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Sunday, February 25, 2024

For Declared Americans Only

 By Anna Von Reitz

Read every word of this carefully and especially notice all the bits and pieces that are enclosed by parenthesis, as these annotations show you where you need to add your own name or information, and provide further explanation.

As our research has fully revealed, we have been the victims of a national-level identity theft scheme. 

The scheme has resulted in American babies being misidentified and registered as British Territorial U.S. Citizens.  That has further resulted in the creation of Municipal Corporation franchises operated as "slaves" in our NAMES. 

In order to overcome all this skullduggery and breach of trust by our own public employees, we have taken action and self-declared our interest in our own estates and Good Names and have recorded and published this in public, to overcome any mere Legal Presumption that we ever waived our birthright via any Third Party donation made by our Mothers acting without full disclosure, nor any unconscionable contract obligating us to act as U.S. Citizens or later as US CITIZENS at all. 

So now you have "declared" your correct political status as an American and have recorded and published this change.  

This forthcoming information is information that only you can make use of, so it is specifically directed to members of our State Assemblies and American State Nationals who may or may not be active in their State Assembly, but who have nonetheless done the paperwork to recoup their birthright political status. 

*****CAUTION!!!***** If anyone tries to use this information who has not gone through the Declaration, Recording, and Publishing process, they will land in jail, and probably for a very long time! 

*****CAUTION!!!*****you may have to remind the court that the Estate you are claiming is bonded against loss by the Bond Number disguised as a File Number on your State of State Birth Certificate and is additionally indemnified against claims brought by the Municipal CORPORATION and their franchises by The United States of America AMRI 00001 RA 393 427 640 US Indemnity Bond lodged with the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY.  

There are two foreign court systems gunning for you, a fact that you are probably very much aware of, because you and your parents going back several generations have been mercilessly hounded by your own public employees and dragged into their courts and been coerced and fined and jailed under the presumption that you are a public employee, too, or the dependent of a public employee. 

We are now going to teach you how to defend yourself against these obnoxious "impositions" and False Legal Presumptions.  

The moment you are misaddressed by one of their officers or courts you must set the ground rules by issuing a competent denial of their offer to contract and provide you with their "services".  

It is always preferable to do this in writing, but can also be done in court if you have been arrested and dragged into a situation you didn't allow or ask for. 

First, note that as a living man or woman, you are not acting as a "person" and therefore cannot issue an Affidavit by definition. You can't make any kind of pleading before their courts at all.  So, give that, what can you do? 

You can give "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit". You can also "fully inform" them (that is, report a crime).  

This is, in fact, what all the "United States" and State-of-State franchise Courts require as part of the Rules of Civil Procedure; if you don't observe this fine point, and issue an "Affidavit" instead, they can go ahead and presume that you are not acting as a living man or woman and are acting as a "Person" instead. 

(Please note that I and my husband have both acted as Persons in the past and have issued Affidavits, but that doesn't mean that you should!  We knew what we were doing when we did it and were properly papered up and prepared to take that action. Most Americans are not similarly enabled and don't have to be, so don't make Affidavits.)   

The yielding to their jurisdiction happens when you: (1) voluntarily appear in their Court/COURT; or (2) make any Motion or Pleading whatsoever.  

You may not know it, but you are appearing to grant them jurisdiction over you and your property when you enter pleas or go to their courts.  

So how do you reply to their summons and warrants and citations and other nonsense, without granting them any jurisdiction?  

If you receive a written summons or similar correspondence either by process server or via the mail (which they are using less often because they got in trouble with the postal authorities) you write back to them and right up front, in the first gasp, you issue a series of "denials" and counter-offers, like this: 

Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit

Please receive my compliments in response to the process summons attached and returned to the Court, without, however, mistaking any aspect of this communication as an offer of contract, acceptance of contract, representation, commercial correspondence, any acceptance of legal representation, or action in rem.  The Court may, of course, appoint their Attorney to represent their fictitious Defendant, but in no case shall any such Attorney represent me, nor shall any claim against any such fictitious Defendant/DEFENDANT attach to me, my Estate, my assets, my credit, or any beneficial derivative belonging to me.  

