits and this Plague of Legal Fictions. 

It's Mother's Day.  We are thinking of all the Palestinian women in Gaza who had such simple dreams for themselves and their children.  

We are thinking of the disgusting politicians and corporate Terrorists and the bankers who "invested" in this "acquisition" in Gaza.  

They always clean up and sanitize their language, as if calling it an "acquisition" instead of a "genocide" changes what it is. 

There is something cold in our hearts and hands today, something that, very calmly, very decidedly, wishes that all these Corporations were dead, that all these politicians were gone, and that the frogs were back again. 

Call nothing "good" except that you judge it by its fruits; the fruits of the world as we have known it, are destruction, alienation, contempt, hardness of heart, self-love, greed, injustice and violence. 

All this, and ecological disaster, has been brought to us by delusional madmen and a rigged system of falsified "government" -- church government, legislative government, and blah, blah, blah -- have all failed us.  

All of us.  Not just the Palestinians. 

The bought and paid-for Regulatory Agencies-- DOJ, SEC, FBI, EPA, NHS, CDC, FDA-- and their European and Commonwealth counterparts all get a big red "F".  They are a waste of time, money, and space, and even worse, they are a detriment and endangerment to the public being maintained at public expense. 

These horrible crimes have been committed against us by vaporous Legal Fictions, Corporations, and the men running them.  

That's why these offending Corporations must be destroyed and the CEO's responsible for their criminality must be brought to justice. 

Nice suits or not. 

It's Mother's Day, and you are being called upon to give birth to a brand new world. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 12th 2024 


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