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Monday, February 26, 2024

More Confirmation

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, we haven't been the only ones that told the truth and pointed the observant fingers in the right direction. 

See here: Why Did Russia REALLY Invade Ukraine? 

Of course, so far as Britain is concerned, it took no rocket scientists or people with IQs over 250 to guess, correctly, that Britain was at the bottom of the dogpile.  

It is such a monotonous conclusion that predicting sun and windstorms in the Sahara Desert would be more challenging and less statistically correct. 

Still, it is comforting when in addition to seeing and correctly reading the writing on the wall, someone else sees it and reads it out, too. 

Here we are. Proxy war in Ukraine. Britain and its Mercs at the bottom of it.   Oh, and NATO, their faithful cohorts in crime. All determined, as the writer above noted, to fight to the last Ukrainian. 

Why not?  It doesn't cost them anything but more pieces of paper, and they have a printing press, so no lack of supplies.  

When they can't sell the world FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES because they have counterfeited them into oblivion, they will try to sell UNITED STATES NOTES, instead. 

And just keep on punting. 

As long as anyone here will allow it. 

All those who oppose genocide and war, all those who have a better vision for humanity, all those who care -- gather here.  

Gather to the lawful governments of the countries and nations.  Get ready to kick lawless corporations where it hurts. 


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