This blanket denial and refusal to contract sets the playing field and begins to define the rules of engagement for them.  Similar verbal replies will work for you in any situation where you are arrested. 

Then you will want to begin laying down specific denials according to the circumstance.  Most of the time the first COURT you will encounter will be a Municipal COURT of some kind, which is limited to dealing with Municipal franchise CORPORATIONS engaged in some form of Maritime Commerce. 

For General Purposes, no matter what kind of court they present, you will want to present a list of objections and denials like this: 

Part 1: Denials: What I am not and what I object to:

1.       I am not a Bar Attorney, Lawyer, or any Human Person engaged in any titled profession and I owe no licensed or dependent obligation, no pledge, title, performance or allegiance to any foreign incorporated entity, government,  or organization, not limited to the Bar Association, the Roman Catholic Church, the British Territorial United States, the Municipal United States Government, or any franchise, incorporation, agency or Agent thereof;

2.       I am neither a U.S. Citizen nor a Municipal citizen of the United States; I adopt and hold no citizenship obligation or franchise agreement with respect to the District of Columbia, the District Government, or the Municipal United States or its Government;

3.       I am not a dependent of any District or Agency Personnel, United States Persons or Municipal PERSONS presumed to exist in the realm of Legal Fiction as foreign corporations operating under some form or permutation or variation of my Given Name or some foreign sign language known variously as Dog Latin or American Sign language appearing to represent my name;

4.   I am not a corporation nor am I representing any corporation;

5.       I am not a public trust nor am I representing any public trust;

6.       I hold the only survivorship interest in the (Your Name in Upper and Lower Case) Estate and I did not authorize the construction of any District or Municipal Corporation operating under the sign (the name of the DEFENDANT)in any form or under any section of Municipal Code; nor did I authorize the registration of any Territorial Person that may be using my Good Name under presumption of a Public Usufruct;

7.       I do not use the name (DEFENDANT or Defendant's name) or any ordering or permutation thereof in commerce or as a Legal Fiction under Admiralty Law;

8.       I do not need and have never needed any conferred citizenship and am not stateless and have never been stateless;

9.       I am not a colored person of any kind; not a slave, not a criminal, not a pauper, not a dependent or employee or citizen of any Federal Corporation, not a DEBTOR, not a Debtor, not an indentured servant, and not a bankrupt person of any kind; I don't accept or adopt any denigrated political status;

10.   I am not a Felon against my Public Law;

11.   I am not waiving my birthright estate/Estate;

12.   I am not the subject of any foreign infant decedent Estate;

13.   I am not the cargo aboard any foreign Vessel;

14.   I am not the subject of and not subject to the 14th Amendment known as a citizen of the United States under any authority thought to still exist under the so-called Corporate Constitution of the United States of America, Incorporated, first published in 1868, which was never ratified by my States of the Union;

15.   I am not an Enemy of the British Territorial United States nor of the United States of America, Incorporated;

16.   I am not a “Sovereign Citizen” and I object to any inference or insinuation that I am ignorant or that I avow an oxymoron as a political status;

17.   I am not a “Human”, not an indentured servant, nor a “Slave” nor any Volunteer, nor any kind of Tort Feasor against the Federal Constitutions and I do not voluntarily act as a Tort Feasor against Article I, Section 10 thereof;

18.   I object to the use of Federal Reserve Notes; I do not voluntarily use Federal Reserve Notes; I have no Federal Income according to the U.S. Supreme Court as I am not a “Federally connected” TAXPAYER operating as a voluntary franchisee of any foreign Municipal Corporation and have no corporate profit separated from capital that could stand as “Federal Income”; no evidence of debt presented as an I.O.U. or other form of Promissory Note, such as a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE can be considered actual payment or profit in hand; additionally, I am not a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine known as a “Taxpayer” (to the King) and am not lost at sea; I am not a Driver or other Person employed in any commercial avocation related to the Admiralty nor am I voluntarily operating in any form of Maritime Commerce; 

