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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Assemblies Are Not Committees

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have noticed a disturbing confusion happening as more and more Assemblies grapple with the details for setting up the International Business Assembly, Militia, and Jural Assembly--- the other "Three Pillars" beyond the General Assembly.  

Some individuals and groups are making the mistake of treating these other Three Pillars like Committees, which they are not.  

They are subsets of the General Assembly.  

They naturally represent smaller special purpose assemblies--- but assemblies nonetheless. 

These special-purpose assemblies are imbued with more powers than any Committee, even Standing Committees, and even though they report back to the General Assembly, they have substantial latitude to take actions within their own sphere.

The Chairman or Chairwoman acting as Spokesperson for the International Business Assembly occupies the same role as the General Assembly Chairman, only on behalf of the smaller, more specialized International Business Assembly. 

The Chairpersons or Directors don't get to pick and choose who is a member of the International Business Assembly or the Militia or the Jural Assembly. 

All State Citizens are by definition eligible to serve on the International Business Assembly.  

All State Assembly Members who are physically fit to render service of some kind in the State Assembly Militia are eligible to join. 

All State Assembly Members who are alive and well are similarly eligible to join the Jural Assembly and serve in any capacity they are eligible and able to serve without conflict of interest.   

There are no other additional special requirements attached to these subset assemblies, no special vetting unless you hold an elected office. 

(Jury Selection is a form of vetting but not in the sense implied by a Vetting Committee; rather, each case presents individual possible conflicts of interest that have to be discovered and weeded out.) 

We are at pains to explain these matters upfront and for everyone, because we hear rumors of people being elected as, say, Chairman of the International Business Assembly, or Director of the Militia, or Chairman of the Jural Assembly, and then going off on a rampage of disqualifying people. 

Let us repeat: 

(1) Anyone who is eligible to serve as a State Citizen is eligible to sit as a member of the International Business Assembly; 

(2) Anyone who is physically able to contribute to the effort is eligible to be a member of the State Assembly Militia.  Maybe you are 85 and only able to make sandwiches or do paperwork -- you are still eligible to be part of your State Assembly Militia;
(3) Anyone who is a member of the General Assembly is eligible to fulfill appropriate roles within the Jural Assembly. 

There are no requirements that you have to own land (beyond owning your own body) or be married or stand on your head, walk a straight line drawn on the pavement, or be able to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. You don't have to be insured, licensed, or bonded (that's the Other Guys) and you don't have to suddenly Kiss Butt because someone was elected to do a job and act as Chair or Director. 

In our Government there is no positional authority, only functional authority.  

Offices are functions and those holding them are functionaries in our system of government; they have the right and responsibility to do the job they have been elected to do, but they did not, like the Pigs in Animal Farm, become "more equal" than anyone else by virtue of being elected.  

As such, those we entrust with the duties of office, are constrained to protect the individual rights of every member of the group and cannot secure for themselves any special authority apart from the duties and customs of their office. 

The Chairman or Chairwoman of the International Business Assembly is simply a Spokesperson for the IB Assembly as a whole.  They don't get to pick and choose who can be a State Citizen, nor do they get to pick and choose which State Citizens take an interest in the IB Assembly and shoulder the work. 

The leader of the State Assembly Militia has the responsibility of coordinating and implementing State-level deployment of assistance to local counties and participating in interstate rescue and relief efforts. They did not die, become God, and rule as emperors over all they survey. 

The Chairman of the Jural Assembly is responsible for organizing the Courts, Jury Pools, and working with the Elections Committee to conduct elections for Justices and other Court Offices.  The Chairman may also ramrod educational programs about the Common Law we practice and other topics of interest. The character of their office is that of an executive administrator.  They aren't here to lord it over anybody; like the rest of us, they are here to get a job done. 


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