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Monday, February 26, 2024

International Public Notice: Commentary on Furled and Blackened Union Jack

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people have contacted me about this "historic" small video showing three members of the British Honor Guard riding in public with the Union Jack flag furled and "blackened", meaning in a black sheath:

Everyone wants to know what it means, but if you have been following along, it's just more proof of what I have already told you.  

"King Charles III" is not functioning as a King of anything -- not England, not Great Britain. He was crowned and is functioning solely as an Emperor in the air jurisdiction. 

Thus, two horses are black (England and Great Britain) and one horse is white (the UK). 

This is just more confirmation that these yahoos are trying to excuse their actions by all converting to Satanism (hoping to escape justice by pleading religious freedom and the fact that Satanism is not under Ecclesiastical Law).  

The Ecclesiastical Law demands that any corporation that acts "unlawfully" must be liquidated.  The Pope is obligated as a Christian to honor the Ecclesiastical Law and liquidate all these corporations that have participated in genocide, robbed, plundered, pillaged, maimed, defrauded, human trafficked, kidnapped, murdered, etc. 

The only way he gets out of that obligation is by converting to Satanism or some other religion that stands outside the Ecclesiastical Law -- and Satanism makes sense, because that would serve to justify all their criminality and destructive actions. 

Bergoglio and "King" Emperor Charles III and obviously, some other British Crown scum, are apparently seeking a means to maintain their freedom and excuse their actions on a legal technicality that would allow them to maintain a position in the jurisdiction of the air by claiming that, well, after all, they were Satanists doing what Satanists do: lying, cheating, murdering, stealing; and--- (this is the real point of their schtick) as Satanists operate outside the Ecclesiastical Law, they are not under any obligation to liquidate the offending corporations. 

We brought all this to a head by holding Francis accountable under Ecclesiastical Law.  Now he and his minion, Charles, are trying to dodge their obligations and find a way of saving their necks. 

We take a very dim view of this artifice and don't allow it; they want to play by the rules of Ancient Rome? 


Fictio cedit veritati; fiction juris non est, ubi veritas. 

Fiction yields to truth.  Where the truth is, fiction of law does not exist. 

We are where truth is. 

The further truth is that under Roman Civil Law, the Maxim is: Let him who will be deceived, be deceived. 

We are not deceived. We are calling them out for it. 

The additional Maxim of Roman Law is: Possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

We declare that these corporations are all dissolved before us, that we are not deceived, and that we are in possession of All That Is. 

No delegated power is superior to that power which we hold in our hearts and in our hands. 

Right is right and wrong is wrong; what the Unrighteous have stored up for themselves is given to the Righteous instead.  

Within Law and Without Law, the end result is the same. 

They are equally condemned as Christians and as Satanists. 

If they don't liquidate these offending corporations, they will be liquidated and all their corporations, too.

The people of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales should not despair because of the appearance of the White Horse of the Apocalypse, nor fear any aspect of power projected by these Evil Men. 

Everyone is reminded now and at all times that this is a "war" in the air jurisdiction, a war of beliefs and morals, a war of ideas and energies, claims and counterclaims, truth versus falsehood. 

The White Horse of the Apocalypse signals "death" meaning death of the nations -- in this case, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and the rise of a faceless THING, a Corporation, that will attempt to kill the nations and subjugate the living people. 

This is represented by the UK, aka, UNITED KINGDOM, a franchise of the UN CORPORATION.  

All these corporations are steeped in blood, lies, misery, war for profit, and theft. All of them have conspired against the countries that gave birth to them.  All are unnatural and have no natural right to exist. All are guilty of treason and conspiracy against the lawful governments.

All these corporations are, essentially, lies called "Legal Fictions".  The operant word is "Fiction" -- these things don't actually exist. They are divorced from reality by at least one full click. 

Thus, you can see why they are the creations of the Father of All Lies, and also why the men seduced by these THINGS, are, knowingly or unknowingly, Idolaters and Satanists. 

The nature of the government you are subscribing to is shown by the law and the money you use. 

We have shown everyone that the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE is not money and that it has no actual value. It's a graven image in the language of the Bible -- an idol merely representing value, the same way that stone statues and icons "represent" gods and saints. 

The same is true of the EURO and any other fiat currency.  

The voluntary use of a fiat currency condemns the people using it to a fantasy-land, the proverbial Land of Oz, in which people are converted into PERSONS, and the only crimes are commercial ones. 

It's all just lies and hoaxes, complete with Wicked Witches that "dissolve", that is, are "liquidated" by a simple bucket of cold water. 

That is what "King" Charles III and every member of the Privy Council needs poured over their heads right about now.  And every member of Parliament. 

Ditto Jorge Bergoglio and the members of the Roman Curia. 

All the Officers of the EU.  All the Officers of the UN. 

They all have to be more than half-mad to think that they can get away with what they have proposed -- that we bow down and worship Satan instead of kicking their fantasmagorical asses and holding these corporations to account. 

These madmen appear to believe that the way to Heaven on Earth is through Falsehood of every kind; they are inured to think that Lies are holy, poverty and ignorance are a blessing, and every other kind of self-serving excuse for abusing and mistreating others is Divine Order. 

All that is really needed, is a single well-placed international realization of what these white-collar (literally) criminals have done. 

And a bucket of water. 

Failing that, you know what else they have planned next for everyone -- the black horse of starvation. 

We can just cut to the chase, folks.  We know the narrative by heart.  

No need to go through the death of nations, the starvation, the war, or the conquest of glory.  We've all been here, done that, and now, enough is bloody well enough. 

Every Officer of the Church, every Officer of the American Military, every Officer of the Allied Forces, it's your duty to return the government to the people of each country that has been impacted by this gigantic fraud scheme. 

Admit it and return the purloined assets. Do it now, before these Sociopaths cause broad spectrum worldwide disruption of food supplies and supply chains.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 25th 2024


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