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Monday, February 26, 2024

Political Realism

 By Anna Von Reitz

Of all the pernicious ideas and assumptions that Americans have unquestioningly imbibed, two bits of programming stand out above all the others.  

The first indoctrinated idea-assumption that has to be weeded out like dandelions is the idea that our government is a democracy and that we run by majority rule.  

No, thank you, that's the Other Guys.  

If Mob Rule is what you want, toddle on down the street to the nearest District Assembly.  They are the ones that rely on majority opinion.  Not us. 

Our Forefathers looked at democracy, its form, and its history, and they chose a republican form of government instead.  What does that mean? 

It means that we choose to protect the individual's rights and assets even against the group-think of the masses.  It means that we don't care what 51% or 97% of the group-think is.  

Instead, there is one supreme consideration -- preserving the sanctity of each one of us and protecting each one's property.  And why is that?  

Because we know that if we maintain that one standard, the rights and property of everyone in the group will be preserved. 

Put bluntly, if we never allowed slavery to exist, there would be no danger of anyone being enslaved.  

If we don't allow the existence of a Caste System, there's no danger of anyone being denigrated. 

If we don't care what the majority of British Territorial U.S. Citizens think, we will never be suborned by another Officer of the King. 

If we don't allow Political Lobbying Groups to choose our candidates for our public offices, we will never suffer fools in office. 

There is a lot more I could say in the same vein.  

For now, I just want you to chew on the basic concept of "right" versus "wrong", and what tolerating wrong brings upon everyone concerned, no matter how popular being wrong is.  

The Southern Plantation owners probably thought that slavery was the greatest institution ever -- until they found themselves on the other end of the knotted rope.  

It's the same thing with "democracy".  It's wonderful as long as you are in the majority.  Otherwise, not so much.  

We've grown up in a country in the thrall of its own public employees, hearing almost daily about "our democracy" and "preserving our democracy" and "danger to our democracy" and for the most part, we just accepted this without another thought. 

It wasn't until we grew up and studied our own American history that we realized that it isn't "our" democracy they are talking about.  It's their democracy.  A foreign British Territorial Government espoused by our British Territorial Public Employees.  

The second truly pesky indoctrination stems from the first; not only are we not a democracy based on majority rule, we don't use political lobbies to pre-screen candidates for our public elections. 

There is no "Democrat" or "Republican" or "Two Party System" in the actual American Government.  

We have our natural predilections and people do take sides on various issues, but we don't institutionalize this divisive self-centered behavior and give it billions of dollars to push and shove our government and determine our political leadership. 

The American Government takes each candidate one by one, evaluates their thinking, their track record, their demonstrated skills.  And then we make a choice free of labels, unimpeded by how much money the candidate raised.   

Again, put bluntly, there are no Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's in America. That's the U.S. with all the ticker-tape fanfare and billions of dollars spent on every political campaign as they try to get a majority of voters to support Joe instead of Donald and vice versa.

If we accept the fact that our mission as a government is to protect the individual and their property and align ourselves with that ever uppermost in mind, we won't get sidetracked into "democracy", a form of government that subordinates the individual to the will of a group.  

We won't be caught micro-managing the lives of others.  We won't be unthinking minions of blind authority.  We won't be victims of such a system ourselves. 

And we won't care if their democracy goes down in flames, because we rejected democracy as a desirable form of government a long time ago. 

What we want are honest men and women who are not involved in politics.  We want people who care about the country and who share actual American values -- which does not include majority rule, BTW. 
We hold ourselves to a higher standard and we hold our officials to a higher standard. 

We actually have to decide what is right and good, and how best to defend the rights and property of individuals, for ourselves. 


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