19.   I do not accept the American Civil War or any “War” since then as anything but Mercenary Conflicts that are not owed the dignity of the Law of War or the Law of Peace as there was no official and required Declaration of War by the Several States in Congress Assembled related to their onset, and I do not recognize the existence of or need for any British Territorial Military Protectorate related to me on the land and soil of my own country when our own State Assemblies are in Session;

20.   I do not accept any claim that I am rendered an Enemy while at the same time my Estate is being charged for services as an Employer and when my States have never participated in these conflicts;

21.   I do not accept any foreign public trust interest in the (Your Name in Upper and Lower Case) Estate based on an undisclosed unconscionable birth registration contract nor any private trust interest created by any foreign baptism nor other undisclosed contract with any incorporated Church nor any derivative contracts based on these presumptions of contract, pledge, or allegiance.

22. I Notice that all the so-called Western Territorial States have been enrolled as actual States of the Union since October 1st 2020, and this was made retroactive to the date these States entered Territorial Statehood, so there is no longer any presumption against any of the people born in these States of the Union. 

The important points to get across right up front are these:

1. You are not an attorney and don't accept being represented by an attorney; if the Court/COURT wants to hire an attorney to defend or prosecute their own phony foreign franchise DEFENDANT that's their business, but no attorney will represent you or your estate. 

2. You are the one that has the survivorship interest in the (Your Name) Estate; 

3. You are not a corporation of any kind and aren't representing or acting for any corporation of any kind;

4. You object to the use of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES or any other kind of promissory note "as"  money and don't consider the receipt of these I.O.Us to be any kind or payment or profit. 

5. If you live in any of the States that entered any "statehood" after the Civil War, your State has been officially enrolled as a State of the Union and you no longer labor under any Territorial Statehood claims. 

If there is a money claim being asserted by any of these commercial banks -- property taxes, franchise taxes, mortgages, income taxes, etc., you will additionally remind them that: 

1.       "Money" does not include treasury notes". Foquet v. Headley, 3 Conn. 534, 536;

2.       …."In legal acceptation, "money" means current metallic coins; therefore, an indictment for embezzling "money" is not sustainable by proof of embezzling greenbacks or national currency notes." Block v. State, 41 Tex. 620, 622.

3.       …."The term "money" does not include bank notes. They pass as cash, and constitute a part of the circulating medium, and for many purposes are to be considered as money; but, in the strict sense of the term, they are not included therein." Dowdle v. Corpening, 32 N.C. 58,60.”

4.       …. "Money," as used in the Crimes Act, section 13, providing that any person stealing any money, the property of another, shall be guilty of larceny, cannot be construed to include bank bills, for strictly bank bills are not money, though for many purposes they are treated as such." Johnson v. State, 11 Ohio St. 324,325.

5.       …. "The term "money," in the statute defining robbery as taking from the person of another any money or personal property of any value whatsoever, with force and violence, and with intent to steal or rob, does not include bank notes." Turner v. State, 1 Ohio St. 422,426. 

6.       …."Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars." U.S. Treasury, General Counsel, Munk.

7.       "Both notes and checks are acknowledgments of indebtedness and promise of payment." Hegeman v. Moon, 131 N.Y. 462, 30 N.E. 487. Smith v. Treuhart et al, 223 N.Y.S. 481;

8.       It follows that all the (Your Name in Upper and Lower Case)  Estate ever received as “payment” for any goods or services from Federal Corporations or their Employees are promises to pay, otherwise known as I.O.U’s or Promissory Notes, in this case,  FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES;

9.       It also follows that as the Inheritor of the assets and credit owed to (Your Name) you do not allow any private bill collectors to sue for the involuntary extension of more credit to Municipal Corporation franchises appearing to be named after the foreign Estate;

10.   It stands as public knowledge that the so-called Federal National Debt owed is now in excess of $35 Trillion Dollars;

11.   Add to this that Federal U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States have no ability to redeem fiat notes for United States Silver Dollars and are prohibited from doing so by Title 31 USC Section 408 which prohibits the redemption of any currency (that is, “Money of Account”) into gold, and Title 31 USC Section 405(a)-3 which prohibits the redemption of any United States currency dollar- for- dollar for gold /or/ silver, so that such foreign Persons/PERSONS are precluded from receiving actual payment and equally precluded from alleging any actual debt on the basis of commerce or trade using FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES;  

12.   Also,  Notice that the Tax Lien Act of 1966 placed all such actions under the Uniform Commercial Code, and for a check to be a negotiable instrument, it must contain an unconditional promise to pay a sum certain in money and be payable on demand or at a definite time (UCC 3-103 (b) (c)), a condition which no check issued in the current system can meet, which means that U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States, like the Territorial Internal Revenue Service and Municipal IRS (can be any phony Creditor or set of Creditors like the First National Bank of BS or the SOUTH BRANCH FEDERAL CREDIT UNION) can only act as my Agents if I grant them permission to do so, and also means that no such Legal Fiction/FICTION entities, such as the Internal Revenue Service/IRS, (or First National Bank of Texas or HSBC) can act as Moving Parties alleging the existence of any actual debt based on Federal Reserve Notes, which are not “money” and checks which are not negotiable instruments;

13. Take Notice that fictional money results in fictional debts and fictional profits and fictional income, too; as FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are debt notes by definition, the use of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES or their transfer can never result in profit or income, either one; thus, any allegation that I or my Estate are in receipt of “Federal Income”, is fraudulent, null and void, and provides no basis for any court decision;

(Notice that you can use the same information to torpedo a mortgage claim -- you and your Estate didn't receive anything of value and so don't owe anything of value. Just substitute the name of the bank or other foreign Creditor:  "Any allegation that I or my Estate received anything of value from First National Mortgage Bank and Trust in the form of a check transferring FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES or other Money of Account is fraudulent, null and void.")

14.   The allegation of any debt owed by me or my Estate and based on Federal Reserve Notes, their transfer via non-negotiable checks, or additional accrual of debt by their collection, results in a fraudulent and constructive debt claim that the Moving Parties are incompetent to demand or receive; I and my Estate are not the Debtors; we are the ultimate Creditors, and must be held harmless by the Corporations and Principals acting as Usufructs;

15.   Both the assets and the credit based upon the assets of the (Your Name in Upper and Lower Case) Estate are owed to me; I cannot possibly owe a debt to myself for the unauthorized abuse of my own credit or the involuntary extension of my credit in the form of a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE; and I have not approved the Moving Parties nor their attorneys  to collect any such debt on my behalf;

16.   The Gold Bullion Act of 1985 makes it clear that Americans, such as myself, are not obligors or grantors with respect to the Federal Reserve Banks and their Notes--- Public Law 99-185, December 17, 1985, 99 Statutes 1177. 

17. In Witness of all the foregoing, I am acting to prevent crime and to fully inform the Court, so that justice may be served and fact be honored and I affirm the foregoing account to be true and complete and not misleading, honorable and peacefully intended; and so, I have placed my hand seal and signature upon this paper for purpose of Witness only on this _____ day of __________in the year of __________.

You can now see the logic of all this.

You owe nothing to these banks; they owe you.

They make up a Legal Fiction named after you.

They use these "things" for their benefit. 

They act as Usufructs. 

They are obligated not to harm you. 

 But they do. 

They can't even allege a debt. 

They can't receive actual payment. 

The whole thing is a British Corporate hoax.

It's a con game to defraud you. 

They exchange their notes for your substance.

Then they go bankrupt. 

And claim that their debts are your debts. 

So that on top of everything else....

You get stuck paying their debts to you.

That is how they grossly enrich themselves. 

--at your expense, and double dip on the way. 

This is why we foreclosed on them.

This is why their banks are insolvent. 

This is why you should resist the crooks.


Under International Law....

Under Nuremberg Code....

Under the Geneva Conventions....

Under the Hague Conventions....

It is illegal and unlawful to pay taxes

To any organization involved in genocide.

Feel free to tell any of these courts. 

In addition to all the foregoing....

These corporations have funded genocide

And war for profit for generations. 

You just became aware of this. 

You don't want to be an accomplice. 


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